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Chapter 11 - On Your Own Reconnaissance

Mu Se suffered through the ladies chiding with as much grace as possible. The rush of having played the rescuing hero and sensing the girl blush as he teleported out made even Ku Lon's cackle bearable.

Returning to the Nekohanten in Nerima for the night. The Amazon trio feel the effects of their training and battle and decide just to buy beef bowls at an in station restaurant while changing trains.

Returning to the home they will soon be leaving, the two teenagers make their way slowly to their beds. Ku Lon makes her way to the office and double checks the scheduling of moving crews for Monday.

Ku Lon surprised the youngsters on the way back by purchasing a cell phone with unlimited data services at a kiosk. The price for the contract was fairly high but Noriko had already provided access to a large amount of funding.

Ku Lon takes out her cases of shells and spends an hour charging about fifteen more and placing them with the others ready for use. She would need to explain their value to the youngsters soon.

Taking the cell phone from a pocket in her robes, she removes the sim card from the device and simply dumps the phone in a desk drawer. Looking at the bracelet on her wrist, she smiles as Jingu creates a slot for the card. The slot promptly disappears after the sim card is put in place.

Ku Lon settles into a meditative state while she and Jingu begin combing through the wealth of data now available to them.

After they awake the next morning, Mu Se and Xian Pu learn they will be staying at the new base in Juban from now on. Even though it means they will have to carry heavy packs through the crowded subway system, they are happy to learn this.

Eating a quick breakfast, they pack up the supplies they need and make their way to the train. Ku Lon informs Xian Pu she will be responsible for safely escorting Mu Se to and from his appointment as the matriarch will dealing with supervising the movers coming tomorrow. Xian Pu is not very pleased but accepts her duty.

Ridding themselves of their burdens. Ku Lon tells the youngsters she will see to putting this away and they should begin getting to know the area. Mu Se decides to get the birds eye view, since Ku Lon advised shape shifting could be dangerous while recovering from surgery. Xian Pu decides to go on foot patrol.

Mu Se is finding now that it is by choice he truly enjoys testing his wings. Xian Pu discovered she could broadcast the words she heard for translation even if she does not understand them.

Amazingly it is very possible for a falcon's call to sound much like a laugh. This Mu Se discovered while watching the fall out of explaining to Xian Pu exactly what a construction worker called her meant. It was short and brutal but the man oh so deserved it. Xian Pu spent a while in her cat form until Mu Se watching from above confirmed that the man was to embarrassed to try pressing charges with the police.
Ku Lon having heard the broadcast as well, both applauded the girl's response and admonished her to be more careful.

One of the gifts Mu Se had gained was the ability to detect energy patterns. This made finding the bearer of the Illusion Silver Crystal easy to pick out. Finding the blond with the twin ponytails was walking along with the girl with the short blue hair from yesterday was an added bonus to Mu Se's mind. Without her disguise field he was stunned by how similar she looked to Tendo Akane. Mu Se's wings shuddered at the thought that she might be nearly as violent as that girl.

Trailing them discreetly from various perches, Mu Se follows them until they go into a store called the "Crown Arcade". At this point Mu Se calls in Xian Pu to continue observation and goes back to researching the lay of the land.

Xian Pu arrives at the arcade and discovers it is also a mini restaurant specializing in deserts, sodas, and other sweets. Chuckling at the thought that this is everything a teenage girl needs, she finds the two girls Mu Se followed sitting in a booth with another pretty blond, a beautiful girl with long black hair and a very tall athletic girl with brown hair in a ponytail. All were around the same age and only slightly younger then herself. Xian Pu orders a sundae and a drink and taking a booth nearby to the group settles back to listen in.

To Xian Pu the girls are carefully avoiding talking about anything other than what teenage girls should. Grinning she sends a message to "lover boy" that the girl he rescued seems the most reserved and intellectual of the group.

Nothing much happens for a while and Xian Pu enjoys her Sundae. This alters entirely when an irate young woman with short blond hair stalks up to the table nearly dragging another young woman, with green hair, vainly trying to calm her down.

"Usagi I need to talk with you, I need your help." says the short haired blond less than levelly to the blond with twin pony tails.

The girl offers the two of them a seat and asks, "What is troubling you Haruka-chan?"

Nearly trembling with rage Haruka responds. "I want your help to punish an old bastard and his brat."

Usagi blinks in shock at this pronouncement. Responding evenly, "What do they need to be punished for?"

Haruka snarls, "The honor-less dog spent all of my Aunt's money and abandoned her to go on a 'training trip' where he seduced some slut and had a bastard child with her. My aunt killed herself when she found out he claimed to marry this other woman."

Ami chimes in, "Shouldn't this be a matter for the police?"

The other girls around the table respond similarly.

Haruka is shaking now. "The man is in police custody and I have been invited to press charges against him. I discovered the slut and this 'Ranma' she bore were sheltered by her family. I want to pay all three of them back in pain for what my aunt Sakura suffered."

Usagi and the others are vainly try to calm the girl down, when they all hear an announcement.

