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Chapter 2v2 - Justice served

The Next morning dawns in much the same manner. The largest difference is that Ranma finds himself splashed with a bucket of water as a wake up call by Akane. Akane simply smirks at the other girls sputtering protests.

Ranma tries to chase after her fiance but is sucker punched by her pandafied father and tossed out the window. The panda follows soon after to start the morning "training".

Kasumi looks on the scene of the two transformed martial artists engaged in combat and sighs at her youngest sisters smug grin. Turning back to the stove Kasumi sets water to heat for the elder Saotome.

After Ranma succeeds in knocking her father into the Koi pond again, she makes her way into the house, and too chilled to try confronting Akane, or tempt her anger, Ranma heads for the furo to clean up.

Happosai walks into the room in time to see the shivering girl enter the furo, and for once does not comment. Glancing at Kasumi, he sees her nod slightly and sighs. Happosai almost smiles but recovers quickly when he notices the middle Tendo daughter already up and nearly finished with her breakfast, of coffee and toast, as he sits down at the table. Soun as usual is reading his paper, doing his best to ignore the events in his home.

Kasumi again waits with hot water and a towel as the elder Saotome comes towards the house.

Nabiki leaves for school shortly there after and Akane is not far behind. Ranma quietly leaves the furo and retrieves clothes from the guest room. Coming back down the stairs dressed in a red chinese silk shirt and black pants, he notices the absence of the two girls. He quickly eats his breakfast in order to try to catch up with Akane to try and smooth things out with her.

Ranma's hope of catching up is soon derailed by the sound of a bell and a meeting with a flying bike tire. "Airen go on date with Shampoo yes?" Ranma groans from his position on the ground.

As soon as Shampoo removes the bike, and herself, from Ranma's back he springs to his feet. "Shampoo I can't talk right now I gotta go."

Ranma dodges an attempted glomp by the pouting Shampoo purely by the fact that he started running almost as soon as he got to his feet. Shampoo gets back on her bike to chase after Ranma, but the pigtailed martial artist was running like wolves were nipping at his heels.


Back at the Dojo a different from normal scene is unfolding. After all most of the odd challengers coming to call do not arrive in multiple expensive looking black sedans. A Japanese bodyguard in a pressed black suit steps from the front passenger seat of the car that pulled up in front of the gate, and opens the door to the rear for a young woman to step out.

The girl appears to be of mixed Asian/European descent with wavy dark brown hair gathered back in a low ponytail. She stands nearly as tall as the man holding the door. Her clothing consists of a long grey tunic style shirt with open sleeves ending jut past the elbow. A black sash cinches about her waist with loose black pants gathered at the ankle and black leather slippers on her feet. Her forearms appear to be covered with guard bands of metallic silver scales and her eyes are hidden by black wrap around sunglasses.

Turning to the bodyguard she asks, "Is everything prepared?"

Bowing the man responds. "The perimeter is secure, the security team is ready with tazers if needed, and the teenagers were confirmed as having arrived at the school."

Smiling coldly she nods. "What of the ambulances and police?"

"They have been requested and should be here within ten minutes." The man shares an evil grin with the girl.

"More than enough time." The girl replies as she heads through the gate and around the side of the house. Having made no attempt to conceal her approach she smiles when she is noticed by a lanky man wearing a brown gi.

"I am Himura Noriko," She announces, "Grand-master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and I wish to challenge the master of the Tendo branch of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu."

Soun is somewhat shocked at this. Genma on the other hand tried to make a quick and quiet exit as soon as he heard the woman's name. This attempt is thwarted as he runs into a wall of solid Ki that quickly contracts to a sphere barely large enough for Genma to fit inside. Happosai sitting at the table simply shakes an admonishing finger at the portly man and chuckles.

Noriko looks into the room and sneers. "Don't worry dear Genma. I will flay your honor-less hide next. I have special things planned for you."

Soun recovers quickly. "I am Tendo Soun, master of this dojo. I am familiar with your sword style madam, but I was unaware that someone other than my wife's sensei had taken the post of grand master. As we practice a purely unarmed combat style here I fear you would not find a challenge to suit your tastes."

"My style is not limited to swords alone Tendo-san." Noriko replies quickly. "On my word of honor I would face you carrying no weapons."

Nodding Soun responds. "What terms would you set for this duel."

Pointing to a guard carrying a briefcase around the side of the house. "Just as your style suggests, other than weapons anything goes." Noriko states with a grin as the briefcase is opened revealing stacks of currency. "For the stakes I offer fifty million yen versus control of this Dojo."

Soun is entranced by the offered sum of money. Genma stops frantically trying to warn his friend away and stares longingly at the money as well. "Agreed" states Soun.

The guard casually removes a pen and paper from a pocket in the briefcase lid while closing the case. As he approaches Soun Noriko sweetly states, "Then you will sign this contract to that effect."

Still in a daze Soun turns to find Kasumi holding out his official seal, and just as quickly the contract is signed. Seeing a confirming nod from the guard, Noriko steps back into the yard spreading her arms wide and states, "Come and let this be done."

Seeing the girl had not taken a ready stance, Soun launches into a flying kick at her midsection. Up until the moment before the kick should have connected, Soun felt secure in landing a heavy hit and ending the fight quickly. Instead he seemed to flow through the girl and land badly on his ankle. Before the shock could really register, Noriko lands a spinning kick to his head throwing him across the yard.

