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On Silver Wings – Chapter 3 – Mayhem Makers

Through her sleeping mind Tessa heard a squeaking voice call out to her. Suddenly there was a thud on her chest that knocked her breath away and woke her up. Staring down at her with is big blue eyes was Patamon. She gently pushed the little digimon down into her lap as she sat up. Rubbing at her eyes she grabbed for her alarm clock which read 5:34.

“What, what is so important you ahd to wake me up?” Tessa said irritably. She swung her feet over the side of her bed and slipped on a pair of worn comfy slippers. Patamon was in the air. He was fluttering around her head and stammer on his words.

“Patamon, spit it out what's up?” Tessa asked as she stretched her arms high above her head. Suddenly a thought struck her and she made a quick sweep of the room. “Patamon, where's Impmon?”

Downstairs in the kitchen Impmon tossed an empty box of coco puffs across the room. As he sucked off the chocolate dust from his grubby little fingers he went back into the cabinet in search of another box to devour.

“Oh. My. God.”

Impmon turned to face a horrified Tessa with a mouth stuffed and over flowing with frosted flakes. The whole kitchen was a mess. Empty packages and the remains of cereal and an half empty bottle of vegetable oil littered the floor. Impmon choked down his mouth full and waved at her. “Hi.”

Tessa's face morphed from shock to anger as she stomped over to Impmon; bits of food crunching under her fluffy slippers. She reached down and snatched him up by the back of the neck and held him up to eye level. “Listen, I have one hour until my brother wakes. That means you have one hour to help me clean up this mess,” She hissed out through clenched teeth before dropping the little Imp on his bottom. Tessa didn't like to be mean but she could tell that if she was ever going to get control of the little monster she had to be firm. Without waiting for a response she went into the closet where they kept their cleaning supplies and brought out a broom,  dust pan and array of cleaners.

Patamon giggled from behind his little hooves and in a sing-song voice said, “You got in trouble!”

Impmon glared at his brother. “Aw, shut up why don't you!” He crouched down, prepared to jump at the fluttering digimon, just as Tessa reentered the room. She scowled at him and dumped the cleaning supplies right next to Impmon.

“Here, now get to work!” Impmon seemed a little stunned at her firm behavior. Tessa let out a slow breath. “Ok... I'm going to go up stairs, take a shower, and get ready for the day. When I get back I expect things to be done. Patamon, watch him and make sure he doesn't cause any more damage.” With that she left the two and trudged up the stairs. As she let the hot water pour over her, she felt her anger start to dwindle and she started to consider how she handled the situation. Impmon needed a firm authority to stay in line but she was now wondering if she wasn't to harsh on the little creature. Tessa emerged from the shower, towled off, and got hastily dressed. She wrapped a towel around her still wet hair and descended the stairs again to see how the brothers had made out in the kitchen.

She was pleasently surprised at the brothers progress. Patamon flew a broom across the floor while Impmon scooped up the dust into a dust pan and dumped it into the kitchen trashcan. As she entered the room Patamon dropped his broom, which landed with a smack on Impmon's head, and flew into Tessa's arms. Giggling he nuzzled into her neck. With a smile on her face, Tessa tickled the little digimon.

“Hey you! Good job, very nice. Let me help with some of that oil though, it's so hard to get cleaned up.” She picked up a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of cleaner and began to mop up the oily mess while the brothers began to close up the cabinets and drawers. Impmon took the moment to take a swipe at his brother from the broom incident. By the time they had all finished it was 6:05. Tessa got out the remaining boxes of cereals, some bowels, and spoons and set up the table. Sighing she went to to open the fridge to get some milk and juice to find out her hands were covered in sticky oil. She looked down at the brothers and found the same was true for them except it was all over and coated with sugar cereals.

“Okay, follow me you two.” Tessa said as she led the way out of the kitchen. Since his scolding Impmon had become quiet and complicate and followed behind Tess with his brother fluttering above him. She led them up the stairs and to the end of the hall. With one hand on the knob and one hand behind Impmon she opened the door and pushed the little digimon inside. “Time to wash up!” She knew Patamon saw the tub as a time to play but she guessed rightly that Impmon took the opposite opinion as evident by his frantic clawing at the door knob. She ran the water hot and grabbed Impmon around the middle. Patamon dove into the bubbly water and began to flap his wings around while Impmon was forced into the water. He squirmed horribly but eventually gave into his fate and let Tessa clean him up. After much splashing the two were finally clean and Tessa plopped them into a fluffy towel and smuggled them into her room and setting them on the unmade bed.

