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Gods help me. Here I was happily burned out on live action and special effects hero shows, gah power rangers. Then I let Den-O talk me into giving Kamen Rider Kiva a chance. Just what I needed, another distraction, and there are more than a dozen other series in Kamen Rider to look into now.
Anyway on with the show.

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Chapter 37 - Flight

On the Far side of the moon the lunar dawn creeps slowly across the surface. The light reveals a shadowed line in the regolith too straight to have been created by a meteor impact. As the light grows longer so does the shadow to more than one hundred meters long. The ends of the shadow are found and the outline of two large shutters can be found.

Underneath the shutters is the remains of a magnetic launch ram, leading a thousand meters and more beneath the moon's surface. The base of the launcher ties to a massive hanger bay for space ships. The bay unlike the launcher shows signs of recent repair and use, with two ships presently occupying it, the larger at over two hundred meters long, is still in the process of being built by worker drones.

The smaller of the two ships looks something like a trimaran with a boat like central hull and two half length outriggers. This impression is marred by the large rocket engines on the backs of the outriggers and that it was over one hundred meters long. There was also the saucer like structure that that had been grafted in place of the bridge at the rear of the ships main body.

Within the saucer we find the first signs of life. A green vista much larger than should be possible, larger than the whole of Mahora City. At the center is a giant tree with its branches filled with glittering eggs looking for the world like ripe fruit.

A woman's warm laughter draws attention to where an asian woman and a tall blonde haired man stand on a platform with a particular egg. The man looks at a floating video image to see what amused the young woman so much. "Tomoyo-san I don't believe it is polite to laugh when others risk injury."

Tomoyo turns to him with a grin. "Now Mikaro-san, Winry and the Elric brothers told me you seemed to find quite a bit of amusement when they were working through the body enhancement process." She glances into the clear egg and smiles at the apparently sleeping girl reclining in a chair within. "At least I can be certain the worst that will happen is mechanical parts will need to be replaced on Hikaru when they switch back."

The blond man blushes and crosses his arms in front of himself causing shoulders broadened by decades of martial training to flex. "So have you finally decided on a name for this ship so the registration can be changed?"

"Does that need to be done now?" The sable haired enchantress says with a resigned sigh.

"Well the energy crystals you gave me to buy those gate generators for you caused quite a stir." Mikaro shrugs uncomfortably. "I am not sure how long it will be before my family comes looking for me."

"Worried that they will be less than happy with the deal you made for this ship." Tomoyo asks with a sly grin.

"No, I do believe they will be quite pleased with the price you paid. Not to mention the new ship that Noriko is building for me." The taller man shakes his head, as though trying to clear a bad memory."

"Has Ku Ri given up on trying to get you to dye your hair red yet?" Tomoyo asks with a giggle.

"Not quite," He responds with a sigh. "She at least has stopped looking for ways to make herself into a were-tiger. In all seriousness what name should I put in the file?"

Tomoyo glances around the tree with all of the platforms holding similar eggs. "Can there be any other name for a place where warriors are brought by angels to fight further battles." Tomoyo says with a sad smile

Mikaro chuckles to himself in response. "Does that make you Valfreya then?"

"I watched the last claimant to that name die due to her own selfishness." Tomoyo studies the egg containing Misaki and the doll Hikaru, in a smaller egg attached to the armrest of the chair, thoughtfully for a moment. "I think I will take that title and make it something of value."

"Well if you somehow met with Tsunami to get a space tree, I suppose I should not be surprised that you met a goddess of this world." The man reaches up and scratches the back of his head. "How did you meet with Tsunami-kami-sama?"

"I found a very ancient link." Tomoyo smiles blissfully. "I went there to plead with her for help, instead when I found myself in her presence she simply embraced me, and said she was pleased that I cared for others so much."

The man glances at the egg as it is filled with glowing light and Misaki is replaced with the Hikaru gynoid. "Well it seems everything is working. By your leave princess, I will make use of the gate generator to go back home." Tomoyo starts and looks at the man, sketching a playful bow, in puzzlement. "I take it you had not heard that by Jurian law anyone who is blessed by Tsunami to be bonded with one of her trees will be adopted into the royal family, if they are not already a member."

The man bows honestly and makes his way deeper into the boughs of the great tree. After he is out of sight Tomoyo whispers. "No, I only thought if I was going to build an ark it should be made of wood."


Kari held in a sigh of relief when the henshin process reversed successfully. Winry and the Maharas focused on making sure the young girl was alright. Kari on the other hand, discovered that Akiri had wandered away from the lab.

