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Chapter 19 - Choices and Consequences

Paru found it difficult not to laugh watching Akiri and Kenji playing video games as she walked by. Finding Nodoka sitting on the Veranda she asks if she can join her. Nodoka smiles and waves her hand to a spot next to her.

"I would like to know if it is all right for me to call you Auntie?" Paru asks while she sits down.

"I do not mind in the least," Nodoka returns,"as long as I can call you Paru."

About this time Kenji became bored with video games and pulling a smiling Akiri along by the hand approaches Nodoka. "Auntie is it alright if we go play tag outside?"

Nodoka smiles at the children and waves them on. "Just stay inside the wall Kenji-kun."

"So where are the others?" Paru wonders.

"They asked what Ranma was doing when he came out of the office, and decided to go study as well." Nodoka notices Paru watching Akiri. "You seem surprised by Akiri's behavior."

Paru shrugs, "I have known her older sister for a few years and I am simply surprised how easily Akiri shows emotion."

"I suspect my little sister does her best to shower the child with affection." Nodoka sighs, "Unfortunately Kari has not had a lot of family around while she was growing up. Although, from experience I can say that might have been better for her than growing up in our father's care."

Noriko and Kari come out of the office. Kari quietly sneaks up behind Nodoka and gives her sister a hug. "I missed you sis. We have a lot to catch up on."

"I am just glad your willing to give me the chance imouto." Nodoka smiles while returning the hug.

Paru decides to go look in on Ranma and bowing politely to the others makes her exit. Noriko just smiles at the two sisters and makes her way out towards the shrine.

"Obaa-san where are you going?" Kari playfully whines.

Noriko raises any eyebrow at the girl. "I assumed you wanted me to start on your request quickly. I will be back by dinner time. I hoped you two would be willing to work on that together so the others can study." Noriko continues on her way to the shrine, stopping for a moment to snag Kenji into a hug as he was trying to dash by her. This necessitated grabbing Akiri up into a similar hug so the boy could get a head start. Much to the sisters delight while watching.

Paru grinned at Akiri getting swept into a hug and the little gynoid actually returning it from the sitting room at the top of the stairs. Paru found Ranma's room on the second try after first knocking on Nabiki's door.

Hearing Ranma's invitation to come in Paru found him sitting cross legged on the floor with the laptop in his lap. "So what are you studying?"

Ranma rubs the bridge of his nose and groans. "At the moment I am feeling like I am proving the old saying true, 'You never realize just how much you don't know'."

Paru chuckles. "I could help you study if you like Ranchan, but why are you studying so much?"

Ranma grumbles. "Because of questions about the quality of the school I attended, I have to take a placement test to determine what grade I start at in Mahora. According to the equivalency tests in this tutoring program, I could study every minute of the break and not be ready to be a senior in high school. Right now I would be lucky to qualify for second year."

"Would that be so bad? Having to retake a year of school." Paru questions while sitting down next to him.

Ranma sighs, "Your getting ready to be a first year right? I honestly don't have a lot of good memories of high school so far. I am almost ready to simply ask to start high school over from the begining and make a fresh start. Do you think you could live with having your older cousin in the same grade level?"

Paru grins and hugs her cousin. "I would not mind in the least, but I am signed up to attend St. Ursula's Girls High School. Unless you wanted to attend as a girl we would be at different schools in the academy." Paru feels Ranma shift underneath her arms.

"Other than risking having the other girls think I am a pervert just trying to get a look at them." Ranko smiles, "I am begining to see the sense in what mom and Obaa-san are suggesting. It is irritating but I actually do better on the placement tests in this form."

Ranko gets slightly nervous looking into her cousin's eyes. "Oh my god! you are gorgeous Ranchan. Have you thought of modeling? you would be rich." Visibly calming herself down Paru responds to Ranko's questions. "I don't think you would be a pervert Ranchan. It isn't like you would be the only girl attempting to check out the other girls. As long as you don't openly leer at them you should be fine. What are Noriko and auntie suggesting?"

