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Warning heavy citrus scent ahead

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Chapter 46 - The Dew on the Rose

Ranma awoke feeling very refreshed from what he still was trying to resolve as not being a very hormonally charged dream. Looking up he found Inhoshi lying on her stomach, kicking her feet in the air, and happily watching a video that he was reasonably certain he was still not old enough to obtain legally, made him wonder if she had been watching it all night and that had influenced his dream. The sound he heard when she looked up at him from the papers she was working on succeeded in derailing any further thoughts of dreams.

"Ohayo Gozaimas Ranma-sama." Inhoshi said with a bright smile, which turned quickly into giggles at the perplexed expression on his face.

Ranma takes a few moments to process this. "Not trying to be rude, but since when can you talk normally?"

"Since you gained enough energy for me to expand my skills." Inhoshi said mildly, without looking back up. "I could communicate with who I needed to before. Using the energy you could spare for me to talk did not seem nearly as important as gaining your battle skills to keep my partner alive." Inhoshi turns to look at him with a wink, waving what looks like a paper charm. "After last night there was more than enough energy to spare to even have Shugo pass along some talents she absorbed from Setsuna."

Ranma notices the image of what looks like a small writhing hydra on the paper. "Do I want to know what you plan to use those for?"

Inhoshi's grin widened as she rolled onto her back and then fluidly curled her legs over her head to complete a roll to her feet. Ranma seriously tried not to think about the short nightshirt that made her only clothing at the moment.

"I can't do anything with them myself." Inhoshi said with an impish grin as she handed the four identical slips of paper to him. "I don't mind being the guinea pig if you want to test my work."

Ranma held one of the pieces of paper separate from the others and shook his head. Finally deciding to play along he activated the seal on the slip of paper with his own energy and watched as inhoshi was wrapped up in the coils of a red and black scaled hydra.

"You really are ecchi aren't you" Seeing her grin as she only playfully struggled against the exploring coils Ranma sighed. He grinned as he brought his other three pactio cards to his forehead. "So what does that make me?"


Sayo had awoken quietly, and blissfully snuggled into Kazumi's arms wrapped around her. The reporter had been even easier for the former ghost to explain things to. Granted Sayo was not sure that her friend's insistence on them sleeping together if she was not with Ranma was really a punishment for not being truthful.

'Are you all still as willing to try things in the flesh as you were in the garden?' Sayo heard Ranma's voice in her mind say. By Kazumi's stirrings she assumed she heard it as well.

'Always Ranma.' Was Sayo's heartfelt reply. Sayo rolled over to nuzzle Kazumi into being a little more wakeful as they are both surrounded by a multipoint teleportation seal.

Sayo finds herself sitting on a large futon in Ranma's room supporting a still slightly groggy Kazumi. The Kunoichi of the group is the only one standing and grinning at where a very oddly shibari wrapped Inhoshi is performing similar services for Ranma to what the ghost girl had in the rose garden.

"Do all of you still want to participate?" Ranma says quietly around a groan.

Seeing the other two nod Sayo smiles, but it still surprised her when the small pieces of paper Ranma held transformed and wrapped her and Kazumi together. This gained a pleased purr from both girls.

Sayo managed to turn her head enough to see that instead of Kaede having been caught a surprised, but still pleased looking, Kitsune had apparently been used in a fast body switch.

"I can appreciate the idea Ranma-dono." Sayo heard the tall girl say. "I however wish for my first time to be given unhindered to my lord." Anything else the former ghost might have heard was swamped in the warmth she felt rolling off the two martial artists.

Blissfully to Sayo this sensation continued until she heard the tallest of their group scream in ecstasy and almost collapse on Ranma. The young man easily picked up the girl, and Inhoshi, and carried them both over to where Kitsune was lying on the futon. Sayo blinked when she noticed what looked like a red silk choker? on the kunoichi's throat with a gold triangular charm on the front.

Ranma turned to where she and Kazumi were laying together. Sayo had somehow managed to get behind the taller girl and with both of them sitting had her arms and legs wrapped around Kazumi. Seeing Ranma's heated gaze she grinned and nuzzled Kazumi's neck as she used her ankles to slip her legs inside the other girl's and open them wide in offering to their master.

Kazumi panted as Ranma prowled toward her on all fours and kissed his way up from her ankles. Pausing teasingly over her mound of venus before continuing to kiss his way up her middle. She moaned as he playful suckled hungrily for a few moments before continuing to nuzzle up to her neck and claim the reporter's lips.

