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If you have started reading TRC the first volume makes it seem Clow Reed is Sakura-hime's father. Just trust me all is not as it seems.

single quotes (' ') denote thoughts or telepathy
forward slashes (/ /) denote translated speech
Chapter 30 - Worse Fates

Nabiki could not help but grin as she and her older sister walked along with Ranko and her friends from class. The reason for this being her younger sister fawning over the cute outfit Kari had dressed Akiri in.
The small child in question was currently dancing out of Akane's reach around Ranko, giggling at the sounds of bells. The child's outfit consisted of a white silk Tai Chi shirt and pants. This was covered by a stylized green dress, a little imagination could call it a loose robe, trimmed in gold lace. The front of the outfit has slits on both sides in the front going past the waist to expose the white pants creating a tail with an embroidered yin-yang symbol near the V-cut trim at the ankle. The outside hem of the robe had bells attached the the front corners. The wide tails on the sleeves draped near the hem of the robe and matching bells attached. The final touches was the matching cap Akiri's hair and wings were tucked inside of and green slippers.

Nabiki finally gave into giggles herself when Akane succeeded in catching the little girl and received a hug. "So Onee-chan did Kari say where she found that outfit?" Nabiki asks her sister, after recovering somewhat.
Kasumi wipes her eye with a finger as she tries valiantly to stave off giggles of her own. "She only mentioned that it was a present from her sensei."

Nabiki shrugs and walks up to where Ranko is walking between Kaede and Paru. Nabiki snickers again as the Narutakis "rescue" Akiri from Akane, prompting a chase around their little group. "So how was the first meeting of Library Exploration Club?" Nabiki asks while taking in the sky blue Tai Chi outfit the redhead is wearing.

"It was a blast. They showed off the maps of the explored and unexplored areas." Ranko enthuses. "Library Island is so cool. There are so many passages to explore. I can't wait to get to go there next week."

"Oh, what about touring the campus in general?" Nabiki asks with a grin.
"The strolling club is having its meeting tommorow." Kaede states. "You and your sisters are welcome to join us if you would like to learn more about the academy Nabiki-dono."

"That sounds like it would be wonderful fun Kaede-chan." Kasumi says brightly from the side. "Are you just meeting after class?"

At Kaede's nod Kasumi turns to Ranko. "You should invite Oba-san as well Ran-chan. With Obaa-san and Kenji-kun back in Fukui to setup the shrine for all of the extra guests, she has a break from training."

"I invited her this afternoon," Ranko replies with a grin. "She is also meeting us at Karaoke-Kan tonight. I heard a rumor 'ka-san has a great singing voice."

The conversations continue as the girls make their way to meet the others in the Mahora shopping arcade.


A blond haired woman reclines on a divan in a candle lit room, smiling at the brunette girl wearing a school uniform in front of her.

"So our young man wishes to lead his former friends into a trap for us." Astarte says to the eager girl.

"He believes he can cover his own disappearance from their ranks with the deaths of the others my queen." The girl responds happily.

Astarte's laughter fills the room. "I have always had a liking for ruthless men." The woman shivers slightly. "They are so dedicated to their goals. We must plan for this carefully."


Things in Nerima had been very boring with the wrecking crew having gone AWOL. Daisuke and Hiroshi were riding the Toei Oedo line from Nerima to go shopping in Shinjuku, checking out the latest video games.

Well that made a good cover story for their parents. Instead Daisuke was salivating over the getting his hands on the copy of the Bible Black OVA his contact promised to sell him under the table.

Just as they were getting ready to get off the train at Shinjuku Station they noticed a young woman with long braided auburn hair enter their car. The girl's face and proportions looked to like she could have been Ranma's girl form's older sister. Both boys quickly agreed that they would stay on the train to try and get a better look.

The boys wanted to try and glance at what she was wearing under the loose overcoat. Unfortunately, she stood in the corner turned away from them, looking out the window. The girl was grinning as she seemingly made a mental list of things while counting on her fingers.

