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earlier this week, I finally had an opportunity to do something I have been wanting since oh....October. In the interest of better character visualization...

Ranma: "Yah right tell me another one Kuno."

Ahem...Ok I admit it, Jiraiya the Toad Sannin and I would get along swimmingly.

Ranma: "Not to mention that you look like him."

*blink* Okay that may be a fair cop, at least it is better than the other. Now if I can finish before I start looking for ways to bring bokken boy back into the story.

*Ranma frantically waves his hands and signals that his lips are sealed.*

As I was saying, I commissioned a picture that has Ranko and Kari in it as what could possibly have been running through Hino Rei's imagination that would still have her blushing in Ranma and Kari's presence days later. I posted it on my blog ( I have enabled the age warning and I advise you that this pic is probably NSFW. I am biased, but I think it turned out fairly cute really.

There is also a group picture that is safer for general consumption called Kari's fold, and even has Ranko dressed in gothic lolita fashion as some have requested.

Both pictures honestly turned out better than I had hoped for.

*Ranma starts wandering off*

Oh and Ranma....*big evil grin* Too Late.

*Ranma runs off screaming*

Don't worry too much folks, Kuno is not one of my favorite people to even think about dealing with. *sigh* I guess I should be nice to Ranma this chapter ;)

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Chapter 45 - Hard Reality

The Senshi stare on in shock at what had occurred. The only sound is a soft mewling coming from within the pile of clothing. The masked woman gently shifts the pile and picks up a black bodysuit with something struggling within. Gently putting her hand inside the woman hisses as the struggles increase, but after a moment pulls her hand back out, with added scratch and bite marks, holding onto a struggling dark indigo furred kitten.

"Please calm down Mana." The woman soothes as she holds the kitten close against her vest. "You will be alright."

Usagi walks forward slowly, close enough to see the kitten has a white crescent moon on its forehead. The woman continues talking quietly to settle the kitten down. "I can help you turn into a human again, but you have to trust me."

The reincarnated princess watches as the pair is surrounded by a soft glow. After a moment the woman picks up the dropped coat to put around the small naked girl she is holding in her arms. "See."

The girl stares at her hands. "I am a child?"

"Mau mature more slowly then humans." Minako says from Usagi's side. "I suspect those hair ties had some sort of enchantment on them to keep you looking human and make you look what age would be appropriate if you were human."

"Hair ties!" The violet haired girl puts her hands to the sides of her face, before shrieking as she dives for the rest of her discarded clothing. After several moments of frantic searching Mana sits back and wails. "They're gone!!" The masked woman puts her hand on the girls shoulder as she cries. Usagi hears the girl moan about loosing the only gift her mother had given her.

"I will make you another set." The woman says as she removes her mask. "I would prefer to teach you the techniques so that you would not need them."

"Kaa-san?" Mana looks up at the woman's face in curiosity, before turning to rage. "You abandoned me!!" anything else is lost in near snarls as the girl turns to beating on the woman's chest and shoulders with her small hands.

"I am sure she had her reasons." Usagi walks up and lays her hand on the girl's head. "Your mother loves you and likely tried to give you the best care she could. You should open your heart to her and love her as well."
The girl calms and something in her eyes changes as the crescent moon glows golden. Looking back at her mother Mana reaches her arms out and hugs her. "I love you Okaa-san."

The woman chokes back tears, and gently removes the girl's arms from her neck. "Please lay down for a moment little one, I am sure you are tired." Mana does so obligingly, The woman holds her hand over the girl and a glistening transparent dome appears over her.

Usagi grins as the woman turns towards her. "See all better now."

The alleyway rings with the sound of a slap.

"How dare you!!! You self righteous little bitch!!!." Yoruichi screams at the girl sprawled unceremoniously on the ground before her. "You have no idea what you have done to her do you! Even if you did, would you even care?"

"Sh..she's a Mau isn't she." Usagi offers weakly, while putting her hand to her cheek. "Isn't it normal for them to have that moon marking?"

"That mark is the representation of a geas the Ginzuisho uses to enforce loyalty and obedience to its bearer." The enraged woman snarls. "You took away her choice of how to act, just like your friends here."

"Wha... What do you mean?" Usagi stutters out.