Sayo laid back to make the angle easier for both the others, and nearly screamed herself as she felt the sensations from both her friend and master. The sensations at a distance had been nothing compared to this, and what she had felt before made everything she felt in her inner world seem a very pale reflection.

The former ghost lost track of time, she lost track of the year, while the feelings ran over her. She was not sure if she should scream, cry, or simply pass out after what had to be the fourth time Kazumi found the clouds and rain.

None of these things were in store for her as instead Ranma released Kazumi. The reporter moved to kneel behind Sayo, deciding that a favor should be returned she gathered Sayo in front of her with her arms wrapped under the smaller girl's legs and opened in offering to Ranma.

Sayo squeaked as the Kunoichi and the two cabbits came over to kiss and caress the two of them, while her own small size offered no obstruction to Ranma's advance. As his warmth entered her gate of heaven everything else in the world seemed to vanish.

In her time as a ghost Sayo had, mostly unintentionally, heard and even seen others experiencing the moment of bliss they call the little death but nothing had prepared her for this. This to her felt like the heat of the sun, the caress of the strongest winds, but all she felt from it was pleasure. The sensation built until she forgot anything else existed and simply reveled in this power of passion. If it would or could ever end she no longer cared.


Kari walked up to Ranma's door intent on telling him to rest instead of listening to the video with the sound so loud. After there was no response to her knocks she slides open the door and stares in shock for a moment, then schools her face to a grin. "Well Ranchan if you and the girls have that much energy maybe you can spend it on fixing the mess you and Happosai-sensei made."

Kari sighs and closes the door. After successfully holding her grin that long, she leans against the wall finally giving in to panting and hugging herself while trying to get the images sorted out in her mind. 'Well that explains what Inhoshi's interest in a copy of Urotsukidoji was. Who would have figured Kaede and Kazumi would get in on the game as well.'

By the time the door opens Kari has her breathing back under control to watch as Kitsune, Kaede and Sayo step out of the room, only the former ghost looks embarrassed at all.

"We have cleaned the room up Kari-dono, and we will assist with repairing the damage to the field shortly." Kaede says with a small bow. "If you will allow us though we would like to make use of the baths and get something to eat first, degozaru."

Kari grins and nods. "As long as there are no performances in the baths." Somehow she manages to keep her calm as Ranma follows them to the baths with Inhoshi and Kazumi under each arm, supporting him as he seems to move a bit drunkenly.

Once all of them are out of sight Kari shivers violently. "Okay new plan. Ryoga will be my minister magi by the end of the day. I will spend as much time as necessary to make him act like a man. Then I will spend a very long time finding out the limits of his endurance. Finally, if he even remembers this Unryu girl by then I will consider sharing."

"I wonder if Haruna will want to share too?" Kari says with a wicked grin. Her mind settled Kari starts walking down the hall. "First though, I think my angels need a lot of attention after all their hard work."


Ranma had gone through the motions of washing himself almost robotically beside the large bath, still mostly lost in the sensations he had absorbed from the girls. By the time Ranma entered the bath his mind was begining to clear. He actually relaxed as girls started taking up places in the bath a comfortable distance from him, but still close enough to touch each other if any felt like it.

Suddenly Ranma's mind cleared, but it was not from relaxation. World rending pain assaulted him as he struggled to get out of the water.

Collapsing on the stones beside the bath, Ranko had only one thought for her present affliction. 'Dammit.'

The other girls had grown concerned at Ranma's distress, but seeing the red head clutching her middle they settled down to sympathy and helping the other girl get as comfortable as possible.

After some cleanup, with the other girls assistance, Ranko settles back into the bath next to the now taller Kaede and tries her best to relax. A sudden disturbing thought occurred to the girl as she looked up at the kunoichi. "Um Kaede is there a chance you or the others are?"

Kaede reaches her arms around Ranko's shoulders and hugs her close. "I am on the pill. There is a small chance still, but I am not worried. Kazumi-san is as well, and Sayo-chan has not even had her first yet." She smiles down at the physically uncomfortable girl. "I actually started taking it because I had things rougher then you. I really don't know how that would work with your dual biology though."

Ranko relaxes and snuggles into the comfortable embrace and waits for her middle to decide it wants to work with the rest of her body again. Meanwhile Inhoshi and Kitsune were making quick work of repairing the field Ranma and Happosai had made unrecognizable.

After Ranko fell asleep Kaede lifted her out of the water and with the others help gently dried her off and wrapped her in a blanket, before carrying her back to her room.