The girl smiles as the Azabu Juban station is announced as the next stop. Hiroshi gasps as she runs her sparkling blue fingernails of her left hand through her hair. Like a wave of fire, the braid disappears in favor of loosely curled bright red tresses flowing well below her waist.

The vision turns to her left and smiles at the two boys, her right hand traces across her head delicately holding back flowing red bangs from her crystal blue eyes. She winks at them as the tan overcoat shimmers from existence.

Both boys find themselves unable to remember anything further when they are later awakened by paramedics at Tocho-mae station.


Ranko almost boggles seeing Nodoka dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt when they get to the outside of the Karaoke-Kan, but quickly hugs her mom happily . The cheerleader trio had reserved a small box, not anticipating a large crowd. This problem was quickly resolved when Ranko practiced her new Ultimate Puppy Eyes of Doom on the college age male manager.

"So this is really your first time going to Karaoke?" Madoka asks as they all get settled into the small theater sized box.

Ranko blinks for a second before answering. The delay caused by trying to resolve the almost tenor voice to the slender girl with short black hair. "Never in my life Kugimiya-san, but it does sound like fun. Can you show me how this works?"

"Only if you call me Madoka Ranko-san." The girl replies with a grin.

"Hai Madoka-chan." Ranko says gleefully while turning to watch as Madoka skillfully navigates the menus on the touch screen controller.

"You can look through the alphabetical list or search by author or title." The girl's eyes glitter as she stops on a selection. "If you don't mind me starting things off, this is one I like."

Ranko hears a guitar come up through the speakers as the other girl approaches the mic. Because the song title flashes up in english she does not quite have time to read the title, but the words "Wrecking Crew" stand out in her mind.

Ranko finds herself still trying to resolve the huskiness of Madoka's voice to her frame and fails to catch most of the first words of the song. That they were in english does not help. Ranko finally catches up with understanding when Madoka sings. "These boots were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you."


The outers had arrived for the night's strategy meeting. Xian Pu was taking her turn waiting on customers in the dining area and waved them on to the warehouse area. Mu Se smiled to them from the kitchen as they pass. Everyone else had gathered in the warehouse including the new arrivals.
Hotaru squealed happily when Mokona bounced up to her for a hug. Sakura politely introduced herself, and her companions, to her young friend's guardians. Haruka found herself actually impressed by the dark cloaked man's stature, not to mention his massive sword.

Michiru tried to suppress giggles as she pointed out to her lover where Minako and Makoto were hanging off every word a handsome young man was saying about his adventures.

Rei might have considered joining them except she was still trying to think of an excuse to join Syaoran's group when Kari arrived to guide them to his mother's home.

The harmony and peace of this scene was disturbed by an increasing amount of noise from the street. It shattered completely with a crash of dishes from the serving area.

Rei being closest to the door gets through first. Surprisingly Fuma follows her out a moment later. The scene they arrive to is a room full of passed out patrons. In the kitchen Mu Se is being restrained by Flying Bind and in the center of it all Xian Pu is standing stunned with her chin held delicately by sparkling blue fingernails.

Rei can't find her voice for a moment looking at the tall woman presently trying to steal the air from Xian Pu's lungs. The red haired woman is wearing a fine mesh black catsuit that covers from ankles and wrsits to neck, but hides nothing, with every movement allowing glimpses of alabaster skin hidden just under the thin material.

On her feet are black leather Mary Jane's with two inch heels above a one inch thick sole. Hanging from a belt of gold scales is a black leather parody of a skirt with front and back panels of leather held tightly to her legs by crisscrossing gold chains. Decency is barely maintained by a top made to look like crossed bat wings with gold enameled finger bones curled around what they cover. The trailing tips of the wings end just below the girls generous breasts with the inner slopes showing. The claws of the wings hook into a heavy gold ring hanging from a thick leather collar.

