Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Code Lyoko Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Code: Moon ❯ Secrets Between Friends ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The group arrived at the Tokyo airport. "Are you sure Mina said she'd meet us here?" Aelita asked.

"I'm positive." Yumi said.

"Well, what does she look like? Maybe that'll help us find her." Jeremy pointed out.

"Good idea, Jeremy." Odd said.

"Okay, she has long, blonde hair." Yumi started. "She'll probably be in her school uniform. She always wears a red bow in the back of her hair."

"Like that blonde girl over there? The one with those other four around her?" Aelita pointed. Sure enough, she was right

"That's her." Yumi said. "Let's go." The group made their way over to the girls. "Mina!" Yumi called.

"Hi, Yumi." Mina said. "It's been a while since I've seen you. You've gotten so tall."

"Everyone, this is my friend Mina." Yumi said. "Mina, I'd like you to meet my friends. Jeremy, Ulrick, Odd, and Aelita."

"Her hair is the same color as Rini's, think she's from the future?" Serena whispered. Raye slapped her.


"Hey, violence never solves anything." Ulrick stepped in.

"Yumi's told me so much about all of you." Mina said. "Thanks for breaking up the fight. They're going to behave now!" She turned to Serena and Raye.

"Sorry." Serena said.

"Anyways, these are my friends." Mina said. "Serena, Amy, Raye, and Lita."

"What's with that style on Serena's head?" Odd said.

"It's a double bun." Serena said. "If you call me a meatball head, I'll kill you."

"He tries to be funny when he's clearly not." Jeremy said.

"I know, same with Serena." Amy said. "We're all going to the park, but maybe we can get some to hang with you guys."

"Actually, why don't we all go to the park together?" Serena suggested. "That way, all ten of us will meet up."

"I like your thinking, Serena." Aelita said.

"Yumi's told me about you, Lita." Ulrick said. "You got kicked out of your last school for fighting?"

"Yeah." Lita said. "Mina's told me you practice martial arts with Yumi."

"Maybe we can practice later." Ulrick said.

"That's a cool necklace." Odd said.

"Thanks." Raye said. "It's actually something else too. It's an evil be-gone charm. It's supposed to ward off evil spirits."

"That's really cool." Odd said.

"Okay, let's meet up at the park in one hour, don't be late again, Serena." Mina said. They all split into seperate groups.

"Yumi told me that you were the smartest girl in your class, Amy." Jeremy said.

"That's not really true." Amy said. "I get good grades, but I don't have many friends. Besides, I'm actually a little lonely. Ever since Greg moved away, it just feels like something is missing."

"I know the feeling." Jeremy said. "I couldn't stand being seperated from Aelita. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met. I couldn't imagine life without her."

"I see." Amy said. "I had a feeling you two were really close. Anyways, I have to get my compact before we go to the park. See you soon." As she left, a deep blue crystal feel out of her bag.

"Amy, wait!" Jeremy called. "You forgot something!" He picked up the crystal and noticed the marking on it. "You study the planets, don't you?"

"How did you know that?" Amy asked.

"You're crystal has the Mercury symbol on it."

"It's my good luck charm. Gotta go."

"What was that all about?" Jeremy asked. Odd and Raye were near the Cherry Hill Temple.

"So Raye, want to go out sometime?" Odd asked.

"I'm really sorry, Odd." Raye said. "I'd like to, but I have a boyfriend. Chad is the greatest, but one day I know you'll find a great girl someday who likes everything about you."

"Thanks, Raye." Odd said. "I wondered, how do you know most of these things?"

"Can you keep a secret?" Raye asked. Odd nodded. "I'm a psychic. I do fire readings. Sometimes my black birds circle around the air to signal me if there's a problem."

"You own a group of birds?" Odd asked.

"No, just two." Raye told him. "They aren't very friendly around strangers though."

"I left my dog at home, but I'll send you a picture sometime." Odd told her.

"Okay. Huh? Who's there?" A black cat had been watching from behind a tree. It had a small cresent moon on her forehead.

"Why does it have a moon on its head?" Odd asked.

"It's okay." Raye said. "Everything's alright, Luna. It's one of Yumi Ishyama's friends." Lita and Ulrick were training near the park.

"You're really good, Lita." Ulrick said. "It's funny. When I first met Yumi, it was at a martial arts class."

"I know." Lita said. "Mina told me. Your not so bad yourself. You must have been training a long time."

"I was." Ulrick said. Aelita and Serena were walking near the arcade.

"I like to hang out here after school sometimes." Serena said.

"I usually spend my free time with my friends." Aelita said. "They're the greatest."

"I know." Serena said. "My friends are the best."

"Yeah, Jeremy's taken me to a lot of great places." Aelita said.

"I wish Darien would show me around some more." Serena said.

"Darien?" Aelita asked. "Oh, you're boyfriend."

"That's right." Serena said. She blushed. A compact with a cresent on it fell out of her bag.

"What's this compact?" Aelita asked.

"It's my moon compact." Serena said.

"How does it work?" Aelita asked.

"It charges in the moonlight." Serena said. "I've said too much already. Let's go to the park." Mina and Yumi were near the Tokyo tower.

"I haven't seen you since we vacationed here together when we were five." Yumi said.

"Well, I'm glad I moved here. My friends are amazing." Mina said.

"So are mine." Yumi said. She noticed something orange flash in Mina's hands. "What's that?"

Mina showed her the orange crystal she held. "It's the Venus crystal. Yumi, can you keep a secret?"

"Of course."

"Okay, but you can't tell anyone." Mina said. "I'm Sailor Venus. My friends and I are the Sailor Scouts."

"Mina, I'm counting on you to keep a secret too." Yumi said. "Did you hear about the damage in the space station, that was our doing. Me and my friends, with the exception of Jeremy, are Lyoko warriors. We fought in a virtual world against this thing named Xana, and we had to weaken him by taking out supercomputers. But now Xana's gone."

"Uh, oh!" Mina said. "We have to go! We're supposed to meet the group in the park in five minutes and we're ten minutes away!"