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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
You know I have to take something back. I stated at the end of the last chapter that Ranma would not be likely to run into Ala Alba. I realize now that nothing could be quite so educational for him as running into a certain pair of eleven year olds. One of these boys has had it nearly as rough as Ranma, but came out still better socially adjusted.

Also, I have to thank ranma_girl_14 for reminding me that Paru is also a Saotome, it had completely slipped my mind. Be warned if you are offended by panda bashing, you will not like the back story that will come to light in the next few chapters. Oh a last note on Genma as a teacher. Most of the techniques Ranma learned were taught by other sensei at the places the pair stayed on their travels and Genma learned them while they were there as well. So I would think it would be fair to say Ranma became a great martial artist in spite of his father and not because of.

With that in mind I will now attempt a shot into the breach of working with the cast of one of my favorite manga series. The events of the current manga arc are half a year prior to the time frame of my story so I am treading in open water with this.

Chapter 7 - revelations

Having finished with the amazons, Noriko has one more stop to make before leaving Tokyo. This visit begins with a visit to the office of one Konoe Konoemon.

Walking into the administrative building with the cloth wrapped bundle Nodoka often carries. She feels all the wards she passes, and subsequent alarms being triggered. Noriko smiles to herself and waits patiently in the front hall. Waiting only about forty-five seconds a lovely blonde woman appears at the top of the stairs. Noriko quietly assesses that of the five security teams in the building , three were able to get into defensive positions in the same time.

The blonde woman is wearing a smart business suit with knee length skirt, presenting the very image of a administrative assistant. Walking up the stairs to meet her, Noriko notes the unadorned wooden sheath of a katana held easily in the woman's left hand detracts from this image only slightly.

The blonde woman apparently recognizes Noriko and her posture relaxes. The security teams by an unspoken signal begin to disperse back to the rest of the building. Having reached the other woman Noriko speaks quietly. "Konbanwa Toko-chan. I am glad to see you are still vigilant as ever. I believe Konoe-sama is expecting me, I apologize if he is keeping you late because of this meeting."

Toko bows formally to Noriko. "It is still early, I honestly am grateful that this happened later in the day. The alerts going off early in the day could have caused far more disruption. I will take you to the headmasters office."

With that said the two women head up several floors to a large office. Seated behind the equally large oak desk is the headmaster. The headmaster is bald and his head seems to be elongated into an oval with his face at one end of the oval and a small topknot of grey hair at the other. He is dressed in lose white robes and is otherwise hidden behind a stack of paperwork.

Looking up from all the documents on his desk he notices the two ladies and addresses them in a strong voice belying his age. "Welcome Noriko-san, I trust the security here was responsive enough to put any lingering fears you had to rest."

Chuckling Noriko responds, "Yes I am quite satisfied with their efficiency but I think they would be slightly less frazzled if you had given them some warning Konoe-sensei."

Snorting the headmaster responds, "I would personally rather it be discovered if the security is unprepared when the visitor is friendly. I believe you can appreciate the difficulty in finding someone who trips off high level demon wards that qualifies as friendly. As an administrator I must think of the students safety first and the pride of my associates second."

"I am even more pleased to hear you feel that way Konoe-sensei," Noriko simply replies.

Noticing the bundle on Noriko's back the headmaster continues. "The police reports were appropriately subdued about the affair, but I must say that the affair seems to have been handled quite well. What can I assist you with today?"

Indicating the bundle she is carrying. "I am here today to return something the greedy panda stole from his family. The only member of his family I have been in contact with is a student here. I met with her previously looking into the possibility he had contacted his family at some point. I only discovered he is no more loved by his own family. Given her tendency to pick up on rumors, I promised to tell her the story personally once things were settled."

"I agree that is the best course of action with young Haruna. You might actually be able to tell her the whole of her cousin's story. She has become quite involved in the world of magic herself recently and would be more than likely to believe the tale." Konoe says glibly.

Noriko looks thoughtful at this. "I agree that could be beneficial. I came here to speak with you today about a slightly different issue. We have discussed Kunoji Ukyo's situation before. As of today she agreed to become my ward, and I would like to have her in a safer place away from Nerima as soon as possible. Would you be able to arrange housing for her and a personal retainer by the day after tomorrow?"

"I can arrange for that in one of the coed dorms. I assume the personal retainer is the kunoichi you told me of previously." The headmaster replies with a slight grin.

