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Chapter 16 - Tactical Advantage

Mu Se's contemplation of the new equipment is interrupted by loud pounding on the door to the storefront. Ku Lon sends Xian Pu to investigate. The girl returns escorting another amazon elder and a group of teenagers. The attempt to escort them quickly is hampered by a green haired girl trying to talk with her excitedly in mandarin.

"Welcome Mas Cre we have been expecting you and your arrival could not be better timed." Ku Lon says addressing the younger Matriarch.

Mas Cre appears younger in that she is less wizened, still being around a meter tall. "We arrived as quickly as we could." Looking at Noriko she continues, "As you requested great lady I have brought more warriors to help this cause. I fear that I could not bring as many as first hoped."

Noriko bows to the elder. "Your haste is appreciated. You need not worry over the number that joined you. The value of your added experience and guidance for these young warriors is a greater boon." The matriarch bows in acceptance. Noriko then addresses the new group as a whole. "Your willingness to come to the defense of others is a testament to your warriors spirit. I am greatly pleased with all of you. Please remember I am Himura Noriko and not to refer to me as anything else."

After seeing everyone acknowledge this last statement Mas Cre begins the introductions. Starting with green haired girl that finally separated from Xian Pu to join the others. "This young warrior is Par Fum." The girl's black eyes sparkle with excitement as she bows. The matriarch continues with a lanky young man with long loose blue-black hair and violet eyes. "Bru Xi is one of the village's best male fighters" The young man gives a winning smile as he bows. Continuing to a young man with jet black hair and grey eyes wearing robes with wide sleeves, "Po Mad has been studying the hidden weapons style and is eager to compare techniques with Mu Se." The young man bows respectfully to both Noriko and Mu Se.

"I would enjoy the chance to do so with a peer." Mu Se responds bowing to Mas Cre.

Mas Cre smiles and continues the introduction with the tallest girl in the group. "Xin Chi is the current village champion." The green eyed girl bows deeply causing her reddish brown braid to slide over her shoulder. Then the matron introduces the last girl whose almost amber colored hair is in long twin braids. "Har Bo is one of the villages best strategists." The girls violet eyes reflect her smile as she bows. Lastly she introduces a powerfully built young man with white hair and blue eyes. "Bu Fer has recently returned from studying with monks and insisted on joining this expedition." The young man bows as well.

Noriko smiles at Po Mad. "I believe I will start with you so you may begin working with Mu Se." Holding out a grey bracelet with a blue stone. "Your Partners name is Dire Wight. Simply put this bracelet on and look for him in you mind." The young man slips the bracelet on his right wrist. After a few moments concentration the young man's robes turn light grey and blue. A multiple grey chains with spiked ends float around him like smoke. Noriko dismisses him with a wink, he skims along the ground to where Mu Se is by the crates.

Beaconing Xin Chi next she holds out a black bracelet with a amber stone. "Your partner is called Guisarme." The girl puts the bracelet on her right wrist and after a moment her pantsuit's colors darken to match the bracelet and a weapon like a spear with a thick blade tip that has a blade spike projecting from the uncurved edge. The girl bows and floats into the air. After taking a moment to adjust herself, she dances her way to where Ku Lon is standing while twirling the weapon.

Grinning at Har Bo, she chuckles as the girl comes to her while discreetly putting a magazine with a colorful cover back inside her pouch. "Your partner is Saber." She says emphatically while holding out a light blue bracelet with an emerald stone. The girl puts the bracelet on her left wrist and her clothes are replaced by scale mail cheongsam with a skirt split on both sides to mid thigh. A long curved sword with a spiked hand guard and a straight grip long enough for both hands appears in front of her. Noriko leans over to her and whispers in her ear. The girl lets out a cheer and dashes over to the crates with Mu Se and Po Mad.

Noriko calls for Bu Fer to attend her next. "Your partners name is Storm Roar." The boy bows and accepts a sky blue bracelet with a silver stone. Placing the bracelet on his right wrist, his clothing is quickly changed to pants, sleeveless gi top, belt, and bracers in silver trimmed blue. Spreading out before him is a large tessen almost as long as his arm. Closing the fan and placing it through his belt behind his back he places his right hand over his left fist with his arms parallel to his shoulders and bows to noriko before walking over to join the others.

Motioning to Par Fum with a orange bracelet with a red stone. "Your going to work with Falchion." The girl grins and puts the bracelet on her left wrist. Her clothing also becomes a scale mail cheongsam. The blade she holds in a one handed grip has a thick single edged blade with a curved tip meeting the straight back and a flat guard. The girl bows and dances with the sword over to rejoin Xian Pu.