No sooner had the two untangled themselves from the towel then the sound of Tessa's brother's door was heard. Quickly she opened her door and slammed it shut blocking it with her body. Although she was trying to appear casual she appeared, she was the picture of suspicion. Her brother was walking down the hall toward the  bathroom room rubbing sleep from his eyes. As he approached her he stopped and frowned at her, something was up. She gave a big wary smile and laughed awkwardly. Her brother narrowed his eyes and appeared to think it was too early to bother and walked past her to the bathroom. Breathing a sigh of relief, Tessa slipped back into her room.

Tessa let a genuine smile grace her lips at the sight of Patamon giggling and burrowing into her comforter and locked her door. Impmon, on the other hand, was going through her CDs and tossing them to the floor.

“Hey!” Tessa said loudly. His eyes snapped to meet hers at the sound of her voice.

With a CD still clutched in a clawed hand he said with complete innocence, “What?”

Tessa pulled the towel from her head and ran her hands through her hair. It was become more apparent that there was no way she could leave the two little digimon alone. There was only one thing to do.

“Kyle...” Tessa drawled out sweetly from the kitchen doorway. She clutched at the  door frame as she spoke, hiding half of her body from view.

Kyle rolled his eyes and swallowed down a mouth full of cereal and milk. “Yes dearest sister of mine?” He replied in the same sweet voice. “What do you require of me?”

Biting on her bottom lip and with her hands clasp behind her back Tess approached the kitchen table. “Kyle do you remember that one anime show I made you watch called Digimon?”

Kyle groaned in rememberance. “Ya, what about it sister?” Tessa plastered a smile on her face and walked around to face her brother. Her hands were no longer behind her back but holding something in front of her.

“I've got a big secret for you..”

Kyle scoffed. “What you adopted some little monsters?” He laughed at his own joke and turned to his sister. His laugh got caught in his throat and his jaw hung open. Clutched in front of her, Tessa held on to Impmon and Patamon. He looked from the two little creatures and then back at his sister.


“W-wait. You want me to do what?” Kyle asked setting down his glass of OJ. “Hey! Get your hands outta there!” He yelled at Impmon. The little monster was trying to dig into his cereal bowl, for a third time. The little purple imp stuck his tongue out in response and retreated back to Tessa's side of the table. He plopped down and stole from his brother's bowl instead.

Patamon's eyes whelled up and he began to cry. Tessa reached over and took Impmon's hand out of his brothers bowl and began to refill his own bowl. “Come one Kyle, I  can't take them to school and they need to be watched. I can't just lock them in my room, they were tear it to pieces. Impmon already slaughtered half my stuffed animals and tore up the kitchen.” Kyle looked away and shook his head. “Oh come on! You're not even working! Please Kyle! Please please please PLEASE!”

"alright just shut up!" Kyle yelled at his sister. The brothers had stopped eating and watched the sibling's fight.

Impmon turned to his brother. "I'm sure glad you ain't a girl, I don't think I could take all the whining!" He declared. This got a loud laugh out of Kyle.

Tessa turned to him. "Hey! That's-"

Before she could finish her thought the sound of a car crunching up the drive cut her off. It was Sammie's mom dropping her off. Before her mom could even get the car to a full stop she was out the door, up the porch steps, and burst through the kitchen door. Her look of excitement turned to dread as she spotted Kyle setting at the table.

“Hey, Kyle...” she said uncertainly.

Kyle rose to his feet and pulled his sister to hers. “Oh hey! It's Sammie! Time for you to go huh?” He pushed her toward the door and tossed her bag to her. “Have a great day! And don't worry I'll look after your little treasures!” He called after Tessa as she climbed into the back seat of the car. Tessa sighed and should have felt relieved that she had someone to watch the little digimon but instead she felt dread creeping up. 'Hopefully the house is intact when we get back...' she said to herself as the car pulled down the drive and onto the road.

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