Akiri looked on at Kari talking with Ryoga, she had to struggle not to sneer as the boy used his pet name for her soul partner yet again, "Tenshi-chan." The cabbit girl could not quite put her finger on why it bothered her. Kari had been forced to fly to keep up with the boy when she brought him here, and the boy just seemed set on the enchantress being an angel from above come to help him after he saw her wings. Kari did enjoy the chance to let her wings out while there, and that did not help the situation.

"So all you ask for in return for the help your giving me, is that I accept more power from you?, and help defend the world from a force that wants to destroy it." Even the boys fanged grin seemed to grate on Akiri's nerves as he says this. Akiri represses a shudder as Ryoga goes to one knee before her mother. "Tenshi-chan you honor me just by asking."

"Ryoga-san I am not an angel." Kari protests, Akiri grins as her other half finally starts to show frustration similar to her own.

Akiri finally comes to a realization. She truly loved Kari to her very depths and this boy gazing at the woman like an icon on a pedestal, while ignoring her true nature, just felt so shallow and completely unlike what Akiri knew Kari needed.

Kari takes a seat on a low bench with her knees together in front of her, as their talk continues. "Are you willing to be my Minister Magi until this fight is finished?"

"Tenshi-chan I would gladly serve you for as long as you wish." Akiri sighs as the boy continues over Kari's repeated protest about not being an angel. "What must your humble servant do in order to complete this contract?"

Akari snickers quietly as she can feel Kari's growing frustration. Kari wraps her wings around herself as she brings her kaki clad knees to her chest. "The contract must be sealed." Kari says with a grin. "With a kiss."

"But Tenshi-chan I couldn't." The boy begins to protest, and Akiri tries not to grind her teeth together.

"I am not an angel." Kari says with finality, as she opens her wings and knees wide.

Akiri tries not to laugh as the boy goes down in a spray of blood, knowing that she is needed to play the straight man here, she schools her features to the sternest expression her cute face would allow before shouting. "Kari-mama! That is Not! a Baby Step!"

Kari giggles as she lets her clothes change back to her usual slacks and trousers. "But now I don't have to worry about chasing him down once he built up to a panic over the idea of a kiss."

Akiri sighs and tries to hide her grin as she began laying out the contract circle on the ground around the unconscious boy.


In a shadowed boardroom a man pauses from looking at reports on his computer screen to pick up his secured land line phone. "Johnson here, this had better be good."

"My but we have moved up in the world haven't we." The sarcastic voice on the other end responds. "I was wondering who could come up with such a name as Schwartz."

"You are as hard to kill as a cockroach aren't you Nagi." Johnson responds in a cold tone. "Couldn't you just die when an island falls on you like most people?"

"Now is that any way to talk to an old friend?" The voice responds lazily. "And here I was going to offer you information to help you out like I have in the past."

The man sits up and stares at the handset. "Alright I am listening Nagi."

"There is another school that might interest your group." The man can almost hear the grin in his voice. "Mahora academy has a lot of secrets that could lead you to the golden millennium if you can solve them."

"I will look into it." Johnson says as he hangs up the phone.

Loki smiles at Samael in the library he had taken over after hanging up his cell phone. "Humans pass through unhindered, they can be our pawns this time to find the barrier source and bring it down."


A very tired looking young man exits the loading ramp at Narita airport, from the international flight that just arrived nonstop from Boston in the United States.

Mamoru tosses the magazine he had purchased before the flight in the trash in disgust. The american magazine had actually found a decent picture of his alter ego and he had been intrigued to find out what they had to say.

Now He would admit Tuxedo Mask is not the most inspired name, but to be derisively referred to as Top Hat Mask and the foppish cheerleader for cheerleaders hurt.

At least it was better then some of the comics he had found making their way to the states. He could live with being portrayed as a manipulative cradle robber using the girls for his own ends. He shuddered at thinking about some of the things people imagined the senshi doing to defeat the youma. Usagi and the others had only recently turned seventeen for Kami's sake, not even wanting to think about Hotaru-chan.

After leaving the security area, He takes his cell phone out of his pocket and a sim card he had not used in better then six months and switches it out before turning the phone back on. Tiredly he slogs through several voice menus to get his account with NTT DoCoMo reactivated.

First task completed, he scrolls through screens to find if any new text messages are waiting for him. His eyes widen as it seems every one of Usagi's friends had sent him a minimum of five text messages in the last hour asking him to come to a new restaurant in Minato ward.

He races past the baggage claim, a lost claim could always be filed online, and hails a taxi to get him through the three wards of Tokyo between him and his destination as quickly as possible.