"Your Senshi Princess Serenity." Yoruichi says with a smirk, in a calm tone far more chilling then her rage moments before. "The girls who sold their freewill and souls to you and your mother in exchange for power."

"That is not true!" Usagi says angrily, manifesting the Ginzuisho in her hand. "I am the reincarnation of their princess and their leader, that is why they follow me. I won't listen to your lies!"

"Lies are they princess of a dead kingdom." Yoruichi snorts. "If you are going to claim noble birth I outrank you in this lifetime. I was once known as Li Yoru, Queen of the Amazons, and daughter of their patron goddess Artemis. I was murdered and came back from the veil of death entirely by my own power." The woman waves her hand dismissively. "Put away your trinket child, it only has power over mortals. Like my daughter whose will you have stolen."

"Let me tell you more of the truth shall I." She continues in a sinister voice. "My downfall in life was that I idolized Queen Serenity and how she created strong warriors." Pointing at the other blond girl standing beside Usagi. "Don't you ever wonder why you and your captain of the guard look so much alike. Your mother used the geas to make her most powerful female warriors into brood mares. Forcing them to fall in love with the most powerful male warriors she could find, and then whichever daughter proved to have the most strength became the captain of her heir's guard and the girl's father became the sire of Serenity's own heir."

"I thought the idea was brilliant in my youth." Yoruichi says in a light tone. "I did not have a geas to use so I instead instated laws, that to my shame survive to this day, forcing the female warriors of my tribe to submit and have children with men that defeated them, and kill any females that did the same to prevent them from bearing strong children that could haunt us in the future. If the children my warriors bore proved to be strong I also followed Serenity's example."

"My murderer used underhanded tricks to defeat the tribe's sorceress." Yoruichi continues while tears begin to flow from her eyes. "I applauded his cunning and insisted my own mother follow the law as well. My foolishness was repaid when he forced my transformation into a cat, and drowned me."

"I never understood while I lived the first time why the princess you are reincarnated from would choose a husband for love." The violet haired woman says sadly. "I thought I understood after my mortal life ended and I moved on to a different realm of existence. I found a man I truly loved there. Now I find you are nothing but a foolish and ignorant girl."

"Goodbye Princess of the Crystal Grave." Yoruichi picks up the now sleeping child and leaves Usagi with one last barb. "Perhaps you should endeavor to find out if your prince actually loves you, or if the geas twists him into what you want." To the Senshi's eyes the woman simply vanishes.

Yoruichi dashes through Tokyo using shunpo, her vision nearly obscured by tears, following the slender feeling of where the only person who might be able to help Mana was, and praying that she would.


"Kari-mama, you realize you did not tell Midori-nee the truth." Akiri says quietly as they walk through the workshop in the retreat.

Kari winks back at her little girl. "Now that is not the case. Midori never asked if I did or did not have someone to play with."

"The truth is you do though Kari-mama." Akiri says a little primly.

"My guest has been here a week, and he is hardly my plaything." Kari rolls her eyes. "I would have to get him past fainting at even seeing me in a swimsuit before that would be possible."

"But you wear less each time we visit." Akiri says accusingly. "You do enjoy teasing him."

"Think of it as working on one of his problems in baby steps." Kari says with a smile. "He is really cute when he blushes like that though."

"Kari-mama!" Akiri shouts. "How is drooling over him supposed to help the situation? What do you see in him anyway? I looked over the recordings Kasumi-nee and Happosai-sensei made, he was one of the worst offenders in making Ranma-nii's life hard and always attacking him without warning."

"He is just a boy too Akiri-chan." Kari sighs and ruffles the cabbit girl's hair. "I just think it is unfair that Obaa-san gave everyone else a chance, including Mu Se and Xian Pu, and left this boy to fend for himself. Especially after I heard about this technique Happosai-sensei said could lead him to killing himself."

"What will you do if you are able to cure his prudishness and problems with finding his way." Akiri asks quietly.

"I will leave the choice up to him. I understand there is a young woman out there he cares a lot about." Kari licks her lips as if savoring a taste. "On the other hand, I would not mind at all having a Minister Magi with as much stamina and power as he does."

Akiri shakes her head and hugs Kari's leg as they step on a transport seal hidden in the back of the workshop. When the light fades they are in what looks like a mountain valley with a small cabin. A giant boar comes crashing through the trees at the edge of the clearing.