Ranko chuckles. "I don't know how much you know about my life in Nerima, but it was almost like I had a new challenger in some obscure martial art every week. That does not take into account the daily fights with my fiancees and rivals. They are suggesting the level of challengers I can expect to gain at Mahora are a totally different and more dangerous level." Paru gives a slight nod of agreement

Shrugging Ranko continues, "They want me to attend school as a girl because I don't seem to collect the more dangerous challengers in this form. The challenge with Kotaro is a test of what kind of fights I can expect to see there. If I win they won't ask me to attend as a girl. I am getting a little nervous since Obaa-san is putting so much into preparing me for this fight. Is Kotaro really that strong? If he is the same size as Akiri-chan he has to be a little kid."

"I have not seen you fight to be able to compare Ranchan, but I have seen Kotaro win some fights I never could have even imagined two years ago." Paru states calmly.

Ranko nods in understanding. Paru gets a playful grin. "Now about modeling. I could help you setup a website and be your agent."

Paru continues trying to convince her cousin on this agenda, while thinking 'Hee hee Chisame will be so jealous.'


Noriko had phased into a new room from the shrine. Instead of a barren room this one is filled with glowing crystals of different shapes and sizes. Smiling she touches one and a ebon colored egg, about the size of a melon, floats out. Placing the egg in between another formation of crystals it is surrounded by amber colored light. The ebon shell dissolves and a small mass floats inside a larger amber colored egg. The crystalline formations in the room begin rippling with colors and new streams of energy flow into the egg.

Noriko monitors this process for several hours. Finally satisfied the process can continue properly, she phases back through the ceiling. Inside the egg there is the form of a small child.


Nodoka and Kari chatted for a while longer. They both had to laugh when Akiri came back into the house carrying a sleeping Kenji. After putting Kenji to bed, Akiri volunteered to assist with the dinner preparations.

"Nodoka-sama, Kari-sama I have completed slicing the vegetables for the salad." Akiri reports to the two women.

Nodoka smiles indulgently. "Thank you Akiri-chan, but you can call be Nodoka or Auntie if you would like."

Akiri nods, "Understood Nodoka-sama." Kari giggles.

"Akiri-chan can you tend the curry for me for a moment." Kari asks quietly. Akiri takes the spoon from her and stirs the curry to make sure it heats evenly.

Walking over to her sister Kari whispers in her ear. "I have been trying to break her of the habit of calling me Kari-sama for more than six months. It's not that she does not like you No-chan, she just has not been able to progress past addressing everyone as sama or sensei."

"You care for her a great deal Kari-chan. I am sorry that I could not be there for you when you were growing up." Nodoka sighs.

Kari hugs her sister tightly. "I don't blame you for things that were not in your control sis. Our father was a fool and I would have lost you anyway if you had not run away. I love Akiri though, she is my chance to show love to someone others would only treat as a tool. I guess she makes me think of the way father wanted to treat us."

The sisters hold the embrace for a while longer before returning to work on the meal.


Ranko is torn between embarrassment and enjoyment at the moment. She made the mistake of telling Paru of her ability to make any kind of clothing she can imagine. Paru persuaded her to demonstrate this ability and all the noise Paru made drew Nabiki. Who of course volunteered to be photographer if Ranko wanted to start her own website.

So this is how we find Ranko cosplaying as Asuka from Evangelion and posing for Nabiki to take "clean" photos of her wearing a plug suit. "Are you sure we should be doing this? Mom and Obaa-san might get mad." Ranko plaintively asks.

Nabiki shrugs, "We will make a mockup of a website and make sure to ask for permission before actually putting it on the net. I really think your mom will take more convincing than Obaa-san, as long as your willing." Ranko get nervous seeing her grin but does not interrupt. "Maybe if we ask really nice we can get Kari and Akiri to pose as well. If we stick to a sci-fi theme then Akiri's antennae will look like they are part of the costume. You three would make a great group given your looks."

Chuckling Paru shows Ranko of the next costume idea. Ranko sighs, "At least Lina's cloak and tunic cover a lot more."

Paru snickers at the difference in bust size though. "Hmm you know if Kari will let Akiri-chan pose she would make a great Ruri. We could ask Kari to dress up as Yurika"

"Oh my, that is a wonderful idea", says Kasumi from the door. "Could I dress up as Megumi? Then we could have Ranma play Akito." The other three have to pick themselves off the floor while Kasumi giggles. "Though if I were to really pick something to play myself, I would be Iba Kaori and Tofu could be Akai-sensei"

The girls continue talking. Ranko having changed into something less form fitting actually starts putting in ideas as well. The noise even draws Akane's attention and surprisingly she offers suggestions as well. They all shiver when they try to come up with a cast for Slayers and realize Kodachi would make a frighteningly perfect Naga

Kari eventually comes to retrieve them for dinner. Her planned retrieval is sidetracked by squealing and hugging her cute niece dressed up as and older version of Shidou Hikaru. Of course she promises to help convince her sister and grandmother to let them go ahead with the cosplay website.

