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S-Cry-ed Askew - Part 1: The Day They Met
By Robster80
Opening notes: Well, here I am, back in the Scryed of things. …Okay, bad joke. Seriously, I watched the whole thing twice now, and re-read the manga over and over and I one day realized: What if Cherise had met Kazuma instead of Ryuhou? Well, I decided to write about it, and here it is.
Funny thing, though: somebody beat me to it. An FF.net author named Gundam Nightshade got the same idea. My first thought when I found his/her story - OH great, now people will think I'm a copycat! Luckily, GN's story took a different direction than mine, so I'm safe for now. That and he originally planned it as a one-shot. Me, I'd like to try to go past that kind of story.
Disclaimer: I do NOT own S-Cry-ed, period! Not the characters, the name, or anything. It belongs to TV-Tokyo, Bandai, Tokyopop (Manga), etc.
It's been almost two years now, since that day. I doubt I'll ever forget it; that day…
That day when I first saw him/her…
Kicking down the door, Kazuma stepped into the room and took in the sight before him: several men were surrounding a blue-haired girl cowering on the floor and with her back to the wall. Some of the men had their shirts off, their pants down, their flies open, or a combination of them all. At their feet were torn pieces of clothing, which Kazuma could have guessed were the remains of the girl's shirt as she only had her bra on to cover her upper body aside from her arms. There were tearstains on her face.
“Who the fuck invited you,” one of the topless men said to Kazuma. “This is private.”
“Hey, maybe he wants in on the action. Can't say I blame him; she does have some fine assets.”
“Take a number, stranger; she's one of us, so we get first dibs.”
Kazuma's teeth were grit hard and his fists clenched tight enough that his fingernails nearly cut into his palms. He fought back the urge to use his alter-power; scum like them weren't worth it. “Guys like you… make me SICK!”
The girl watched in shock as her assailants were quickly laid to waste by her surprise savior. Some of them tried to summon their alters, but this stranger quickly beat them into submission before they even had the chance. When he had finished with them, she saw him turn to look at her. Her relief was quickly replaced by fear; fear that he would finish the job they had started.
Kazuma's rage vanished upon seeing the scared girl like a light bulb burning out without warning. Moving cautiously towards her, he took off his jacket. He saw the girl shut her eyes and turn her head away from him as he did this, but he said nothing.
The girl slowly opened her eyes as she felt something covering her front and her arms. First she saw the man kneeling in front of her, smiling warmly. Looking down she saw that he had placed his jacket on her, covering her partial nudity.
“Sorry it only has one sleeve, but it's better than nothing,” he said to her. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”
The girl shook her head slowly.
Kazuma gently put a hand to her cheek, using his thumb to wipe away her tears. “I'm only sorry I didn't get here in time to keep them from ripping your shirt off. Where do you live? I'll take you home right now.” Seeing the girl turn away sadly, Kazuma realized that she had no home. “Look, let's just get you outta here for starters, and then I'll take you wherever you want to go; it'll be your call. After all, you're free now.”
As he gently scooped her up into his arms and carried her of, the girl thought about his words. She was free; no longer was she a piece of property to be owned and abused. She could go anywhere, maybe even to the city to find a job and get away from the wastelands. There had been rumors of the Special Forces unit HOLY taking in native alter-users who wanted better lives; that was one of the reasons she had tried to escape her captors.
“By the way, my name's Kazuma. What's yours?” When she still didn't reply, he added, “…It's okay, you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. If you're hungry, I was cooking some canned chili a few yards from this place. Mind you, though, I'm not that good of a cook.”
Though she kept silent, the girl didn't want to accept the offer. She was still wary of her rescuer. However, her stomach suddenly growled; she forgot she hadn't eaten in two days. Blushing from her stomach's answer for her, she gave a slight nod of approval as she was carried out of the building and into the open night sky. She saw a small glow of a campfire not too far off as her savior carried her towards it. Sure enough, a pot of chili was stewing over a campfire awaited them.
