S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ S-cry-ed, renewed ❯ HOLY ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

1 Hour Later
Kimishima and Takena jumped out of the vehicle and opened the door to the back. It had been an hour-long drive and the sun was already peeking up over the mountains. “Hey, Kazuma, come on we're here,” he said. Then he looked inside and stared at Kazuma and Ayanna. Kimishima smiled and held back a chuckle.
“Hey, what's up?” Takena asked behind him.
“Shh...Look,” Kimishima whispered. Takena looked inside of the car. Kazuma and Ayanna were asleep in the corner of the vehicle. Ayanna's head lay against Kazuma's chest and his arm was draped around her. Takena smiled, too.
“Think we should wake them up?” Kimishima asked as he shut the car door.
“Nah,” Takena replied. “Let them sleep.”
Four Hours Later
Ayanna's eyes flickered slowly open, just as Kazuma's eyes opened as well. For a second, they stayed motionless, and then Ayanna looked up at Kazuma. She quickly jumped back and turned her face away from Kazuma, blushing. Kazuma looked away also.
I will kill Kimishima for this. Why didn't he wake me up!? Kazuma thought. Ayanna turned back just as Kazuma did and they stared at each other for a moment before they turned again. Kazuma finally opened the door. “Uh, I think we're at Kimishima's...” he said and held the door open as Ayanna climbed out, too.
Inside, Kimishima was playing cards with himself, as Takena lay asleep across an armchair. He looked up as they came in but quickly looked back at the cards. “Oh, hey,” he greeted them. “I saw that you two were asleep so I didn't wake you up,” he told them.
The two of them blushed at the thought of Kimishima looking into the vehicle and seeing them asleep like that.
“Kanami's asleep, too. She stayed up the whole night, waiting for us and fell asleep just as we arrived.”
“I'll go check on her,” Kazuma excused himself to the next room, leaving Ayanna with Kimishima.
Ayanna watched her friend deal cards to himself and an invisible opponent. Kimishima felt her eyes upon him and glanced up. He stopped dealing. “Kazuma's a nice guy, huh?” he asked with a cheesy smile. Ayanna tried not to turn beet-red. “Yep, he's really great,” he led her on, his smile becoming larger. “Very likeable, uh-huh. Kazuma's a dependable guy, yup...Do you like him?” he blurted out suddenly, grinning from ear to ear.
Ayanna's eyes rounded. “I just met him!” she defended herself.
Kimishima kept going. “Come on. You think he's dreamy! He is the perfect one for you. You loved it when he held you like that. He's your knight in shining - Yahhh!” Kimishima sprang from his chair as Ayanna chased after him.
“Come back here, Kunihiko or I'll rip out your tongue!” Ayanna shouted. Kimishima ran frantically out of Ayanna's way, but she tackled him right as he tried to jump over the sofa. Takena awoke just as the two landed on top of him. He flinched and ground his teeth as Ayanna wrestled Kimishima.
“What did I miss?” Takena asked after he had pulled himself away from Ayanna and Kimishima. Kazuma ran out into the room and stared at them. Ayanna was trying to grip Kimishima around his neck. Kimishima looked up hopefully as Kazuma entered.
“Ah! Kazuma, help! Get your girlfriend off of me!” he shouted. Kazuma blushed ((just to let you know, Kazuma is sooooo cute when he blushes!!)). Takena sees him blushing and stifles a laugh. Kazuma sees him chuckling and glares at him. “Yeah, and what are you laughin' at?” he asked threateningly.
Takena's eyes widened and he took a step back. “Um, er, nothing, ha ha, I mean, he he, I was just-just...” Takena took a dash to the door while screaming but Kazuma ran after him, lunging forward and grabbing him by his ankles...
30 minutes later
Ayanna leaned over the back of the sofa, bouncing Kimishima's strange brown hair with one finger. Kimishima frowned. He and Takena were tied up, back-to-back behind the couch.
“Kimishima, I'm bored,” Ayanna, sighed.
“How about untying us? And in the meantime I keep a gun on top of the bookshelf, go shoot yourself,” he replied.
“Aw, Kimishima I thought you were my friend,” Ayanna gave him a sad look. Kimishima looked back at her. They held a staring contest. It only lasted about a minute when Kimishima looked down, his eyes watery. Ayanna smiled triumphantly.
