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Scryed Askew: Part 7 - Reckless Outlaw
By Robster80
Disclaimer: I do NOT own S-Cry-ed, period! Not the characters, the name, or anything. It belongs to TV-Tokyo, Bandai, Tokyopop (Manga), etc.
Previously: Kazuma had another date with Cherise, and Kimishima was driving him to the city. However, they were stopped by Biff “The Hammer” and his goons. Though Kazuma made short work of Biff, the fight attracted HOLY's attention, and Kazuma was captured by Ryuhou though Kimishima and Biff's gang escaped. While monitoring the newly-arrived prisoners, Cougar and Cherise discover to their horror that Ryuhou had captured Kazuma. Now they, and Kimishima on his own, must find a way to get him out of HOLY's prison…
“Is all this security really necessary?” Kazuma asked as he was escorted in chains by ten armed guards. They were leading him down one of the hallways of HOLY Headquarters, to where he would be interrogated. “I keep telling you I won't fight or try to make a break for it.”
But his words fell on deaf ears, and he was shoved into a pitch-black room before the door was closed behind him. Three men in metal masks appeared; these were the Dars that Cherise had mentioned before in her letters. They started to glow, and three giant hands appeared before they grasped Kazuma by his arms and his body. He sighed heavily; knowing he was going to have a tough time proving his innocence.
A light suddenly shone down on him, and a man's voice came out from the darkness. “Prisoner Number NP3228-.”
“Kazuma,” Kazuma stated. “Kazuma Torisuna.”
“NP3228,” the voice repeated, though more firmly. “You are charged with misuse of your powers as an alter-user. How do you plead?”
“Not guilty. I'm just trying to-.”
“That will do.” There came the sound of pages being flipped. “It seems you made no attempt to resist arrest by Officer Ryuhou Tairen. Not many of your kind willingly surrender without a struggle.”
“Because I'm innocent; My friend and I were assaulted by a gang led by another Inner, and I had to fight him to protect myself and my friend.”
“A likely story, NP3228. Inners like you abuse their powers by causing havoc and forcing others to do as you wish. That is why HOLY was established in the first place.”
“Look, I only use my powers to make a living for myself or for self-defense. I don't pick a fight with anybody if they don't pick a fight with me.”

”That is enough, NP3-.”

”My name is KAZUMA! And I've about had it up to here with you guys! Just slap my hand, give me a fine and send me home to my mother already.”
“I'm afraid it's not that easy.”
Kazuma blinked. He knew that voice. Suddenly, Ryuhou appeared in front of him, arms behind his back. “You again! What happened to HOLY being firm, but fair?”
“For HOLY, this is fair. I wish to speak to the prisoner alone,” he said aloud to whoever else was there in the dark room, and also to the three Dars. All three Dras nodded, withdrew their alters from Kazuma, and then walked away. There were several sounds of hatches opening before a strange unified humming noise before the unseen hatches closed. Now Kazuma and Ryuhou were alone.
“You know,” Kazuma said, glaring at Ryuhou. “I'm getting tired of this, and also of seeing your stone face.”
Ryuhou glared back, but he spoke in a voice so soft, Kazuam was lucky to even hear it as Ryuhou drew closer. “I also tire of you and your bitching. However, there are a few questions I'd like to ask you, NP3228.”
Both fists clenched tight, Kazuma was ready to strike Ryuhou, chained up or not. “For the last time, and I do mean LAST, my name-!”
“Is unimportant. I can call you pig shit or whatever other foul name I think of to match the way you look, and you will not have a say in the matter. And don't even try to fight me.” Ryuhou snapped his fingers and two familiar purple ribbons encircled Kazuma, bounding him tight. “I came prepared in case you'd be stupid or hotheaded enough to try to escape or attack me.”
Kazuma could barely move his arms or upper body; Zetsuei's ribbons had him bound securely. Cherise was right, this guy IS an asshole! …Cherise! She's probably still waiting for me! “Will you let me go if I answer your questions?”

“It all depends on the answers.” Ryuhou turned to face Kazuma, leaning close until their faces were mere inches apart. He still spoke in a hushed voice. “Do you know of an Alter-user with a black right arm and a white left arm, and accompanied by lightning?”
“What is this, 20 Questions? I never-.”