Kari would be more concerned if she could not still hear the girl's mental laughter. Politely excusing herself, Kari takes her leave to find Akiri. Kari follows the feel of the girl to the small park outside of the science building, where she finds Akiri happily playing with a tall dark skinned man wearing an ankle length coat and stocking cap.

Kari considered the style of the coat odd, it buttoned tightly from the neck to the waist and then flared open revealing the man's dark trousers. Kari's thoughts were broken from considering just how nicely those shoulders were displayed by the coat, when Akiri waves her over. "Kari-mama I found this doggie wandering around." The little girl grins and says the dreaded words. "Can we keep him?"

Kari blinks in confusion at the question, Akiri grins wider and to the man's surprise is suddenly hanging in front of him from his shoulders. The girl removes his stocking cap, revealing long blue furred dog ears and spiky white hair. "See Kari-mama a doggie."

The man had more than a little reason to be nervous at the gleeful expression on Kari's face, but she soon regains her composure and bows to the taller man. "I am Himura Kari. might I ask your name since Akiri tells me you have been watching us for a while and don't mean harm."

Sighing the man shifts his arm underneath Akiri to support her weight, as he bows in return. "I am called Zafira."


Ranma is having a very different experience. It was one thing to go through the martial arts cheerleading challenge, adrenalin and the thrill of the challenge can mask a lot of things. It is another thing entirely for him to sit on the sidelines and try not to die of embarrassment, as Inhoshi prances around in a cheerleader outfit during the tryouts. Kaede and Ku Fei sitting with him seem to be enjoying the show of him trying not to blush as much or more than the tryouts.

"Inhoshi does seem to be enjoying herself." Kaede says with a smile from his side.

Ku Fei comments from his other side. "The blue contacts Li-sensei give almost not needed." The golden furred cabbit on her shoulder grins and nods in agreement.

Ranma lays back on the bleacher and stares at the gym ceiling. 'Of course all of the athletic clubs came to watch. It's worse that Inhoshi enjoys wearing outfits like that.'

Finally sitting back up. "Well it is good that she found something she enjoys." Ranma continues in a quieter tone of voice. "Having the other girls there to cover for her helps a lot."

Ranma's attention is diverted as Kari walks in with her arm interlinked with a tall gaijin man, carrying Akiri. "Wonder who that is." Ranma states quietly.

The man sets Akiri down and bows to both ladies before leaving the gym. Kari walks over to their small group with one of the widest smiles Ranma has ever seen her with. "Who was that Kari-nee-san?" He asks as Akiri skips over to give hugs to the two girls before settling in Ranma's lap.

"Just a gentleman with a business proposition." Kari replies while sporting a dreamy expression Ranma would more associate with Kasumi. "I will have to look into it later." Kari sits down next to Kaede. "So is there any real competition for Ranko here?" This question earns a snort from Ranma and chuckles from the girls.

Shortly thereafter the two judges, Li-sensei and Mao-sensei, announce the new members of the squad. Inhoshi or 'Ranko' was an easy pick because of the energy and enjoyment she displayed, being able to do mid air flips without the need of a basket toss not withstanding. Ranma, for all his previous discomfort, could only smile when Inhoshi bounded over to him and gave him a hug.

"So then shall we all go to this nice restaurant I found to celebrate?" Kari asks the group with a grin, as they were joined by the other cheerleaders of 1-A. The cheers from the girls almost overrode Ranma's slight concern at Kari's grin. "I need to run by my lab for a minute before we go though." Kari states as she begins to lead the group from the gym.

In Kari's lab she warns everyone to stay back as she removes her sealed chest from the wall safe. She removes from the chest first a gold and silver sphere. "These for later." she mumbles as she tucks them into a pocket of her coat, and removes the last crystal egg from its cubby.
"Would all of you like to watch some magic?" Kari grins at the group's eager response. Taking two small violet crystals from another pocket, she grins impishly. "That yummy guy I came into the gym with has been spying on me on behalf of a potential employer. I agreed to meet with his group, but as a price for invading my privacy, I gave him a choice, he could share a few useful spells with me or really invade my privacy." Kari winks as her grin turns lecherous. "He chose the first option, but give me some time."

Kari spreads her hands as the crystal egg floats into the air with the two smaller crystals orbiting around it. As Kari beings to chant, the crystals start swirling faster and small bursts of violet lightning start flashing between them and the egg. The egg begins to distort and the crystals are absorbed into it. The warping egg shivers as it is filled with swirling violet. The egg begins to glow with violet light before splitting into two dozen small violet faceted gemstones orbiting the still glowing center. Kari holds out a bag and the gems float into it.