Sitting back in the cab, he calls up Usagi's generally most level headed friend Hino Rei. After several rings the phone picks up. "Mamoru? Oh Kami thank you for calling. You must have just got off the plane."

"What is wrong?" The young man asks as calmly as he can manage.

"No one is hurt, but Usagi found some things out about her and her family's past that just about shattered her world view." Rei replies calmly, Mamoru gets the impression she was not referring to the Tsukino clan. "She is an emotional wreck at the moment and wants to see you desperately."

"I am on my way." Mamoru knocks on the glass separating him from the driver and points at his watch. The man flashes his hand open and closed eight times. "I should be there in about forty minutes." He pauses a moment and sighs hoping his stomach growling can not be heard over the phone. "I know this is a weird thing to ask at a time like this, but I am starved after being on a plane for twelve hours. Since this is a restaurant you guys are at could you ask them to have something for me to eat after I talk with Usagi? I know it is well past closing for most shops already."

Mamoru's eyes open in shock as he hears the girl start laughing uncontrollably on the other end of the line. After a bit she is able to recover herself. "I think that can be arranged. Mamoru-san." He can almost hear her wiping away tears from her eyes as she says this.

"Rei are you and the others alright?" He asks with concern evident in his voice.

"The world is still turning, fire still burns, and we will survive somehow." Rei responds sadly.

"I will be there as quickly as I can." He says quietly as they end the call.


"So you actually asked to help with this project?" Midori stretches as she walks with Natsuki into Kari's workshop. "How did you even hear about it?"
Natsuki grins at getting something over on the older girl. "Kari-san is a member of the Kanto Magic association. As such she at least tells the headmaster about the projects she is working on. After father told me what he does, I decided to ask the headmaster about working for the Magic association myself and he suggested I talk with Kari about helping her with this to get my child and at least a version of my guns back."

Midori is surprised to find Kari sitting at her workbench staring out into space glumly. Of all the different behaviors she had seen from the young woman who was her mother's younger sister depression was not generally one of them. Natsuki hardly notices and Kari brightens up immediately when the girl asks about the project she had been working on.

While Kari gleefully shows off the new toys she had made for Natsuki to test out Midori quietly led Akiri off to one side. "Okay what happened to Kari?"

"Kari-mama went out of her way to be nice and help this boy who used to cause trouble for Ranma-nii-chan. She took him in and is working on correcting a lot of issues he has including ones with girls." Midori can almost hear the little girl grinding her teeth. "He decided on his own because she was so nice to him that she must be an angel, pure hearted, and so on. He never tried to see all of her, and she finally got frustrated as I was with him calling her an angel. She decided to dispel his illusions about her in a very direct manner. Ever since he has been cold to her when they talk."

"Midori-nee-chan why can't some people accept that people can have good hearts even if they like to have fun?" Akiri looks up at her sadly. "Kari-mama is disliked by so many people because of what she is. People treat her like she is scum even when she does all that she can to help them."

"Some people are very shallow and don't want to see below the surface." Midori says quietly as she hugs the little cabbit girl. "We just have to try our best to ignore them in favor of the people who really want to know us."

Their conversation comes to a halt as Kari calls them over to show off Natsuki wearing her new equipment, consisting of a belt with a titanium white rectangular buckle with a gold crystal in the center with a black X overlaid on top. On her wrists are a pair of wolf head bracelets with crystal blue eyes.

"So to activate them you hold your bracelets in front of your belt and say Henshin!" Kari says with a grin.

"Please tell me you have not seriously made this into your own version of a rider system." Natsuki says quietly.

"Hey don't look at me like that, your the one that is always going for the rider motif." Kari grins. "Just be glad I don't make you use an advent deck or dial something up on a cellphone before hand."

Natsuki sighs and brings her fists together in front of her belt and multiple voices seem to say setup. "Henshin!" The wolf heads on her wrists seem to come to life and transform into frosty ghost wolves as they make circuits around her body leaving her wearing a black and maroon tight leather body suit. The wolves howl as they finish one last circuit up the front of her body wrapping around the back of her neck so that their profiles appear on the sides of her bike helmet with the open mouths creating a space for the black visor. The wolves' tails remain trailing over her shoulders to curl around the form fitted maroon chest armor. She finishes with her gloved hands holding two large automatic handguns at her sides.

Kari helpfully points to a mirror and Natsuki looks at her reflection. Seeing how the outfit makes it quite clear she is a female Kamen Rider she groans. "Are you certain there is no other way to go about this?"

