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Tessa's alarm clock sounded loudly in her ear. Lazily she groped around her night stand for the snooze button only to find the locket. Tessa's eyes shot open and she sat up quickly with the locket clutched in her hands. While still gazing at the mystery locket she reached over and switched off her alarm. "I can't believe it..." she breathed as she ran her fingers all over the locket examining it. It was silver with a long fine silver chain. Two wings were engraved on the front and try as she might she could not open it. Her whole body tingled and shook with the realization of what had happened the night before and what it meant. In a daze she got ready and went to school, the locket tucked safely under her shirt. When a talking cats materializes a locket out of thin air for you and tells you to keep I on you at all times, you keep it on you at all times. At no part in the day did Tessa find a time to confide in her friend the happenings of the night before and as they left the school at the end of the day she finally burst.

"Wait what?" Sammie stammered out.

"I know you won't believe me but it's true. Like right out of Sailor Moon, see look at it!" She pulled off the locket and handed to her friend. A skeptical look on her face but still curious Sam took the locket and examined it like Tessa had done that morning.

"I can't open it." She said right before she started to chew on it with her teeth.

"Hey!" Tessa snatched the silver locket from her friend's grasp and wiped it off on her shirt. "I could have told you that. I've fiddled with it all day." She put the necklace back on and carefully tucked the locket under her shirt again.

Sammie looked over at her quiet friend and smiled. "I believe you."

Tessa looked shyly at her friend. "Really...?"

Sam's smile widened. "Why would you like to me? And if it isn't true, you sure seem to believe it and as your friend I'll be your support while you recover from your mental illness."

Tessa sighed as Sam laughed. The two continued to walk down the road in silence. When you walk the back country roads as much as the two girls do you get accustomed to your ears and eyes playing tricks on you. That's what the two first thought the rustling sound they heard was, their mind playing tricks on them. The two stopped and looked out over a corn field where a lone tree stood in the middle, the last remaining leaves shaking violently. At the distance and with the loss of leaves they could tell there was something in the branches but not what exactly it was. The two stared in silence at the shaking tree then slowly turned to each other and exchanged glances. "Is mental illness contagious?" Sam asked.

Tessa let her bag slip from her shoulder and whacked Sammie playfully with it before letting it slump to the ground. "Come on," she said as she ran out into the field. "I'm not lying about last night, and now something else strange is happening. We have to check it out."

Sammie didn't need any encouraging to investigate and came to join her friend at the base of the tree. The two stared up into the branches. "There's definitely something up there Tessa."

Tessa approached the trunk and craned her head for a better look. She was surprised when a pink blur fell from the branches and into her open arms. It shook horribly and was mumbling to itself. Sam ran over to her. "What is it!?"

Tessa opened up her fold arms to see a Patamon looking up at her. His little hooved paws were up around his face and his big blue eyes were shiny with tears.

Sam started jumping around excitedly. "Oh my god, OH MY GOD! I can not believe it. A Patamon, a real life Patamon. He's soooo cute!"

"Sh, Sam you're scaring him." Tessa sat down with her back against the trunk and the little creature in her lap. Patamon curled up in on himself and covered his head with his hooves. "Aw, it's ok little guy. I won't hurt you." She coo'd at him and gentle stroked his head. The Patamon slowly stopped shaking and looked back up at Tessa and then his eyes began to well with tears again as he looked at something beyond her, something still in the tree.

Sam and Tessa turned and looked up in the tree just fast enough to see a pair of eyes disappearing in the scant leaf coverage. Sammie frowned at the leaves, "Hey you! I saw you!" Quickly she jumped up and grabbed the lowest branch; pulling herself up. Tessa stood again with Patamon in her arms and backed away from the tree as Sam began to climb. The eyes re-emerged and Sam reached out to grab the creature. "Ouch!" A black blur fell from the tree and landed on the ground with a thud. Sam jumped down to the ground. "It bit me!"