Without smiling she motions for Bru Xi to join her, holding out a red bracelet with an opalescent stone. "Your pride could mean danger for many, be certain to keep it in check. Your partner is Crimson Gale." The bow bows humbly and places the item on his right wrist. His clothing transforms similarly to Bu Fer in opal trimmed red. In his hands he holds a set of spiked wind and fire wheels connected by a chain running through the back of his belt.

Crossing the wheels in front of his body he bows, "I will endeavor to serve and assist my allies humbly Noriko-sama." He walks off to join Ku Lon.

Bowing to elder Mas Cre, Noriko holds out a dark green bracelet with a orange stone. "To aid you I present Nangun." The shorter woman bows and puts the bracelet on her right wrist. Her clothing's colors change and she now has a dark green staff with the orange stone in the center.

Elder Mas Cre responds for all of them. "We are grateful for these tools Noriko-sama."

Ku Lon approaches the two women. Noriko turns to Ku Lon and hands her an envelope. "I would expect for you to hear from the Senshi very soon. When you meet with them the JDF would like for them to have this." Leaning in close to both the elders she quietly says, "For your charges sake do not forget to give them their share. I am reasonably certain they will appreciate having spending money." With a wink she straightens back up. "I will leave you to train with your charges. You know how to contact me if needed." To everyone's surprise she disappears into the floor with a grin.

Having powered back down Har Bo approaches the elders and bows respectfully to Ku Lon.

"What is it child?" Ku Lon calmly requests

Blushing Har Bo replies, "Noriko-sama told me you had a method that Saber could use to access the internet."

Ku Lon sighs, "Yes child. I expect you to be researching methods and tactics, not just reading manga though."

The girl blushes further, "You have my word Elder."

The Dark Evangeline is having difficulty keeping from laughing evilly. Eva is currently in her private chambers of her resort's palace. She is currently studying video on a television and making notes. Turning to the tall blond haired girl with odd projections for ears next to her. "You are certain there is more footage and reports to find Chachamaru?"

"Hai Evangeline-sama, it appears that Noriko-san had a number of police reports and news stories quietly buried, but the footage and reports are still on the network. I and Hakase-san should be able to collect the rest within the next few days." Chachamaru humbly responds.

Eva does let out an evil laugh now. "I will see to it the mutt is well prepared to take down this whelp. Chachamaru ask Ucchan and Konatsu to join me."

Chachamaru leaves the room and Eva returns to studying the video, still grinning with dark mirth. Ukyo and Konatsu soon return with Chachamaru. Ukyo notices what Eva is watching.

"Sugar, why are you watching videos of Ranchan fight" Ukyo asks with widened eyes.

Eva studies Ukyo for a few moments before responding. "You are aware that Noriko intends for Ranma to study here at Mahora at the start of the new term, correct?"

Ukyo nods, "Noriko-san mentioned that after I chose to come here myself."

Eva gives a fanged grin, "Were you aware that she intends for him to attend classes in his female form?"

Ukyo furrows her brow. "No, an' I can't say I see why."

Eva puts on her half circle reading glasses and picks up a few papers. "Noriko has observed that Ranma has an easier time studying and attracts less trouble as a female. From what I have researched I would agree. From what I have heard of his life he has some serious misconceptions and difficulties related to women. I would say having her go to classes would be a good choice. He can still go to clubs and other activities though. Ranma's dual nature will be there for life and he needs to become comfortable with it."

Sighing Ukyo ask, "Sugar if you're telling us this you must want something from Konatsu-chan an' I. So what is it?"

Putting down her papers Eva responds. "Do you agree with Noriko's logic in this?"

Ukyo tilts her head and looks of to the side. "Eva honey, I know Ranchan is not going to like it, but I can see the sense in it." Konatsu nods agreement to this.

Eva smiles, "Noriko is aware Ranma will not like it so she will offer him a chance to .... make his own destiny. She plans to have Ranma take on Kotaro in a challenge match. If Kotaro wins Ranma will be able to attend class as a male. I am researching what is known of Ranma's fighting style to add to my knowledge of Noriko's abilities to train Kotaro to win the fight. As witnesses to some of Ranma's more recent fights I wish to get your accounts of his fights and insight on his fighting style."

Konatsu looks at Ukyo and responds for both of them. "I believe we are willing to assist you in this Eva-sama."

