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Chapter 15 - of Gods and Men

Noriko smiles at Happi's reintroduction to his student. She had felt the alerts on the vaults being opened one by one all night and the real show was about to start. She still had a bit of time to kill though.

Noriko sets her two students to the forms practice she had planned for today. Feeling certain they were ready to be left on their own, Noriko walked over to where Akane and Nabiki were watching Happi and Ranma's continued sparring.

'So Happi decided to get used to his new body by sparring with his favorite student', Noriko thinks with a grin. Sitting down next to Akane she comments. "He is quite impressive don't you think girls."

Nabiki succeeds in pulling her eyes away from the two men trading kicks, punches, blocks, and throws all just a few inches off the ground. "Which one?"

Noriko smirks, "Both actually. So girls would you rather learn my Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu or Happi's Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu?"

Akane stares at the older woman and blushes. "They both seem rather impressive Obaa-san." Nabiki's open mouthed stare at the two men seems to agree.

"It's not that you have to make an absolute choice. More which would you like to learn first since we are not lacking for time." Noriko says with a shrug.

Nabiki says, "I don't think I can match those two anytime soon. I would gladly study your kendo style Obaa-san."

"I have never seen father use anything close to the techniques Happosai is using now, but I always wanted to master our family's style of unarmed combat. Do you think Happosai will agree to teach me?" Akane states quietly.

Noriko shrugs, "We can only ask."

The three women watch for a while longer and Ranma finally succeeds in throwing and pinning the newly young but still older man. Happosai greets this with a great deal of laughter, much to Ranma's shock.

Happosai finally is able to get out between chuckles. "Ranma my boy you are truly impressive. Would you allow this bitter old man to become your teacher in truth?"

Ranma steps back. "I've heard some of your story old man, but I won't follow the lead of someone who molests and steals from others."

Happi grins, "Ah, if only you children's fathers had near that much backbone. I promise I will improve my behavior. I trust you won't think badly of me trying to find a lady who would willingly accept my attentions though." The last said with a wink.

Ranma sighs and nods his head in acceptance. This at least is a start on a path to reformation.

Noriko leads the two girls over and nudges Akane. "Happosai-sensei would you consider taking me on as a student as well?"

Happosai cups his chin in his hand. "I will be honest with you Akane-chan. You have great potential, but with the temper you have shown, your about as safe to be around as a fully loaded cart of blasting oil rolling unchecked off a cliff." Waving his hands to forestal Akane from interupting. "Since I place a lot of the blame on my worthless student being a worthless father without Takara's help, I am willing to give you training in Kempo if you promise to continue working on your temper. In exchange would you and your sisters consider giving a old man a chance to redeem himself?"

Akane and Nabiki quietly voice their acceptance

Noriko grins. "I think it would be a good idea if all the girls were to learn kempo so they have a good idea how to defend themselves without weapons. Once they are ready to learn higher arts they can choose which they wish to learn or even if by then they have found a different style and master they can learn that."

Happosai bows. "I believe that would be a very good plan my lady."

Noriko calls Kasumi and Nodoka over and explains her new plan. The older girls have uncertain looks on their faces but agree with the idea.

Happosai calls to Ranma. "Come Ranma if you wish to be my heir you must also know how to teach. You can start by helping me with these lovely ladies."

The ladies in question find difficulty in deciding if they should be offended or blush at the statement by the now very handsome man.

Noriko calls to everyone. "I have some more errands to run but I should be back around lunch." with that she walks into the house and leaves the others to training.


Noriko arrives just in time to hear the end of Pandra's first speech upon activation. She is remains hidden and smiles as the princess holds her first court, and pronounces judgement upon one who betrayed and abused her office. Seeing the Senshi leave and reseal the vault to carry out the sentence she looks sadly to where Mercury left the Garnet Rod unattended.

Noriko sighs, the princess has potential but must learn to not be so trusting. The vault may be secured to most forms of entry and Noriko herself had placed wards to prevent others from phasing in. The vault had still been raided in the past and the key to the "Gate of Eternity" is far to dangerous to leave unattended.

After Pluto was forced to power down and surrender her heshin stick the Garnet Orb released its hold on the key staff. Noriko walked over to the staff and picked it up easily. Holding her hand to the darkened crystal it crumbles and a small light floats to her hand.