Kazuma gently set the girl down before he grabbed a nearby spoon and stirred the pot. He leaned over and inhaled deeply. “Just about done.” He grabbed two bowls and waited a few more minutes before spooning the chili into the bowls. He handed one to the girl along with a fork; he noticed that she had correctly wrapped his jacket around her body but still used her arms to hide her front.
“I know it's foreign food,” he said assuredly, “but it's good, if a bit on the spicy side.” When he saw she didn't touch the bowl, Kazuma put his down in front of him. He crossed his arms at her. “Look, if you're scared I'm going to do to you what those assholes were going to do with you, don't be. I may be a lonely guy who had to fend for himself all his life, but someone close to me once said that if I ever meet a girl, I should treat her like a lady. And I hold those words close because he meant a lot to me and still does. Tell you what; if you won't eat, then neither will I.”
Her stomach getting the better of her, the girl took the bowl and fork into her hands and scooped some into her mouth. Kazuma could tell from her expression that she didn't like the taste of chili. He took a taste, and frowned. “You're right; it needs more seasoning, at least. If you don't want any more…”
But the girl started to gobble up every last bite in her bowl. Judging from her actions, Kazuma could tell she had been starving thanks to her captors. After she had finished off her bowlful, he looked back into the pot. There was enough for at least one more serving. “Would you like some more?”
“At last, she speaks.” Kazuam took her empty bowl and scrapped every last morsel form the pot into it before he gave it back to her. She finished it off before he even got halfway through his bowl. His eyes never once strayed towards her nearly naked top, but her face and her hair and her eyes. She was pretty, he had to admit.
Kazuma was so lost in her beauty that he was surprised by her sudden question. “Hmm?”
“Why did you help me?”
“Well, I only stopped here to cook myself some dinner when I saw those guys carrying you kicking and screaming into there. My curiosity pressed me until I decided to find out what was going on. Once I realized they were going to rape you, something in me snapped and I knew I had to stop them. Guys like them piss me off, because they think girls are just property. I didn't even use my alter power because they weren't worth the effort.”
The girl looked at Kazuma, tightening the jacket around her. “You an alter-user, too?”
Kazuma held out his right arm. “Yup! My right arm changes into what I call my Shell Bullet. The downside is, though, I only have three main attacks before it's used up. Say… are you an alter-user also?”
The girl nodded. “It's not powerful, though. My Eternal Devote mainly heals injuries, butit drains me almost completely. That's how those guys were able to capture me. …Did you mean what you said before, that I was free?”
“Of course. That's what freedom is. If you want to, you can even run away from me right now and I wouldn't hold it against you.”
They were silent for a moment before Kazuma said, “You know, I hear that group HOLY in the city is taking in alter-users. Me, I like my freedom out here; I live by my rules, work where I want to work, and no one can tell me different.”
“I wanted to go to the city… but those guys wouldn't let me go, so I tried to run away.”
“…Would you like me to take you there? You know, make sure you get there safely?”
“You'd do that? But I don't have any money or anything-.”
Kazuma waved a hand at her. “Don't worry about payment. This one's on me. I'd hate for you to end up back where you were or worse.” Suddenly, Kazuma turned his head, as if he heard something. Smiling, he stood up and waved his arms at a far-off light that was heading for them at great speed. “Hey, looks like you'll be going to HOLY, first class. COUGAR!”
A pink car that resembled something out of a nightmare skid to a halt just a few feet before Kazuma and the girl. The Driver's side door opened and out jumped a man with Red hair, gray temples, and pink sunglasses. He wore a white and purple uniform with a yellow badge that read HOLY on it. “Kazuya,” the man cried out before he rushed over and latched onto Kazuma.
“I knew you'd still get my name wrong,” Kazuma said, returning the man-hug. “But you came at the right time. I need a favor, Cougar.”
Cougar then took noticed of the girl wearing Kazuma's jacket. Letting out a cry of shock, he then grabbed Kazuma by his shirt and started to shake him. “Kazuya, what did you do?! I thought I drilled it into your head to treat a girl like a lady!”