After dinner is finished they propose their plan to Nodoka and Noriko. After looking at the site mockup Nodoka is unsure how to react while Noriko is overcome with giggles.

"No-chan I think we can trust them to keep it tasteful and it sounds like a great deal of fun." Noriko finally is able to get out. Winking at the girls she finishes. "Let me know if you need more models this sounds like something I would enjoy."

Happosai had returned for dinner and had stopped moving when the planned website was mentioned. Kasumi waves a hand in front of his face and receives no response. "Ano... I think we broke him. Wait I know, Kari can you make some shoulder guards and a sword hilt. We might be able to get pictures of him as Gourry before he comes to." Everyone at the table breaks down laughing at this.

In another dimension a blond haired swordsman shivers and wonders if Lina is planning some new adventure for a lost artifact or spell.

Ranma changes back to himself and asks Akiri if she would be willing to spar with him now. Paru and Kari follow them outside to watch. Akiri for her size is an impressive fighter, but it is apparent that Ranma easily outclasses her in speed and power.

After an hour of sparring Paru appraises the match, "Akiri can reproduce Kotaro's techniques but not his speed or strength. If you want tommorow afternoon I can create some duplicates that can make a closer approximation."

Ranma nods and asks Akiri. "Would you like to just spar using whatever techniques you like Akiri-chan?"

Akiri does smile at this. "I would like that very much Ranma-sama."

The two proceed to continue sparring until Akiri suddenly slows down and drops to her knees. Ranma catches her before she can fall completely. He looks to Kari with concern. Kari just waves her hand dismissively and grins. "She was just enjoying herself enough that she ran her power levels down Ran-kun. I will just take her inside and get her recharged she will be fine. Thank you for playing gently with her."

Ranma nods and heads inside to the onsen to get cleaned up. Paru goes to Nabiki's room to make further plans.

Kari and Akiri were given the room across from Akane to share. Akane takes a break from studying and hears odd little moans coming from their room. Knocking on the door she is invited to enter. She finds Akiri kneeling on the floor blushing with Kari sitting behind her with a hand to the back of her head.

"Is something wrong Akane-chan?" Kari asks with a slight smirk.

Nervously Akane washes her hands. "I thought I heard something odd."

Kari turns her hand and Akiri lets out another moan. Akiri blushes and covers her face with her hands. Seeing Akane's eyes boggle Kari explains. "This is the method for recharging Akiri's power source, It uses spiritual energy. The process is similar to what is used to form bonds between a mage and their partners. In both cases the experience is quite pleasant for the person receiving the energy."

Akane blink-blinks at this and backs out of the room. "I see" is all she can say before closing the door, blushing a brighter red than Akiri's hair.


Mu Se and Bu Fer are having a great time taking Ami and Makoto to an indoor fun park in Shinjuku. The dress shirts and slacks that Har Bo and Xin Chi nearly forced them into earlier in the day we well received. having stopped going on rides the group settled down for dinner at one of the pizza restaurants the facility boasted of.

Makoto grins at Bu Fer. "Did you really spend the last eight years studying with monks?"

"Yes my lady I did. I enjoyed what they taught me, but I can not say how glad I am to be away from that place. My hopes of seeing loveliness such as yours there were nonexistent." Bu Fer responds earning a blush and giggle.

Makoto actually stands taller then him but he had politely and admiringly kept his eyes on her face whenever they talked. The smiles this earned him were to beautiful to do otherwise.

Ami and Mu Se were quietly talking, while listening to the other two flirt. "So you will be going to Juban High School when the new term starts?" Ami asks.

"Yes but I am not sure which grade level I will be in. Formal schooling was not a priority in my village. I am working on catching up though. I would like very much to join the same class as you Ami-chan." Ami covers her blush by digging into the pizza that was just delivered to their table.

The group spends an hour or so talking and then returns to the midway for more rides. Ami pulled Mu Se into the spook house with her. Makoto and Bu Fer simply waited outside for them to return.