"That is correct. I know you have expressed reservations about that relationship, but I believe his loyalty and honor will prevent any less than honorable actions." Noriko calmly replies.

Toko has a slightly confused expression flash across her face at this exchange, but quickly returns to her normal businesslike bearing.

Noriko continues, "I would also like to see Evangeline. From what I have heard her time here has been helpful and I have a proposition for her."

The headmaster nods his head to Toko and she replies. "I believe at the moment you will find McDowell-san and Saotome-san in the same place. A lot of students in Saotome-san's class have taken to studying for finals in McDowell-san's resort. If you would like I can take you there."

Noriko responds "I would appreciate your doing so Toko-chan."

With that the two women begin to leave the room. The headmaster calls before they reach the door. "I would be cautious Noriko-san, Eva-chan has likely realized by now that you provided the equipment to make the barrier that keeps her contained here. She is likely to feel betrayed be her former teacher."

Noriko shrugs,"I taught her things to help her survive at the time. What else I could have taught her then, and will offer to teach her now is likely to make her even angrier than that."


In a large enchanted marble palace surrounded by waterfalls that is both nearby and yet worlds away. A large group of teenage girls is busy studying in comfortable seating area with tables on huge balcony over the falls. Life sized animated female puppets, wearing maid outfits, are serving tea and snacks to those girls taking breaks. In a large open area to the side two young boys are in the process of sparring.

This is a very loose definition of sparring of course. To the regular members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew, it might be more aptly defined as all out war given the level of power being displayed. The first boy with red tinged brown hair is dressed in a loose shirt and slacks and is wearing earpiece-less reading glasses. He is happily trading goodnatured barbs and encouragement with his opponent. Said opponent is slightly more remarkable. He is wearing a standard looking boys school uniform in black. The remarkable aspects are that he has dog ears sticking out of the black hair on his head and a furry black tail with a white tip. The ghost like black dogs swirling around the punch he is throwing at the other boy are quiet noticeable.

Watching the two boys appraisingly off to the side is a young girl wearing a black gothic lolita style dress. She is sitting at her own table sipping tea. Her attention is entirely on the boys so what happens next is understandable.

Eva-chan's loud shriek is enough to distract both boy's from their fight. Looking over to where their sensei was sitting they can only stare. Eva has been gathered up into a tight hug by a young woman with brown hair.

"Don't you dare surprise me like that!" Eva shouts hotly while trying to extract herself.

Nearly giggling the young woman says, "Oh but I do dare Eva-chan. You have always been too serious. Its only been what, a hundred years. Come on give your auntie a hug."

Finally succeeding in freeing herself Eva returns, "What are you doing here? I don't even know what name your going by."

"I am called Himura Noriko now Eva-chan." Noriko replies still smiling. "I have some business here with you and some of your friends." This last said while indicating the group of girls. Eyeing the boys looking at her, "You have always had a good eye for potential Eva-chan, I am glad you are no longer trying to obliterate those who show it." Smirking at Eva now, "I have some other business to attend to so I will leave you to supervising your charges."

Leaving the fuming Dark Evangeline, Noriko approaches the group of girls specifically a girl with nicely styled black hair falling to the middle of her back. Saotome Haruna had met the young woman about four years previously. Noting the fact that her appearance has not changed at all since then, and showing no concern of turning her back to one of the worlds most powerful vampire mages. The woman's possible threat assessment skyrockets. Lastly seeing the cloth bundle on her back, Paru relaxes slightly.

Bowing to the approaching woman Paru opens. "Konitiwa Himura-sama, I hope you can understand my surprise at seeing you here."

Noriko notices she has all of the girls attention now. "I was surprised to learn you knew of Eva-chan and the interesting world she is a part of. This will mean I don't need to gloss over nearly so much in the story I have to tell. Should we go somewhere more private. This does involve someone who reflects very poorly on your family."

Paru considers this. With the adventures the whole group has been through, it would not make sense to leave them out. "I trust them Himura-san. I suspect the story has yet to reach a conclusion or you would not have come here, and I believe they might be able to help."

Smiling at having the young woman's perceptiveness confirmed. "Shall we sit, I fear the story I have to tell is a long one." Paru leads the way back to a table where two other girls sit down as well. The other girls sit down at the other table's but turn their chairs to listen to the conversation studies completely forgotten.

