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On Silver Wings – Chapter 4 – Late breaking News

As the teacher droned on at the front of the class Alex slumped onto his desk. His arms folded and his chin resting atop them. He let out a sigh and without realizing it his eyes wandered up to the right most row of the classroom. There sat Tessa. Although only her back and long dark hair greeted his eyes he could tell form her slanted posture she was most likely on her desk as well and as bored as he was. Shifting his angle slightly he could see her fingers fidgeting with a long silver chain with a locket on it. Locket? His head snapped up as he caught sight of the silver object. It was too away to make out completely but he was sure it resembled-


His thoughts were interrupted by the end of period bell and as Tessa quickly got to her feet and dashed from the classroom his examination ended as well. A rough slapped on his shoulder form a classmate and teammate brought him back to the present and he too gathered his things and left for practice. A heaviness fell over him that he was unable to shake the rest of the afternoon. He missed her.


Tessa dumped her books, pulled on her jacket, and shouldered her bag. Since her brother was home he was going to pick them up so they didn't have to walk home for a few days. Sammie bounded up to her friend with a tooth Chester cat grin and lifted off the group with a hug. She oozed excitement and enthusiasm and it quickly infected Tessa. Silently they exchanged looks that said 'I can't believe we have real live digimon waiting at the house!' Even though she spent the night and suffered the morning with the little creatures; Tessa's body still tingled with the unbelievability of it all.

“You wouldn't be so excited if you dealt with the little monsters this morning,” Tessa teased as she walked side by side with her bestie. As Tessa craned her neck above the throng of escaping students for her brothers truck Sammie jabbered on in hushed whispers. Digimon that, locket this.

Tessa blushed and shushed her friend. “You are gonna blow everything! Everyone already has us pegged as weirdos. Come on, I see Kyle's truck.” Tessa drug her friend along to her brother's truck while she responded with mumbles about liking being weird.

As they made their way to his truck the football field came into view. Post season was underway for high school football already. Sammie hooked her friend's arm and with a slight grin whispered to her friend in a sing-song voice, “Look who it is!” Tessa glanced over to the field and saw Alex taking in a deep draft from the long make-shift water fountain. He was dripping in sweat in his practice uniform and as he straightened and wiped his mouth with the back of is arm his eyes focused on hers. Tessa's cheek took on a furious shade of red and with Sammie giggling beside her quickly climbed into the cab of the truck and slid in next to her brother.

Before Kyle could comment on the tomato shade of red his little sister's cheeks had taken Sammie leaned over and asked how the boys were. Kyle faced forward and eased the truck from the curb with a sly grin on his face. “Oh, I introduced them to the TV- they love it. Kept them outta trouble. Oh, the little pig loves soaps.”

“Aw Kyle, you go him hooked on soaps?” His sister whined.

“Yep,” he replied. “Everything from Young and the Restless to General Hospital. Finally got a soap buddy.”

Sammie leaned forward to get into the conversation. “What 'bout Impmon? What does  he like?”
“Oh, he's into a bit of everything kind of a coach potato,” he replied with a shrug.

Tessa wasn't completely thrilled that her brother had gotten them addicted to TV but it was comforting to know she had a ready and easy distraction from a bored Impmon's potential destruction. The rest of the ride home Kyle filled them in on the brothers day, which basically consisted of TV. He hid them under the numerous couch pillows when their mother came home and ate before going to bed. Apparently her brother had grown attached to Impmon. The two were lazy with an 'I don’t care' attitude' that made them mesh easily. They were both just jerks too.

The truck rolled up the drive and before he had even shifted into park Sammie was out the door with a cry of “Where are those little TV addicts!” Kyle sighed as he pulled out the keys and Tessa giggled at her friend's actions as she slipped from the cab. As they walked through the door they saw Sammie leaning over the back of the couch giving the brothers one of her huge hugs. Patamon giggled and hugged back but Impmon seemed to be more under the impression she was trying to kill him and was desperately trying to claw his way out of her steel grip.