Rei's contemplation of the scene is interrupted by Fuma's wolf whistle. The woman releases Xian Pu and steps back. "I am impressed Xian Pu, you have a very strong will. Most people would have melted from that." She gives the younger woman a hungry stare. "If you are still interested in Ranma you have my approval to try courting him." Kari's voice registers as familiar to Rei as the older girl leans forward to whisper in Xian Pu's ear.
Kari steps away from a wide eyed Xian Pu, who collapses onto her rump, and bows deeply to elder Ku Lon, who is now standing on the other side of Fuma. Rei fumes when she notices exactly where Fuma's eyes are looking.

"Good evening elder. I am Himura Kari." The enchantress says in polite tones. "I believe you have a takeout order for me, as well as some guests in need of a guide."

Unruffled the elder replies while pointing at a wall with ten large takeout boxes set in a row. "Yes child your order is in that stack of boxes."

"Would you mind if I borrow the boxes for a few days?" Kari puts her right hand pensively on her chin, causing one of the male patrons who was coming around to get a good view and pass back out. "I can bring them back on Friday afternoon, or I can pay you for the boxes as well."

"If you promise not to cause such a scene the next time you come by you may borrow the boxes child." Ku Lon replies with exasperation finally showing in her voice.

Kari grins impishly and her clothes shift to a blouse and slacks with a tan overcoat. The shoes however don't change. Kari takes a hundred thousand yen bill from her jacket pocket and places it by the register. The takeout boxes start to glow blue white, and disappear into a crystal Kari holds in her left hand. "Are you sure elder. I believe you will find you have quite a few hungry customers visiting you in the next few hours before the traffic jam outside is sorted out."

The elders glare is met by giggles. "I promise to be on my best behavior." Kari swings her head from side to side as her hair returns to being an auburn braid. "Most likely Ranma and some others would be with me. I would hate to set a bad example for my niece."

Rei blinks in confusion at this reference, but does not have time to ask as Mokona bounces past her into Kari's arms. Kari rubs the happily cooing creatures ears as she bows to the brown haired princess who followed after Mokona. "It is a pleasure to meet you Sakura-hime. Are you and your party ready to go?"

Sakura returns the bow to the older girl. "I believe we are ready to leave Himura-san." Syaoran nods as he hands the princess her small travel pack and the four of them follow Kari as she leaves the restaurant.

With the older girl gone, Rei is able to recover her breath and quickly walks over to check on Xian Pu. "Are you alright?" She asks quietly as the amazon climbs shakily to her feet. Xian Pu nods a quiet affirmatve. "What did she say to you?"

Xian Pu gulps slightly before responding in a bare whisper. "She promised if I tried to hurt or manipulate Ranma again she would make me into her obedient pet to teach me what being manipulated feels like."

Rei with the help of Par Fum gets the shaken girl over to sit in an unoccupied booth while trying to control her own breathing. "You know Ranma?" Rei asks quickly trying to change the subject.

Xian Pu relates her story of her previous encounters with Ranma. Rei is surprised to learn the nature of Ranma's curse. 'That would explain why I could only find Ranko.'

Rei shakes her head when Xian Pu, after some prompting, talks about some of the schemes she had used to try and force Ranma to mary her. "Ranma must be a very good person if he does not hold all that against you." Is the only thing Rei can think to say when the story finishes.

Meanwhile Ami is doing her best to calm down an angry Mu Se. "Why did your partner prevent you from defending Xian Pu?"

Mouse shakes his head and sighs. "Flying Bind would only say he did not want me to be injured by attempting to attack her."


Ranko smiles while paging through the song selections. On stage Mana is just finishing singing to Gun's and Roses version of Live and Let Die. Looking to the side she notices Setsuna looking on with some surprise. "You look puzzled Set-chan."

"I invited her along because she is my roommate, and it seemed rude not to ask" Setsuna shakes her head sadly. "I never knew she even liked Karaoke."
Ranko finds the selection she was looking for and points it out to Setsuna. "Please sing this one with me Set-chan."

Setsuna looks at the screen and reads "TRUE (DD)". "What song is this Ranko-san?" Ranko hands her a pair of head phones and queues up the song sample. Ranko can tell she likes the choice by the grin she soon breaks out in.

