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Chapter 25 - Standing Outside the Fire

After receiving and urgent call from Toko-san, Negi finds himself in the headmasters office almost as soon as he made it back to the academy.

"Ah Negi-sensei, how was you trip to Kumejima?" Headmaster Konoe asks when Negi enters the office.

"I enjoyed it quite well headmaster." Negi answers politely.

The headmaster strokes his beard thoughtfully. "I apologize for the short notice on this Negi-sensei but I have a favor to ask of you."

Negi notices a strange gleam in the headmaster's eyes, and nervously replies. "What can I assist you with Headmaster?"


Sunday morning, Kari finished preparing breakfast for herself, Akiri, Nabiki, and Akane. The other two girls joined them because Kasumi was currently asleep, having arrived back very late from her date with Tofu-sensei, and both girls were now willing to admit that they could hardly boil rice.

Akane finished her meal first and left as quickly as politeness would allow to join Ku Fei for one of the last full days of training she could get in before classes started again on Monday.

Kari and Nabiki had just begun discussing what they could do with the day when Kari's cell phone went off. "Ohayo Ran-chan," Kari said when answering, having noticed the caller ID display. "I see, well if you want to go shopping for clothes of that style I know a good place." Kari winks at Nabiki. "Well your there in Nishi-ku, just go to Yokohama station and take the Shonan-Shinjuku line to Shibuya and meet us at the gate for the Yamanote line. We can meet you there in about an hour."

Nabiki sighs theatrically. "So I guess that answers what we will be doing today."

Kari grabbed up Akiri in a hug, and had a grin appropriate for a cat that just found a unattended nest full of baby birds. "Apparently Inhoshi has convinced Ranma that if he wants her to play double for Ranko, while he plays in school clubs, then he has to let Ranko's preferred style of clothing be the loli-goth fashions I had her wearing in Fukui. So we need to fill a wardrobe with said dresses for them."

"Let me grab my camera." Says Nabiki, while running back to her room.


Kari, Akiri, and Nabiki meet Ranma and Inhoshi at Shibuya Station a little more than an hour later. Nabiki was a little surprised to see Paru there as well. Paru's near incredulous response was, "You think I am going to miss this?"

They all made their way into a northbound train to travel one station over while Ranma prayed he had not made a serious mistake. His sense of dread was confirmed when Kari pronounced, "We can shop faster if we had both of you model clothes."

So Ranko and her twin, Inhoshi, were taken from one Harajuku boutique to another with more and more bags disappearing into Ranko's subspace pocket. Nabiki could only giggle while buying extra memory cards for her digital camera.

Unknown to this group, Ranko's dissatisfaction with her current situation was shared by a tall dark haired, dark skinned girl wearing a grey knee length dress and using a pair of binoculars to observe Takeshita street from a rooftop blind.

"Remind me why the headmaster asked us to keep watch on this place Setsuna." The girl asks her companion.

"You know the answer as well as I do Mana" Setsuna grunbles. "Several diviners within the Kantou Magic Association determined something large was going to happen here today and we are charged with making sure the damage is contained."

Mana shakes her head and returns to studying the street. "That still does not answer why they sent two of the best exorcists at Mahora to what is essentially a stakeout."

Both girls note a girl in a miko costume striding down the street, but with all the cosplayers in the area it does not mean much.

Ranma gratefully makes his return to the scene, when Kari judges they have enough clothes to make a serviceable wardrobe, and they brake to have lunch before taking all the clothes back to their apartment at Mahora.

Hino Rei, the Senshi of Mars, was more than happy to return to being on guard for demon attacks. Her study with the elders had made a marked improvement on her divination skills. The fire viewing she had last night showed her that there would be a demon incursion in the area of Harajuku sometime past noon today. Unlike most of her visions she did not see the other senshi involved in the fight.

Now she finds herself in Shibuya without having alerted the other senshi because she wanted to know who was fated to stop the demons. Rei spotted a young woman who looked like the girl, Ranko was it, that she met in Fukui several weeks ago. Hair that bright of red was uncommon in Japan. She was wearing a pretty dress and sitting next to a very good looking young man and an older girl who could be her siblings going by their dark red hair. She was approaching the cafe they were in when the the street erupted with demonic energy.