Paru begins with the introduction of the two girls at the table. "These are my friends Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka" Yue is a short girl with blue hair worn past her waist, black eyes, and a thoughtful air, Nodoka is a cute and shy girl of similar height with purple hair worn in a short ponytail and long bangs nearly obscuring her blue eyes."

Noriko replies, "I am pleased to meet all of you, please call me Noriko."

Paru indicates the cloth wrapped bundle Noriko is carrying. "If that is what I think it is I take it you have closed one chapter of the story. Can I ask how my cousin is?"

Unwrapping the bundle, Noriko places the sheathed katana on the table in front of Paru. "As I promised, once I was able to catch up with them and start putting things in some form of order. I would see to returning the Saotome clan honor blade that was stolen from your mother. It took me some time to convince my granddaughter not to simply destroy it. After I finish my story you might understand why."

She then produces the thick file folder she had previously shown her granddaughter. "I have here details of the thief's life that your mother may want to know of. I realize she already declared him ronin but that has not stopped people from seeking out family in the past. You may read it yourself but I fear it is not a pleasant read. I had to have multiple pages replaced after my granddaughter ruined them with tears or tried to rip them apart."

Taking the items Paru responds, "I appreciate these, but my concern was for my cousin. That is if I can still call him such."

Sighing Noriko responds, "Ranma is safely in his mother's care, and they have both been made part of the Himura clan once again. I have never been one to blame others for the actions of erstwhile relatives. I intend to have Ranma attend school here when the new school year starts. If you wish to approach him then as a cousin and friend you have my blessing. I believe he can use all of the friends he can get."

With this Noriko begins to tell the assembled girls the story of Ranma's life under his fathers care. This takes several hours to relate in detail. Within the first few minutes most of the girls lost their appetites. A short while later several moved away from the group and were nosily sick.

This gained the attention of the combatants and their sensei, who joined the group and were quickly brought up to speed. By the time Noriko was finished the rage coming from the group was strong enough that Genma had to be shivering even in a coma. Eva was having to physically restrain a small puppet wielding chief's knives, said puppet was ranting about making a filthy panda scream for days.

Noriko decided to defuse the situation. "I have already beaten him in a formal challenge. He is currently in a coma and is under police supervision. I don't think death would be sufficient to pay for his crimes. I have another punishment in mind if he give the authorities further troubles."

Paru visibly struggling to control her temper, "May I ask what you have in mind? I insist in being involved in whatever it is. My family's honor demands it. I have an artifact that allows me to create as many golems as I can draw."

Noriko smiles, "If he escapes from the police I would gladly accept your assistance in capturing him. As for his punishment I plan to make sure he provides a service to the world."

Her smile now is so evil it would freeze Genma solid with fear. "My plan if he tries to escape from paying for his crimes, I will change his cursed form to a female panda and lock him in it. There are many breeding programs that could use such a healthy specimen and I will make sure he lives to a ripe old age."

Eva lets out an evil chuckle, "Oh please let me help too. I have a few potions that will make sure the panda is nice and fertile."

nodding her agreement Noriko continues, "Since you all heard that Ranma will be coming to study at Mahora Academy in a few months you will be likely to encounter him. Ranma still holds some love for his father. If he is pressed he is likely to defend his father to strangers. I suspect this is much like an abused child will do similarly and should fade with time."

"So my cousin can turn into a girl now?" Paru asks.

Noriko replies, "Yes, he would change into a girl anytime he was splashed with cold water. I am currently working to remove this trigger and bring it under his conscious control. Hopefully he could then see it as a rare advantage. I am considering requiring him to attend school in female form. He must learn to accept being female at least part of the time. He also tends to not get in so much trouble that way. There is a possibility he would be in the same grade level as you girls, would you be willing to accept him and treat her normally if that is the case?" This question is answered with affirmative nods and cheered agreement.

Noriko stands and bows to the assembled girls. "You have my heartfelt appreciation girls. Now if you will excuse us I have a favor to ask of Eva-chan and her students."

Eva leads Noriko and the two boys plus an athletic girl, with long orange hair tied up in twin ponytails and tied with bells, to another part of the castle. Noriko looks at the girl questioningly. "I am Kagurazaka Asuna. I am also one of Eva's students but I was studying for the upcoming finals when you arrived." Noriko nods at this while noting one of the girls eyes is blue and the other green.

