S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ s-CRY-ed ❯ Take 1 ( One-Shot )

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-~*WeLcOmE To jInXeDkItSuNe's bLoOpEr rEeL*~-

-~- s-CRY-ed -~-
Ryoho: This is personal.
Kazuma: Yes, it is.
Both: ..........
Ryoho: I LOVE YOU, KAZU-KUN!Kazuma: -_-;; eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.......... GET AWAY FROM ME!
Ryoho: *rides up in his truck....*
*truck goes over cliff*
Kazuma: *watching* ow, that's gotta hurt
Ryoho: *rides up in his truck*
Elion: I don wanna ride anymore! WAAAAAAAHH! *crying in the passanger seat*
Kazuma: -.-;;
Ryoho: *drives right off the cliff*
Kazuma: o.0;; whoah, talk about suicide!
Ryoho: *laughs evily* I WIN!
Kazuma: win what?
Scheris: *using her alter*
Ryoho: *coughs*
Scheris: *gasp, falls over and hits her head on a pillar*
Ryoho: your heavy, lady!
Scheris: *irritable*
Scheris: *using her alter*
Ryoho: *trying not to move*
Scheris: *looses balance* uh-oh!
Ryoho: *gets thrown into the air and hits a wall* ow
Scheris: *uses alter*
Kazuma: *steals Scheris's angel*
Ryoho: *burps* sorry, but I don't really care........................
Scheris: *shakes Ryoho like crazy* he took my angel!
Ryoho: so?
not done yet, but this is all i got so far ^_^;; i'll update it when i find more scenes to use.... if you have any suggestions, drop me a line! ^_^ any help would be nice! really! really nice! ^_^;;