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"Run, run as fast as you can," he began to taunt as he slow made his way toward her.
Kaoru trembled in fear, but she would not show her opponent her fear. She got into stance and then lunged forward to attack him. However, her sword merely flew through air. Before she realized it she was pushed to the side and she collided with the wall, still clutching her wooden sword. Fear raised in Kaoru's chest as she recalled the nightmare as it replayed almost perfectly before her. Her hope began to die as she remembered the ending of her dream and just like then she was on her own with no one around to save her. She held up her wooden sword to protect herself. However, his sword was real and he quickly sliced through her only defense. Kaoru stood there defenseless with her back against the wall. She stared up at the golden, assassin eyes.
"No one can save you now," the man whispered as he pulled his sword back.
When Dreams Become Reality
Chapter 3
The Conclusion
Kaoru closed her eyes and prepared for the impact. She watched as her life flashed before her eyes and she thought of all the things she would never be able to do or say.
`Kenshin,' Kaoru thought as she felt the light movement of air and waited to feel metal piercing her chest.
However, she was stunned by the sound of clashing metal. She threw her eyes open and stared in shocked at the scene before her. Kenshin stood mere inches in front of her with his sword out blocking Tetsuya's attack. Pure rage was evident on Tetsuya's face. Kaoru collapsed to her knees. She had been saved.
Kenshin managed to push Tetsuya back a bit.
“Are you alright Kaoru?” Kenshin asked as his eyes flickered a slight gold color.
Kaoru could only manage a nod, but that was good enough proof for Kenshin.
Kenshin turned his full attention onto Tetsuya and said, “How dare you trick us into believing your intentions were good as for some petty revenge. I will not let you even touch her with an inch of your dirty blade.”
“So you managed to get back to her in time. I'm impressed,” Tetsuya taunted as he took a few steps back, “If you hadn't of made it, it would have made her dream a complete reality.”
Kenshin snarled at him as he took a few steps forward. Then there was a deafening silence. Kaoru sat there as she felt the tension in the room rise. The fighting spirits in the room were so much that it was causing her heart to beat fasting as if sensing an impending doom. One moment they were there, the next they were gone. The only thing signifying that they were still in the room was the constant ringing of metal as the swords collided with one another.
“Kenshin,” Kaoru whispered as she clasped her hands together in hopes Kenshin would be all right.
Kaoru lifted her eyes from her hands to in front of her just in time to see a dagger heading straight at her. As fast as she could, she tried to get out of the way. However, the dagger managed to graze her left arm. Kaoru gasped as a stinging sensation ran up her arm. She placed her arm over the wound and found it soaking wet with blood. Luckily, the wound wasn't that deep. Kaoru could hear Tetsuya laughing in pleasure.
“Better watch yourself bitch. The next one won't miss,” Tetsuya mocked.
“Tetsuya!” Kenshin's voice rang out in anger.
Suddenly Kaoru watched as Tetsuya fell flat on the floor from the force of Kenshin's attack. Kaoru felt the floor vibrate from the force of Tetsuya's body hitting the ground. Then suddenly there was silence. Kaoru waited for Tetsuya to get up, but he remained still. The nightmare was over. The next thing Kaoru knew Kenshin was at her side inspecting her wound.
“Gomen Kaoru. I should have listened to you better,” Kenshin stated as he pulled out a handkerchief and tied it around her arm and over the wound.
“It's all right Kenshin,” Kaoru said as she placed her right hand over his once he finished covering her wound, “I'm just thankful you're here.”
Kenshin held a hand out to her and helped her stand. Once she was standing Kenshin pulled her into an embrace. Kaoru was surprised at first, but quickly melted into the comfort of his arms. She felt so warm and safe just being in his embrace.
“I'm so grateful that you're all right,” Kenshin said quietly into her ear, “I would have been able to bear it if you had left me, again.”(A/N: this refers to the ordeal with Enishi in the manga. Enishi fakes Kaoru's death and Kenshin is basically broken by it because he thinks Kaoru is really dead.)
Kaoru just smiled and wrapped her one good arm around him.
“Kenshin, I…” Kaoru began as she pulled away from him to look into his eyes when she saw another dagger headed their way and Tetsuya slightly standing, “Look out!”
Kenshin barely managed to get them both out of the way in time. He quickly let go of Kaoru, unsheathed his sword and attacked Tetsuya again with full force. Tetsuya fell again, this time completely unconscious. After making sure he was really out, Kenshin sheathed his sword once again. Kaoru walked up to him.
“Is he…?” Kaoru started.
“He's not dead, but he's out cold this time,” Kenshin responded as he turned his attention back to Kaoru, “Are you okay?”
“I'm fine,” Kaoru said.
“Good,” Kenshin said as he brought her to him again, “I'm so glad you're okay. Kaoru, I love you.”
Kaoru froze. Had he just said what she thought he said? Kaoru looked up at him with shocked and hopeful eyes and found him staring at her with love in his eyes.
“Kenshin,” Kaoru whispered as tears of happiness start to trickle down her face.
Kenshin gently wiped her tears away.
Kaoru stepped right up against him and whispered into his ear, “I love you too Kenshin Himura.”
At her words, Kenshin tightly embraced her. Both their hearts soared with happiness. They pulled away from each other's warm embrace and slowly leaned toward each other. Soon their lips met and Kaoru felt the electricity from the contact wash over her entire body. Her knees became weak as the kiss intensified, but Kenshin wrapped his arms around her and held her to him, prevent her from falling. They pulled away due to lack of oxygen and looked into each other's eyes with love.
“Come on, let's take care of your wound,” Kenshin said as he placed a chaste kiss on her forehead.
Kaoru blushing from head to toe just nodded. Kenshin led her out of the dojo. The stars twinkled brightly above them as the two silently walked together enjoying finally being with each other.
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