Noriko addresses the light. "I am proud of you child. You endured this silent exile as your queen had sentenced you to, and bore witness to the crimes of others. Rest now Pandra. I will never forget how a being born from chaos sought to punish me for my own callous nature, and made me aware how terrible my sins actually were."

With that the light fades and Noriko vanishes from the room.

Noriko reappears in the formless grey void of the fourth dimension before the gate. Using the key staff she goes through reactivating the gates internal seals. Having finished this she moves to even higher dimensional space.

The woman now taller than Ranma's male form with green eyes, long red hair and bangs like crab claws framing her face. She wears dark brown robes with and odd symbol like wings on the left breast. She holds in her left hand a sphere with the image of the gate inside. Before her a woman wearing complex robes in white and blue appears. The new arrival has pale blue hair in twin tails flowing down her back, pink eyes, and a red dot in the center of her forehead.

The woman Noriko became addresses the other, "Sister by your presence here I assume you agree that this tool must be sealed away."

"What will you tell your princess when she asks about what happened to the gate and key?" the sister asks.

Noriko responds. "I will tell her the truth Tsu-chan. The two Chousin of order and balance together decided that the Eternal Gate is a tool of such temptation that not even they should have access to it and sealed it with their combined powers.

Tsunami nods and they both begin chanting in a language that no mortal will ever know. The orb glows then darkens and disappears.

Noriko nods to her sister. "I will now return to watching and guiding my chosen. Good luck trying to guide Yosho and Ayeka with their empire."

Tsunami shakes her head and covers her face with her hands. Noriko gives her sister a comforting hug before vanishing back to three dimensional space.


After much debate with Evangeline, Setsuna and Kaede are allowed to bring their new students to train at the resort. Ukyo is prevailed upon by Paru to divulge the details of her relationship with her cousin.

Ukyo tells the details of her life to the other girls and her part in making trouble in Nerima. Instead of getting shouted at like she expected to be by Paru, she receives sympathy from her and the other girls.

Setsuna and Asuna help Ukyo with sparring practice. Setsuna endeavors to teach Ukyo how to make wards and shikigami, as well as learn to empower her weapon with chi.

Konatsu on the other hand is having a twelve way melee with Kotaro and Kaede. Each of them simply splitting into four clones.

Negi is endeavoring to get the other girls to work on a practice test and failing to overcome the lure of the high speed ninja battle. Eventually he surrenders and starts watching their techniques with interest himself.

Evangeline meanwhile sits back watching all the entertainment while drinking saki with Chacha-zero (knife wielding animated puppet) and Chamo (Negi's talking ermine).

Ukyo having been told what is planned if the fat panda tries to escape asks. "Can I bake him in a giant okonomiyaki before he is finally locked."

Eva overhearing this promises to ask Noriko if the creature can be brought to her resort so they can take their time exacting creative punishments. Chuckling evilly she orders her servants to make sure a large grilling surface is available and ready.

Eventually everyone settles in to sleep in Eva's palace. In the privacy of her chambers Eva takes out the scroll her former sensei had given her. Sighing she laments that the technique will take decades for her to grow into more than a teenager, but she finally can grow.


Noriko returns to the hinode shrine in time to share a barbecue meal outside with everyone. Ranma tries to start a food battle with Happosai and gets smacked with paper fan for his trouble.

Happosai admonishes. "Show proper manners in front of people boy. There is more than enough to eat, and that habit you picked up with the panda is childish"

The fan disappears again leaving Ranma to wonder where it came from, until realization hits. "Obaa-san gave you the ability to create a weapon space too."

Happi considers using the fan again. "Yes and no boy. I have had the ability to use a pocket space for some time now. Where do you think I was getting those Happo Dikarin from? I admit I have expanded access now and a few other abilities I did not have before. You and I will need to work together to expand the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu to take full advantage of these new abilities in time, but the first lesson you need to learn that has been lacking is that knowledge in general is power."

Ranma gives a uncomprehending look while eating a strip of grilled beef.

Happi really itches to break out the fan again. "What I hoped you had realized by now boy is a true martial artist pursues interests outside the physical arts. The goal of changing and improving society can not be accomplished by force alone. With that in mind I wish for you to commit yourself to your studies and the opportunities you will have at the Academy. I will expect your assistance in teaching the girls kempo. Leading by example is one way to accomplish change but much more can be achieved by one who understands how to teach and guide others."