Eva grins and they start to compare observations while Chachamaru brings everyone tea.


Noriko arrives outside a large manor in the Suginami ward of Tokyo. The building is a large three story european style building surrounded by a high wrought iron fence. The guards at the gate recognize her and she is escorted to the main doors. A butler meets her at there.

"Welcome Norkio-dono, Kenjiro-sama is waiting for you in the drawing room" The man says bowing her inside. He leads her across an entry hall framed by two curved staircases to a door situated under the landing where they meet. Opening the door, the butler quietly announces her and excuses himself.

A man of height with Ranma's current female form is standing by an open fireplace wearing a deep blue hakuma. The flames highlight the man's thick deep red hair that is held in a tail flowing down his back to his waist. Turning to face Noriko she looks into his cold blue eyes. "You wanted to see me for something Kenji-kun." Noriko brightly asks.

Kenji nods, "Oka-san I have heard that you have retrieved my wayward daughter and her son and made them part of the family again. I would ask what you have planned for them."

Noriko smiles, "I plan to give them the support of this family and let them enjoy life."

With an air of detachment from reality that would make a Kuno cringe, Kenji continues. "What of this family's honor debts and the connections we need to strengthen." He hotly asks while approaching Noriko.

Smile never slipping Noriko responds. "By honor debts and connections I assume you mean the money and loyalties you mean to gain by using your children and grandchild as currency. You nearly destroyed Nodoka with this game before, and I sent Kari-chan to a safe boarding school to keep her away from you. Do not test my patience again child."

Ignoring the threat Kenji returns. "Oka-san I have found an excellent match for Kari-chan. There is a friend of mine willing to marry Nodoka. I even found a lord interested in marrying my granddaughter Ranko."

Kenji suddenly finds himself unable to move. Shrugging Noriko says, "Kenji my son, I love you but I have waited a century for you to show maturity and respect for the lives of others. You just went through strikes one, two, and three when you were already on three. I guess it will be necessary for me to start from scratch."

Walking to the door, Noriko opens it and speaks to the waiting butler and guards. "Please make sure all future callers are informed that Kenjiro has retired to the family retreat in Hokkaido to spend his waning years in meditation and reflection. He will not be responding to any future contacts."

With that the door closes on Himura Kenjiro. The family home is packed up and the grounds sold within a week. No one cares to ask where Kenjiro has gone.


The sailor scouts have spent several days recovering from the shock of what Pluto revealed. The same evening the new amazons arrived Usagi asked Rei to contact Ku Lon through the sacred fire. Ku Lon agreed to meet with Usagi and any other Senshi the next day at the crown arcade.

Ku Lon decided to bring Xian Pu so the senshi had someone to recognize. Usagi agrees to leave Uranus out of the meeting to avoid hostilities. Usagi does invite Michiru to represent the outers.

The next day Xian Pu and the two elders await the Senshi. Usagi, Minako, and Michiru meet them near noon. Usagi and her party join the amazons at the table. Xian Pu introduces Ku Lon and Mas Cre as elders from her village. Usagi is surprised at discovering Ku Lon must be the oldest woman she has ever seen. Minako and Michiru are slightly better able to disguise their surprise.

Usagi bows to the elder. "I apologize for my behavior elder Ku Lon. The image you had in the fire makes meeting you in person a bit of a surprise."

Ku Lon chuckles at the girls reaction. "One can always be young in spirit child. The body can only last so long but I believe I will be around for a while longer."

Usagi nods, "I was interested in finding out what your group is planning, and what aid you have to offer."

"We have a special agency contract with the JDF for demon extermination. We have set up a base here in Juban as this is where you are and where the demons will be attracted to." Ku Lon responds.

"If I leave this area will the demons follow me?" Usagi asks.

Ku Lon shakes her head negatively. "I fear that will not prevent future demon attacks. Demons have to spend much more effort to travel to this plane themselves then it takes to summon them here. It is similar to us trying to force our way to their plane. The demons we are encountering now would have spent months our time readying their dimensional travel. The point they are trying to reach is where they sensed the Ginzuisho when they began their preparations, though it can and will experience drift as their is flux between the dimensions."

"Is there a way to shield the Ginzuisho to keep it from attracting more demons without destroying it?" Usagi asks quietly.

"Noriko-sama has told me she can held you to disguise the crystal. We can arrange for you to meet with her soon. I will warn you though to most humans who are sensitive to spirits or have methods to detect them she and many of the people she is with will have signatures of half demons." Ku Lon replies.