His anger getting the better of him, Ryuhou grabbed Kazuma by the front of his shirt. “Did you or did you not ever see such an Alter-user before? Answer me!”
“Okay, okay! Let me think first, I've run across a lot of other Alter-users over the years. Now let me go.”
Slowly, Ryuhou loosened his grip on Kazuma, who then turned away and closed his eyes in concentration. It took about three minutes before he opened his eyes and looked back at Ryuhou. “Sorry. Never saw one like that before.”
“Try harder,” Ryuhou demanded, He didn't believe what Kazuma had said was the truth.
“I already told you, I never saw him! What's this Alter-user to you, anyway? He owe you money? He stole something from you?”
The look on Ryuhou's face would be one that Kazuma would never forget. It was as if a lunatic had mentally taken over him; he grabbed Kazuma once again, only more roughly, and pulled him close. “That murdering son of a bitch killed my mother! I won't rest until I find him and kill him with my bare hands! …Why am I even telling a worthless punk like you this, anyway?”

“Because I asked?” Kazuma said honestly. This earned him a hard punch to the face from his captor. The hit made him lose his footing and he fell to the floor, still held by Zetsuei. He's not an asshole. He's a walking-talking DICKHEAD!
“I ought to kill you right here,” Ryuhou snarled. “However, I would then have to explain my actions. Now comes the question that will determine your fate. Are you ready?” He didn't bother waiting for a reply. “Every Alter-user we take into custody here at HOLY is given one chance to redeem themselves for their misuse of their powers; their slate wiped clean to say the least. The only way for that to happen is to become HOLY; to join us and use their powers to better serve the innocent of the Lost Ground. Although you disgust me, NP3228, I am bound by my superiors to ask: will you join us, or will you forfeit your freedom?”
With great care, Kazuma managed to get himself back onto his feet. His left cheek was swollen from the earlier punch Ryuhou had given him. It wasn't much of a choice, he knew; become a dog of HOLY and forfeit his true freedom, or refuse and be locked away for possibly the rest of his life. “If I don't want to join HOLY, will you still let me go?”
“Don't be absurd. Scum like you don't deserve to share the same ground the rest of us walk on.”
“Then here's my answer.” Suddenly, he turned his head and spat right in Ryuhou's eye. “Go to hell!”
“…You just made my day!” Ryuhou shouted as he spun around and kicked Kazuma right in his already swollen cheek, hard. As he saw Kazuma once more hit the floor, he recalled Zetsuei just as the same soldiers who had escorted Kazuma into the room burst in and surrounded the fallen prisoner. “The trial is over, NP3228, and I'll see to it you never again see the light of day.”
“NOT without my approval, you won't Officer Tairen.”

Turning, Ryuhou and the soldiers all gave a salute as Martin Zigmar entered the room. “Sir, this animal is-.”
“He is the same as you or I, Tairen. None of us asked to be Alter-users, but we are what we are.” Zigmar knelt down beside the fallen Kazuma, who was still hurting form both hits from Ryuhou. “I'm terribly sorry about my junior officer. I meant to get here and have a nice chat with you, but he got here before I could. Please don't think all of us here at HOLY are like that.”
“Shouldn't you go wash your face, Tairen? Afterwards, we'll discuss your pushing the trial ahead of schedule. As for the rest of you, take this young man back to his cell, and I mean to his cell!”

