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Three years have passed since the fall of Holy. A new organization has started in its place, known as Hold. With a new determination, Hold has first started in making people from the Mainland to give Native Alters a second chance or to say to know them better. With starting that as their plan, development groups have started recovering the Development area with no strings attach. People from the Development area are now crossing over to the Mainland, for a better life. With new hope for people to know Native Alters better, there is hope and place for them in this world, thanks to Hold.

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In a conference at Hold

“It has been three years since Holy was shut down, hasn’t it?" asked a brown-haired man named Kentai. He was one of the youngest in the conference room, with an age of 18. He wore a suit-like uniform that was all grey. He was known as “The Cracker”, which meant by that he could find things out with no problem. But, also know as the impatient one.

“Yes, it has, which you know what this means right?" asked another brown-haired man named Rakuro. His looks made him look like he was between the ages of thirties to forties. He wore a navy suit-like uniform with a badge by his right-side chest that said, “Head of Hold”. His is known for as the “Boss” of Hold, but with a specialty of knowing things without even asking.

“I wonder how long we are going to keep this secret plan of ours stay secret?" asked a long brown-haired man named Radem. Also, his looks can make someone say that he was at least between the ages of twenties, because of his handsome features on his face. He was known as the “Striker”, because he could make people’s ideals change with showing them proof on how wrong they are.

“You will have to be patient” said Rakuro as he looked at his papers that lied on the table that needed to be signed.

“But, how much longer do we have to be patient” asked Kentai as in wanting to get the secret plan started.

“You have to wait a little longer, or otherwise or plan will fail” yelled Rakuro with losing his patience.

“Do you want our plan to fail, well do you?” asked a blond-haired man named Dai. Who was the older brother of Kentia. At age of 45, he still looked like as young as his younger brother. He wore an all dark-navy colored suit, with a black shoes. He was known as the “Joker”, he could trick people into believing what he says without being caught as a fraud.

“No, I don’t, but it has been three years since we have had this plan ready” said Kentai while holding his head down.

“Well, if you have no patience for the plan, then I suggest you leave our room now” yelled Rakuro with no patiences to deal with people who can’t wait.

A minute passed, none of them moved a muscle from their sitting spot.

“Ok, I see that you have made-up your choice as to wait for the plan to be set, am I right?” asked the angered boss.

“Yes, we have” answered Kentai while hiding his fist under the table.

“I’m glad that you have” said the Rakuro as he calmed himself down. “Now let the games begin, shall we?"

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Somewhere in Hold

“Ms. Kiryu, please understand that you have to go back to the Mainland” demanded the young emerald-haired man named Ryuhou. Who wore a uniform that was long white-jacket like that passed his knees, with sleeves and pants of color blue.

“Why do you want me to go back to the Mainland huh?” asked the brown-haired female named Mimori. She wore a long white-sweater like uniform with black pants. She also, had a triangular-like pendant that hanged from her neck as a necklace. Which was a gift that childhood friend gave to her when she was little. But, that young friend of hers, has changed into a more serious and cold person, to whom she is talking right now. “I would like to know the “other” reason why you want me back in Mainland.

“So, she thinks that there is another reason huh?” thought Ryuhou as he still listens to Mimori.

“Because “danger” like you say that surrounds here isn’t the only reason”

“There isn’t” said Ryuhou in a monotone voice.

“But…” said Mimori but she was interrupted by Ryuhou.

“But, you don’t understand that being here is going to kill you right?” asked Ryuhou.

Mimori didn’t say anything back.

“At times, I wonder if there will be at time when you will need my help, and I won’t be there for you” said Ryuhou with almost concern.

“Well, I didn’t came here to just listen to you about how Mainland is dangerous” yelled Mimori. "I don’t even care of what you say anymore, because the reason I came here was because to help others who need treatment”

"Then I don’t think how much of a fool you are” said Ryuhou in a more monotone voice.

Mimori was shocked by what Ryuhou had just said.

“If you are here to help people, then why aren’t you helping them over in the mainland where they need you the most?” asked Ryuhou in curiosity.

“Why does it matter to you?" asked Mimori. “You shouldn’t be even asking that question, because you don’t care about those who are around you, not even the one person who was the only friend since childhood". With that said, Mimori left passing by Ryuhou, with tears streaming down her cheek.

“Since we were little huh?” Ryuhou thought as he saw his only childhood friend dissappeared as she ran farther andfarther away from him. He looked at wall that was near him.

“Damn, I’m losing more point’s everyday, but if it’s the only way to make her to go back to the mainland, then…”He thought again as he punched the wall, leaving a small dent.“Then I might as well keep going forward”

------Meanwhile--------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

“Kanami, what are you doing with that case?" asked Kazuma as he stared the young hazel- haired girl pulling out a big-blue suitcase.

Kazuma, a young brown-haired the age of 18, wore a blue-jacket like that was a little worn out. He wore a red shirt on the inside with navy-blue pants. On his right side arm, was his ultimate weapon or alter known as the “Shell Bullet". He is an orphan like his friend Kanami. Kanami is the most important person to Kazuma that he would dare give his life to save hers.

“I’m taking it out” said Kanami as struggling to take it out from it’s hiding place. Kanami is an eleven year old orphan girl who was found by Kazuma when she was little. She wears a long yellow skirt with a beige-color jacket. She also has altered power that she isn’t aware of. Her alter name is still unknown, but its power seems to be to go through people consciousness and read their thoughts. She looks up to Kazuma as her older brother she never had.

“Well, would you like me to help you then?" asked Kazuma.

“No, it’s ok"said Kanami as she successfully got the suitcase out from it’s hiding place.

Then, Kanami started walking toward the kitchen while carrying the suitcase, as Kazuma followed behind.

“Kanami, what is in that suitcase anyways?" asked Kazuma as they got close to an orange table in that kitchen of their house.

“This case has our savings, Kazu-kun” said Kanami as she put the big suitcase on top of the table.

“What?” said Kazuma in shock. “Our savings?"

“Yes, since you always waste the money that you earn, I have to save some what money I earn from working at the farm” said Kanami as she open the suitcase.

Kazuma lowered his head from shame, because it seemed to him that Kanami was the one who was bring the money instead of him.

“You know, you really are a loser, Kazu-kun" said Kanami as she put her earned money into the blue suitcase.

“I know, I know” yelled Kazuma as he lifted his head up while putting his hands on his face. “You don’t have to remind me twice you know?”

“I know” said Kanami as she took the suitcase off the orange tableand started walking back to the suitcase's hiding place.

“Well, at least you help me a little once in a while, right?” said Kanami while she put the suitcase back in it’s hiding place.

“Yeah” said Kazuma.

“KAZUMA” said a familiar voice.

Kazuma started walking way from where Kanami was toward the front door. As he got close to the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Well, long time no see huh?" asked a female with long brown hair.

“Ayase…” said Kazuma in shocked.

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