Morning comes to the Hinode shrine and Kari, Paru, and Akiri volunteer to make breakfast while the others spend time training. Once Ranma and Happosai break off to practice on their own, Paru's eyes bulge. "I know Kotaro has some special techniques up his sleeve and has been doing a lot of training but I hope Ranma does not hurt him."

Kari smiles looking out the window at her nephew. "I have seen Kotaro fight too. I think he should be alright. If your worried for his safety you don't have to help in Ranma's training."

Paru grins at the older girl. "No lack of training and control on Ranma's part would be more dangerous for them both. I think I will take you up on your offer. I like Negi and I enjoy being part of Ala Alba but once he is old enough I doubt he would choose me to make a permanent contract with. I like the excitement of the hidden world too much to want to leave."

Kari smiles and Akiri actually gives Paru a hug. "I would enjoy working with you Paru-sama" is all she says.

Breakfast passes quietly. Having someone else to fix breakfast Noriko and Happosai worked their charges unsparingly. After eating most of the group returns to the onsen for a longer soak. Noriko is easily convinced to take Paru and Kari out to the shrine where they pull up some tatami mats in the meditation area to reveal a seal carved into stone. Akiri who came out with them blushes and turns her head away as the girls stand on the glowing seal and kiss.

After everything is set back to order Paru takes out her new card and examines it. The only difference she can find is the number in the upper left corner. With a grin at Kari she calls "Adeat", her clothing is now covered by her artist smock and she holds her quill pen and the Imperium Graphicus tablet. Opening the tablet she finds all of the drawings she had been working on.

Sitting down in the meditation room Paru begins making detailed drawings of Kotaro, trying to put as much of her memories of his fights into them. Akiri sits down and watches her work in awe. Noriko and Kari excuse themselves to begin fixing lunch.


For lunch another barbecue was setup outside for everyone to share. The smell of the food was enough to draw everyone from their rooms. Akiri looks to be enjoying the smell but declines try any.

After eating the meal and relaxing in the afternoon sun Paru offers Ranma the chance to try out her mornings work.

The Tendo girls are surprised when Paru summons her artifact. Nabiki gets a thoughtful look when she opens the tablet and four dog eared boys leap off the page. Two look to be near Ranma's age and wear stylized armor. the other two look like grade schoolers wearing black school uniforms.

Paru grins at Ranma's expression. "Kotaro has access to a spell that allows him to make himself seem older. I thought I would include that to mix things up a bit."

Ranma nods, "So these can Mimic his physical abilities only or can they also do his special abilities." In answer one of the older twins holds up his hand and swirling ghost hounds surround it.

Paru chuckles, "I put a lot of effort into these and as long as Kari can take the drain they can mimic Kotaro's abilities, even flying. Though they likely are not as strong." Kari grins and waves absently.

"Send them all at me then to make up for it." Ranma says while getting in his ready stance, that is to say none.

Noriko interjects. "Remember Ranma this will be sparring only. No strikes intended to kill or maim." Finishing her statement Noriko raises a shield to disguise the area.

Ranma proceeds to start sparring with the golems. They don't have ki signatures like he is used to sensing so that increases the challenge for him. The fight quickly takes to the air. Ranma is surprised to find that on several of his attacks the golems simply seem to disappear. He quickly realizes they are using a high speed technique he had not seen before(1).

Opening his senses wider he begins to be able to detect the spirit energy the golems are made from and the fight becomes more equal. Even with the high speed movement they use he is still able to use his reflexes to save him from most hits.

After a few minutes Ranma is able to determine the pattern they are using for their attacks and quickly lands blows that dispels the golems. Landing back on the ground Ranma senses another spirit energy signature approaching him from behind without a Ki signature.

Thinking Paru had created another golem he strikes without looking. Ranma notices a flash of red hair and a thud in the compound wall before he hears the shrieks of terror from the spectators. The drink and towel Akiri was bringing to him are lying on the ground where they fell from her hands.

Kari seems to teleport over to where the gynoid fell after impacting the wall. Noriko follows quickly. Ranma approaches more slowly

Kari tries to use spells to repair the damage to Akiri's form

Akiri's unfocused eyes turn to her. ""

Noriko finds herself having to keep the sobbing Kari from trying to attack Ranma.

"Obaa-san I can't fix her. I'm going to lose my Akiri-chan" Kari wails in Noriko's grip

"Child is her memory core safe?" Noriko asks calmly.

