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         Note: Okay, this is my second new fanfic. I'm working on 2 at the same time. (thinks to self: I'm really asking for it. I'm probably going to dig myself straight into a hole! v.v;) Anyway, this is my second Rurouni Kenshin fanfic. I don't watch the show anymore, so if you notice any problems feel free to tell me about them. Just please try and be nice about it. Plus this will be a little OOC. Okay, on with the story.

         Summary: Kaoru has a nightmare about some man killing her. She wakes up in a frighten state. Kenshin calms her down, telling her it's only a dream. However, the next day, the man that showed up in Kaoru's dream appears at the dojo door. Could Kaoru's dream actually be a premonition for the future?

When Dreams Become Reality1
The Dream and Reality

         Kaoru ran through the hallways of the dojo. The sound of another pair of feet followed behind her. Fear began to rise into Kaoru's chest as she heard a sword be pulled from a sheath. She reached the dojo practice room and dashed toward the wooden swords that hung on display and quickly whipped around to face her attacker. She could only see his eyes and the smirk he held on his face.

         "Run, run as fast as you can," he began to taunt as he slow made his way toward her.

         Kaoru trembled in fear, but she would not show her opponent her fear. She got into stance and then lunged forward to attack him. However, her sword merely flew through air. Before she realized it she was pushed to the side and she collided with the wall, still clutching her wooden sword. She slowly stood up, holding her own defense in front of her. However, his sword was real and he quickly sliced through her wooden sword. Kaoru stared up in horror at the huge man before her.

         "No one can save you now," the man whispered as he pulled his sword back.

         "Kenshin," Kaoru whispered before the man's sword plunged through her heart as she scream in angony.

         Kaoru threw herself up into a sitting position as her blood thrilled scream echoed through the still night air. Her eyes wide in shock and tears poured down her face. She cluthed herself and shoke in fear. Her bedroom door was thrown open and Kenshin stood prepared to attack any enemy endangering Kaoru's life. However, he found her room empty aside from Kaoru. He quickly kneeled at her side and put an arm around her shoulders. She jumped at the feel of his arm and whipped her head around and saw him.

         "Kenshin," she mummered before she threw herself into his chest, sobbing.

         Kenshin looked at her confused, but didn't ask questions. She was upset and right now he needed to calm her down. Luckily, Sano and Yahiko had taken leave once they saw that everything was taken care of. Kenshin wrapped his arms around her. One hand rested on her head while the other rub her back. Her hair felt like silk to him and for the moment he just took in everything about her. Once her sobs had calmed he began to question her.

         "What happened Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin asked consultingly.

         It took her a moment to respond, "I had a horrible nightmare. I was alone running through the dojo and a man was chasing after me. He caught me, pinned me against the wall. No one else was around, no one was there to help me. Then... then," Kaoru paused to regain her composure, "then he stabbed me through the heart."

         At that Karou began to sob again.

         "It's okay Kaoru-dono. It was just a dream," Kenshin stated.

         "It felt so real though," Kaoru quietly said.

         "Try to go back to sleep. You'll get sick if you don't get enough sleep, that you will," Kenshin stated.

         Kaoru just nodded. Kenshin held her till she had fallen back asleep.


         The next morning Kaoru woke up later than normal. She climbed out of bed and walked out of her bedroom. She was greeted by Kenshin, who was doing laundry.

         "Ohayo Kaoru-dono. Did you sleep better after you woke up?" Kenshin asked as he hung a shirt on the line to dry.

         Kaoru smiled, "I did. Thank you for last night Kenshin. I was a little disoriented last night."

         Kenshin just smiled. Kaoru walked back into her room and changed into her normal wardrobe. As she was about to head to the kitchen for breakfast there was a knock at the dojo door.

         "I'm coming," Kaoru yelled out.

         Kenshin followed her to the door. Kaoru walked up to the door and opened it.

         "Hello, how came I help yo..." Kaoru stopped suddenly as her eyes landed upon the visitor.

         Kaoru stepped back in fright as the images from last night came flooding back. The man's eyes and that smirk on his face.

         'Oh my god! No! This can't be happening!' Kaoru thought to herself.

         Noticing that something was wrong, Kenshin walked over to Kaoru and the visitor.

         "Kaoru-dono what's wrong?" Kenshin asked with concern as he looked at Kaoru fright stricken face.

         "It's... it's... him," Kaoru quietly stuttered.

         "Who?" Kenshin questioned worriedly at Kaoru's pale face.

         "It's the man from my dream. The one... the one... who... who killed me," Kaoru whispered frightfully just loud enough for Kenshin to hear.


         Author's Note: Really short I know. However, I want to see how everyone likes it first before I write too much more. Tell me if you like it and I'll see if I can add this to my project list. ^^