Ranma felt a wave of killer intent, that even a non-martial artist should have been able to taste, flow from several blocks up the street. Everyone else at the table turned their heads to look at a small army of demons who had appeared lead by a three story tall behemoth.

Ranma was preparing to dive into the fight when Kari placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. "You may be strong Ranma but your not ready for this. Paru, Nabiki I want you to help Ranma and Inhoshi clear the civilians from the area." Kari grins as she strides into the street with Akiri. "Akiri some interference if you would please."

"Hai Kari-mama." The red headed girl replies and opens a gate between her hands to her own personal stuff space. Ranma can only stare for a moment when twenty rapidly spinning giant six curve bladed shuriken come flying out towards the demons. Ranma is able to see lines of spirit energy connecting the weapons, now encircling the demons, to Akiri's hands.

Ranma does not even have to explain his plan to Inhoshi before both of them make four clones and use instant movement to remove civilians from the shortened reach of the demons.

Nabiki stares in shock, not knowing what to do to help, while Paru summons her Imperium Graphicus and sends out more of the Kotaro golems she had created to help in the rescue efforts. Kari smiles when the area around the demons has been cleared and begins to chant

"Shadow's Salvation"
"Desire of Light"

"Gather unto me, one hundred ninety-nine spirits of thunder", the air around her is filled with crackling ball lightning.
"Sagitta Magica continuous one hundred ninety-nine arrows of lightning"

The air around the demons is covered with arcs of plasma destroying many of the smaller, human sized, demons. Akiri's deadly fence draws in around the behemoth destroying many of the stragglers. Rei noticed this only in passing as she had been snatched up by the young man she had seen with Ranko and deposited away from fighting.

The large demon was enraged by its minions destruction and launched a massive fireball towards Akiri who was doing her best to defend Kari's position. Akiri had no time to bring her weapons back to try and block. Nabiki nearly fainted when the fireball was decimated by several streams of light from behind Akiri.

Kari, now dressed in an ankle length red duster and holding a heavy automatic pistol in her right hand that had a flowing energy blade sweeping back from the barrel as a guard, grinned at the demon. "You weren't trying to hurt my Akiri-chan now were you," The demon was unable to respond having gained large holes in its knees, elbows, and throat, "no matter." She finished and began chanting again.

"Shadow's Salvation"
"Desire of Light"

"Brimstone of the heart of Tartarus, Rise now upon the screams of the damned,"
"Possess the wind and consume all light. Take ebon blades form and Scythe through my enemies."
"Reaper's Breath"

During the chant dark yellow gas had appeared in the air above Kari accompanied by a horrific wail. The gas started spinning and growing darker. With the invocation of the spells name, thousands of spinning, night black blades flew into the demon shredding it completely.

Ranma finally extracted himself from the miko's death grip after telling her his name and seemed to materialize in front of Kari. "While I think the weapon is cool, why are you dressed like Vash the Stampede?"

Kari simply pushes her yellow tinged glasses up higher on her nose with her left hand. "I think this looks good on me. If I am going to be a gun slinger I may as well look the part." She finishes before the gun and duster fade away back to her normal long coat and slacks. Akiri runs up and hugs her tightly about the waist, to which Kari smiles and ruffles her hair. "You did wonderfully Akiri-chan," Turning back to the restaurant she addresses the others of their group, "and so did the rest of you."

Ranma asks, "Where can I get a weapon like that?"

Kari looks back at Ranma with a puzzled expression. "While I can respect your interest Ran-chan, why would a martial artist like yourself need a firearm?"

Ranma scratches his head and looks a little embarrassed. "It looks like it could be very useful. Could you make me one?"

Kari shrugs. "I made more than a dozen magical weapons for some friends from china, at Obaa-san's request. I have a few still around but this one is mine and there are not any others like it. Ran-chan, if you want a firearm type weapon I can teach you, but if you mean it to be a present for a certain someone, I can think of a better design." Kari finished with a mischievous grin.

Ranma can only blush and stammer for a bit before they are interrupted by the girl in the miko outfit. "You made the weapons and equipment the Amazons are using?"

Akiri jumps between the girl and Kari, but Kari gently pulls her back. "Who might you be young lady?"

Rei bows politely to the obviously dangerous older girl. "I am Hino Rei, I believe I met your younger sister Ranko at the Hinode shrine in Fukui."