"Ku Fei-chan, I can see your wearing those bracers I made for you, would you like me to add something really good to it?" Ku Fei nods eagerly and holds out one of the bracers for Kari to see. Kari takes one of the stones out and chants briefly. removing her hand the gem has now been absorbed into the metal. "I will show you the new skills this gives you later." Kari says with a wink. "Inhoshi, Akiri, and Obiru come here for a moment."


On the other side of Tokyo two very different girls were fretting over Ranma's impending visit to the Nekohanten. "Relax, just introduce the rest of us and try a new approach with Ranma-san." At the girl's questioning gaze the green haired girl smiles. "Just be friends." Par Fum finishes by making a silly face at her best friend, earning a few laughs and easing the other girl's tension.

At a different table, Rei sits with the the other senshi. "So, Haruka, you have decided to at least try and make peace with Ranma." Rei asks the older senshi.

The short haired blond shrugs. "I am willing to at least get to know him. I talked with Nodoka while we were at the shrine, I would hate to see what would have happened if Aunt Sakura had, had children with that creature."

Ku Lon calls all of the teenagers to attention. "After last night's event, we no longer have to worry about looking for that particular enemy. That does not mean we can be lax in hunting down the demons that are going to continue attacking."

The two groups, along with the dimensional travelers, continued discussing plans of attack in the warehouse area until Kari and the group from Mahora arrived. Kari bowed to the elders. "Good evening elder Ku Lon. As an apology for my previous misbehavior, I have gifts for your group and the senshi." Kari waves the rest of the group into the room, and introduces Ku Fei. "This young lady will demonstrate for us."

Ku Fei nods and holds up the bracer that Kari put the gem into. The gem glows and a triangular magic seal appears under Ku Fei's feet. An expanding dome of greenish black energy envelopes the room. Everyone in the room stares as three of the new group disappear.

Kari nods and places a hand on the girl's shoulder. With a sigh Ku Fei drops the spell, and the world returns to normal. "That was a magic barrier. Only those with magical ability are able to operate within it or even see it. Any noncombatants are removed and any damage done to the surroundings disappear with the barrier."

Ku Lon raises an eyebrow at this. "That is quite impressive child. Do you mean to add this to the devices we have been given."

Kari grins in response. "I can also add it to the senshi's uniforms. There is one other spell that I will ask Akiri-chan to help me demonstrate. Akiri steps forward and reproduces the barrier field. The girl smiles up at Akiri as the enchantress' clothing shifts and Laguna appears in her right hand. Akiri says "Tank Guard" and is surrounded by a red orange crystalline energy structure. A burst of white light comes from the gun and bounces harmlessly off the shield. the wall leading into the nekohanten proper, on the other hand, disintegrates when hit by the ricochet. Akiri lets both effects drop and jumps into Kari's arms.

Most of the Amazons and Senshi are busy picking themselves up from the floor, but the two elders simply grin. "We would greatly appreciate this aid child." Says Ku Lon with a chuckle.

As they move into a private dining area of the restaurant, Ku Lon's attention turns to the blond haired girl from the first demonstration. /What is your name child?/

/I am Ku Fei, honored elder./ The girl hesitates for a moment before proceeding. /My mother's name is Ku Ri and my father is Kuramitsu Mikaro./

/I am pleased to hear my granddaughter and her chosen are in good health./ Ku Lon sizes the girl up for a moment. /Apparently very good health since it has been almost fifty years since she left the village with him./ At the bewildered look this statement receives, Ku Lon simply chuckles and leads the girl over to where Xian Pu and Par Fum are sitting talking politely with Ranma and Inhoshi, Kaede standing a short distance behind Ranma. /Come child let me introduce you to one of your cousins./

Michiru had to elbow Haruka several times to get her to stop nearly leering at Inhoshi still wearing her cheerleader outfit. Ranma had not had the heart to ask her to change into something else when she was so happy to have earned something herself. "It is impolite to stare." The aqua haired senshi hisses into the other girl's ear. Kari only snickered at the two of them when she came by to bond gems to their henshin pens. "At least your not as bad as Fuma-kun," Kari whispers. "Minako is only a few seconds from slapping him." Fortunately neither asked how she knew anyones names.

Kari finally gets to Rei, the fire senshi had somehow kept moving farther down the line of her own accord. Unable to move farther away as Kari approaches, the girl looks down as her cheeks heat. Kari reaches out and lifts her chin. Seeing warring emotions in the girls eyes Kari can only smile. "You are confused and there is not much I can do to help you sort out what your feeling." she says softly to the other girl. "I can tell you that a lot of what you are feeling when I am near to your thoughts is a reaction to magic. Your element is fire and mine is primarily wind. When air is forced into a blast furnace the temperature increases exponentially."