The three Senshi share a look. 'Noriko must be what Pandra is calling herself now.'

Usagi speaks for her group. "I believe we can live with that Elder Ku Lon."

"That is good. It is imperative that the beacon is removed. Once that is done we can safely say there will be an end to the demon incursions." Ku Lon says gravely." We have yet to see the worst. The JDF is preparing evacuation plans for the whole of the city of Tokyo. We have means of detecting the incursions and are working on getting a better time frame for preparations. Would you be available for an excursion to meet Noriko this weekend? it should not take more than a day."

"I and some others can be available this weekend." Usagi answers. "Where should we meet?"

Ku Lon replies, "We can meet at the station for the Tokaido Shinkansen on Saturday morning at ten in the morning. We will provide tickets but how many should we expect?"

"I would like to bring all eight of us." Usagi replies.

Ku Lon looks askance at this. "Pluto is no longer counted among our number." Usagi replies to the unasked question.

Ku Lon smiles in acceptance. "Then we will be expecting you Saturday morning."

Usagi and the others prepare to leave but Ku Lon stops them and hands Usagi an envelope. Usagi opens it and discovers a bank book with a summary of deposits.

Ku Lon grins. "The JDF has a quiet but sizable bounty on hostile non-humans. They respected your desire to protect your identities but have been holding these funds for your group. We informed them of our desire to make ourselves your allies and requested this be delivered to you. The access to the accounts only require the security information listed there and not identification. The amounts are reduced by the cost of collateral damage your team created. I believe you are the best to determine how it should be distributed between your team as its leader."

The Senshi were giving the best effort to listening to this while trying to keep their eyebrows from raising into their hair looking at the total values deposited, plus interest. "T-t-thank you very much Elder Ku Lon." Usagi finally is able to get out.

Ku Lon simply smiles and hands Usagi a small black pouch. "We will have our teams keep things safe for the day on saturday. If you keep the Ginzuisho in this pouch for the day and none of your team use their powers then it will keep its presence hidden from detection."

Ranma wakes up friday morning early. The day had passed nicely yesterday. After training with the girls in the morning until breakfast, he and Happosai had worked diligently. Happosai had begun teaching Ranma the first true advanced technique of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. Ranma worked through the morning until lunch to master the original technique. Happosai worked to improve it to make use of their new ability to fly. Noriko stated she would teach them the trick of phasing through things but they would need to improve their spirit energy first. Ranma wanted to start on this immediately after lunch but was ordered by Noriko and Happosai to attend to his studies.

Ranma heads down the stairs to the common room. Stretching and thinking about the training ahead for the girls he pulls up short. Noriko is sitting at the table in the common room with breakfast already set out, this is not surprising. What is surprising is there is a four year old red headed child working on their breakfast beside her.

Seeing Ranma's surprise she calls over. "Ohayo gozaimas Ranma-kun. You have not met before but this is my son Kenji. He will staying with us from now on. Kenji-kun say hello to your cousin Ranma."

The still sleepy child waves. "Ohayo Ranma-kun."

Ranma stares in shock. Noriko walks over to him and speaks quietly. "I have already spoken with Happi and No-chan. Before you ask, yes he was the man that was your grandfather. That is until he left me with no choice but to take extreme measures to correct his behavior. I chose this solution since I failed to raise him correctly the first time and I could not leave him to cause trouble for others. He has no memories except for his first four years of life."

Ranma struggles with controlling his shock.

Noriko grins and whispers. "Impressive abilities don't you think. You have no need to worry about something similar happening to you as long as you continue to show compassion and caring for others. Kenjiro disappeared because he had plans to marry of both his daughters and granddaughter for his own gain."

The other ladies and Happosai soon join them. The girls are briefly informed of the situation. The girls look slightly concerned but are soon enamored with the young boy. Noriko and Nodoka advise the girls not to spoil the boy too much.

After everyone has finished breakfast Noriko makes an announcement. "We will be having visitors tommorow after lunch. They will likely stay for dinner so I need to ask everyone's assistance in making this place presentable this afternoon."

The group nods and Kenji promises his oka-san that he will help too.


tessen - a.k.a. iron fan. a fan with metal ribs or a club made to look like a folded fan

falchion - single edged european sword. similar to the chinese dao or a machete.

wind and fire wheels - bladed circular weapons with spiked projections used in some chinese martial arts

Nangun - southern staff in chinese martial arts

Shinkansen - bullet train, there are several of these leading too and from Tokyo. The Hikari service on this line connects to another line that will continue to Fukui.