"You have been leading by example?" Ranma says with deserved sarcasm.

Happi puffs himself up. "I believe I have shown everyone a very good example of what not to do." After joining Ranma in laughing at this he finishes. "I will endeavor to set a better example in the future Ranma."

After finishing their meal the younger generation get into their studies leaving Noriko, Nodoka, and Happosai to themselves. Happosai takes his leave saying he must make sure a few things are secure and will investigate how things are fairing in Tokyo.

Noriko and Nodoka settle in to relax and contemplate the sand garden from the veranda. Noriko asks how things went before she returned. Nodoka admits Happi was on his best behavior during training.

Nodoka says with some surprise. "He even wore a pair of bicycle shorts and a blindfold while everyone shared the onsen. I was impressed he did not try to grope any of the girls by accident. I will believe for now that he is trying to turn over a new leaf."

"Then let us turn to more important topics." Noriko quietly states."You realize that the son that man took on the training trip is gone. Granddaughter are you truly willing to accept your child as who they are and will become?"

Nodoka studies the garden for a time. "I will accept my child and be happy to watch them grow."

"Can you accept your child as a daughter without trying to make her your feminine ideal?" Noriko next asks.

Nodoka smiles sadly, "I will be satisfied with my tomboy at least showing the sense to wear garments that support her body properly." The ladies share a laugh at this.

Noriko continues, "The proposal I have is that Ranma for all his efforts has an abrasive attitude that gets him into trouble. I think there are a number of clubs and activities he can be involved in at Mahora where that will go over better, and he can work on his social skills in a less conformist environment. As for classroom studies, I have noticed Ranko has better social aptitude and gets into less trouble. If you will agree with me on this, I believe we should have your child attend class as Ranko and spend free time as Ranma. Your child has to be female during the end of her monthly cycle. This will save Ranma missing class three or more days a month."

Nodoka arches her eye at Noriko, "You believe we can convince Ranma of this?"

Noriko shakes her head but grins. "Ranma is improving but his pride will get in the way of realizing the logic. I have another tactic to try. He is familiar with amazingly powerful martial artists challenging him. I will introduce him safely to challengers that use martial arts, Ki and spirit powers. We will tell him our plan but give him the chance to win the right to attend school as Ranma if he can defeat the opponent I have lined up for him"

Nodoka asks "Do you believe he can?"

Chuckling Noriko replies, "Ranma has defeated a Youkai of fire that thought itself a demi-god that was incomplete and uncontrolled. The child I have found for him to fight is several years younger than he is but has been training and fighting for his survival since he was old enough to be weaned from his mother breast. I have watched him defeat greater demons that would have simply swallowed Saffron whole*. He has been training even harder since then. My former disciple is a harsh task mistress."

Noriko and Nodoka continue making their plans until they start working on dinner together. Calling the teenagers to dinner they prepare to eat. Ranko joins them at the table this meal. Nodoka inquires of her daughter why she changed.

Ranko shrugs, "Studying is easier in this form sometimes and I haven't spent much time this way the last couple of days."

Happosai returns about this time and his presence is announced when he sees Ranko for the first time, "Yowza"

All eyes turn to him, Happi has the grace to look abashed. "I promise to behave, but it is obvious where you get your looks from Ranko-chan." Ranko and Nodoka smile a little at this compliment. Noriko just winks at Happi. Happi joins them at the table. Nodoka, Noriko, and now Happosai are arranged on the side of the table towards the veranda. Ranko is across from Happosai with Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi to her left. Kasumi is closest to the Kitchen.

They eat their meal with polite conversation and late winter rain storm begins to move into the area. The teenagers compare observations on their studies. They all seem to like the study program. especially that it lets them pick their own topics after the basics of reading, writing, math, science, two foreign languages are also part of the core topics.

"Obaa-san why does the program require us to study English and Mandarin?" Ranko asks.

Noriko grins while finishing a bite of teriyaki chicken. "English is the present language of commerce for the world, it has the highest probability of finding someone who speaks it wherever you go**. Mandarin is the most common dialect of the Chinese language group. Given their sizable population and relative closeness it is an important language to know. Many argue that it is a rising challenger for english as a language for commerce."