"Well unless you want to become a ministra to get your old guns back like Midori did to get her axe?" Kari says mildly and chuckles at the girl's rapidly shaking head. "Well shall we give it the final test and see if you can summon your child?"

"Here?" Natsuki takes a deep breath at Kari's nod and twirls her guns as the ice blue crystals on the backs of her hands begin to glow. She gives a shout of "Duran!" that to Midori's ears seems as much filled with hope as excitement.

Lines of frost radiate out from her and streamers of frost dance trails around her in circles before she points her guns forward crossed over each other. A jagged pillar of Ice blasts from the ground. A wolf's howl shatters the pillar and a metal wolf the size of a pony stands there.

Natsuki's personal resolve shatters as she simply drops her guns, they vanish before hitting the ground, and leaps to wrap her arms around the beasts neck. Midori wipes a tear from her eye hearing the younger girl simply call out the creature's name over and over again, in undisguised happiness.

"We will find a way to get Gakutenou, back for you Midori-nee-chan." Akiri wraps her arms around Midori's waist. "I promise."

"So what should we use for a name?" Kari asks lightly after the other girls had composed themselves.

Midori chuckles "Maybe Kamen rider Kuga?"

Akiri starts giggling as she points at the suit's knee high leather boots. "Kamen Rider Zakuro!"

Kari giggles but shakes her head at her daughter. "Be nice, maybe Kamen Rider Yuki?"

"Animal theme, Kamen Rider Ookami?" Midori offers helpfully.

Natsuki stopped looking from one face to the next and decided to stop this before it got worse. "Snow Wolf sounds good, If I can't get you to drop the idea. Kamen Rider Yuki Ookami."

Akiri giggles quietly, and buries her face in Midori's jacket "Rider Yumi." This was still loud enough for everyone to hear and made everyone else, except for Natsuki, break down laughing. Midori could swear even Duran was laughing.


Mamoru had thought of quite a few possibilities of what he was walking into during the long taxi ride. Walking into see Artemis and Luna in human form having an argument was not one of the things he expected.

"You want me to be absolutely faithful to you!" The white haired man shouts. "When have you ever given me reason to be, or offered to do the same."

"Yes I had a lover before the fall. I did not pry into her life, the relationship was not like that." Luna gapes like a fish as the man continues. "You know what though. She has been more loyal to me then you could ever be." Artemis chuckles with sudden mirth. "You know what, now that I think about it when Aki-chan changed herself into a mau to have a child with me before her fur was red. Perhaps she was Diana's actual mother in the future and Diana simply called you Okaa-san to be snide about it."

Mamoru decides he wants nothing to do with that conversation, and is relieved when Rei waves to him from the back. Happily getting away from one fight he readied himself to face whatever happened to Usagi. Finding her curled into a ball of misery on a couch in the back room he rushes over and kneels beside her.

Usagi looks up at him through tear reddened eyes before latching her arms around his neck tightly, and starting to sob again. Mamoru can think of nothing else to do but quietly hold her until she calms down. Looking at the approving looks from the faces of the others in the room, both familiar and not, he decides this is the best choice for the moment.

Usagi cried her heart out for the longest time before she finally settled down. Looking up at him she whispers quietly. "Mamoru do you love me? Would you leave me if given the chance?"

The young man looks down at the girl's disheveled appearance and tear streaked face. No one would call her beautiful in her current state, but looking in her eyes he found the only answer that felt right deep in his heart. "Yes Usako. You are the only one I have ever loved in any lifetime I have lived. I know there is nothing I want more then to hold and protect you."

Usagi started crying again, but sweetly to his ears the pain that was there before was absent.


Ranko trudged along the next morning on her way to class. Asuna had become concerned for her rival during the morning practice with Happosai-sensei. While she could sympathize with the other girl, this funk was just over the top. With a grin she takes her gym towel out of her bag and quickly twists it into a cord.

Ranko shrieks as the improvised whip connects with her backside. Staring malevolently at the other girl she finds Asuna giving her a red eye. Asuna spins and takes off at a run laughing. Ranko gives chase shouting things a girl probably should not, Inhoshi happily bouncing along after them.

Kari does her best to control her laughter as she walks along behind with Akiri. "I will have to talk with Ranko about her language later," Kari says to a grinning Akiri. "But it is nice to see she has friends that can improve her mood."

Akiri looks at her worriedly as she looks back at the ground. The little girl settles back into leading Kari along to her favorite coffee shop, and thinking up entertaining ways to thank Ryoga for making her this depressed after trying to make friends with him again.