“Aw geez,” Kyle said as he ran a hand through is hair. “Lay off 'em will ya? You're crushing the little buggers.”

Tessa walked around to the front of the couch and carefully extracted Impmon from her friend's grasp and settled him comfortably in her arms.

“Really Sam,” she muttered as she walked into the kitchen. Impmon scrambled from her arms to settled on her shoulder while she rummaged around the room to see what they had available for dinner.

Kyle slid onto the couch with his legs hanging over the side. “Is that why you don't have any pets? Your parents too scared to see what you'd do to them. Oh wait! That already happened didn't it!”

Sammie turned around to face the grinning Kyle, if looks could kill, then whomped him with a pillow. As he chuckled away she nuzzled the ever affectionate digi-pig. Her mom had to run errands after work tonight and on the car ride to school Sammie and Tessa convinced her to let Sam stay the night. Tessa's mom wouldn't mind she never did.

The large group settled in to start making dinner. Sammie with Patamon fluttering excitedly around the two girls heads joined her friend in the kitchen. Somewhere in between getting out ingredients and utensils Impmon slipped of her Tessa's shoulder and to Kyle then the two vanished from sight. It was a messy affair between the three of them but fun. Same was hopeless in the kitchen and with his stubby hooves Patamon was more apt to drop something so it fell to Tessa to lead the way.

At an early age Tessa took to the kitchen because of her mom's busy schedule and her father's absence. Her brother burnt water so she always fed her big brother too. It was just one of those few things she felt she could do well and took enjoyment from. With her guidance the trio managed a nice meal of pasta and assorted sauteed veggies, warm crust bread, and made from scratch brownies. After finding the two missing members in Kyle's room, Kyle claimed introducing him to decent music, they all piled around the table to a family meal. A very strange family but a family feel non the less. Patamon's joy was on display for everyone to see while Impmon's happiness was more muted but still present; no matter how he denied it when teased by Sam.

After they finished their meal they filed into the living room. Kyle was sprawled over the couch with Impmon sitting in the crook of his bent news filling in the rest of the couch. The girls sat on the floor with their backs to the couch with a very happy Patamon between them. After a day of junk TV and soaps the two girls were determined for the boys to get something useful from the day and decided to have them watch the local news.

Kyle flipped through the channels to his favorite news station. Which Sammie informed the digimon was only because the co-anchor was single with a nice rack. Kyle happily admitted to this.

“Stop bickering, turn it up Kyle” Kyle held up the remote and the busy news lady’s voice filled the room.

“We have late breaking news, in the city of Atlanta Georgia, believe it or not, a strange monster like creature has appeared. This is not a hoax and has many confirmations,” the blonde said. The three humans exchanged looks and wordless all asked 'digimon?'

The camera cut to the main anchor. “That's right Diana, a strange tall shadowy humanoid that witness say was completely black with red slitted eyes. It was said to move along the ground seamlessly with long thin extremities.

“Yes, but what's even stranger then the creature is what came to the rescue of it's victims,” replied the Blonde. “We have a local KARE afflicated reporter on scene was we speak. We will now cut to him.”

The cameras cut to the news room to a darkened streets of Atlanta. Cop cars were seen with their lights flashing behind a bespectacled news reporter as crowds of curious citizens milled around the scene.

“Perch Perkins here for 11 Alive on scene in the streets of downtown Atlanta where the only thing stranger then the villains were the heroine. Early this evening several strange humanoid creatures appeared in the street and began attacking the citizens. Witnesses say the creatuers would grasp a person around the neck, lift them into the air and appear to suck something from their mouths. The debate about were this is some kind of soul or life force is an argument to have on another day. Whatever it was that it was taking from the person, it would soon drain them and move on to the next victim.”

The reporter motioned to the scene behind him and the camera man zoomed in. “As you can see there are all kinds of government officials as well as scientists and a few priests milling around the scene with the police. Whatever substance that was being extracted from the helpless people has launched an instant frenzy for identification.”