Ranko's mouth drops open when her mom goes onstage next and sings Aretha Franklin's Dr. Feelgood.


Kari grumbles after another failed attempt to call Li-sensei on her cell phone as the group arrives back at Omiya Station. Shrugging she turns to the others. "I am sorry Syaoran-kun but I am not sure where your parents are right at the moment."

Syaoran shrugs noncommittally as they get on the Mahora local subway. Because of the smaller car size Kari finds herself pressed close to Kurogane. The normally reserved warrior looks down at the blue eyed girl and finds himself slightly unsettled by her grin. The feeling does not decrease when she starts sniffing the air and casually lifts the left shoulder of his cloak to look at where his arm meets his shoulder.
Kari's face turns a bit green. "Doesn't that hurt?" She whispers after seeing where the synthetic arm joins his shoulder poorly.

Kurogane grunts and turns his face away from the concern in the girl's eyes.

Fay leans over and whispers conspiratorially. "Kuro-pon refuses to admit to it."

Kari nods and steps closer to Fay to continue talking in low tones. Several stops later the doors open, announcing arrival at the university. "We can wait in my lab until I am able to find your mother Syaoran-kun." She starts walking and Kurogane finds himself pulled along by invisible strings. "While we are there I can have a look at that arm for you Kurogane-kun." She is trailed by Fay carrying a giggling Mokona. The other two follow while trying to hide grins.


Ranko and Setsuna had to wait for several others to finish before their turn came up. The two girls stand on stage and there is a sound like chains breaking.

shinjitai ano hi mitsuketa hikari
(I want to believe in the light I've found that day)
kimi to kawashita tatta hitotsu no
(because there is one promise that)
yakusoku ga aru kara
(I've exchanged with you)
mou tachidomarazuni aruite yukitai
(I want to continue walking without stopping)

The two girls smile at their audience and begin to get lost in the words of the song.

uresugita kajitsu o kajiru you ni
(like how I bite into a ripened fruit)
yowai jibun ni amaetsuzukete ita
(I spoiled my weak self)
bokutachi ni nokosareta aoi sora o
(the blue sky that is left for us)
atarimae da to omoikondeta hibi
(those days that I took that for granted)

The girls in the audience stare enraptured by the music.

kimi ni deawanakereba ima mo
(if I havent met you, I would still)
kabe o kowasu koto nado dekinakatta yo
(be unable to break the wall)
wasurenai ano hi kanjita itami
(I wont forget the pain Ive felt that day)
nido to ano basho modoritakunai
(I never want to return to that place)
motto tsuyoku
(This strong feeling)
shinjitai ano hi mitsuketa hikari
(I want to believe in the light I've found that day)
KAKKO WARUI to warawarete mo ii
(its okay even if Im uncool and being laughed at)
bukiyou dakara
(because Im clumsy)
onaji ikikata shika erabenain da
(I can only choose the same way of living)
utsumuite hiza o kakaete ite mo
(even if Im holding onto my knees)
miageta sora ni asa wa kanarazu kuru
(morning will always come to the sky Ive looked up at)

Nabiki stares around at the girls around her as they seem to fall into a daze.

fuan ya mayoi wa aru dakedo
(there are worries and uncertanties but)
uketometeku yuuki o kimi ga kureta yo
(you gave me the courage to accept all of that)
wasurenai ano hi no kimi no egao
(I won't forget the smile of yours on that day)
"hitori janai" to yatto omoeta
(Ive finally felt that Im not alone)
sono shunkan
(that moment)
shinjitai ano hi mitsuketa hikari
(I want to believe in the light Ive found that day)
MABOROSHI da yo to warawareta tte
(I dont mind even if others consider it an illusion)
kamawanai yo datte
(and laugh at me because)
bokutachi ga eranda kotae nan dakara
(its the answer that we chose)

Kasumi slumps and seems to fall asleep against Nabiki's shoulder.