Tessa, still with Patamon clutched to her chest bent down by the creature. "Hey, are you ok?" At the sound of her voice the little creature jumped to his feet and backed up against the tree trunk. It was an Impmon. His dark purple skin shone in the late autumn light and his little ears were flattened against his head. He planted his hands on his hips and gave her a fierce scowl trying to appear tough. It might have worked but his cute little bandana and snaggle tooth detracted from his attempted tough persona.

Sam walked around to stand next to Tessa and knelt. "Aw, you might be a biting monster but you're still a cutie."

The scowl grew deeper and he turned to Sammie, "Hey, who you callin' cute?"

Reaching out quickly Sam flicked the little Imp's nose. "Who? You, of course you cutie."
Impmon's white muzzle turned red at being so easily teased by Sam. "What your business here eh?"

"We just came to check out the incredible shaking tree only to find it 's raining out digimon," replied Sam. "What's your business here?"

"Wailing on chumps," with that he motioned to Patamon.

"Wha- what the hell you little brat? Why are you picking on him? And how did you two get in the middle of corn field in Wisconsin"

"I dunno how we got her we just did ok! And he's my brother so I'll wail on him if I want to."

Sammie stared at him, "Are you telling us you're brothers with this cute little guy, ya little monster..."

Impmon stuck his tongue out at Sammie, "We are so brothers! We came from the same egg!"

Tessa looked down at Patamon, he was scraggly looking and dirty and Impmon didn't look any better. "You two look like you've been out here for a while. Are you hungry? My house isn't too far from here."

Impmon stuck out his tongue again and frown at her. The rumble from his stomach told her she was right and Impmon conceded that maybe he was a bit hungry.

Tessa smiled warmly. "Come on, follow us." She looked down at Patamon who finally gave her a smile. "We'll take care of you." The group walked back to the road and the girls picked up their bags. Sam and Tessa with Patamon in her arms walked along the road and Impmon trudged through the weeds taking joy in ripping out plants that were in his way. As they walked up the drive-way Tessa's home came into view. Her family were not farmers, only renters. Their landlords were the farmers who owned the land surround them and also owned the large red barn next to the house. A security lamp stood on a large pole next to the barn. "Ok I'm going to get them some food. Sam can you take them into the barn I'll meet you there." Tessa gently tried to untangle Patamon's little paws from her shirt so she could give him to Sam. He shook his head and held on tighter.

"Oh, you baby!" Impmon teased. Sammie bent down and hit him on the back of the head.


"Be nice!" Sammie yelled. Impmon just stuck his tongue out at her. Finally she untangled the little piggish digimon with reassurance she would be back and placed him into Sam's arms.

"Impmon, that's not nice either..." Tessa said while going into the house. She quickly grabbed a few items for making sandwiches, juice, and chips before dashing back outside and into the barn. The barn smelt like dust and hay and she climbed up into the loft to join the others. Tessa began to set out the food but before she could set to work making the PB & J sandwiches Impmon snatched the loaf of bread and Patamon snatched up the jar of peanut butter. The girls laughed as the little Patamon became hopelessly covered in sticky peanut butter from nose to stubby tail. Sammie grabbed the jelly before he could get into that too.

Tessa began to pour them all drinks. "You two are so messy!"

Impmon gave her a look and mumbled something through a mouthful of food, "mah mer mada!"

Tessa smiled while Sammie just looked irritated. "Shallow your food before you speak!" she yelled.

The Impmon gulped down a mouthful. "Ah, just shut up!"


"I guess I'll have to keep them," Tessa said to Sam as she attempted to mop off some peanut butter for Patamon's face. "You obviously don't' get along with Impmon and we could barely get Patamon off of me." Impmon gulped down his juice cup and went to take his brothers. Tessa saw him reaching for it and gave his clawed hand a little smack. "Don't do that, it's not nice! I can just pour you some more." Impmon made a sound of indifference and finished off Patamon's drink anyways who was now in tears.

"Sammie! Come get out here!" A voice called, Sammie's mother.

