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Scryed Askew: Part 8 - Kiss Me Goodbye
By Robster80
Disclaimer: I do NOT own S-Cry-ed, period! Not the characters, the name, or anything. It belongs to TV-Tokyo, Bandai, Tokyopop (Manga), etc.
Opening notes: Just two things. First, the title is taken from some of the lyrics of “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” by Cobra Starship from the film of the same name (sorta). Second, I wish to give special thanks to Ninja Kasuga for his help in inspiring/co-plotting the dialogue and actions of this chapter. Enjoy!
Previously: Despite his best intent on staying in HOLY's good graces so that he would be free to hurry to his now-ruined date, Kazuma earned a life sentence thanks to Ryuhou showing his worst side. Cougar secretly got Kazuma to escape, but explained that, now that he was an outlaw in HOLY's eyes, he may never see Cherise ever again. Disguised as a HOLY soldier, Kazuma walked right out of the base and was reunited with Kimishima. However, he decided to stay until he did one last thing
“You did what?!”

“Will you PLEASE lower your voice!” Cougar hissed to Cherise. He had just told her that he helped Kazuma escape merely an hour earlier, and it seemed that no one else had caught on to the escape at the moment. They were in a lobby waiting for an elevator that would take them to the lounge area where HOLY officers could hang out and unwind before, between, and after assignments. “Ryuhou had the Main Land sentence Kazuya to life at hard labor. I wasn't going to stand by and let that happen.”
“You could have let me help. I could have said goodbye to him and made plans for our next date.”
“And I'll tell you exactly what I told him, Cherise: there will not be a next date. Kazuya's a wanted man, like it or not. If he sets one foot inside the city, he'll be arrested or even killed. And whenever any HOLY member goes out into the Lost Ground, they'll be on the lookout for him. You and he can't be seen together, it's too dangerous.”

“I'd take the chance, and so would Kazuma. I love him-.”
Cougar clasped both his hands over Cherise's mouth before he looked around to make sure no one else heard her declaration. “Ryuhou's already got Kazuma on his hit list. Hearing you say those words will be like using a fuel tanker to put out a burning house. Is that what you want? Look, you won't be seeing Kazuya anytime soon, but at least you can still write.”

Forcing his hands away from her face, Cherise pointed at Cougar, showing off one of her gloves she was wearing. “We're past that satisfying us, Cougar. We've kissed, we've held hands, and we've walked together and even ate together. There's no going back to before now, and I will never forgive you for not letting me or him say goodbye. Now do me a huge favor and keep away form me for the rest of the day, and the rest of the week while you're at it!”
Cherise then stepped into an opening elevator and quickly shut the door and pushed the up button before Cougar could join her. Sighing heavily, Cougar headed for the stairs. “Well, that could have gone better.”
Leaning with her back to the wall of the elevator car, Cherise allowed herself a brief moment to shed some tears of frustration once more. She had longed for this day, longed to see Kazuma and be held in his arms, and it had been a complete disaster. Now she would never know when they would be together next, and it hurt her greatly now that Ryuhou would have more opportunities to try and ask her out.
Oh Kazuma… I need you so badly. All I want is to be in your arms.
As she neared her desired floor, Cherise quickly wiped her face with her hands and regained some of her composure just as the doors opened. Stepping out, she heard someone say “There she is now.”
Asuka Tachibana was pointing at her, talking to a soldier. Quickly thanking Tachibana and giving a salute, the soldier moved towards her just as Ryuhou appeared across the lounge. However, the soldier had reached Cherise first. “Excuse me, Officer Adjani?”
Cherise couldn't believe her ears. This soldier talking to her sounded like Kazuma. Great, I miss him so much that now I'm hearing things. “What is it? Make it quick, I'm in a real bad mood.”
“Sorry, ma'am. I was asked by a gentleman to see this early birthday gift delivered to you personally. He was very persuasive, and a little anxious.” The soldier handed a small box to Cherise. It was tied up in a red ribbon. “He said that this would hopefully match your gloves, and also said to tell you he was sorry he couldn't make it today.”