”Sir!” the soldiers said before two of them hoisted Kazuma up by his arms and carried him away. He made no effort to stop them; he knew it was futile now, as he would never be free again. He may never see Cherise again after today.
I should have taken his offer. Even if it cost me my freedom… being with her without hiding our feelings would have been worth it. How could I have been so stupid?
This is not over, NP3228, Ryuhou mentally fumed, watching Kauzma being taken away. Not by a long shot! But enough of this; I'm going to find Cherise. That should brighten my mood.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Tearing off the headphones that allowed him to listen into the courtroom, Cougar angrily bolted from his seat and left the monitoring room that was used to record the trials of HOLY's captives. “That stupid hothead could have taken the offer,” he muttered to himself, “but nooo, he had to go and spit in Ryuhou's face and be defiant to the end! Still… I have to admit, I was I had thought of it first. Nobody's ever tried to do that to that ice king regardless of the payback.”
Sighing heavily as he walked down the hallways and into the cafeteria, Cougar knew by now that Kazuma would probably be given a lifetime sentence. He might be even sent to the Main Land for experimentation. Most who had gone through the latter, Cougar heard from rumors, never survived longer than a month or two. The though of Kazuma being dissected and later dying on some operating table or in some specimen cage sickened him to the core. How would he tell Cherise?
The answer came to him in a flash: he wouldn't tell her. He wasn't about to let Kazuma be turned into a lab rat for any reason. Cougar knew what he had to do: get Kazuma out of HOLY and out of the city, and fast.
He may be an idiot who loves to fight, but he's still my kid brother. However… This may put a strain on his relationship with Cherise after today.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Cherise was glad when she was relieved from monitoring duty. However, she was still upset that Kazuma was now a prisoner, all because of Ryuhou. She hoped that he would be released, or that he accepted the offer to join HOLY, though she knew that would be unlikely.
But if he were to give up his freedom for anything, for anybody, it would be for you, Cherise.
Cougar's words rang in her ears as she made her way to the cafeteria, where she got her lunch and sat by herself. She couldn't her anything but her own thoughts, and all of them were about Kazuma. Why couldn't they have gotten together safely like last time? They should be out in the city having fun, enjoying each other's company, and eating lunch together at that moment; not separated in the same building but feeling miles apart. As much as her heart was screaming at her to, she dared not go see Kazuma in whichever cell he had been placed in. The risk was too great at the moment.
I could get him out. It wouldn't be easy, but maybe if Cougar and I work together, Kazuma will be free before the day ends. …But what if I'm caught? Will I end up being a prisoner again after all this time, and if so, how would Kazuma rescue me? What if… what if they just send me back out into the Wastes? Then again, why would that be so bad if Kazuma was there with me?
The sudden appearance of Ryuho sitting across form her brought Cherise out of her thoughts. She remained calm, though on the inside, she wanted to strangle him; he was the cause of her current dilemma. “Ryuhou,” she replied politely.
“I heard you were on duty today,” Ryuhou said, lacking his usual coldness. “I thought you had the day off.”
“My plans fell through.” No thanks you a certain someone… oh yeah, it was YOU!
“…You were dumped today, weren't you?”
“Just because my boyfriend didn't show up doesn't mean he dumped me, Ryuhou.”
Ryuhou raised an eyebrow, resting his chin on his hands. “Ho long has it been since you two last went out? Almost two months. I'm sorry, but you should accept that this guy wasn't worth your time.”
Her blood boiled at Ryuhou's words. The reasons why Cherise and Kazuma had failed getting together since their first date were because first she got sick and then she had to help deal with a group of Inners gone out of control. While inside she was really getting mad, she simply had an annoyed look about her. If you're not careful, Ryuhou, your foot will be in your mouth quite literally and very painfully! “Even if it was so, do you really think taking me on the rebound would be wise?”
“I just want you to know that I'll be here for you if you need anything-.”
“I don't care,” Cherise almost shouted as she bolted form her seat to stand up, glaring hard at Ryuhou. She didn't care if everyone else in the cafeteria was looking her way now, like they did weeks ago when Ryuhou had angered Mimori with his cold attitude; she was finally fed up with him and his so-called affection. “Get it through your thick skull, Ryuhou Tairen - I don't like you! And I would never go out with you or do anything with you outside of HOLY business even if you put a gun to my head! Now leave me alone!” Forgetting her lunch entirely, Cherise turned and stormed off to the exit.
Seeing her trying to leave, Ryuhou got up out of his chair and started after her. “Cherise, wait-!”
But a hand grabbed him from behind, keeping him from following the retreating Cherise. “You really should consider going to the ear doctor,” said a voice form behind that Ryuhou knew all too well. “She said she's not interested in you.”
The cold, emotionless feeling returned to him as Ryuhou whirled around to come face-to-face with Cougar. “And you should mind your own damn business, Cougar.”
Even though he was a little older than Ryuhou, Cougar found himself somewhat intimidated by the icy glare in Ryuhous eyes. He envied Kazuma, wishing he had his surrogate brother's courage that he showed earlier in the trial room. “Cherise still has a boyfriend, despite what you think, so I would back off if I were you.”
“Oh really? And where was he today, hmm? Perhaps this boyfriend isn't what you and she think he is.”
Immediately, Cougar kept his mouth shut. He wanted to tell Ryuhou that Kazuma, or rather Cherise's boyfriend, would cross through every circle of Hell to be with her. However, Ryuhou's words made him silently wonder if Kazuma and Cherise's secret relationship was not a secret to this young and powerful Inner. It would certainly explain why he was so adamant on putting Kazuma through hell in the centrifuge and the trial.
Please don't let me start to sweat! That'll be a sure sign that I know more than I'm letting on. I must not sweat. Must. Not. Sweat!

