Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Code Lyoko Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Code: Moon ❯ A New Darkness? ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

At the park, all ten friends met up. "Nice to see you all again." Yumi said. "I had a great time with Mina."

"Yeah." Ulrick said. "I was thinking, maybe you and I could team up against Lita in a martial arts practice."

"I think that would be awesome." Lita said.

"It would be awesome." Amy agreed.

"Yeah." Serena said.

"Serena!" A voice called out.

"What was that?" Aelita asked.

"It sounded like a little girl." Jeremy said.

"Serena!" The voice called out again. A little girl with pink hair ran over to her.

"Rini, slow down!" A boy came after her. "Sorry about that Serena, she was just really excited to see you."

"It's okay." Serena said.

"Serena, do you know those two?" Yumi asked.

"Of course." Serena said. "Guys, I'd like you to meet my...uh...sister, Rini. And this is my boyfriend, Darien."

"I'm guessing your Mina's friends from France?" Darien asked.

"That's right." Yumi said. "I'm Yumi. And that's Jeremy, Odd, Ulrick, and Aelita."

"You remind me of my old friend Hotaru..." Rini started.

"Rini, we all agreed never to talk about her again, remember?" Lita said.

"Yeah, you remember what happened." Amy said.

"You had me so scared that time, I thought I was going to lose you." Serena said.

"Relax, Serena. I knew you girls would save me." Rini said.

"Yeah, she's got a gift of saving all of us from the darkness." Darien told her. "That's what I like about her."

"Yeah, in fact we all have that power inside of us." Aelita said.

"That's right." Jeremy said.

"Of course." Yumi added. "Love and friendship is more powerful than anything."

"Right." The rest of Team Lyoko said. Ulrick stared at her.

A soft meow came from out of nowhere. "Is that who I think it is..." Serena started.

Rini sat down and held Diana in her arms. She started to pet her.

"Is that one of Luna's kitten?" Odd asked.

"You know about Luna?" Serena asked.

"Odd and I found her watching us from behind a tree." Raye said.

"This is Diana." Rini said. "She's my kitten. Luna belongs to Serena."

"There's something about Luna that seems familiar." Odd said.

"There are a lot of cats with those qualities about them. That cresent moon on her forehead is a birthmark." Serena said.

"That's right. It was passed on to Diana." Mina said.

"That's strange." Raye said. "Yumi, do you mind if I have a word with the girls alone?"

"Go ahead." Yumi said. "Guys, let's go. There's this beautiful place a know of."

"Girls, Darien. I feel this dark presence." Raye said.

"Do you think their still out there?" Serena asked.

"I don't know, but let's keep an eye out tonight while were at the mall, you never know." Raye said.

"Let's bring Yumi and her friends with us, maybe they can help." Mina said. "They saved the world from being enslaved by robots, so we could use their help."

"Okay, but don't transform until it's appears." Serena said.

"Right." Rini said.

"I hope we stop them before they take over our world." Raye said.