It all became clear to Cherise the instant she touched the box: this soldier was actually Kazuma in disguise. Seeing Ryuhou approaching them, she quickly stuffed the box into her uniform's one pocket before he could see it. “Very well. Go back down and tell this man if he's still there that you did as you had been asked, and give him this message for me: next time, I may not be so forgiving.” She gave a wink before she whispered, “I'll be waiting for you, Kazuma, whatever it takes.
Kazuma gave a salute. “I will, ma'am.” I'll find you again, Cherise. Somehow. And he then started for the elevator.
However, he felt a rough hand grab his shoulder. An icy, venomous voice soon followed the hand. “Take off that helmet.” It was Ryuhou.
“What's going on here?” Cherise asked suddenly, trying to keep her composure. “Ryuhou-?”
His eyes never turned to Cherise, but Ryuhou verbally acknowledged her. “I have a gut feeling that this `soldier' isn't whom he wants us to believe. But there's only one way to be sure, and that is if he takes off his helmet and shows us his face.”
Tachibana, who had been watching somewhat, stepped over to see for himself if Ryuhou was right. “Come to think of it,” he said, “I don't recall seeing him before. What's your name?”
“He's NP3228-.”

With all her heart, Cherise wanted to tell Ryuhou that his name wasn't NP3228, but Kazuma. However, luckily for her, Kazuma beat her to it and saved her from revealing that they knew each other.
“I told you,” Kazuma growled as he quickly turned around, tore off his disguise at Ryuhou, and punched him square in the face with the helmet on his fist. “It's KAZUMA!” He then kicked Tahcibana in the stomach and then grabbed Cherise from behind, wrapping an arm around her neck in a choke hold. “Play along,” he hissed to her as every other HOLY member in the lounge looked his way, including Cougar who had just walked into the room. “Nobody come near me, or I'll snap her neck!”
“H-hey, let go!” Cherise cried, putting her hands to Kazuma's arm. She wasn't in any pain, or having trouble breathing, as Kazuma only made it look like he was choking her. However, she had been fast enough to acknowledge he wanted it to look that way and acted like she was being choked.
“What the hell?!” Cougar shouted upon seeing Kazuma standing by the elevator with Cherise in his grasp. Kazuya, what in heaven's name are you still doing here?!
While everyone looked upon him and his prisoner, Kazuma kept his eyes on Ryuhou, who had recovered from his earlier hit, while backing up to the elevator. “Believe me when I say that I didn't want this to happen. All I wanted was to give my side of the story, prove my innocence, and then get on my way to salvage what was left of my date. Unfortunately, someone in this room just HAD to be a real dick and lock me up.”

Ryuhou glared back at Kazuma. “And I was right about you, you son of a-!”
“Watch your mouth! Remember I got a good grip on this girl here.”
“S-so Ryuhou's got to work on his social skills,” Cherise struggled to say, or pretended to struggle as she spoke. “Tighten your hold, but only a bit! You said you didn't want this, so let me go!”
“There's no need to be rash,” Tachibana added, trying to help calm down the situation. “I'm sure the Commander would like to hear your side-.”
“Oh, it's way too late for talking,” Kazuma stated, using one hands to quickly press the elevator button and then re-grab Cherise. “But I do want to add this: I don't want to pick a fight with HOLY at all. You guys leave me alone, and I'll leave all of you alone. That seems fair, right?”
“I'll believe you when you let her go,” Ryuhou said, pointing at Kazuma and Cherise. “Or else I swear you'll pay for touching her, NP3-.”

“KAZUMA, YOU STUBBORN JACKASS,” Kazuma shouted just as the elevator door opened. He dragged Cherise inside with him and punched the button to close the door. “KA-ZU-MA! Remember it!”
The last look both men gave each other was a death glare; a promise that next time they met, one of them would die. The closing elevator door ended the eye contact between them.
Cougar had long vanished by the time the elevator closed.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
“Are you insane?!” Cherise almost shouted at Kazuma, turning her head slightly to try and look him in the eye. However, she noticed she couldn't as he kept his hold on her.
“Quiet, you,” Kazuma snapped. Then, he dropped his voice to a whisper. “This thing has hidden cameras, right?
Blinking, Cherise realized that they were indeed being watched; she had to keep up the charade. “…Unfortunately. You'll never get away with this you know!”