Kazuma entered the room from the front door. Kanami followed him. Ayanna met Kanami only seconds after she and Kazuma had tied Takena and Kimishima up. Kanami skipped over to Ayanna and handed her some flowers.

“Here,” she said, smiling sweetly, “I found these.”
Ayanna accepted the flowers. They were violet roses, which she had never seen before.
“Aren't they pretty? They're the same color as your hair,” Kanami added.
Ayanna smiled. “Thank you, Kanami.” Kanami looked over at Kimishima and Takena.
“I think you should untie them now,” she said.
Ayanna looked back at the two. Takena smiled innocently at her. Ayanna looked back at him sarcastically. Then, she sighed. Ayanna transformed the moisture in the air into blades -which cut through the ropes- while whispering icily: “Hintakai.”
The blades barely missed cutting them to pieces and they sighed in relief.
“I want a restraining order!” Takena insisted.
Kimishima raised his hand, “Make that two!”
“To go!” Takena added with a smile.
1 Hour Later
“When should we leave?” Kimishima asked. Ayanna looked up at him. They were all sitting on his front porch. Kimishima was also as poor as Ayanna and Kazuma, yet he still managed to afford a new vehicle every time Kazuma wrecks the first one.
“What do you mean?” Ayanna asked.
“Well, you can't very well stay here with me or Kazuma,” Kimishima replied. Kazuma lowered his eyes. “HOLY's looking for him. You'll just get caught up in all of this, too.”
“Aren't we already?” Takena asked. “I mean, just being an alter-user is dangerous. HOLY will come looking for native-alters who haven't done anything wrong at all.”
“Yeah, but it's even more dangerous around me,” Kazuma looked up. “They're not only looking for me, but I'm looking for them, too. I have some scores to settle with an alter-user called Ryuhou.”
“The guy's insane,” Kimishima whispered to the other three. Kazuma heard him.
“Yeah sure. At least I don't talk to my car!” he snapped.
“You don't even own a car,” Kimishima smiled.
“And you've owned too many!” Kazuma replied.
“Only because you somehow manage to total every vehicle I've gotten...”
“Stop fighting,” Ayanna ordered calmly. To her surprise, they immediately obeyed. “Besides,” she added, “I really don't have much of a place to go back to,” -she looked over at her newfound friends and smiled sweetly- “Please let me stay?” she asked.
“No way!” Kazuma exclaimed, “You'll just have to leave, just like your friend, he left.”
“That's different,” Ayanna complained.
“Yeah,” Takena added, “He had a place to go back to.”
Kazuma sighed and stayed quiet, resting his chin on his knees after he had brought his legs up. This indicated his defeat, and that Kimishima should take over. Takena and Ayanna quickly turned their gaze to Kimishima and gave him the saddest and most innocent looks that he had to scoot away from them.
“Whatever,” said Kimishima finally.
“Yes!” Ayanna and Takena exclaimed and gave each other a low five. Kazuma interrupted.
“But you'll have to stay with Kanami when Kimishima and I leave,” said Kazuma.
Ayanna crossed her arms, “Well I say that's not fair. We should be allowed to come along. We're alter-users. We can fight better than Kimishima can...”
“Hey!” Kimishima exclaimed.
“Besides, I'm only about, what? 1 year, maybe 2 years younger than you?” Ayanna continued.
“I'm 16,” Kazuma replied.
Ayanna smiled, “One year then. And Takena is 17.”
“Age makes no difference,” said Kimishima, “And what do you mean you can fight better than I can, I - .”
“Hey,” Kazuma interfered, “Shut up, Kimishima, I hear something.” Kimishima immediately fell silent and they all listened intently. Ayanna could hear it, too now. She looked at Kazuma. He caught her gaze and locked eyes with her. Ayanna gave him an inquiring look, and as if reading her mind, Kazuma nodded.
“Kanami, get inside!” Kazuma leaped to his feet. Kanami stood up and hesitantly did as she was told, still clutching the little brown kitty. “You two go with her. Come on, Kimishima, let's go!” Kazuma jumped from the porch and Kimishima followed.
Ayanna and Takena stood up.
“Hey!” Takena shouted at them.