"I've gotta go. Have fun with these two! I still can't believe it!" Sammie called while sliding down the ladder and running out the barn door. Tessa sighed and poured the two new glasses. Patamon flew into her lap to have his drink, not trusting his brother. Tessa repositioned Patamon and herself so that she was in between the two brothers. Now that the two were separated they were able to finish off their meal in peace. While they finished the air was cooling as the sun began to set.

Tessa looked down at the two brothers who looked satisfied but chilled. "So, are you two going to stay here, or back to your tree?"

Impmon brushed his nose with the back of his hand to avoid answering her. Patamon fluttered up to the level of her face. "Can we?" he asked in a squeaky voice.

Tessa smiled and nodded. "Of course you can. But I'm afraid you'll have to stay in the barn." Patamon's eyes began to brim with tears.

"Why can't we go in with you?" He asked. Impmon too seemed to want an answer.

Tessa sighed. It was getting cold outside. "Okay, if you promise to be on your best behavior I can take you inside with me okay? We have to make sure my brother and mom don't see you though." She gathered up the trash and left over food and led the brothers out of the barn. Patamon fluttered to Tessa's shoulder and settled there while Impmon followed close to her heel. The security light had sparked to life while they were in the barn and it lit their way to the house. Carefully they climbed the stairs and Tessa cringed as the door creaked open. Her brother had been gone all after noon and now lay on the couch in front of the TV sleeping away. Tessa reached down and picked up Impmon before scampering up the stairs, dashing into he room, and clamping the door shut.

"Okay, this is my room. You guys will be staying her tonight, and only here!" she stressed as she set Impmon down. "But first you little piggy have to get cleaned up," Tessa said pointing to Patamon who was excitedly fluttering around the room. She teasingly snatched him from the air and he squealed happily in response. "You, you stay here."

"Ya ya," Impmon responded before blowing a raspberry.

It took nearly 20 minutes to clean up the little digimon. Most of the time was spent trying to get a hold of him again after he wiggled free with the help of the soap she was using and flew around the bathroom. Water and suds were everywhere and Tessa mopped up everything as best she could while Patamon burrowed into a big fluffy towel. Finally the two went back to her bed room. She opened the door and was aghast to find Impmon settled on her bed disemboweled several of her stuffed animals. Stuffing and bits of fabrics littered the bed covering and the floor. "Hey!"

"What? I was bored, besides you got enough already!" he said defensively.

Tessa rolled her eyes and looked around the room for some place to put the two, picking up bits of fluff and animals as she did so. "I thought I said best behavior..." she mumbled to herself.

"Hm... I guess you two could sleep in the bed with me..." she said while going through her closet looking for something for the brothers to sleep on.

"I like that idea!" Impmon said as he jumped on her bed, "Your bed is comfy!"

"Well I'm not sure it's all that comfy, but more comfy then a tree limb." After coming up with nothing in her closet of any use Tessa finally settled on sharing her bed as the best idea. She double checked that her door was locked, shut off her lamp, and climbed into bed. She was careful to separate the brothers. Impmon faced the wall while Patamon snuggled in close to her. Tessa was surprised how easily the brothers fell asleep. She soon was asleep herself and the three slept through the night.

While the three slept a figure came to rest on the peak of the barn, hidden from the view of the security light. The figure wrapped his cape around himself and knelt to balance on the balls of his feet.

"Do you know her Prince?" The figure turned to the speaker, a small black cat with a crescent shaped yellow marking on it's forehead. It had a feminine voice and bright yellow eyes.

He sighed and turned back to look at Tessa's window, "Yes, I know her, although I haven't been there for her recently... she was my best friend. I actually used to climb through her window all the time and we used to play in the barn."

"It would seem to me that from the way your watching her you were a bit more than friends..." the cat mused it's eyes locked on him and it's tailing swaying slightly.

The boy looked at the cat with a faint blush on his face, "What? No, nothing like that" he stammered out. "Come on Luna, we'd better get home." As quickly as they came, the two figures disappeared from the barn roof and into the night.

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