“You think you know me, huh? I'm really sorry, Cherise, about everything. I just-.
“I know you're a dead man walking. Don't apologize, Kazuma. I wanted to see you, too; Hell, I'd kiss you now if it weren't for the cameras.This isn't how I wanted to be in his arms, but I'll take what I can get.
Kazuma leaned in close, giving his best mean look as he whispered into Cherise's ear. “I missed you so much.
Feeling his breath on her ear made Cherise tremble, but she still acted like she was being violated by her supposed captor. “I missed you, too, Kazuma. Ke-keep your face away from me!”

Minutes before the elevator stopped, Kazuma noticed that Cherise was wearing the gloves he bought for her on their previous date. “Nice gloves. Who got them for you? That Ryuhou jerk?”
“N-no, from my boyfriend. And if he were here, he'd kick your ass for touching me! I wear them practically everyday.
A smile formed on Kazuma's lips. “Glad you like them. I'll take my chances. Ah, here's our stop.”
The doors opened and Kazuma pretended to force Cherise out into what she recognized as the parking garage underneath the base. They passed several cars until they came to a small silver one Cherise recognized. “That's Ryuhou's new car-.”
“Really?” Kazuma grinned like the devil himself. “Thanks for telling me. Please tell me you know how to drive.
Cougar gave me lessons-.
Good enough for me. Get in!”
The car being unlocked, it was easy for Kazuma and Cherise to get in; her in the driver's seat while he was in the passenger seat. While it was possible they were no longer being observed, neither of them took any chances of letting their guard down. Kazuma found the keys hidden in one of the overheads and tossed them to Cherise. “Drive,” he ordered while he pulled out his cell phone and started texting faster than what was considered normal.
Faking a low growl, Cherise turned the engine on and started to drive for the exit. This was not exactly how she wanted to spend a date with Kazuma, but at the least they were together.
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Checking his watch for the fifth time since Kazuma had gone into the building; Kimishima felt that something had definitely gone wrong. It had only been about ten minutes, but he could feel deep down that, once again, Kazuma's plan had only caused more trouble for the both of them. Regardless, he stood by the rental car, waiting for word of some kind that Kazuma was on his way.
All this for one last look, or talk, with his girl; Kazuma, it ain't worth the risk of getting caught again. But… man, I wish I had someone like Cherise I cared about so much. Kazuma sure is a lucky guy.
Suddenly his pocket began to vibrate. Drawing out his cell, he flipped it open and saw a text message:
All gone south. Meet up away from HOLY, Look for silver car. -K
“I knew it,” Kimishima muttered under his breath, rushing around the car for the Driver's side. “I knew it! Damn it, Kazuma, you're going to be the death of me yet!”
***************************************************************** ***********************************
“At least I know the car isn't bugged,” Cherise said after she had driven out of the underground parking of HOLY. Now that they were leaving, she and Kazuma were able to talk normally. It was a great relief to both of them.
However, Kazuma wasn't looking at her. He kept looking out the windows and windshield. “And though I know you want to kiss me, Cherise, you'd better keep your eyes on the road. I just hope my message got through to Kimishi-. Hey!” He turned to look at Cherise, who had her arm out as she had just pinched his upper leg.
“I can still do that, though,” she said with a playful grin. Glancing at the controls, Cherise then slammed her one palm on the dashboard in exasperation. “God, I am such an idiot!”
Kazuma paled at this. “You mean we're bugged after all?”
“No,” Cherise replied while punching buttons on a control pad. “This car has both cruise control AND auto-driver. I can set it for a certain speed along with a driving pattern; we'll cruise the city in a loop until Kimishima can catch up to us.” After hitting one last button, she took both hands off the steering wheel and her foot off the gas pedal; and the car began driving on its own.
Cherise then turned to Kazuma. “Now I believe I owe you something.” Both leaned towards each other for a kiss…
“Uh, excuse me?”
Kazuma and Cherise opened their eyes to see they were kissing either side of Cougar's face. Drawing back, they gagged and spat at the car's interior, horrified by the concept of what had happened. Cherise spoke up first. “Dammit, Straight Cougar, how the hell did you get in here?”