"It's intact.... but her power circuitry has been crushed. Without power her memories will be gone." Kari sobs.

With a wave of Noriko's hand the gynoid is encased in a crystal. "Her body may be beyond repair but I can still save her." Turning a harsh glare on Ranma she says, "Pick the child up Ranma and come with me." Noriko leads Ranma and the sobbing Kari into the Dojo.


Kari is too distraught to notice when Noriko teleports them to a new place from the dojo. Ranma, holding the crystal with Akiri in it, finds they are in a room with a multitude of crystals feeding streams of energy to an egg?. Inside the egg is what appears to be a young girl with small white wings coming out from behind her pointed ears and bright red hair.

Noriko levitates the crystal from Ranma's arms and waits for Kari to regain her senses. After sobbing for a few minutes, Kari finally notices where they are. Looking into the egg she gasps, "Obaa-san is that?"

"I assumed you wanted to have Akiri be like a daughter for you, so I merged your DNA with that of a specialized organism I have been working on. I hope her new form meets with your approval child." Noriko warmly replies.

After floating the crystal over them she continues. "Now to extract Akiri's soul to place it in the new body." Holding her hand over the crystal a glow surrounds the broken form and compresses into a sphere that floats to Noriko's hand. Ranma would swear there are streams of ones and zeroes floating through it. "A soul formed entirely from data, completely without an organic origin. I must see about meeting this Hakase when I next go to Mahora." Noriko says this almost reverently.

The sphere floats into the egg and spreads out across the new form. The child almost appears to begin breathing. Noriko lowers the crystal to the ground and it dissipates. "Kari chan I must speak with Ranma for a bit you should stay here with Akiri." Kari mumbles without looking away from Akiri.

Noriko takes Ranma's hand and pulls him through a nearby wall into a barren room. Ranma tries to apologize for his actions but Noriko interrupts him. "I realize you did not intend for that to happen Ranma. I understand you were not trying to attack Akiri and Kari knows it to, but that is the danger of acting without thought. I have given you great power, and now I need to give you the tools to learn to control it."

Noriko notices Ranma's downcast eyes. "I was able to save Akiri by luck of working on a project for Kari since she arrived. In your match with Kotaro I can provide no such miracle. Now we must discuss the cost of this Ranma"

Ranma blinks in confusion, "Cost?"

Noriko nods, "One thing I know your father never taught you but you seem to have an understanding of is that there is a consequence for the results of your actions. The price I have for you is you will take responsibility for the life and care of another. They will be bonded to you and you will intimately understand any pain and loneliness they experience. Wait for me here."

Noriko phases though the wall they came in through, leaving Ranma to his thoughts.

Rejoining Kari she assures the young woman that the child will be fine. Collecting another egg from a darkened crystal she levitates the Akiri's broken form and leaves the room with both.

Coming in through a different wall she finds Ranma sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. "Stand up Ranma, Akiri and Kari will be fine."

Ranma does stand and she hands him the ebon colored egg. "Your companion is in here. I will use a spirit technique to bond the two of you." Ranma holds the egg close to himself. Noriko smiles and holds her hands up. Ranma is surrounded by a blue glow and the egg cracks open.

Ranma looks down at his hands and finds a creature that looks like a rabbit with a cats face and long furry ears. The creature's fur is red, except for its white inner ears, and its cat like eyes golden. It lets out a happy "Miyah" to which Ranma responds. "Your hungry are you. Obaa-san what does she eat, and what kind of creature is she."

Rolling her eyes Noriko proclaims, "She is a cabbit of course and she eat just about anything but loves carrots. So what does she call herself?"

The cabbit says several things that all sound like "miyah" to Ranma, nodding he says, "She wants to be called Inhoshi." Noriko chuckles.


imouto - little sister

Chisame - Hasegawa Chisame - member of class 3-A who has a hidden life as net idol Chiu.

Evangelion - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Lina - Lina Inverse from Slayers. another noted red head

Ruri ,Yurika, Megumi, and Akito - Characters from Martian Successor Nadesico

Iba Kaori and Akai-sensei - characters from Maburaho.

Shidou Hikaru - character from Magic Knight Rayearth

Gourry - Gourry Gabriev another character from slayers.

Adeat - latin appear - phrase Ministra Magi use to call their artifacts

1 - ground contractor

inhoshi - shooting star of meteor