Hearing Commander Zigmar's voice, both men turned to face him and salute. “Sir!”
But Zigmar did not return the salute. Instead, he gave a strongly angered look directly at Ryuhou. It was as if Cougar wasn't even there with them when he spoke. “I just learned that NP3228 has been given a life sentence at hard labor by order of the Main Land by your recommendation. Mind if I ask why you did not follow protocols and first submit your recommendations to me, the commanding officer of all of HOLY?”
It took all of his willpower for Cougar to keep himself from screaming in outrage. Kazuma had already been given a life sentence on Ryuhou's recommendation? And it was all done behind Zigmar's back?
“It was for the best interest of the Lost Ground, sir,” was Ryuhou's reply. “I feel this NP3228 was a true danger to everyone around him, and the Main Land agreed.”
Zigmar's face turned deep purple in a rage that he could barely hold back. “You're not in charge here, I am! I don't give a damn if you are the heir to the Tairen family. My office, Tairen - Now! As for you,” he looked right at Cougar, startling him. “Go relieve Elian in watching the prisoners! And none of your backtalk!”

Cougar said no words; he just gave a quick salute and ran off, leaving Ryuhou alone to face the wrath of Commander Zigmar. Still, he couldn't help but smirk at this stroke of luck. Once he had taken over Elian's position of monitoring the prisoners, he could begin his plan to get Kazuma to escape. Zigmar had unknowingly given him the perfect opportunity.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
He wasn't sure how long he had been there, lying facedown on a bunk within a small holding cell. However, Kazuma didn't really seem to care about that. He was sure of only one thing: he'd never get to Cherise at all, and it was his own fault. Looking back, he wasn't sure why he allowed Ryuhou to make him so angry. It just seemed… natural, like they were meant to be at each other's throats. He never felt so angry at anyone, not since the day he first found Cherise about to be raped by her former gang.
Suddenly, he heard a lock click, and his cell door flew open. Only opening one eye, he saw a familiar silhouette standing in the doorway. However, it wasn't who he had hoped it was. “So, when did you find out?”
“When I started monitor duty in Cherise's place so she could meet with you,” Cougar said. “Dare I ask how you ended up like this?”

“A gang of punks tried to rob Kimishima and me on our way to the city, I kicked their leader's ass, and that Ryuhou guy arrests me for attempting to attack an innocent bystander, namely Kimishima. I surrendered so I could get a fair trial and then hopefully be just a little late for… oh forget it. Cherise is probably pissed at me by now.”
“She is, but at Ryuhou, not you. As soon as I found out you were here, I went and got her.”
This was enough to make Kazuma turn over onto his back and sit up. Hope filled his eyes. “Is she-?”
But Cougar shook his head. “This will be complicated enough without her here. Now get up. You're leaving.”

Blinking, Kazuma jumped off the bunk and walked over to Cougar. “Leaving? How-?”
“By chance, I was made to relieve the regular sentry. Once he left, I managed to make up a video loop of you lying in here. That should by you enough time to make your escape. Here.” Cougar suddenly tossed Kazuma a gray uniform, helmet and boots: the same worn by the regular soldiers of HOLY. “Put this on, and hurry. Let's just hope Ryuhou's still in the Commander's office getting chewed out for getting you a life sentence. I put your money and whatever else they took from you in the pockets.”
Kazuma was quick to put on his disguise. “I just hope there's enough time for me to go find Cherise and apologize. Maybe even make plans for-.”
Pausing in the middle of putting on the heavy uniform jacket, Kazuma stared at Cougar. “You said that a little to fast, even for you.”
“There won't be any more plans, Kazuma. After today, you're never coming back to the City.” Cougar took off his glasses for the second time that day to reveal the sincerity in his eyes. “When the rest of HOLY finds out you've escaped, they'll start issuing wanted posters of you throughout the city, let alone be on the lookout for you whenever we're sent out into the Wastes. As of now, you're an outlaw. You won't be seeing Cherise for a good while… maybe never again.”
“I'm not hearing this,” Kazuma said unbelievingly. He grabbed Cougar by the uniform. “I did not just hear those words from your mouth.”
“You brought this on yourself, Kazuma, despite your innocence. We both know you should have taken the offer to join HOLY years ago. I tried to…” Cougar just shook his head, gently freed himself from Kazuma's grip, and turned away. “No, it's already too late. Just… just go.”
“At least let me say goodbye to-.”