“I figured you'd head for the garage, so I took the stairs at my usual speed. Also, I somehow figured this was the car you'd pick to steal, Kazuya. Now I'm definitely sure Ryuhou's going to kill you.” Cougar, who was in the back seat, then glared hard at Kazuma. “And if he doesn't, I will! Didn't I tell you to get out of the city when I sprang you?”
“Yeah, but I told you I wanted to at least say goodbye to Cherise,” Kazuma growled, glaring back. “I ought to punch your lights out for ruining the mood.”
“Here, here,” Cherise chimed in, still wiping her lips with her sleeve.
“And maybe I should just kill you both and put an end to this insanity.”

Hearing those words, Kazuma grabbed Cougar with both hands by the uniform. “You just lay one hand on her, Straight Cougar, and I'll-!”
“You'll what, Kazuma? Spit in my face like you did to Ryuhou?”
“He what?” Cherise exclaimed. “Man, I'd have paid good money to have seen that.”
“I got it on tape back at the base. I was monitoring Kazuya's interro-.”
Without warning, Kazuma punched Cougar and then kicked open the door at his side. “Sorry, Bro,” he said as he pulled Cougar from the backseat and threw him out of the car, “but we got company!”
Cherise glanced back to see a HOLY jeep approaching their car from behind, with Urizane and Ryuhou in the front seats. Cursing under her breath, she turned back to the wheel, shut off the auto-driver and cruise control and stepped on the gas just after Kazuma pretended to grab her threateningly on her shoulder and shouted “Floor it!”
“Will Cougar be okay?

“Trust me; he's taken a lot worse back when we used to spar. See?” Kazuma had been watching as Cougar had managed to get back onto his feet with ease and started running alongside the jeep behind them. “He's up and running again.”
“Better get out your Shell Bullet, because I don't know if I can outrun them for very long.”
Realizing she was right, Kazuma pulled his right arm away and started to concentrate. Cherise watched somewhat as his arm began to split in two places from his knuckles down his limb before it was bounded back together by golden twine. Golden armor suddenly appeared, clamping onto his arm while his hand and fingers were covered in ruby red armor and matching fins sprouted from the right side of his back. This was the first time she had seen him use his alter at all; she had only heard slim details from him and Cougar.
The first thing Kazuma did was use his alter to rip off the top of the car and toss it at the jeep. “Hope Ryuhou always wanted a convertible,” he sneered.
Giggling, Cherise suddenly noticed up ahead of them, on a bridge overlooking the road they were on, was a man waving a lit road flare while standing beside a yellow rental car. She recognized his spiky brown hair right away: it was Kimishima.
Kazuma noticed him, too. About time he showed! “This is our stop, Cherise,” he shouted over the wind while grabbing Cherise, carrying her in his left arm. “Hang on tight! SHOCKING FIRST BULLET!
Cherise's heart quickened as she felt Kazuma and herself being shot into the air after Kazuma alter-punched the car and one of his three red fins disintegrated, causing a burst of energy to shoot out from his back and send him flying. He carried himself and her up and right onto the bridge that Kimishima was directing them towards. Once he allowed her to set her feet back on solid ground, her first words were “Now I know how Lois Lane feels.”
Seeing that Ryuhou and the others weren't too far behind them, Kazuma grabbed Cherise by her shoulders. “I'll find you again, Cherise, I promise.” He then kissed her without warning.
It was as if everything came to a sudden halt for Cherise. Her eyes were wide open in surprise; she couldn't focus her senses save for her sense of touch. She could feel Kazuma's lips pressing on hers, but what had stunned her most was the feeling of some foreign, warm and wet thing push between her lips and run along the insides of her mouth at least twice, touching her teeth and her tongue. The blood rushed to her face, turning her complexion pure pink as she came to realize that Kazuma was kissing her with his tongue.
…I feel like I'm melting… and I want more!
Kazuma cracked open one eye to see Ryuhou and Urizane rushing up towards them in their jeep, and come to a halt for both of them to exit their vehicle. He noticed that Ryuhou's eyes were wide open in utter shock seeing the kiss, but they soon changed to a gleam of blinding rage as the HOLY Inner began to glow, summoning his alter. Deciding it was time to go, Kazuma quickly pulled himself away, his tongue exiting Cherise's mouth and lingering long enough for Ryuhou to notice exactly what kind of kiss he had just given Cherise.