Ranma suddenly feels an odd desire to run when the girl looks at him, but is saved by Kari. "Ranko is my niece. If you were invited to the shrine, while she was there, I think I understand how you would know the amazons. Was there something I could do for you?"

Rei barely glances at Ranma before she blushes. "No, no I was just here sightseeing, and this young man rescued me when the demons attacked. I simply overheard your conversation and was surprised when you talked about enchanted weapons."

Kari smiles at the girl while walking over to her. "Well if you or your friends need help be sure to give me a call." She says while handing her a business card. Rei bows and quickly runs off.

Mana turns to Setsuna in their observation post. "So tell me about this Ran-chan boy. I want one of those guns."

Setsuna sighs. "He will be a new student attending Mahora this year. If you are interested in him, you should know he and Nagase Kaede are dating."

Mana's smile picks up. "That sounds even better."


Genma returned to the land of the living and found himself wishing he had not had such a short time away. After his vision cleared he found himself gazing at a figure that was entrancing and frightening at the same time.

The blond haired woman in front of him was undeniably gorgeous. the leather dress she wore only served to enhance her ample assets and his eyes were drawn down to where the dark skirt parted in front over a sheer ankle length skirt, leaving the woman's skimpy leather panties in full view.

Had he been a younger man, he might have had difficulty fighting off a nose bleed at the sight. Genma did not think he would have needed to worry given the air of malice rolling of the woman, and the smile that screamed of additional pain and suffering for him.

"I am glad to see you are finally awake." The woman's eyes now speaking to him of unimaginable depths of suffering. "Have you enjoyed the hospitality of my home?"

Genma found his throat raw, and he was unable to speak. Which he reflected might be a good thing as his impulsive response could have made things worse.

"I heard from Noriko-san what kind of things you did to your son Genma." His hostess intones while shaking her head. "I had hope that humans were not actually capable of such barbarism. While you slept, I looked into your memories only to find Noriko had been understating the level of depravity you put an innocent child through."

The woman picks up a gem from a nearby table. "Noriko-san does not want to deal with you anymore so she left you to my care. I am the Maga Nosferatu Evangeline McDowell and I had a monster much like yourself who stole my life when I was only a child. He betrayed my trust and cursed me to a life of being hunted and reviled by almost everyone."

Eva's eyes had a feral gleam as she stared into Genma's fear filled eyes. "He died for his crimes, but that did nothing to ease my resentment. Noriko-san invited me to take my frustrations out on you, but I find from Chacha-zero's testing you could not survive what I have planned for you right now."

Genma wanted to look away or better yet run, but he was bound so he could not escape. Eva reached forward and placed the gemstone on Genma's forehead and his senses exploded in pain worse then anything he had experience so far. Eva simply continued talking calmly once he was able to hear again.

"As you were you could not survive the 'training' you put your son through. The item I have just given you is called the null life gem. A wizard created it in attempt to gain the immortality and regeneration of vampires without the drawbacks of being undead. Unfortunately the magic drain of the gem killed him the first time he used it. The ambient magic here in my resort is sufficient to power the gem. From this moment on you can not die no matter what is done to you and the regeneration process hurts as much or more than the injury."

Eva pauses to give her captive a smile that chilled his blood. "Should you try to leave my home without permission, all injuries you have suffered will return in full force." Eva's eyes turn black with yellow irises. "Now to make sure that result will be fatal."

Genma would have screamed, but discovered that due to a hole underneath his ribs and above his diaphragm he could not move air in or out of his lungs. Seeing his suffering, Eva delicately licks the no longer pulsing organ in her left hand. Spitting on the floor, Eva summons fire to destroy the lump of flesh and the blood coating her arm. "Putrid, your blood is not even worth tasting."

Seeing her captive screaming in silent agony she waves to her servants. "Remove this piece of mortal filth from my sight."


Happosai nervously enters the headmaster's office and sits in the chair in front of the desk.

headmaster Konoe looks up from the paperwork on his desk, and smiles at the man in front of him. "Good afternoon Happosai-san. I understand from Noriko-san that you would like to teach here at Mahora academy." Happosai politely nods in response.

"I must say, I respect your skills as a martial artist, but I must question the methods you have employed training students in the past." The headmaster forestalls any protests from Happosai with a glance and continues. "I also understand your reasons given what you had to work with. I have also heard many good things from the students you were teaching using normal methods recently."