“Kazuma.” It was the second time that Cougar had said his name right. “Please don't make it harder on the both of you. I promise I'll keep delivering letters between you two, but that'll have to be it until this hopefully blows over. You'd better get going before Elian gets back from his break.”
Kazuma wanted to say more, but he remained silent as he went back to finish putting on his disguise. Once he was fully dressed up in the uniform, he left the cell, closing the door behind him. “…I really screwed up, didn't I?”
“We're only human. I should have tried harder to make you join up.”
“Could you… tell her I'm sorry?”
“I will. Take care, Kazuya.”
The two began walking in different directions; Cougar back to his duty and Kazuma towards the exit out of the building. Both felt the heavy sadness in their hearts, for each other, for themselves, and for Cherise most of all.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Kimishima didn't know how long he had been staring at the entrance to HOLY's headquarters, his guns still in his jacket pockets. He had come to rescue Kazuma after his friend had been captured by HOLY, but now he was at a loss as to just how he would pull it off. Sure, he had gotten into the city without anyone suspecting his phony ID card and without noticing he was armed. He even managed to get a rental car without much of a problem. Now, his mind was drawing a blank every time he thought about how to proceed with his so-called rescue plan.
I can't just go in there half-cocked; that's Kazuma's usual way of doing things. Still, I have to do something. Uh-oh! A HOLY Soldier! Just act natural.

Kimishima blinked at the soldier that just exited the building in front of him. Did he just hear that soldier call his name? It took a few seconds for him to recognize the soldier's voice. “Kazuma?!”
Kazuma lifted the visor of his helmet up, showing his face. “Kimishima, you jerk! How'd you get into the city?”
“Never mind me! How the hell did you-?! No, wait. Let me guess… You had help form Cherise and Cougar, right?”
Kazuma winced a little at the mention of Cherise's name. “Y-yeah, you could say that. You came to try and get me out, huh?”

“Of course! You didn't really think I'd abandon my best friend, didja? Kanami would kill me for doing such a thing. Anyway, let's get out of here before they realize you're gone. I got a car up this way.”

They started to walk away from the building, Kazuma replacing the visor over his eyes in case someone would see him with it up and recognize him. However, as Kazuma took one more look at the tower that was HOLY's base, he suddenly remembered that he had one other thing he had to do before leaving. Reahcing into his pocket, he pulled out his money and stopped where he was. “…Wait.”
“Hmm?” Kimishima said, turning to look at Kazuma, puzzled.
“There's something I have to do first.” I won't leave without at least giving Cherise her birthday present, no matter the risk. “There's a jewelry shop on a street named Hanaukyo. We're heading there first.”
“Okay. Then what?”
“You'll see.”
***************************************************************** ***********************************
“You're gonna do WHAT?! Of all the idiotic ideas you've come up with, Kazuma Torisuna, this one takes the cake!”

“Shut it, Kimishima,” Kazuma said as he once more donned his disguise. He and Kimishima were standing outside of the car they had rented to escape from the city. Kazuma has just revealed his plan: he was going to walk back into HOLY's base, where he had just escaped from after being captured earlier in the day, and give Cherise a necklace he had just bought for her to her and say his goodbyes before he left the city for possibly the last time ever. Kimishima, as expected, was openly against the idea.
“But you said Cougar told you to get out of this place and to lay low-!”

“I know what he said, dammit! But… I want to see her again. I need to.”
“Dude, I know you haven't seen her in over a month, but you got lots of pictures of her back home-.”
“After seeing her again in the flesh and holding her in my arms, those aren't enough to satisfy me anymore. For the woman you love, any risk is worth taking. Remember that when you find the one for you.” After putting on his helmet and visor, Kazuma grasped the tiny box holding the necklace in his one fist and turned towards HOLY's headquarters. “Wait here, and keep your phone on. I'll text you if anything goes.”
“Anything goes what?”

“Exactly.” Kazuma took a deep breath, and then started to march over to the building. Here goes nothing. Please be there, Cherise.
To be continued…
Author's notes: What originally started out as a romantic comedy has turned a little serious. Since I felt this was becoming a little bland, I decided to try and work this series in a different direction. That, and I needed something to start the groundwork for building up to an upcoming steamy love scene with Cherise & Kazuma.
So, it looks like Ryuhou and Zigmar know about Kazuma, but what will become of this? And what will happen when Kazuma goes through with his plan to give Cherise her early birthday present? Sorry, but that will have to wait until next time. Please read & Review!