"Get in line." is all Xian Pu says while now standing in front of their table.

Blinking Haruka heatedly says, "Nan desu ka?"

Unfazed by the girls anger, Xian Pu smiles. "Panda-man has wronged many, so you wait turn to harm him. Ranma much harmed in his care and you will no touch him. Airen's mother very honorable lady, no hear you call 'slut' again."

Pushing past the green haired girl, Haruka stands in front of Xian Pu and tries to stare her down. "You think you can stop me?"

Xian Pu grins in response, its not a nice grin. "Airen no need protection from weak girl like you. You try hurt mother and I kill."

Haruka throws a punch at Xian Pu's face. Xian Pu brushes it to the side casually with her hand while planting an open palm strike to Haruka's mid-section. As the other girl collapses to the floor, Xian Pu sighs "Too too stupid girl."

Without looking back Xian Pu leaves the store. The other girls can only stare on in shock.

Ranma and Noriko make their appearance from the Dojo shortly after noon. Ranma choose to appear first in his male form, thinking it should be the most recognizable.

Everyone is sitting at the table. Akane is staring as Ranma approaches, moving with a grace beyond anything he had before. Nabiki pokes her in the side, "Don't drool sis."

Akane closes her mouth and tries to recover herself. Nodoka is beside herself with how much more handsome and graceful her son is, and how much more he resembles her now. She gets up impulsively and races to embrace her son. Ranma for his part, tries to comfort his now sobbing mother.

Smiling at this touching tableau, Noriko continues to the veranda and changes her shoes. Sitting down with the others at the table she accepts a plate of curry and rice from Kasumi. "How have you girls been?"

Kasumi smiles, "We have been quite well. Nabiki assisted Akane and I in getting started with the study materials. Akane went to see a counselor yesterday and feels a little better."

Noriko notes Akane's affirmative nod.

Nabiki pick up the explanation,"All three of us have appointments next week to talk as well. Akane joined us for practicing Tai Chi and meditation this morning."

After a pause while smiling at her younger sister,"And Akane did a wonderful job making curry for lunch today."

Noting the food is quite good, Noriko indicates as much to Akane who perks up under the praise.

Nodoka has recovered herself and leads Ranma to the table as Akane addresses Noriko. "I know I made off to a very bad start. I am endeavoring to learn to control my emotions. If I am able to accomplish this will you consider accepting me as a student Sensei."

Noriko beams at the young woman. "I will definitely consider it Akane-chan. There might be one who could teach you in an style you are more familiar with though. I will introduce you to him in a few more days and you may ask him."

Akane nods and continues working on her on plate. Ranma smiles and places a congratulatory hand on her shoulder. Akane almost flinches but seeing his smile relaxes and says, "Domo Ranma-san"

After finishing her meal and collecting her plates. Noriko makes a few quick calls on her cell phone confirming preparations. Turning to the others she smiles at Nabiki. "Could I ask you to also assist Ranma in starting on his studies Nabiki-chan?"

Nabiki smiles in return. "Certainly Norkio-san"

Ranma suppresses a cringe a the thought of studying. Turning to his mom, "Would you consider bathing with me in the onsen Oka-san?" She nods with concealed joy.

Kasumi chimes in, "That sounds fun, may I join you?"

Pulling on his pigtail Ranma mumbles, "I think I will use my girl form so everyone is more comfortable."

Noriko clears her throat. "I am sorry I have to miss the fun but I have one last piece of business to take care of tonight with my new ward."

Nabiki's curiosity peaks, "Who is this new ward?"

Noriko replies, "I just received confirmation from my lawyer that due to abandonment by her family I can become Ucchan's guardian as well. She has decided she wants to attend the same academy that I was planning for you to attend. I was going to get the paperwork completed and filed. I want to have her moved to a safer place then Nerima quickly. I have arranged housing for her and Konatsu at the academy and was going to see to getting them moved there tonight.

Akane briefly bristles hearing that Noriko would also care for Ukyo so much. Akane calms realizing that except for the fighting over Ranma, she does like the girl. Akane then almost tears up remembering how Ukyo described her past without the normal filter of jealousy and anger.

With a small smile Akane ventures, "Since we are all your wards now, do you think she would let me call her sis Noriko-san"

Noriko grin conspiratorially at Akane, "I think she would like that Akane-chan

Noriko makes her exit from the house.

Akane and Nabiki go up to continue studying. Nabiki snickers at the exclamations from Nodoka and Kasumi when seeing Ranma's new female form. Akane shakes her head ruefully while listening to Ranma's half hearted protests while her mother helps her wash up.

Noriko meets up with on of her lawyer's assistants with two waiting cars outside Ucchan's. Knocking on the door she is welcomed by a smiling Konatsu. Entering the restaurant she finds everything packed and ready for the movers the following day.

The young lawyer presents them with the paperwork. They both sign and seal the papers. Ukyo is near tears having been accepted into a new family and getting a new name. Noriko gathers the sobbing girl in a hug. The lawyer says he will have the documents filed, and copies sent to the concerned parties.