Zetsuei had barely finished forming, scaring Kimishima, as Ryuhou snarled at Kazuma. “I'll skin you alive, Kazuma!”
“Hey, you said my name. About time.”
“DIE-! OOF!!”
Cougar had suddenly rushed up into the scene and accidentally knocked himself into Ryuhou, causing both of them to tumble to the concrete, and also Zetsuei to dissipate. This gave Kazuma and Kimishima enough time to jump into their vehicle and speed away, as Urizane was too slow to try to stop them.
Cherise was still on sensory overload from the realization that Kazuma had gave her a deep kiss. She slowly sank to her knees, her mouth open in shock, and her face still bright pink. It was as if, to her, the kiss had never stopped as she could still feel his tongue in her mouth. Her body temperature was so high, that she felt she'd be warm on the coldest day of the year anywhere in the world. She didn't hear anything that Ryuhou, Cougar, or Urizane were saying as Ryuhou threw Cougar aside, jumped back into the jeep with Urizane, and drove off after Kazuma and Kimishima.
Oh god… that was soooo good. I could die right here. In fact, I feel like I'm in heaven now.
“Cherise? Cherise, hello? Anybody home?”
Her senses returning slowly, Cherise turned to look at Cougar, who was kneeling beside her. “Oh, hi, Cougar. How'd you get up here on cloud nine?”
“Dare I even ask what happened? Ryuhou looked even more steamed up than when he saw Kazuya kidnap you.”
Cherise went back to staring towards the spot where Kazuma's car had driven off. “Then he saw Kazuma kiss me. It was a deep kiss.”
“Deep kiss?”
“French kiss.”
Cougar nearly fell onto his face at the response. “He did-?! And in front of-?!”
“Yes, he did, to both. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to swoon and pass out now. Please follow Kazuma and make sure he escapes.” With those words, Cherise closed her eyes, let out a soft swoon, and fainted into Cougar's arms.
“…Great. But how can I go help Kazuya when I'd have to leave you here? Of all the times to faint, Cherise Adjani…”
***************************************************************** ***********************************
“You just loved hamming it up back there, didn't you?” Kimishima asked as he drove fast down the roads of the city, trying to find an exit tunnel back out into the wastes. “And that guy was seriously pissed off at you, too. Wasn't he the one who took you in in the first place?”
“Yeah, that's him,” Kazuma said while looking back as the jeep with Ryuhou and Urizane once more appeared behind him. “His name's Ryuhou.”
“How do you know that?”
“Well, he's also the guy who likes Cherise besides me.”
Kimishima's entire skin paled as he cast a worried glance at his partner. Now he understood why the guy was so pissed at Kazuma. “You mean… we're practically dead men now?”
“No, I'M the dead man here, you're just the accomplice. Now drive faster! I can see the gate ahead.”
“That's not very reassuring! You always gotta complicate things, don't you?”
Kazuma was about to retort, when he noticed Kimishima had something in his jacket pocket. “Hey, Kimishima, you packing or what?”
Kazuma's question made Kimishima realize he had forgotten about his two guns. “Yeah, I snuck them in with me as part of my plan to rescue you. Why?”
“You can shoot their tires out, you moron!”
“…OH! You're right!” Kimishima reached into his right pocket and drew his gun. “Take the wheel, partner, and keep your foot on the gas!” he then opened the window all the way and leaned out of it as Kazuma scooted over to grab the steering wheel and slam his foot down on the gas pedal. The sudden jolt of increased speed nearly made Kimishima drop his gun. “Not so much gas, you maniac!”
“Well they're closing the gate up ahead! Hurry up and shoot!”
A quick glance forward confirmed Kazuma's words: the gate was indeed closing, and fast. Kimishima knew he hadn't much time. Silently praying he wouldn't be stopped by Ryuhou's alter, he aimed his gun and fired two shots that took out the front driver's side tire on Ryuhou and Urizane's jeep. “Yippee-kai-yay-!”