“No way! We're coming, too!” said Ayanna. She jumped down and Takena came after her. Kazuma stopped shortly to look behind him.
“I told you to get inside!” he yelled.
“Yeah, and I told you my answer was no. I'm not going back!” Ayanna replied stubbornly. Kazuma growled under his breath and took off after the sound of a vehicle driving over the barren desert fields of the Lost Ground.
Asuka Tachibana, Ryuhou, Seyaa, and Scheris sat in the back of the HOLY assault vehicle. It was being driven by a associate of HOLD. Scheris sighed.
“I dunno about you two but I'm pretty sick of it all,” she complained relentlessly.
Asuka blinked. “What do you mean?” he asked.
“I mean the entire upstart this native-alter has been causing. We should just nab him and chain him up for good,” Scheris clarified.
“Yeah well, I hope to get him myself. You saw him punch me like that back at HOLY a while ago. I'll have to redeem myself now,” said Asuka. Ryuhou ignored them and looked around the inside of the vehicle impatiently. All of a sudden, Scheris screamed as they were all thrown forward. Something had hit the vehicle.
Ryuhou lithely got to his feet and ran to the front. “Hey, what's going on? What was that?” he demanded. Seyaa was right at his heels.
“It's an alter-user!” the driver exclaimed. Ryuhou gasped and it dawned at him that it must be Kazuma; the one they were after. Who else would recklessly attack a vehicle of HOLY?
“Stop here!” Ryuhou commanded and swiftly raced to the back and opened the door.
“Ryuhou, what is it?” Scheris asked.
“Is it him? Did Kazuma hit us?” Asuka asked anxiously. They followed Ryuhou quickly out of the vehicle. Another HOLY transport was following behind. They were already outside. Kazuma was in clear view, along with two other native alters and man with a gun, driving a car.
“Hintakai! Everlasting Kinshir!” Ayanna shouted. Alter immediately formed around her body, acting almost as a barrier. A HOLY alter charged at her, but she instinctively knew what it was going to do (with the use of her alter) and dodged gracefully, and at the same time she created a wide blade on the soles of her shoes and kicked up and twisted in mid-air to take the alter down.
“Ha!” Ayanna grinned.
“Perpetual Flight!” Takena created his alter around an enemy HOLD officer and he was instantly stunned.
“ZETSUAI!” Ryuhou cried out. Ayanna gasped and looked up just as his alter crashed into her, sending her flying against a large rock. Kazuma was startled and looked up.

“Ayanna!” he shouted. He looked over at Ryuhou and ran forward, fixing to use his Shellbullet when Asuka appeared in his way. Kazuma stopped.
“Hey, remember me?” Asuka asked, his alter -8 fist-sized green orbs- appearing and floating around him.
Kazuma scoffed. “Yeah, I remember you. Can't you face defeat?” he asked arrogantly.
“I can't! And in order to regain my position at HOLY, I will defeat you!” Asuka replied rather angrily.
“Outta my way, I could care less about you,” Kazuma snapped.
“Auska!” Seyaa shouted at Asuka.
“No! This is my fight! Eternal Eight!” Tachibana shouted. A bow was formed of alter and Asuka fired at Kazuma. However, the native-alter lithely dodged.
“Alright then, have it your way!” said Kazuma.
Asuka attacked Kazuma with four orbs at once. Ayanna swiftly stood back up and ran towards the two. Kazuma raised his arm and light flashed as the two alters collided. Ayanna stopped a short distance away to watch, as did Kimishima and Takena. The light lasted for a moment, when finally, the orbs were blown back as Kazuma shouted.
“Releasing second bullet!”
Tachibana was shocked. He watched in horror. “No! How could he do that? Impossible!” He glared at Kazuma and went right at him, releasing his alter at him. The two alters collided with such force that the alter-users suddenly felt the earth crack and rumble beneath them. The HOLY members and Takena rushed back (in different directions) to avoid being pulled in as Asuka, Kazuma, and Ayanna fell.
Takena jumped into Kimishima's vehicle. “What was that? Where'd they go? We'll have to find them!” he shouted.
“Look, I have no idea what just happened. The ground caved in!” Kimishima replied, driving away from HOLY.
“Well, we'll still have to search for them!”