wasurenai ano hi kanjita itami
(I wont forget the pain Ive felt that day)
nido to ano basho modoritakunai
(I never want to return to that place)
motto tsuyoku
(This strong feeling)

Nabiki tries to get up and stop to two younger girls, but falls to the floor. The last things she remembers seeing is a pair of white wings emerge from Setsuna's back.

shinjitai ano hi mitsuketa hikari
(I want to believe in the light Ive found that day)
kimi to kawashita tatta hitotsu no
(because there is one promise that)
yakusoku ga aru kara
(I've exchanged with you)
mou tachidomarazuni aruite yukitai
(I want to continue walking without stopping)


"Listen big boy if you don't stop squirming I will just yank the arm off" Kari says with a grin at Kurogane. Under her breath she says, "I may have to anyway."

Kari turns to Fay who is helping her hold the large man down, with a curious frown. "You are certain this was made by a Daidoji Tomoyo in piffle world?"

"By her company at least." Fay responds with a shrug.

Kari grumbles under her breath. Fay only catches something about sensei and shoddy work.

Kari spends a few more minutes working on the joint. Lapsing back with a sigh, she proceeds to clean the shoulder with antiseptic spray. "If you take it easy for the next few days the arm should bond properly with your shoulder." Looking at Kurogane's face she sighs again. "Right, I forgot who I was talking to. Let me get in touch with my sensei and we can get this fixed properly tomorrow."

Kari turns when the chimes of her cell phone go off. "Moshi Moshi" That is all of the greeting she can get out before a voice on the edge of panic comes across the receiver.

"Settle down Ran-chan." Kari says to her distraught niece, once she can get a word in. "Tell me slowly what is happening."

"Everyone except Eva-chan, the cabbits, and I have passed out." Ranko says in a near wail. "Eva and I can sense they are alive, but neither of us know how to heal well enough to help them. Set-chan passed out after her wings appeared and now she is mumbling in her sleep. I can't reach Obaa-san."

Kari tries again to calm the younger girl. "It will be alright. Just settle down and I will be there as quickly as I can." Kari rubs her temples. "Was Set-chan singing when this happened?"

"We were signing a song together." Ranko responds slightly more calmly.


Ranko turns when there is a knocking at the door to the box. Before she can do anything Akiri rushes to the door with a jangle of bells and opens it.
With a shout of "kawaii", a raven haired blur sweeps into the room and gathers up the cabbit girl.

Ranko barely has time to gasp in shock when the blur is followed by a brown haired woman walking elegantly through the door. The woman's mischievous grin is reflected in her green eyes.

"Li-sensei?" Ranko says in confusion.

"May I see your phone for a few minutes Ranko-chan?" The woman politely asks.


Kari barely suppresses a groan when she heard the shout on the other end of the line.

"Hello Kari-chan, I trust my son and his friends are in good health." Kari can just hear the smile on the other end of the phone. "I understand you were picking up dinner for all of these children. I believe we can look after things here for now, but could you bring your new toy with you. Moving all of them to a more comfortable place could be difficult otherwise."

"Auntie why did you bring her with you?" Kari asks plaintively.

"Well she has experience dealing with this after what happened to you and your friends." Is the simple reply.

"Please don't let sensei play with them too much Auntie." Kari says with a sigh.

"You never complain." Kari really could feel the teacher's grin now.

"I was ten and overjoyed to have an adult want to pay attention to me." Defeated, Kari responds with a sigh.

"If you and Syaoran hurry over, I think we can distract her from most of them." Sakura responds lightly. "I think it is far too late for a least two of them though."

Kari hangs up the phone. Syaoran is surprised when she turns to him and practically lifts him by his shirt. "We have to go NOW!!"

"What's wrong" He says in shock.

Kari groans. "Your aunt has just been turned loose on a roomful of teenage girls."

Syaoran gulps


The group quickly leaves Kari's lab and hop on the train to get to the shopping arcade. Kari quietly broods over a discussion she had with Noriko over breakfast in her apartment less than a year ago, shortly after the Mahora Festival conclusion.