Kimishima had barely enough time to see the coming gate and then pull himself back into the vehicle and take the wheel again just before they squeezed through the closing doorway, scratching the car horribly. Had they lingered long enough, they would have heard the sound of the jeep Urizane and Ryuhou were driving behind them crash into the sealed gate on its side, barely causing any serious injuries to its passengers.
To say that Ryuhou was furious was an understatement. “I'm going to get that bastard, crush his skull, cut off his balls, and throw his remains into the ocean!
“That ought to do it,” Urizane muttered as he forced his way out of the wrecked jeep. That guy really cheesed him off, kissing Cherise like that. Still, I kinda envy this Kazuma's boldness; I doubt her boyfriend has ever kissed Cherise like that.
Ryuhou had his mind fixated on Kazuma kidnapping Cherise, and most all, kissing her without her permission. Each time he recalled those moments, his anger reached new levels. He was so angry, that he balled his hands into fists so tightly that his fingernails broke into his palms and caused him to bleed. The voice of his quarry echoed in his ears, repeating the name given to him.
“I will not rest until I sent you to hell for what you've done… Kazuma Torisuna.”
***************************************************************** ***********************************
“BOOYAH,” Kimishima shouted triumphantly as he drove the now stolen car through the wastes towards Kazuma and Kanami's house. “We did it, partner! They couldn't catch us, and now we're free men!”
Kazuma was barely listening to his rambling friend. He just looked out his window in a vain attempt to see the city shrinking behind them as they drove on. “Yeah. Sure.”
“That's all you can say? Kauzma, you just escaped from HOLY! Nobody's ever done that before. You're famous; this'll give your reputation a badly needed shot in the arm. Kazuma Torisuna, the only Inner to break out of HOLY's base. Man, Cherise must think herself lucky to have a man like you-. HEY!”
Kazuma had suddenly rammed his left foot over Kimishima's leg and onto the brakes, forcing the car to screech to a halt. Before Kimishima could do anything, Kazuma threw the car into park mode and then practically shoved his door open wide.
“What the hell's the matter with you-?”
“I'm walking home.”
“But we're miles away from your place,” Kimishima protested. “Why are you-?”
“Don't come looking for me anymore, Kimishima! Find yourself another partner, or better yet, find a more honest line of work. I quit!”
Seeing Kazuma start to walk away, Kimishima scrambled out of the car. He started to move around the front of the vehicle. “Hey, hey! Kazuma, hold on! All I said was that Cherise is-.”
Kazuma's rage-filled voice made Kimishima stop dead in his tracks. Again, he pondered why his friend was so upset, when suddenly, it hit him right smack in the face. Kazuma was an outlaw now: he could never go back to the city, let alone see Cherise again. That was the price he paid for his escape.
“…Oh man. Oh god, Kazuma. I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man, I… I just forgot.”
When Kazuma turned to look at Kimishima, he had tears in his eyes; tears of anger and sadness. It was probably the first time he had allowed himself to cry in what felt like n eternity. “Just… Just leave me alone. Okay, Kimishima?”
“…Sure. I… Goodbye, Kazuma.”
“So long.”
The sun was setting as he walked all alone, tears still running down his face. For Kazuma, today had been the worst day of his life.
Cherise... I'm so sorry…
End Part 8
Author's notes: Some of you must be thinking “Just what is Robster doing here?!” Honestly, I wish I had the answer. Basically, I'm letting my imagination run freely with this story; it helps when writing stories instead of planning things out, or so my one professor told me back in college. But what happens now that I separated Cherise and Kazuma like this?
I am glad to at least get this story up to this point. The rough sketches of Kazuma being captured by HOLY had been in my head for some time now, and with these last three chapters, I finally got it out of my head. Some of the dialogue and actions in this story were co-conceived by my friend Ninja Kasuga, or Jehuty84 as he's known on ff.net, during one of our long-running IM chats. Many thanks to him for it, and I recommend his stories highly.
So what comes next? Well, bad news for me is the Xmas season has started for my real job, so I'm probably going to be seriously drained until probably January. Still, I shall do my best to get at least some stories up when I have a free day. Also, I had this crazy idea of a crossover between Scyred and… Hmm, on second thought, I'll keep that a secret for now.
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