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Chapter 10: Silver Millennium Memories
Chapter Summary: We find out why Sailor Venus was so intent on becoming the leader of the Inner Senshi.
***************************************************************** **********************************
Back with the remaining Senshi, with Ami's departure, the girls found it increasingly hard to fight off the attacks of the Black Moon.
Back at home, Minako was utterly exhausted by the recent battles.
“Mercury isn't the traitor you made her out to be Minako. You do know that she is the rightful leader of the Inner Senshi..” Artemis confronted his charge.
Minako winced, she knew the white cat was right. Mercury was not the traitor, she was.
“Then why did you accuse her of something she didn't do?” Artemis pressed.
“The leader of the Inner Senshi has always been Sailor Venus, I will not let Mercury taint the sacred duty that had always belonged to the House of Venus. Besides, the title should've been mine in the first place.” Minako argued.
“Queen Selenity made it very clear that the leader is decided on merit, not on familial ties.” Artemis reminded her. “Or was it because of him?” the white cat rose a brow.
Minako blistered in jealousy at the mere mention of a love never returned, of a love that was never meant to be hers.
***************************************************************** ******************************
It was common knowledge that the leader of the Inner Senshi was the most powerful among the four planetary Senshi. But there was one fact that not many knew about, once the leader of the Inner Senshi was appointed, she would be betrothed to Prince Dauphin of Pluto, the younger brother of Sailor Pluto and the leader of the Dragon Mages.
This Prince Dauphin was an enigmatic and mystifying person. Due to this inscrutable aura surrounding him, women were drawn to him like flies to a flame. And Venus was no exception.
As the Princess whose planet represented the element of love, Venus believed that she could make any one man fall deeply in love with her. As such, she set her eyes on the one man every woman desired, Prince Dauphin. She wanted him not for love, but for the prestige of owning what so many other women wanted.
And in order for that to happen, she must become the leader of the Inner Senshi. But that position was already filled by a very competent Sailor Mercury. And Venus knew that was absolutely no way Mercury would ever give up her post easily, not when she worked so hard to achieve it.
Venus could only watch on jealously as Mercury and Dauphin's relationship blossomed rapidly. Her jealousy clouded her instincts and Venus failed to see that both Mercury and Dauphin were truly in love with each other, just as much as Princess Serenity was in love with Prince Endyimon.
************************************************************** ***********************
Everyone else had once commented what a perfect couple the two made, causing Mercury to blush when Dauphin placed a tender kiss on her cheek.
To make matters worse, Dauphin had officially proposed to Mercury during one of Queen Selenity's court sessions, causing the said Senshi to blush deeply and nod in agreement.
Dauphin had whooped in sheer happiness as he jumped up and carried his stunned fiancée in his arms and spun her around.
After the court session, Venus stalked the empty halls of Moon Kingdom, a low growl issuing from her throat. That particular scene made Venus all the more furious, bringing her close to howling. She had been refused her prize yet again. And now the taunts of her fellow Inner Senshi and the reprimands of the Outer Senshi haunted her tortured mind.
You are obsessed...
He'll never want you...
The Dragon Mages leader's path lies with Mercury's, never with yours...
He refused you...
He loves Mercury dearly. It shows...
Don't Lady Mercury and the handsome Dragon Mages Leader make a handsome couple?
Venus shouted out her frustration, striking a nearby marble column with her gloved fist to help vent some of her fury. It hurt. She smiled at the pain. Pain was good. This was the kind of pain she wanted Mercury to feel in her heart.
It was then when Metallia came into the picture.
************************************************************** *******************
Venus was determined to make Dauphin hers, even if it meant destroying another Senshi's happiness. When Metallia came to her mind and whispered to her a plot that would grant her the prize she always wanted, Venus agreed without hesitation.
Following Metallia's orders, after she smashed the power gem on the Frost Tiara and claimed the Leadership Mantle, Venus posted a challenge to Mercury before Queen Selenity's court. It was a duel with swords and the winner would be leader of the Inner Senshi.
With her dignity at stake, Mercury had to accept the challenge.
Because she was an Elite Assassin, Venus was quickly overwhelmed by Mercury's prowess. At the last second, Venus did something that totally defiled the honor code the girls took when they became Senshi; she poisoned Mercury with a silver needle.
But the poison was no ordinary venom, it was the fabled `Loveless Poison', a potent toxin found only on Venus. Once poisoned, the person affected could not even think or touch his or her lover, otherwise the poison would react with the affected person's emotions, causing immense pain to him or her.
Venus needed to split the pair up if she wanted a chance with Dauphin, even if it meant killing one of her fellow Senshi.
The split second the poison entered her system, Mercury took a few steps back, her vision clouding over her eyes. The Senshi of Ice knew at once that she was poisoned.
Kneeling on one knee, she hissed in frustration.
Then Venus pointed her sword at Mercury's throat and smirked, Dauphin was hers at last!
On the sidelines, Dauphin watched in growing fury the trickery Venus played.
Kneeling before Queen, Venus requested Queen Selenity to grant her the leadership of the Inner Senshi and subsequently the hand of Prince Dauphin.
Queen Selenity was about to give her approval when Dauphin declared that he would rather die in battle than marry such a despicable person like Venus.
Mercury spat painfully at the dishonorable blond Senshi. But when Dauphin touched his beloved, Mercury let out a piercing cry in pain, the poison reacting instantly.
Venus had smirked and told Dauphin point blank that he could either remain stubborn and let Mercury die from the pain or he could forsake his relationship with Mercury and marry her and Mercury would be given the antidote.
Left with no choice, Dauphin was about to offer himself as a sacrifice in exchange for Mercury's life when the blue-haired Senshi reminded him of their oath; a promise that they would rather die on the same day than let someone else come between them.
That said, Mercury drew her sword and plunged it through her stomach. Pulling out the blade, she fell lifeless on the crystal floor with a muted `thud'. Dauphin had smiled grimly at her declaration. Before anyone could stop him, he took the bloodstained sword and before the horrified eyes of all present, thrust it through his throat, following his love to death.
After that, Venus had cursed her lack of insight. She was so blind! How could she, the Senshi of Love not see that theirs was not some trivial fling, but a true serious love. And it had to be serious since they would rather end their lives than let anyone come between them.
You see, legend has it that once upon a time, human kind used to be both male and female in one, all hermaphrodites, a perfect being. The gods were jealous of that perfection and split the beings down the middle, creating both male and female. The belief goes that the soul was also split in half, but it was fully aware of that fact so it started searching for its other half that the gods had separated it from. That's the driving force behind the search for that special someone. We look for that person who makes us feel whole because that person is our other half, the other half of our own soul. Our soul mate.
As the Senshi of Love, Venus had made a blood oath to her guardian planet that she would never attempt to break up soulmates.
Quite unfortunately for her, Venus had no idea that Mercury and Dauphin were soulmates; that they were far more than Fated to be together, they were Destined.
End of Flashback
***************************************************************** ********************************
Minako winced as she remembered Queen Selenity's harsh reprimand very clearly.
“Have you any idea what you've done? It's bad enough that you break up a pair of soulmates just for your own selfish purpose. With our main strategist gone, the Earth will see this as the perfect opportunity to attack the Moon. Of all the things you've done niece, this is the most blond! I should've never agreed to the duel in the first place. Just be lucky that I allowed you to keep your Senshi powers.”
Venus was lucky that Selenity was biased towards family and the Moon Queen could not bear to punish the daughter of her late cousin too harshly.
But what Selenity said held true, for within a week, the Negaverse attacked and the Moon Kingdom fell.
***************************************************************** *****************************
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