“Whoa, whoa! I didn't do anything to her, honest!”
Cougar quickly put Kazuma into a headlock. “Then why is she wearing your jacket and why doesn't she have a shirt on?!”
“No, please,” the girl cried, rushing up to try and help Kazuma. “He didn't do this, honest! He saved me from being raped by my former gang. They're all in that building over there; Kazuma beat them up when he saved me. Please let him go.”
Cougar took off his sunglasses with one hand and blinked at the girl. “He did? Really?” He then released Kazuma. “Sorry, I guess I jumped the gun.”
“Yeah,” Kazuma rubbed his neck. “You sure did. Now listen to me, and don't interrupt! This girl wants to go to the city and join HOLY. She's an alter-user like us, only she can heal people. Can you take her there safely? And by that I mean in one piece.”
Cougar smiled warmly. “Just leave it to me, Kazuya! Right this way, little missy; you'll be riding the fastest thing on any wheels. And we'll get you some new clothes, too.”
“Oh yes, one more thing, Cougar; practice what you preach.”
“Hey, I may be fast, but I still take my time getting to know a girl, Kazuya.”
Kazuma then gently put a hand on the girl's shoulder. “Don't worry, he'll keep his hands to himself, and he'll get you to the city safely. …I guess this is goodbye.”
The girl suddenly grabbed him in a strong hug, her head nuzzling against his chest. “My name… is Cherise Adjani. I'll never forget you, Kazuma. Thank you.”
Kazuma returned the hug. “I'm glad I could help, Cherise.”
“Will I… will I ever see you again?”
“I'd like that. Though next time, I hope it'll be under better circumstances.”
“Ahem,” Cougar said aloud, “If you two don't mind, I'm on a tight schedule.”
Reluctantly, Cherise let go of Kazuma and walked away with Cougar to his car. Suddenly, she stopped. “Oh wait! Your jacket-.”
“Keep it for now. You can give it to Cougar to give back to me. He always finds me.”
Cherise smiled and waved at Kazuma. “Goodbye, Kazuma! And thank you!”
“Say, Kazuya, why not join HOLY yourself?”
“Forget it, Cougar; my answer's still no! Bye, Cherise! Take care of yourself!”
As he watched Cougar and Cherise drive off, Kazuma just stood there, looking in the direction Cougar had driven off in. “I hope we meet again, Cherise,” he said to himself. He didn't realize it, but cupid had struck him right through the heart.
Suddenly, he heard shouting coming back form the building where he had rescued Cherise. Turning, Kazuma saw the guys he had beaten up moving towards him, and they were summoning their alters. Recalling what they nearly did to Cherise, his anger grew as he summoned his Shell Bullet.
“You guys don't learn, you do? Okay then, Kazuma the Shell Bullet's Class of Hard Knocks is officially in session! SHOCKING FIRST BULLET!!
The Present…
Kazuma sat out on the grassy knoll, an unfolded letter in his right hand. He couldn't remember how many times he had read this latest letter, but each time he read it, as it had been with the last few he had gotten, it felt brand new.
Dear Kazuma,
“Lately, things have been so hectic here in the city, especially at HOLY. We're dealing with more and more hostile Native Alters as the months go by, and very few are turning over to join HOLY's crusade. More of those Dars guys keep showing up from the Main Land, but they really creep me out with their masks and their freaky hairdos.
“My superior officer, Ryuhou, is as cold as ever during our hunts for hostile alters. However, that's the only time he doesn't try to ask me out. I keep telling him I have someone, but he asks me out again the next week, or sometimes within two days. Lately he's been sending me flowers and boxed candies, but I keep throwing them away, especially the candies; I do have to watch my figure, right?”
While chuckling at the joke, Kazuma fumed at the thought of this Ryuhou guy and his persistence. Still, he quickly shook the guy out of thought and resumed reading.