Noriko smiles at the group, "So what optional things are you kids studying?"

"There is amazing things on biology and chemistry in the study set." Kasumi says happily.

Nabiki grins, "I am trying the information on accounting and economics. I just found the theory on a Nash equilibrium today." snickering now "Did he really come up with that by telling his friends not to go after the one blond in a group of girls?" Noriko shrugs.

Akane blushes. "I am working on French and Italian. Many plays were originally written in those languages. I thought it might help me if I want to get more into acting and drama." Nabiki and Kasumi give their sister a hug.

Ranko goes last. "I am working through the materials on physics and human anatomy. I thought it would help to better understand those concepts to explain how martial arts techniques work."

Nodoka beams at her child. "That is a very good observation Ranko."

Happosai chimes in as well. "You are very correct in your thinking there my dear."

Noriko smiles as well. "Ranko dear. We need to discuss something. You yourself have observed you have an easier time studying in this form at times. Your mother and I were wanting you to attend classes at the academy in this form."

"Obaa-san!!" Ranko interjects before Noriko cuts her off with a wave of her hand.

"I understand your protests of this Ranko," Noriko mildly continues,"The issue is that as Ranma you tend to gather challengers like flies. This is distracting to your studies, but also the level of challengers that you are likely to find at Mahora are beyond anything you have encountered before. You can still attend clubs and other after school activities as Ranma. I will also give you the chance to prove you can handle the challengers there. In two weeks I have arranged for you to be able to face a young man studying under a former student mine there. If you can defeat this boy we will allow you to attend school as a male. Win or lose you can make friends and gain a new sparring partner that is not trying to seriously injure you. Unlike that young Hibiki boy."

Somewhere a boy wearing a bandanna sneezes.

Ranma sensing a challenge turns to Happosai. "Will you help me prepare for this challenge Sensei."

Happosai coughs, "I will do my best to help you, but if the former student is who I think it is then the boy may have attacks and defenses I have no experience with."

Ranma blinks, "There are enemies even your afraid of?"

Happosai shrugs, "I may have more energy now and can devise ways to fight almost anything. That does not mean that there are not beings out there you are still better of being wary of. Ancient vampires tend to rank fairly high on that list."

Noriko snorts, "Kitty*** has never threatened anyone that has not attacked her first. Even when she feeds on humans she has not killed in centuries. Don't call her Kitty though it tends to annoy her greatly. She might try to test if your mortal or not. Besides the young man I have arranged for Ranma to face is a dog hanyo. I think it should be a reasonably fair fight."

Ranma asks, "You get away with calling her Kitty though?"

Noriko smirks, "I believe I have her fairly convinced not to attack me, and we have known each other long enough she puts up with my eccentricities. I would suggest youngsters like yourselves not test her patience though."

Happosai sighs, "Well Ranko, I suggest you head upstairs to finish your studies for the night and get to sleep. We can get an early start on training in the morning."

"Happi can you assist everyone with their training in the morning? I will be away most of the day tommorow." Noriko asks.

Happosai nods, "I can do that Noriko-san."

After cleaning up the table the teenagers retire to their rooms to study and sleep. Nodoka enjoys watching a drama on the TV. Happosai breaks out his pipe and challenges Noriko to a game of shogi on the veranda while watching the rain. Neither of them endeavors to distract the other to cheat.


The next morning dawns with Ranma and Happosai already busy sparring. The storm still going and adding a new dynamic to the training. Noriko works on preparing breakfast for everyone before the others are up.

Kasumi enters the room and glances out the window. "Oh my, It's a good thing the onsen is here those two will be frozen training like this." Noriko nods.

Noriko chuckles. "They should be fine. Kasumi-chan I have everything ready except for the miso prepared. Can you fix that and serve everyone breakfast. I have a full day ahead of me and need to get started." Kasumi grins and takes over preparations. Noriko leaves the room and house.


The Storm from the night before made its way to Tokyo. Mu Se, Ku Lon, and Xian Pu make their way to the doctor's office in Shinjuku for Mu Se's final appointment. The bandages are removed and Mu Se is pleased to be able to at least correctly identify Koru-sensei, Xian Pu, and Ku Lon even if they are still a little blurry.