The elder Konoe rubs his beard thoughtfully. "Since you do not have official teaching credentials, outside your own martial arts style, I would like for you to attend our university for a while to obtain those credentials before you teach any classes within the schools themselves. While at the same time, the academy has a Chinese Martial arts club that has been lacking an effective faculty advisor." The older man smiles. "Do you believe you could fulfill this role, and help teach students to love the art for its own sake?"

Happosai can only nod in earnest agreement, his voice lost for the moment.

The headmaster points to Happi's left and says, "Allow me to introduce Shizuna-sensei, she is one of the school counselors and will help familiarize you with the schools policies and procedures."

Happosai turned his head to the left and the lights suddenly disappeared. He noticed this along with a very familiar sensation, and found himself thinking, 'I am so about to die.'

Happosai jumps out of the chair, and quickly tries to apologize to the smiling blond woman, whose ample sweater covered cleavage his face had just been buried in.

"My apologies for standing quite so close Happosai-sensei." The woman replies with a grin. She then leads the flustered man from the room. The headmaster waits until the door closes before breaking down laughing until tears flowed from his eyes.


Tofu-sensei had sat through several days of orientation, after everyone returned from the island trip, and was finishing the last of his meetings shortly after noon. Ordinarily the managers of the university hospital would not have had meetings on a Sunday, but with classes starting the next day Tofu-sensei was glad they made an exception for him.

He was thinking about the classes he needed to prepare for tommorow afternoon, when at the front desk he was greeted by a vision that had haunted his dreams for years now. That the dream was now a delicious reality did not lessen the warmth he felt at all seeing Kasumi standing there waiting for him and him alone.

"I thought you might enjoy having a picnic with me today since the weather is so nice Tofu-sensei." Kasumi smiled at her fiancee, and seemed to enjoy the taste of every word as it came from her mouth.

Tofu gathered his personal vision of beauty into his arms and gently held her like he would never let go. At least until the nurse on duty at the front desk coughed politely and Kasumi lead him out of the building.


Paru sighed as she attempted to console her grumbling cousin on the way to class. "I know you wanted to participate in the sports clubs after class, just think of this as life's way of suggesting you think carefully before deciding which club to join. At least we get to be in the same class together, so smile for me a little Ran-chan."

Inhoshi miyahed her agreement from the top of Ranko's head. Ranko finally sighed and nodded. "I just am not sure how I am going to deal with this every month. I feel terrible."

Paru smiled and laid a comforting hand on Ranko's shoulder. "I won't say you will feel better about it in the future, but you will get to where you hardly notice other than dealing with the evidence."

Ranko and Paru get into their new homeroom at St Ursula's Girls High School and discover everyone from the former class 3-A at Mahora Central Middle School is there, even Sayo-chan's focus is on Kazumi's desk. Paru and Ranko sit next to each other in the row by the window. Ranko smiles as Kaede sits down on her other side.

Ranko was begining to feel nervous while they waited for the homeroom teacher to make their appearance. It felt as though someone was trying to stare a hole through her head. Glancing to the back of the room, she noticed a tall girl with deeply tanned skin looking at her curiously. The tableau was broken when the door opened admitting a person Ranko had not expected to see.

Negi-sensei put his courier bag down next to the teachers desk at the front of the room. "Good morning everyone. At the headmaster's request I have been transfered to this school to teach advanced english and will be your homeroom instructor for the year."

Negi's announcement was greeted by cheers from everyone in the new class 1-A, including surprisingly Ranko.


Nishi-ku - capitol of Yokohama prefecture

Harajuku - area around Harajuku station, internationally famous for being a center of japanese youth style and fashion. it also attracts street performers and cosplayers

Takeshita street - shopping street in Harajuku with many stores for youth fashion. especially Gothic-lolita

Kantou Magic Association - Headmaster Konoe is also the head of this association of magic users in the greater Tokyo (Kanto) area

Mana - Tatsumiya Mana - a member of class 3-A and an exorcist who uses guns and rifles loaded with enchanted bullets.

Shadow's Salvation, Desire of Light - this is Kari's spell activation key.

Sagitta Magica - "magic archery" one of the most basic attack spells of the negima universe. there can be a very large number of arrows, more time required for more arrows to be created, and they can be imbued with elemental magics.

Vash the Stampede - main character of the series Trigun.

Maga Nosferatu - Undead Mage