"Here is our guest now." Kari says with a bright smile.


"Hado shi Byakurai!" Sayo shouts as lighting shoots from her fingertips to destroy a target Tessai had set up for her almost 30 meters away in the training grounds under the Urahara-shoten.

When the dust clears showing the mannequin had been reduced to a pile of cinders, the former ghost impulsively hugs the small form of of the girl standing next to her. Ururu grins and blushes as the slightly taller girl dances happily at her own success.

"Noriko-san, I must say I am incredibly impressed with the talent this young woman you brought here shows." Kisuke said with a smile to the woman standing next to him.

"Rarely have I ever found a student with this much raw talent in Kido." The large man agrees as he walks over towards the pair of adults.

"Then are you certain your ability to teach can live up to her talent?" Noriko looks at both men with a hint of amusement, before looking directly at the former research section chief. "You understand that I will be more than a little displeased if your studies of the child go beyond simple observation."

"I assure you her safety will be our primary concern while she is in our care Noriko-san." Kisuke smiles a little embarrassedly and waves his small fan. "I do still find it surprising that you brought the young lady here tonight instead of Tomoyo-san."

"We all have our own fires to tend." Noriko says with a sigh. "Tomoyo-chan discovered that a fire she had thought put out sprang up in a different way recently, and decided to deal with the source directly tonight...."

Any further elaboration was cut off as a blur appeared at the bottom of the ladder into the training grounds, before Yoruichi appeared kneeling before Noriko. From the tears flowing down the woman's face Noriko was not sure she even really knew where she was at the moment. That Yoruichi was struggling to catch her breath through sobs and burying her face in the shoulder of the overly large coat of the child she was holding only made this more uncertain.

"Okaa-san..." The indigo haired woman finally got out as little more then a sob. "Something terrible has been done to Mana...." Yoruichi starts crying again, and Noriko watches in confusion as the young girl hugs her and attempts to comfort the woman. The elder woman's confusion disappears, and her eyes narrow, as the girls bangs shift revealing the small crescent moon on the girl's forehead.

"I know you have no reason to forgive me 'Kaa-san," Yoruichi says quietly between sobs. "But please help Mana, she does not deserve this." Noriko feels her heart go out to her child as the little girl starts protesting that she loves her, driving the former amazon to even greater tears.

Steeling her voice, Noriko asks dispassionately. "It would seem the child has taken no real harm, and is deeply devoted to you. Is that not what you want?"

"If it is by her choice I would rather she hate me for life!" Yoruichi says in a near shriek. "I want her to have that freedom, not the will of another imposed on her."

"I am gladdened to hear you finally understand the value of others right to choose for themselves." Noriko kneels down and embraces her daughter and grandchild. "My precious child you have never done anything to me that I could not forgive. Even if that were possible, I would still not hold it against this little one of yours."

Kisuke, Ururu, and Jinta look on as the trio begins to glow, at the same time trying to ignore Sayo and Tessai weeping while watching as well.

When the glow fades Noriko leans back and removes the rather messy coat the girl had been dressed in. Revealing an eight year old looking girl with violet colored hair in a knee length dress of almost the same shade.
Mana looks down at the ground, unwilling or unable for the moment to look up at the woman kneeling in front of her. "I heard everything Okaa-san." The girl draws a shaking breath trying to coax words past the lump in her throat. "I don't hate you, but why did you leave me?" Mana allows the woman to gently take her hands as she tells more of her history.

Noriko smiles as she turns away. Walking past Kisuke she smiles and says quietly. "I believe it will be your turn soon to join the scene." Seeing the man raise a questioning eyebrow, she continues in a harsh whisper. "If you try to fein ignorance after asking me to make those swords, I promise you will be in great pain after I am through with you."

Seeing the man pale even further at having one of his airs seen through, Noriko smiles as she teleports back up to the store proper. Sighing she takes out her cell phone and calls one of her contacts. After several rings a woman's voice greets her. "Good evening Ku Lon-chan." Noriko pauses for the general conversation patter. "I am doing very well this evening, but I wish I could say I was calling with better news. There is a very high chance that things Usagi-chan was unaware of were told to her in a very harsh way a short while ago. If she or any of the senshi comes to you looking for confirmation or information please be as gentle as possible, but tell them the truth." Hearing an affirmative response she finishes. "I would appreciate it if you would pass this along to Mas Cre and the others as well."