The camera zoomed out and focuses back on the reporter. “Like I said the heroine of this event is even more amazing then whatever terrorized citizens today. As the creature was on it's third victim it was hit by a beam of light. The thrower was said to be a young girl in a leotard, orange skirt, bejeweled tiara, small orange heels and a collar reminiscence of a sailor. After launching a second beamed attack the creature let out a shriek and evaporated before stunned on lookers. All that is left is a black smear on the pavement which investigators are crowded around as we speak. In all the chaos of the event the girl slipped away. Back to you in the studio.”

"Alright," replied the anchorman. "Thank you for that. We'll keep you all posted as soon as we get more information in. It's time for commercial break." Kyle muted the TV as the commercials came on and stared at his sister with an open mouth.

“Dear sister, would that happen to be from that anime Sailor Moon you would always make me suffer through?”

The two girls too were stunned and Tessa simply nodded in response.

Sammie suddenly came to herself and burst into loud laughter. “I can not believe it! THIS IS AWESOME!" She pointed to Tessa. "AND YOUR ONE OF 'EM!"

Kyle's eye brow raised. “Wait, say what?” Tessa, still in shock and now slightly red faced, tugged at the silver cord around her neck and pulled out the locket.

Sam was on her feet. “A talking cat gave you a strange locket, now there are monsters running around the south, and a mini-skirt-sailor-suit-wearing girl defeated it? Yea! I think that means you're on of em girlfriend.”

Kyle quickly reached down and pulled the chain and locket from his sister. Impmon and Patamon too were staring closely at it. Tessa protested but he held out an arm to hold her at bay. She gave his arm a painful pinch and snatched it back from her brother’s grip.

Patamon fluttered up to Tessa's shoulder and sat on it like his brother had done earlier in the day. “What a Sailor Moon?”

Kyle rolled onto his back on the couch, stretched out his legs, and rubbed his arm where is sister assaulted him. “It's this crappy repetitive magic girl show. These school girls transform into tiny dresses and fight the same monsters over and over again.”

Impmon clamored onto Kyle's chest. “Like they said on the TV? Like that girl?"

“Ya, I dunno I guess mutant. What the hell is going on? Digimon are real and now Sailor Moon. Oh dudes, what if I'm like super sayain and don't even know it. That's be boss.”

Tessa slipped her necklace back on. “I don't know what happening but it could be really dangerous. I mean those shows are filled with enemies and monsters. I mean the sailor scouts die a bunch of times in the show.”

Kyle scoffed, “Ya monsters that get their asses handed to them by little girls in mini-skirts.”

“Shut up super sayian. Those girls could kick your ass too.”

The two began to fight with Kyle mumbling something about letting those girls beat on him. Tessa played with the locket in her fingers, turning it over and over. 'How do I get it to work?' she wondered with a sigh. 'Where is a talking cat when you need one?'

“Alright, I'm going to bed my head hurts. Come on Sam.” Before her friend could reply she was already on her feet and headed up the stairs. Sammie was following quickly with Patamon on her shoulder and Impmon trailing behind them. Like the night before Impmon and Patamon settled into her bed with her while Sammie staked out a spot on the floor.

Before she drifted off she remembered the craziness of the morning and the rolled over the face Impmon and poked him lightly on the nose. “Hey, I want to say sorry about this morning. What you did was wrong and it was a mess but I didn't mean to sound so mean, okay?”

Impmon pulled the sheet up to cover his reddening muzzle and muttered “ya whatever toots” before rolling away from her. Tessa smiled and rolled onto her back. Absentmindedly she touched her locket. Maybe tomorrow she'd find out how to open it.

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Tessa- a quiet girl with long dark hair. Currently housing the digimon brothers Patamon and Impmon.
Impmon and Patamon- found in a tree by Tessa and Sam – born from the same egg. Currently staying with Tessa and her brother.
Sammie- best friends with Tessa- loud and unique girl with an infectious personality
Alex- Tessa's former best friend
Kyle- Tessa's jackass brother. Bonding with Impmon