"I saw her wings Obaa-san. When were you planning on telling me there is another enchantress out there that can have children."

"I was not planning to tell you because there isn't one." Noriko smiles at her over a cup of coffee.

"Sakurazaki Setsuna is a half siren, not a crow hanyo like you told me." Kari almost screamed while slamming her fist into the table. "Now it makes sense why you would pay Ala Ruba so much money to have them invade a remote village that had been occupied by a clan of Hanyo. How can you say there is no other enchantress. I stood close enough to her when she visited Konoka in the first aid tent to tell what she is."

"One of my daughters who became a siren did have a child with a human." Noriko responded with sigh. "I say there is no other enchantress because she traded this child to a murder of crows, who wanted to strengthen their blood line, for a magical artifact. The heartless little witch then abandoned her child and used the artifact to take herself permanently to the elemental plane. I say good riddance to her."

"Were you planning to tell her the truth." Kari asked.

"Konoe Eishun took a liking to the girl, and offered to take her in and have her trained as a Shinmei Ryu swordswoman." Noriko replied calmly. "I had no idea if she would come into her powers or not, and if she did at the time I had no one who could teach her to control them. I thought the mental training the sword school offered would be the best preparation available."

Kari puzzled over this. "What about Sensei? Or looking after her yourself."

"You should know well what my track record has been so far trying to raise children." Noriko shook her head sadly. "In my long life I can only claim to have had one child that felt a sense of responsibility for their own actions. When he left I did not even have a body to bury. It was only when Fujitaka-kun tracked me down that I found out why.

Noriko chuckled at this point. "As for Tomoyo, when she heard about the little girl she was more than willing to play the part of being her mother, they certainly look enough alike to be believable. At the time she was still learning her powers." Noriko looked at her granddaughter with a small smile. "By the time you needed her help she was quite a bit more skilled. I had to promise her she could look after the girl if her powers ever came out though."

Kari shakes herself from her reverie as the train pulls into the stop closest to the shopping center.


Setsuna wakes listening to a beautiful voice quietly signing a lullaby. She takes careful stock of her surroundings before opening her eyes. The first thing is she feels long feathers wrapped around her and can tell they are not her own. The next thing she feels is that she is being held in a sitting position close to another person's body. The other person is the one singing judging by the vibrations she feels in the other's frame.
Carefully opening her eyes she looks to see Konoka asleep with a large wing wrapped around her. looking up she looks into the face of the woman singing.

The woman smiles and the only thing Setsuna can think to say is "Oka-san?"


Karaoke-Kan - Karaoke franchise with locations all over japan.

Toei Oedo line - subway line that runs between Nerima and Shinjuku. It meets the Shonan-Shinjuku line at Shinjuku station before running through Azabu Juban. Tocho-mae is the last stop roughly 20 stops after Azabu Juban.

Bible Black - this is another one that if you need to ask, you really are better off not knowing.

These Boots are Made for Walkin' - song recorded in 1966 by Nancy Sinatra with instruments played by a Los Angeles group called The Wrecking Crew.

Kurogane cuts off his left arm in order to rescue Fay, when Celes country collapses into a dimensional null after King Ashura dies. In the next chapter they arrive in the world where Kurogane is from, and Fuma delivers a mechanical arm that he brought from piffle world. Fay surrenders the last of his magic power to the dimension witch as payment. In a later chapter it is revealed that while the arm is functional it does not mate well to Kurogane's shoulder causing him pain and to bleed.

TRUE is the opening theme song for the anime series Dragon Drive. The show is cheesy and worth a few laughs but the song is pretty good.

Kawaii - cute, adorable.

Diadoji Tomoyo - Sakura's friend in Cardcaptor Sakura. Best known for her obvious affection for Sakura, creating cute costumes for Sakura to wear, and recording as many moments of Sakura's life with her video camera as she can. In the TRC story line they run into several incarnations of her. (Now let's see what I can do with the original)