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Chapter 1: The First Day

Arriving at her locker, Ami frowned as she twisted the combination dial for the umpteenth time. The stubborn door just would not open much to her frustration.
“Need help with that, Blue?” an amused voice sounded behind her.
Ami turned to see a smirking Genzo behind her.
“Yes.” the blue-haired girl muttered.
Genzo's smirk widened as the goalkeeper stepped forward and gave the locker door a hard tug.
“Now enter your combination number.” he instructed.
Ami nodded and obeyed, the door popping open moments later.
“Finally.” she breathed in relief.
Genzo's grin never left his face.

“Political Sciences.” Genzo winced once he sneaked a glance at Ami's schedule. “You just have to take the advanced classes, don't you Blue?”
“So I'm smarter than most, sue me.” Ami replied jokingly.
“Har, har.” Genzo muttered sarcastically.

Ami's first class of the day, turned out to be Advanced English, with Genzo nonetheless.
The prideful goalkeeper raised a brow at the uninterested azure-haired girl and shook his head.
The teacher, noticing that the new student was not paying attention, decided to call her out to answer a question on the board.
Most of the female students snickered, confident that she would not be able to answer the question correctly. Ever since the two had entered the lecture hall together, Ami had been getting snide looks from most of the female population.
Much to Genzo's amusement and the girls' shock, Ami calmly strolled up to the board and wrote a lengthly answer complete with explanations. Her sharp rebuke to the teacher, 'complimenting' his pronunciation, was so smart that Genzo's smirk widened.

“Smart move.” the goalkeeper complimented once the class let out. Right now, the pair were at Ami's locker and the cocky teenager was struggling not to burst into laughter.
“Thank you.” Ami replied, a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. Ever since she met up with Genzo the previous day, her shy personnel begun to give way to her more adventurous self.

Aside, Yuna Athha was seething in anger and glaring venomously at the close contact Genzo had with the new girl. For the most of her freshmen year and the whole of her sophomore year, the Queen Bee had tried to catch the attention of the hunky goalkeeper, to no avail. Genzo had balked at every of her advances and attempts. And now, this newcomer comes in and steals his undivided attention.
How dare she! Yuna mentally screamed. He's mine!
Rumor had it that this new girl was offered to be a foreign exchange student two years back, but she declined the invitation for some reason. The school had now given her a second chance and she had leapt at it.
Yuna scoffed at the idea. She looked too weak to be given such a special privilege.

Ami suddenly shivered, as if knowing that she was being watched.
“Are you alright?” Genzo asked the girl.
“I'm fine. I just had this feeling that I'm being glared at.” Ami admitted.
Genzo looked around, his stony eyes catching Yuna's glare at the azure-haired genius. Yuna's eyes widened when she noticed his glare and the sandy blond stammered something before she hurried away.
“What was that?” Ami inquired.
“Nothing you should worry about.” Genzo told her. “It's just that some people are too stubborn.”
“And talking about stubborn.” he turned to her. “ You never did answer me.”
“Answer you what?” Ami blinked.
Genzo gave her a meaningful look.
Ami blinked some more before realization dawned on her.
“Oh... that!” she nodded.
With a teasing twinkle in her eyes, she reached up on her tiptoes and gentle placed a small kiss on his cheek.
“I think that gives you my answer, Genzo-kun.” she grinned and she ran off to her next class.
“Sure it does.” Genzo muttered, resting his hand on the spot her kiss was and he let out a goofy grin. He had admitted he liked her before he headed off to Germany but she had no replied him then. Now, he knew what her answer was.

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