He almost succeeds in hiding his sneer, thinking about how little concern the girl's family had shown for her welfare. Excusing himself politely he leaves and gets into one of the cars outside. Konatsu bows to him before closing the sliding door.

Ukyo is slowly recovering herself. mumbling about being grateful and happy but wishing there had been some way to reconcile with her family.

Noriko just holds her close offering silent comfort to the child that his now hers to love. After Ukyo composes herself, Noriko mentions Akane's request with a grin.

Ukyo somehow starts laughing and crying at the same time, but gets out that she would indeed be willing to call all of the Tendo girls sister.

Konatsu smiles in the background, while quietly moving the suitcases and boxes of personal items to the car. Having already determined it's purpose.

By the time Ukyo has fully recovered herself, Konatsu has already loaded everything they are taking with them in the car. Noriko tells Ukyo of her plans for the rest of the evening and receives a nod of understanding and consent. Konatsu finishes making sure the store is secure and joins them after they enter the car.

The drive to Mahora Academy takes several hours and Konatsu regales the ladies with the stories of what he had found going on in Nerima.

They all double over laughing at the foolishness of the Kuno clan's children and Noriko indicates her approval at Konatsu having contacted her retained law firm to prevent the father's influence from getting the children out with only a slap on the wrist. Konatsu advises that Sano-san had encountered Hibiki Ryoga and made clear his lady's intended repercussions should he continue to hound her charges.

Ukyo seems slightly green at the idea of being served "Roast Pork". "Ano...Oba-san would you really do that to Ryoga? I know he can be as big a jerk as Ranma at times, but I don't think he deserves that."

Noriko spends a few minutes making sure Ukyo understands the interplay between Ranma, Akane, and the Hibiki boy. Ukyo's expression goes from shock to anger, 'Maybe a pork okonomyaki is in order'.

Noriko seeing this expression puts a hand on Ukyo's shoulder. "I don't believe the boy is beyond redemption, but he has terrible problems with anger and blaming anyone except himself for his problems. I felt the best position to start from was one of fear an unknown force, since he seems to respond to direct threats by running away."

Turning to Konatsu again, "I assume Sano-san was successful in placing a tracking device on the boy."

Konatsu nods, "Sano-san stated the boy gave no sign he felt the device slip under his skin when his arm was prevented from destroying the wall."

Noriko nods in approval, "How well is the device operating?"

"The observers thought the device was broken since the pattern was erratic but I assured them that was normal for Hibiki-san." Konatsu says with a grin.

They arrive at Mahora Academy shortly there after and are met at the dormitory by a tall well dressed man with spiky grey hair. Noriko greets him while stepping from the vehicle.

"A pleasure to see you again Takamichi-san. How have you been?"

Takamichi responds, "I have been well Noriko-san."

Noriko handles the introductions, "Takamichi-san I would like you to meet my ward Himura Ukyo and her retainer Kenzen Konatsu. Ukyo-chan, Konatsu-chan I would like you to meet Takamichi T. Takahata." They each bow in turn with their introductions.

Winking at her charges Noriko continues, "Takahata-sensei teaches at the middle school but has a hand in maintaining discipline around the school. So please stay out of trouble children, I don't think you want on Death Glasses Takahata's bad side."

Ukyo blink-blinks away the small hearts that had formed in her eyes away at this statement.

Looking slightly embarrassed Takamichi says, "It's not really that bad, there are a few delinquents that like to get into fights around the school that I have had to deal with that gave me that nickname."

Konatsu responds, "We will do our best to stay clear of trouble sensei."

Between the four of them, the driver of the car, and a rolling cart, they are able to get everything from the car to the room on the third floor in one trip. The room they are given is a suite with two bedrooms with a shared multi-use room with kitchenette and a bath with shower. Having at brought everything into the apartment Noriko dismisses the driver.

Takahata-sensei explains the facility's layout with a map. This dorm is for the use of high school aged students. There are three floors with rooms for students. The layout varies from single occupancy rooms up to suites for four people to share. In an attached building there are workshops available for resident use and a full bathhouse setup divided into men's and women's areas.

"I have also arranged for you to meet with the faculty members who have agreed to be tutors for the both of you tomorrow" Takahata finishes.

Konatsu responds with shock, "Both of us?"

Noriko smiles with false innocence, "Why of course Konatsu-chan, I mean for everyone in my family to have a good education. However, you may dress the way you feel most comfortable in your off time but I expect you to dress appropriately when attending class."

Konatsu goes to one knee and bows his head, "Hai Noriko-sama. Domo Arigato Gozaimashta."

Grinning Noriko responds "Do itashii mashte".

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Nan desu ka - What did you say.

Domo - thanks, shortened form of Domo Arigato Gozaimas

Domo Arigato Gozaimashta - Thank you very much (past tense), better translation I am grateful for what you have done.

Do itashii mashte - best translation the pleasure/honor is mine.

Ano - meaning undetermined used in the same manner as Ahhh and Umm in english.

I used the english format for death glasses' intro because it just sounds better.