Ranma floated in the chill air above the tundra in the resort. Grinning he prepares to show the grandmaster the new technique that he has learned. Having felt the power before Ranma simply releases dozens of energy orbs to float in the air around his body.

"Well I will admit that is fairly impressive Ranma." Happosai says with a smile. "It has some Ki energy in it but this is mostly magical energy." Seeing Ranma hang his head, Happosai quickly moves to reassure him. "Don't worry boy it just means we can work on truly making it yours." The master grins as he unleashes a similar but smaller array of blue white orbs. "I just picked up this magical technique myself recently. Now let me show you what we can do with it."

Ranma watches as the blond man takes one of the orbs in hand and pushes his Ki aura into it. The glow nearly triples in brightness and the energies start swirling around inside the orb. "I had this idea from young Asuna and Takamichi's Kanka."

Happosai flings the orb at the ground below them. When it strikes they watch as a titanic dust cloud rises into the air. When it clears a crater easily ten meters across and just as deep has formed.

Panting the man looks at Ranma. "For the moment I am afraid that is my limit, and I have been practicing for a while. I think you could do much more just by looking at the number of orbs you can generate."

Ranma stares at him levelly. "How did you make those orbs in the first place?"

"Well I finally managed to find out what type of creature my father was." Happosai smirks. "Since we will have to fix this place later anyway, shall we take off the kid gloves and see just what our beast forms can do boy?"

Ranma grins as his hands sprout claws and his dark red and black stripped tail appears along with the rest of his fur. Smirking to show off the fangs in is mouth he announces. "Anytime old man."

Ranma was not sure what he was expecting, but seeing the blond haired man gain blond fur and three tails as his arms and legs lengthen was a surprise. He almost did not teleport in time as the kitsune opened its jaws and a bolt of lightning erupted from it."

"Well Ranma shall we see how well a one tailed Nekomata does against a three tailed Yako Kitsune!" Happosai roars as he charges at Ranma behind another blast of lighting.

Ranma grins as he dodges around the lightning to meet glowing claws with his own Kanka enhanced Ki claws, His energy orbs cancelled out by the others fox-fire ball lightning. It truly becomes a battle of the monsters, as Ranma's speed is equalled by the older hanyo's greater hand to hand experience in the contest of fangs and claws.

Almost an hour later both men are lying on their backs in one of the many impact craters that cover the landscape. Fortunately for them both Inhoshi and Kitsune had come along and were busily healing them so they were rapidly recovering.

"Ah that was very good Ranma my boy." Happosai says with a grin.

"Who won?" Ranma asks quietly.

"The better question Ranchan is what are you two going to do to repay me for fixing all of this!!?" Kari shouts through clenched teeth while looking over the blasted landscape that looks to have as much in common with the surface of the moon as any part of earth. "Since neither of you are in any shape to do it yourselves."

"I am sure Ranma-dono and Happosai-sensei will make it up to you." Kaede says politely. "May I take my charge off to bed Kari-dono?" Ranma glances at the tall girl and sees her shiver slightly, but somehow he felt certain it was not from the cold. "He is obviously still exhausted from his exertions."

Kari waves her on and calls over her angels. One has pink, and the other black, hair. "Kurumi, Saki please help our other guest back to the retreat and put him to bed." Glancing at the grinning man her tone turns playful. "I will warn you to save your energy Happosai-sensei. I am able to contact Shizuna-sensei quite easily."

Wisely the Grandmaster of anything goes schools his face to neutrality and nods his head to the young woman as the angels help him back to the transport seal. While Kitsune and Kaede each get under one of Ranma's shoulders. Inhoshi trails along behind them and bows to Kari with a wink.


Sayo knelt in a large clearing with a fresh carpet of rose petals hopeful that Ranma, who had just appeared on one of the paths, could be nearly as forgiving as his cousin was earlier.

"I saw Ranma-dono off to bed after he finished sparring with Happosai-sensei." Kaede says conversationally. "They were both very impressive, and there was an impressive amount of cleanup needed"

"We should hopefully see Ranma soon then." Kazumi says with a hint of longing.