Arriving in a private area with a waterfall leading out an open window, Eva turns to Noriko. "So what have you not told us yet that you need my help with?"

Noriko calmly responds, "Ranma has a tendency to bury all his feelings behind a confident front. This makes him generally be perceived as an arrogant jerk by most who meet him. I fear that some of the steps I will have to take to bring the magic that currently affects him under control, will also make him orders of magnitude more powerful. Therefore I have to find a way to break him out of his shell of bravado. Seeing these two boys in action for just a sparing match, I believe either would be capable of handing him a loss in a fair match."

Turning to the boys, "I am sorry I did not ask your names earlier."

"I'm Inugami Kotaro mam." The boy with dog ears responds.

"I am Negi Springfield." The boy with glasses responds in english

Noriko smiles, "I have heard of you and your father Negi-kun. After seeing you in action I can believe the stories might actually be understated." Negi blushes.

Turning to Kotaro she says, "I would interested in your assistance. I can see you are a hanyo and would therefore have the most in common with Ranma. Once the Neko-ken becomes a full part of his spirit he will become a cat hanyo. I hope you can overlook the enmity between cats and dogs in this case."

"Shouldn't be a problem lady. I already made friends here with a crow hanyo, so I think I can handle a cat." Kotaro quickly responds.

Noriko continues, "Good the reason I ask is I would like you to face off against Ranma. Ranma needs to learn that he can not always expect to be the best and that raw power can not make up for skill and experience. Oh yes I should mention that I heard of yours and Negi's exploits in the tournament in Ostia. I was quite impressed with your performance."

Noriko continues," I also have spoken with the headmaster about what your life was like before coming to school here. I don't believe I have a magic bullet for Ranma's emotional problems. If you don't mind my saying, I think you are a good example of what is possible if people have supportive friends."

Kotaro blushes, "Ah umm thanks Lady."

Noriko smiles, "I plan to make his attendance as a girl at school here hang on him winning this challenge, so expect him to give it his all."

At this point Eva steps in, "Wait if he is one of your blood and a hanyo to boot he could be dangerously powerful, even to simply spar with. What are you going to offer my student to take on this task and what are you going to offer me to use my resort for this since such a battle would be impossible to hide outside."

Looking at him, Noriko asks, "What would you like Kotaro?"

Kotaro thinks for a moment. "I used to support myself doing ... umm odd jobs. Since I came t' live here I kinda been living on the charity of the school and friends. If you could give me a job to earn my keep with I'd 'preciate it. From the story you told I get the feeling you have plenty of money."

Noriko nods, "It might take me some time to find an honest job you can work while taking classes here, but I promise I will find something you can enjoy. As for your reward Eva-chan I have a technique you will appreciate."

She whispers the rest in Eva's ear. Eva's eyes bug and she fairly shrieks. "You knew a technique like that and didn't tell me."

Still in a calm tone Noriko replies, "It requires both time and concentration. You would also not be able to use it in a time and space distortion such as this place. Would you have been able to dedicate the necessary time to it while you were being chased by every demon hunter looking to prove themselves? Would that have stopped you from trying? Would the failures and frustration have caused you to become even more violent? That is why I have not told you before now."

Somewhat chastened Eva calmly replies, "I understand your reasoning, but I can not be happy about it."

"If we are agreed then I will be back in a few days to teach you the technique Eva, and I will be back with Ranma after the school break. If you will excuse me I have other things I need to tend to." Noriko says just before turning on her heel and vanishing.

Negi startled exclaims, "Where did she go? she could not have left the resort already it has not been a full day and she was not at the gate."

Eva shakes her head negatively, "She is a master of time magic and can pass between dimensions with ease. She was the one who taught me how to create a place like this. Likely she was watching the time distortion earlier to find just the moment I was distracted and surprise me. We need the gates because we can't pass through the dimensional link that keeps this place connected to the physical world."

Blinking at this Asuna asks, "How do you know her master? If anyone tried what she did earlier I am certain you would have attacked them."

Putting her hands on her hips, Eva responds, "No one attacks that woman, demigods would not survive a mistake like that. I know, I saw one try and it was not pretty. As to how I know her, some time after I was made a shinso vampire she found me wandering in europe and took me in. She was the one who first taught me magic and how to survive in the sun."