Lately, my only escape from here is the few times I go shopping or when I can write these letters to you. The letters especially help, because when I write them, I feel we're not so far apart. I miss you, Kazuma. I miss you so much; I sleep with your picture at night beside my pillow. Thank you so much for that, by the way; now I don't have to rely on my memories of what you look like anymore.
Kazuma recalled the picture that had come with this latest letter, smiling at the image of the girl in it wearing a white string bikini and blowing him (or at least the camera) a kiss. He had to hide that one, as with all the others he had been sent, in a strongbox under his bed, mostly so Kanami didn't find them. The little girl was sweet on him after all.
“I miss you, too,” he said softly to the mental image before him, before he finished reading the letter.
In closing, I once more ask you to come visit me in the city, if not reconsider joining HOLY, very soon. Cougar keeps making me ask you to reconsider in these letters, but I'd rather you just come and visit for the day since I know you prefer your freedom. Still, letters and pictures can't replace actually having you here in person.
Please write again soon, my dear Kazuma. I await your response with baited breath.
With love, Cherise.
PS: enclosed a new photo for you. I hope you like! XOXOXO
Mental note: next letter I send her, ask her what that XO stuff means. After stuffing the paper into his jacket pocket, Kazuma got up. It was almost mid-afternoon, and he had to get home. He didn't like keeping Kanami waiting, and Kimishima might have a new job for him.
“Just one more job, Cherise. Then I'll have enough money to come and see you. I promise.”
Kimishima smiled at the collection of photos Kazuma had been hiding from him. Now he understood why his partner was asking for more and more money lately; this girl in the pictures was quite the looker, even if she was with HOLY. Deciding to replace the photos, Kimishima pulled back out Kazuma's strongbox and put them back in exactly as he had found them, next to the short stack of letters tied with a rubber band and a thick wad of money. He knew if Kazuma caught him going through his stuff, he'd be dead for sure.
“I wonder how much more money he'll need for a good fake ID to get into the city?” Kimishima asked himself as he slid the box back under the bed.
“About two grand, if I remember right.”
Turning, Kimishima saw Kazuma standing in the doorway to the room with his arms corssed. “I see. Thanks, Kazuma.” He stood up, and then did a double-take. “K-Kazuma!”
“Must be an echo in here. Now, Kimishima, cough up the dough before I beat it out of you for snooping in my things!” Kazuma cracked his knuckles as he finished his sentence.
Bakcing away slowly, Kimishima held his hands up in defense. “Hey, man, I'd love to give you the money so you can go see this chick, but-.” He was cut off as Kazuma had rushed at him, grabbing him by the shirt.
“Now it's four grand, Kimishima: one for the fee of looking at those pictures, one for not killing you, and the rest so I can get into the city! Now shoot the money to me, honey!”
“But all I got is $975.”
“Then that'll be the down payment. Give!”
Knowing Kauzma wasn't going to let it go, Kimishima sighed heavily as he pulled out all his money and held it up for Kazuma to take. You'll get more from this next job I got lined up.”
Kazuma took the money, let Kimishima go, and then counted the money quickly. Once he was done, he pulled out a smaller wad of money, in bigger bills, divided it all up, and put a third of it away into his pocket. “This should get Kanami some more rice and veggies for a month. So, what's the next job?”
“Hidaki's gang over by the old subway train ruins is getting bullied by a rival gang, one with an Alter-user as their boss. He's pretty strong, too, but from what I've seen you do, you could take him.”
Kazuma frowned. “Hidaki and his crew don't have a lot of money, you know. What's the pay?”
“Thirty's the best I could get. Sorry, man.”
“I'll take it. But next time, try something with a better reward.”
There suddenly came a young voice from downstairs. “Kaze-kun! Kimishima-san! Dinner's ready!”
“Be right down,” Kazuma called back. “Well, you might as well stay for dinner.”
“Hey, uh, you mind telling me that chick's name? The one in the pics?”
“Yeah, I DO mind, Kimishima. And don't say anything to Kanami. You know how jealous she gets.”
End part 1
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