The white haired girl looked to each side of the clearing and felt a bit more confident at seeing Kaede and Kazumi smile supportively at her. Sayo's smile lost a good bit of confidence as Ranma approached them, wearing only a pair of silk pants, she could see that his eyes carried a slightly unfocused look, and feel the waves of warmth from him at seeing the three girls.

"This is a different arrangement then I have seen before." The boy sighed and stretched. "My dreams really have been odd lately."

Sayo quickly gets to her feet and runs to hug Ranma tightly. "Please listen to me Ranma." she whispers. "This place and what we have done here is very real, at least in feelings."

looking up she is unsure if she should smile or sob at finding Ranma's eyes have regained their focus. "Please forgive me Ranma. I knew this place was real from the start, and used everyone else. I shouldn't have, but I was so happy to have color in this place and people to share it with." Looking back down she sobs as she feels one of his arms wrap around her, the other hand gently runs around the edge of one of the wings poking out from her hair causing her to shiver.

"I can't forgive you Sayo." Ranma says quietly. "I don't have the right to even presume to." Sayo looks up hesitantly, and Ranma kisses her gently on the forehead. "I am the one at fault for what has happened to you, and should be asking you and the others to forgive me." Sayo shivers in pure pleasure as she feels a pair of large fur lined wings wrap around her and hold her close to Ranma's body.

Kazumi steps up behind and wraps her arms around Ranma's chest and rests her chin on his shoulder with some difficulty. "Promise to practice often and energetically with me here and I will forgive anything." she whispers in his ear, while releasing her own golden wings to wrap around Ranma and Sayo. "Though I would not mind trying things out where I can still feel it in the morning."

"Ranma-dono, Seesha will serve you in any way for as long as you will allow degozaru." Kaede leans easily over the scaled cocoon, holding Sayo, to kiss Ranma deeply and add her silver wings to the mix.

Ranma groans into the kiss, after a few moments the grinning kunoichi releases him and he looks down at the blushing girl pressed against him tightly. "Are you able to breathe alright there Sayo?"

The little imp grins up at him, and with a cheer of "More" proves that she still has plenty of wiggle room as she moves down his body, though her tunic and his pants are shucked in the process.

"Most definitely" Kaede whispers as she moves to reclaim Ranma's lips, putting paid to any attempt at a protest as Sayo reached her goal.

Kazumi nibbled on Ranma's ear and then her eyes opened in surprise as she felt the presence of a new smooth but scaled appendage coming from just below the small of Ranma's back. With a mischievous grin she moved her hands down his abs and back around his waist, briefly brushing Sayo's hair. Kazumi licks her lips as the snake like appendage wraps around her leg. 'I am sure he will want to know just how flexible this might be.'

Kitsune sits on the far side of the clearing with the smaller female form of Inhoshi cradled in her lap. "Do you think we might get a chance to play too?"

"Hush, I am enjoying the show. You have no idea how long I have had to work on Ranma just to get him comfortable with physical contact." Inhoshi's golden eyes grow wide. "Oh My, I never would have guessed Kazumi was that energetic. I think she might enjoy the idea I have for Ranma to use to thank them."

"What if your the first victim?" Kitsune asks mildly.

"Innocent little me?!" Inhoshi says with cute puppy eyes, only to have Kitsune look at her in obvious disbelief. "Do you want me to seal the room so you can't phase in to be the second?" Kitsune shakes her head frantically and hugs the smaller girl causing her to purr.


Sitting in a tree, Loki looks over the night shrouded lake and laughs. "It would seem that one of dear Pluto-chan's plans failed spectacularly." He turns to smirk at the large raven sitting next to him on the tree branch. "Granted I have no clue what she thought she would gain by manipulating events so that the amazon queen who was so enthralled by the moon kingdom would be killed. It seems now that she failed and the queen returned very powerfully opposed to the dream of Crystal Tokyo."

"Having the sorcerer punished for his crime opened another path to achieve my goals." The bird rumbled. "Pluto and the Senshi would have dealt with the amazons and their resurrected queen."

"We have still benefitted though. As powerful as that woman might be, my shadow trailed her taking the girl into that mist meaning there is a greater power there. My shadows could not even set foot on the bridge." The false prince shrugs and grins. "Ah the pain and self doubt the princess feels now is so delicious."