The eye exam confirms that while still nearsighted, Mu Se is now a .4 and can get by well with normal corrective lenses or contacts. The amazon is given both some reasonably styled glasses and several sets of disposable contacts. Mu Se practically crows with delight, of course he insists on trying on the contacts first. Xian Pu rolls her eyes and tries to hide her smile. Ku Lon does not bother hiding hers and congratulates the young man.

Taking the train back to the Minato ward Mu Se is happily studying everything outside the windows. Xian Pu is happy she only had to twist a few perverts fingers this trip.

Arriving back at the Azabu-Juban station they get back to their new base of operations. They find Noriko siting on a stack of crates in the warehouse behind the back of the storefront.

"So can you see the world more clearly now Mu Se?" Noriko asks the grinning young man.

He quickly responds, "Hai Noriko-san."

Ku Lon being more pragmatic asks. "So what brings you here today Noriko-sama?"

"I promised Mu Se extra armaments that would go well with finishing off a restrained demon." She replies while hopping of the crate and grabbing a crowbar.

Opening a crate she takes out a meter long tube and shows it to Mu Se and the other Amazons. "This is a weapon based on the M72 LAW the U.S. military uses." releasing a clasp she slides one end back expanding the tube. "This acts as a safety preventing the weapon from firing and reducing the carry size. Once in this position it is ready to fire. Ku Lon-chan can you raise a barrier for me."

Ku Lon raises her barrier around the warehouse, and Noriko takes aim at a thick metal plate leaning against cinder blocks at the back of the warehouse.

Noriko glances behind her, "This produces a cloud of hot gases so please don't stand behind me." Ku Lon and Xian Pu move well out of the way. Noriko checks the sight and presses one button that glows blue and a second that fires the weapon. Within a heartbeat the projectile strikes the metal plate and there is an explosion. When the smoke clears the plate has been blasted through and everything in the vicinity is frozen.

Showing the controls to Mu Se, Noriko states. "There is four possible elemental affinities the weapon can selectively express: Ice, Fire, Earth, and Wood. The projectile itself is inherently charged with metal elemental power. These are one use only, but please don't simply discard the launcher."

Noriko grins, "You will find the destructive power is on par with Xian Pu's Plasma Blade. Any of your team can use them, but please be cautious of collateral damage"

Mu Se walks over to the open crate. Grinning he quickly make four of the weapons disappear in his sleeves. "I believe these should prove interesting."


blasting oil - common name for Nitroglycerin before Alfred Nobel combined it with a stabilizer to make dynamite. It could literally be set off by someone sneezing too hard around it.

Chousin - The three highest deities of the tenchi universe. arguably representing the three great universal forces. Tsunami-kami-sama for order, Washu-kami-sama for chaos(balance,growth), Tokimi-kami-sama for destruction

This chapter is the end of any real reference to Tenchi Muyo that I have been hinting at since chapter two. Washu-chan in that story line is more an agent of chaos and does not exist in my story having run up against something that drastically changes her view of the universe before creating Ryoko. Tokimi will not be making an appearance since she is too busy trying to destroy the Jurai.

Ranma definitely will not manifest the "wings of the light hawk" or any variant there of. I can't promise that no cabbits will make an appearance though.

shikigami - paper charms that can be empowered by a practitioner of Onmyodo to take the forms of animals or people to serve specific purposes.

Onmyodo - Japanese esoteric mysticism heavily influenced by Taoism, Buddhism, and Shintoism. practitioners referred to as Onmyoji.

*refer to Negima chapter 210. Kotaro is grinning while preparing to trounce a gigantic flying demon singlehandedly in the arena. The picture is very nice display of power.

**I am not going to argue with anyone about this

Nash equilibrium - concept of game theory developed by John Forbes Nash, subject of the 2001 movie a beautiful mind.

***Evangeline Athanasia Kitty McDowell - previously referred to as Eva or Evangeline

shogi - Japanese and asian version of chess

.4 - decimal measure for eye sight. corresponds to 20/50 vision, 20/20 is a decimal equivalent of 1. I don't even want to guess what he was before.

M72 LAW - (Light Anti-tank Weapon) replacement for the bazooka since the Korean war in the U.S military arsenal. weight 2.5 Kg length less than a meter. Caliber rating 66 and muzzle velocity 145 m/s