Continuing, "As for her behavior, she likes to think of me as her niece, and my continued child like appearance has not helped. Now though, she offers to teach me a technique to allow my body to mature into an adult form. I suspect the time required is great but it is not like I am lacking in time to spare."

Kotaro asks the question on the others mind, "How old is she? She smelled like a hanyo to me. How powerful could she really be."

Shaking her head Eva replies, "I don't know her actual age. I do know she is an ancient sorcerer who became soul bonded with a powerful succubus. I don't recommend this as a way to try and gain power. The resulting uncontrolled firestorm of power destroyed the city of Atlantis in minutes and did not even leave ash behind. I suspect she has grown more powerful in the following millennia."

Stunned into silence, the four return to the others on the large balcony
Sliding back into normal reality an hour after she left in the basement of Eva's cottage. Noriko leaves the building and makes her way back to Fukui none of the schools lesser wardings notice her passing.

Sliding out of a featureless wall, she checks on Happosai. Happosai still seems short but is now the size of a six year old child with the crystal egg simply growing to accommodate his new proportions. Smiling she slides through yet another featureless wall to find Ranma in a similar crystal. Touching the egg she nods her head confirming the progress. The crystal glows with a golden light and Ranma is now in his female form. Noticing an obvious change she simply shakes her head with a small chuckle. Floating back through the ceiling she returns to the dojo.

Walking back from the dojo to the house she notices the others are having dinner. She calls out, "Tadima", as she approaches through the garden. After changing her shoes on the veranda she walks into the common room and takes the seat set for her next to Nodoka on the right hand side of the table from the open shoji.

Nodoka asks, "did your errands go well today?"

Noriko responds while filling her plate. "Yes, I was quite satisfied but there is still more work to do."

Akane across the table from the two is looking torn. Finally she bows to Noriko, "Noriko-san, I wish to apologize for my behavior this morning. I humbly ask what I must do to continue my training."

Noriko arches her eyebrow, "That would have been a much better approach to use from the beginning Akane. I will consider it and we will speak more after dinner."

Akane returns to her meal quietly.

Addressing Nodoka and Kasumi, "How were things here today?"

Kasumi answers, "It has been pleasantly quiet today Noriko-san. Nabiki spent most of the day in her room working on the new laptop, but she did come and help with the cleaning and preparations for dinner."

Turning her attention to Nabiki, seated on the side of the table to her right, with a smile, "Did you find the materials helpful, some friends of mine are considering marketing the program to Juku and directly to high school students to help with their studies."

Nabiki nods,"I think the program is excellent. Why are they stopping with high school aged students. It could easily be useful to even grade school children."

Noriko replies, "Well the current materials on the system assume a grade school education. I believe the database could be expanded, but how would you market it to a younger group?"

Noriko and Nabiki continue their conversation while eating.

Akane asks quietly of Kasumi who is seated across from Nabiki, "What are they talking about?"

Kasumi quietly replies, "There is a laptop in the desk in each of our rooms with a tutoring program on it. When the new term starts we are all going to be going to a new school. They will require us to take placement tests to determine grade level assignments as the quality of education at Furinkan has been called into question."

Akane nods glumly at this and works on finishing her meal. Finishing her food and excusing herself from the table. Rising and gathering her plates she takes them to the kitchen and rinses them off. Walking back in from the kitchen she sees Noriko and Nabiki still animatedly talking. Akane walks to the other end of the common room where a large screen television has been setup with cushions and watches a local variety show.

After a half hour or so, Noriko finishes her conversation with Nabiki and assists the other women in cleaning up and putting away the table. Walking over to Akane she says, "Please join me in the office."

Noriko continues walking through the door. Akane turns the television and follows after closing the sliding door behind her. Noriko is sitting behind the desk in the room and indicates for Akane to have a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

Noriko asks, "So why do you wish to continue training?"

Akane replies, "I am a martial artist and I want to become a great one."

Noriko gets a puzzled look,"Define what you mean by great."

Akane happily replies, "Strong and skillful, able to defeat all evil doers."

Noriko smirks, "You watch or read a lot of super sentai anime and manga. Unfortunately, the reality is true darkness rarely acts as openly as that. If your desire is to fight insidious darkness in the world, you are better off training to be a kunoichi than a martial artist."

Akane replies, "I don't understand."