Rolling with the landing and attempting to stand Soun roars. "What is this!!"

"Remember 'anything goes' Tendo-san." The girl chuckles back. Without further comment Noriko launches herself at the stunned man and pummels him mercilessly until he collapses to the ground.

Noriko sighs and nods to the bodyguard. The man talks into his cell phone and a medical team comes around from the front of the house carrying a stretcher. After verifying Soun's condition he is loaded on the stretcher and taken to the ambulance waiting at the front of the house.

Turning to the house she takes of her sunglasses and levels the piercing gaze of her bright green eyes at the shaking Genma. "I did not like you when we first met two decades ago Genma. I believe I promised to kill you if we had cause to meet again. I realize now after learning of all the things you have done, A quick death would in no way make up for your crimes. Therefore today, I challenge you as well. The terms of the duel are the same as I offered to your friend. For stakes I offer not only the fifty million yen, but also seeing to having your criminal record cleared. For opposing stakes, I will take back everything you have stolen from my family, and see you face justice for your crimes."

Happosai blows a smoke ring and suddenly Genma can move again. Genma sneers while looking at the girl. 'Soun was a fool. This slip of a girl can not be the frightening matron who taught Takara, no matter what she claims. Other than outclassing Soun in speed she attacks like a bar brawler.'

Grinning while already counting his winnings in his head, Genma responds. "Well girl, do you have a contract for me to sign as well. The sooner I finish this the sooner I can enjoy that money."

Noriko smiles and nods to the bodyguard. Again talking on his cell phone, another man comes around the side of the house bearing a thicker legal document. Barely glancing at the document he signs and steps into the yard.

"The large master of Saotome Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu starts slightly when a much larger circular Ki shield appears, taking up most of the yard with the top being too high to see.

The girl smiles innocently. "Happi agreed to make sure you could not use your invisibility techniques to try and escape from this battle."

Genma directs a glare at the aged master, and prepares to use his sealed techniques to end this battle quickly. Throwing his arms out with a call of "Kijin-Gun Dai Ranbu" launches multiple vacuum blades at Noriko.

Watching the dust where she stood, He reacts slowly to her appearing next to him, and launching him into the air with an uppercut. The blades continue on to hit the shield, which rings like a bell but does not shatter.

Genma changes tactics to the Umisenken and seems to vanish from the field. Noriko glances around nervously searching for a sign of Genma. He uses the Haku Dato Shin Sho to try and disable the girl but is stunned when he strikes only an afterimage. With a call of "Kuzu-ryusen", Noriko spins in a blur before Genma and he does not rise. Happosai calmly drops the shield

The watching bodyguard makes another call on his phone and a new medical team, escorted by several police officers, appears. Noriko turns to the lead officer as he approaches. "Sergeant, I assume your office has reviewed the materials my law office forwarded to you."

"We appreciate your assistance in bringing this man in." The man replies with a bow. "Given what we have just observed, I doubt our office would have the resources needed to capture him."

"Even with his healing ability it will be several days or weeks before he will be able to cause any difficulties." Noriko smiles sadly. "I do not envy you the troubles your going to have getting all the charges prepared for him to face in court. I hope the materials I provided help to speed the process for you."

The medical team clears Genma for transport and with a bow the sergeant leads them to the ambulance and waiting police escort.

Noriko informs the bodyguard to dismiss the remaining security teams, and proceeds to enter the living room where Happosai and Kasumi are waiting. With a sigh she sits down at the table. "Kasumi-chan were you able to contact her?" With the affirmative nod from Kasumi, Noriko rubs her temples, "Now for the hard part."

notes: definitions abbreviated from manga or wikipedia

Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu - Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style - or ultrasonic sword style - for those familiar with Ruroni Kenshin this is the style of kendo that Himura Kenshin practices.
Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu - "School of indiscriminate grappling" or Anything Goes martial arts

-san - general honorific meant to convey respect

fifty million yen - approximately 460 thousand US dollars

Kijin-Gun Dai Ranbu - Group of Fierce Gods, Great Chaotic Dance one of the high levels attacks of the Yamsenken Way of the Noisy Thief style Genma developed

Umisenken - Way of the Quiet Thief - a complementary style that Genma developed that specializes in stealth a surprise attacks

Haku Dato Shin Sho- White Snake Venom Reliable Fist a sneak attack while using the umisenken opening move to strike multiple vital points on a targets back. intended to disable.

Kuzu-ryusen - nine headed dragon strike - a sword attack that simultaneously deals nine strikes to the fundamental targets of swordsmanship, making guarding and dodging virtually impossible

Well I hope those who have read this story so far have enjoyed it. This is honestly my first attempt at a fan fiction. Critiques and comments are welcome and appreciated. Even with this being the new revision of the chapter

If you haven't noticed by now I really do not like Genma, he strikes me as selfish and uncaring of anyones needs other than his own. In my opinion this makes him worse than being blatantly evil in that you can see he feels justified in his selfish actions and abusive treatment of others.

I feel no more love for Soun either. Other than being more or less a spineless fake, he never really does anything of value in the anime or manga. I believe most of the social problems that the tendo girls have can be attributed to having to survive and cope with their useless father.