Kari pauses to let that sink in and complete the modification of the transformation token. "Only you can decide what your real feelings are and how to act on them. If you decide you do want to experiment, you do know how to reach me." Kari finishes with a smirk.

Over at the table where two cousins are getting aquatinted in rapid fire Chinese, Ranma is dealing with suddenly discovering he can understand everything they are saying. Not that girl talk ever interested him. Turning to the other girl smiling at him demurely he attempts to start a conversation. "So you and Xian Pu have been friends since childhood?"

"Yes, Xian Pu's mother died when she was young so my mother looked after her. We were almost raised as sisters." She turns her head and glances at him from the side. "We talked often as children of sharing a husband, if we could find a man worthy enough." The near spit take this causes Ranma to have makes the girl giggle. "You need not worry about us trying to trap you Ranma-san. While you are very handsome, I prefer to have a man come to me willingly."

Ranma sighs and takes comfort in Inhoshi gently holding onto his arm, she had heard and understood everything the girl said to him, but still cared only for supporting him. That was especially comforting considering the interested looks he was getting from some of the senshi and amazons. Ranma finishes eating and actually found it nice to catch up with Xian Pu. Her not hanging off of him had a lot to do with that.

Meeting a non-obsessive Mu Se was actually quite pleasant for Ranma, and stepping away from Xian Pu allowed him to convince Kaede to stop hovering and eat something herself. Ranma was even able to arrange for a chance to spar with Mu Se sometime in the future, though it required assuring a certain blue haired senshi they would not try to intentional harm each other.

Ranma did find it very surprising when saying hello to Rei caused her to blush deeply and excuse herself. Kaede and Inhoshi only shrugged when he asked if they knew what was going on.

After a few hours the group from Mahora had to make their exit so the others could get to work, as they put it. Kari grinned as she returned the delivery boxes to the storage room before leaving.

Returning to the dorms Ranma and Kaede walked through the club room to find the twins were joined at another layer by Konatsu and Nabiki. Nabiki sighs as her leotard wearing angel is knocked out when Konatsu's buff ninja blocks her kick. "You are improving Nabiki-san" The Kunoichi states politely.

"How did you develop a special attack so quickly?" Nabiki asks with hooded eyes, but a warm smile.

"Himitsu Desu" Is the response Ranma hears, just before he and Kaede enter the retreat. Appearing on the transport seal where steps down from the complex would have started from the gate. Ranma reaches to his left shoulder and scratches Inhoshi's ears. Noticing the gemstone added to her right ear almost like an ear ring. "Did you have to let him watch your slayers collection?"

Kaede just grins in response.

The two walk through the sand garden towards the house. Getting into the common room Ranma sits down in front of the TV, amazed that they seem to have the room to themselves.

"You seem tense Ranma-dono" Kaede says while she sits next to him.
"The visit to the Nekohanten was okay, but it makes me wish I could disappear, where no one could find me for a while." Ranma says around a pleased groan as Kaede starts massaging his shoulders.

"I could arrange that Ranma-dono, but there would be a price." Kaede says with a grin towards Inhoshi.

"Sure, whatever." Ranma mumbles.

Quick as a flash Inhoshi pulls a piece of chalk from somewhere and makes a magic circle on the ground. Kaede gently turns Ranma's face towards her. "Make a pactio with me Ranma-dono and I can take you to a house no one else can find, and the kitchen is fully stocked."

Ranma blinks for a moment. "Is that the only reason you want to make a pactio with me?"

Kaede smiles and sits in his lap. For the first time in a while Ranma watches as she opens her deep brown eyes fully to look into his own. "No, I want to have you all to myself." winking one eye closed she finishes. "Except for Inhoshi of course."

Ranma leans forward and kisses her deeply. Inhoshi cheers the word "Pactio!" as the two are surrounded by blue white light.

Kaede deftly snatches a newly materialized card from the air, without breaking the kiss. Eventually she allows Ranma to come up for air and breathily says "Adeat"

A dark cloak swirls around the two and they, along with inhoshi, disappear. As the cloak settles to the ground, it to disappears from sight.

Kari smiles as she glances into the room from the kitchen. "Here I was going to ask Ranma to help me make a present for Kaede, but I like this better."


Valfreya - name for the Norse queen of the gods in her role as leader of the Valkyrie

Zafira - Wolkenritter (cloud knights) guardian beast from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. first introduced in A's.

Himitsu Desu - it is a secret.

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