"I have been inside there before, I just can not remember what exactly the power was." Samael snarls. "Whatever is preventing us from entering is a new addition, and I will find a way to break it."

"Perhaps we can find a puppet to use to explore inside it?" Loki muses.
Samael's coal black eyes stare into the darkened mist with undisguised hate.


In a small room inside the Tatsumiya shrine a raven haired woman kneels before a small alter lighted by candles. A chill wind causes the flames from the tappers to cast flickering shadows over her flowing purple and white robes.

Tomoyo opens her eyes slightly, the whites glistening like crescent moons in the candle light. "These dreams shall never be yours to destroy." She whispers before closing her eyes with a smile and returning to her quiet prayers.


Hado shi Byakurai! - Way of Destruction four White Lightning!

Kido - literally Demon Way. This is the forms of magic that the shinigami in Bleach use.

Nekomata - literal translation "forked cat" - a Demon Cat generally referred in Japanese myth to one who has gained two tails. (Ranma would actually be referred to as a bakaneko, or monster cat.)

Yako Kitsune - Outsider fox spirit - unlike good kitsune which are generally thought of as playful guardian spirits. Yako are said to be mischievous or even malicious interlopers, seducers, and shapeshifters. All Kitsune increase in the number of tails they posses as they grow older, as a sign of increasing power. Happosai has three tails, one for each century that he has lived

*OMAKE* (Discussion Panel or Shameless Plug)

Stage lights come up around a circular table. Teturo waves to the the audience sitting on the far side of the table, currently dressed up in a long spiky white haired wig and black long sleeved shirt, with a single red tear track from the corner of each eye.

Teturo: I welcome all of the readers to this round table discussion. Everyone please welcome our special guests Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Ranma and Kivat.

Pausing to let everyone wave to the camera, Teturo winks at Den-O.

Teturo: So guys what do you think of the picture Kari and Ranko were in?

Den-O: Well Personaly I think it is hot in every which way.

Kivat: I haven't seen it yet let me look.

Ranma: Yeah let us.

Teturo grins as he slides a piece of paper over to the half-fangire and animate metal chiropteran. Kivat takes a look at the page and drops from the air onto Ranma's shoulder, his wings and jaw closing with an audible click. While Ranma's eyes go wide.

Teturo: Umm hey Kivat are you alright? I did not know you could glow like that.

Kivat: (Cough cough) Why I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ranma: Wow I had better stop looking or I will get in trouble.

Den-O: AHhh denial I love it.

Ranma feels someone lean over his shoulder, and Kivat turns only to get an up close view of a golden bat wing. Ranma starts praying as he sees a snow white hand with blue fingernails reach for the picture on the table.

Kari: Oh, but I like this picture, It all depends on what your mind set is as to what is happening in it. (Big toothy grin at Kivat now laying on the table in a daze.) I think we can say what the glowing meant.

Teturo: Interesting theory, we might have to explore it more later. On the other hand, why would you get in trouble Ranma?

Ranma: Oh well three reasons Nanoha, Fate and Vita

Den-O: Yeah and they're going to read this hahaha.

Teturo: Well they don't have to know what is in the picture.

Den-O: No they don't (Smiles evily)

Vita: And what picture would that be? (Already glowing in fury at the close proximity of the tall red headed girl.)

*crumple* *munch* *munch* *gulp*

Ranma: What picture are you referring to Vita-chan?

Vita: Ranma!!!

Cue chase music as Ranma runs away from a small red haired girl wearing a gothic lolita dress, with dead bunny face accents on the large cap, carrying a hammer.

Kari giggles as her clothing changes to a more modest blouse and slacks.

Den-O: Yeah she will be at it for awhile

Kivat: Kivato, I better go after him to make sure he does not get killed when she catches him

Den-O: (Sigh) I had best help too before she kills my main character

Teturo: true.

Den-O: Later People (Takes off after Vita and Ranma)

Teturo: Hmm well looks that that is all for today then.

Kari: Oh phooey, I hardly got to play with them at all. Guess I will have to wait for more of Shooting Stars and Wild Horses.

The mechanical bat flies back in frame.

Kivat: Yosh we were sidetracked, but please do visit the stories for Magical Kamen Rider Ranma.

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