Noriko responds,"To fight an enemy that will not reveal itself openly, you must act with equal discretion until the true source is located and can be removed. Stealth is required for that and not powerful attacks. Do you know the founding principle of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu?"

Seeing Akane shake her head negatively, Noriko continues. "Happosai based his art on two chinese principles, Xia and Tao. Xia is the concept of the honorable rouge, a skilled person dedicates themselves to protecting the innocent and righting social injustice. As most injustice is perpetuated by the established authority, this will often require acting outside the borders of the law. The Tao is the ideal of finding harmony and balance within your environment. By finding harmony with your environment you can influence it towards a better outcome. Neither of these involve taking your anger out on those who due to honor or choice can not defend themselves."

Akane bristles at the last comment. "That hardly sounds like Happosai, after the stories I have heard from father and his panty raids. Happosai seems to be no better than a common thief."

Noriko shrugs, "The road to hell is paved in good intentions. No one likes to think themselves to be evil, so they justify their actions or some do not care. A common thief likely started on their path as a means to support themselves and eventually could not find a way out of what they had become. An Abuser justifies their actions by saying they are giving their victim 'discipline' or that they simply deserve it. Each time they reinforce this in their minds it becomes easier and lives are shattered."

Noriko sneers,"The Yakuza see themselves like lords and samurai from the feudal era protecting their territories and people from invaders. Of course this is while collecting a tax from those they protect, but they are already justified in doing so. Let us take your sister Nabiki as an example. I doubt she started out as the calculating user of people she has become. From what I can see she was left to earn money for the dojo by whatever means she could. It likely started with using her quick mind to find out other people's secrets. Then offering to protect those secrets for a price or selling those secrets to interested parties for a better price. She justified her actions with the need to provide for her family. Once justification is there, branching out into darker practices becomes much easier."

Akane shrugs, "That could be the case. But you haven't said anything about Happosai's behavior especially the panty raids."

Noriko grins at this. "Happosai is far from perfect. I can tell you though most of what he put your father through was what he considers a test of character. The times that they took things from a village, Happosai had paid for things in advance and returned to the village after his students had fallen asleep and paid for or returned anything not already paid for. The restaurants where Happosai gorged himself and left them to wash dishes was a similar arrangement where Happosai paid for what their labor would not cover beforehand. He tells me he usually did this after they had particularly annoyed him. Your father failed the test miserably and the panda was even worse."

"What choice did they have?" Akane asks.

"People always have a choice," Noriko replies,"they could have refused to take part. They could have tried to stop him. He was pleased to see Ranma always tried to stop him regardless of the risk to himself. Happi disliked Genma enough he tried to convince Nodoka to not have anything to do with him, his other impulses kind of got in the way of that plan."

Akane sniffs, "You mean she caught him stealing her underwear."

"I will admit that is how things turned out, but I believe him when he says his original intentions were honorable." Noriko obliges.

Noriko continues,"Would you believe your mother found his antics adorable. She always told me she at least knew where to find her underwear, nicely cleaned, pressed, and folded even."

Akane returns with, "That does not change that he is a pervert. If my father had already failed the test why did he keep at it."

Noriko glowers at Akane, "I don't condone his behavior but I understand his reasons. You might have heard your father mention it is an addiction for Happi. That is not entirely true. Happi is a special case of where he will die if he does not absorb life energy. Specifically that of females. He does not need much. Though after several hundred years of being rejected by nearly every female he has known including his vain mother, he turned to a source of residual life energy that would not laugh at or reject him because of his appearance. As to why he kept at the behavior his former students expected. I freed him from the seal they trapped him with and revived him. I asked him to be a spy for me in the Tendo household. If his behavior suddenly changed they would have been suspicious don't you think. Besides as part of the bargain for trying to help Ranma, I am in the process of freeing him from that burden."

Akane is taken aback at the vehemence in the other woman's words. Noriko finishes up, "So how do you justify your abuse of Ranma." With this Akane breaks down in tears and rushes from the room. Shrugging, Noriko returns to verifying the accounts for the dojo.


Sentai - literally translates to a military unit. a super sentai is often used to describe hero teams in anime and manga, ex. the sailor scouts.

Xia - (shia) does mean honorable rouge, the wuxia genre of chinese movies is based on this concept

Tao - (duoh) is a philosophy based on universal harmony. Many eastern medical practices are based on this concept.