Akiri blinks as she gets a mental message from Inhoshi that there may be something ahead to peak Kari's interest and make her forget the pig for a while. Akiri pulls on Kari's sleeve and points to where Inhoshi is sitting on the arm of an older looking Ranma and sniffing at a camera he is wearing.

Akiri giggles as the cabbit eats a cuff link off the man's jacket and proceeds to lead him on a merry chase. Looking up at Kari she grins at the excited expression on her face as they turn into the store that had been Kari's favorite place to get coffee yesterday, but now looked to be a photo studio.

"I could have sworn this was a coffee shop." Kari looks down at her. "Don't you think so Akiri?"

"Hai Kari-mama" Akiri does her best to not laugh at the rekindled light of curiosity in her mother's eyes. When a old man steps out and announces they have coffee it becomes a real struggle. "See Kari-mama"

The coffee smells like just the blend Kari likes to Akiri's nose and she finally does giggle at Kari's response

"Oh well thats good then."


NTT DoCoMo - japan's version of AT&T and the major phone network of the country

Advent Deck and cell phone - this is a reference to Kamen Rider Ryuki, recently recast as Dragon Knight here in the states, and Rider 555 the two series on air in japan in 2003 and 2004

******Omake******** Introducing Anime Rider Worlds and Why

Kiva Ranma: I am being replaced oh well....

Decade Ranma: Damn a female rider great ...

Kiva Ranma: sucks to be you since you have to travel to differents worlds....

Decade Ranma: Screw you Kiva

Teturo: Natsuki will be Kamen Rider Yuki

Den-O: ok

Teturo: yuki Ookami is just too long

Den-O: there is a Yu-Ki but its different from yours so don't worry

Teturo: cool

Den-O: yeah Yu-Ki is the villan in the Den-O movie Farewell Kamen RIder Den-O

Teturo: also calling Natsuki masked rider snow is sure to frustrate her no end

Den-O: oh how so

Teturo: it goes against her aloof tough girl image she tries to put forward

Den-O: ahhh okay

Decade Ranma: Hmmm interesting very interesting oh well glad I don't have to worry about that world...

Kiva Ranma: Says you

Den-O: two Kamen Rider Ranma arguing that can't end well

Teturo: hehe :)

Kiva Ranma: hmmm maybe I should find Kari, I am sure she would get a kick out of you power to change into other Kamen Rider...

Decade Ranma: HELL NO I have enough to worry about then that girl breathing down my neck

Kari: Oh Ranma you called. *eyes growing big with delight* More Ranmas to play with *mad giggling enuses*

Decade: OH SHIT (runs)

Kiva Ranma: Ha serves him right

Kari: Akiri-chan we have a guest to bring on board *crystalline space ship flies over decade Ranma and captures him in a transport beam*

Decade: Damn

Kari: *rubbing her hands together and cackling in glee* I wonder what I could make from that henshin belt and cards.


Kiva: hahah glad payback

Kari: I do so love a challenge, come on just let me tweak it a bit.

Decade: NO

Kari: Dire Wight our friend is a little too energetic

Decade: huh

*a cyclopean serpent forms from mist around Kari and flies to wrap around Decade

Decade: oh hell no HENSHIN Kamen Ride KABUTO

D-Kabuto: Attack Ride CLOCK UP

Dire Wight: setup flash move engage

D-Kabuto: Grrrr Rider KICK

Den-O: hahahah I am loving this

Kiva: Damn this is somthing uhhh Kari why are you looking at me for

Dire wight: hydra form

Kari: *slipping behind Kiva's back* oh nothing

Kiva: Oh ok thats good then

Den-O: hahaha man this is really fun

Teturo: yup

Den-O: this is what an rp is you know

Teturo: yup

Den-O: man poor Decade and Kiva

Paru: hey when will I get to play?

Kiva: Huh

Paru: Imperium Graphicus Adeat.

Kiva: Oh man I feel bad for Decade right now

Paru: Come forth my capturing hand. *a hand comes out of her sketchpad and transforms into five tentacles wrapping around Kiva*

Kiva: HEY

Paru: I like my boys a little less self assured. They are more fun to play with

*Haruna calls up one of her flying valkyrie golems and flies off with Kiva*

Teturo: I think it will be a while before you get him back.

Den-O: Damn oh well I will have to go with my back up then WATARU get out here.

Wataru: Ano Yes.

Den-O I need you to be Kiva so get your cast ready.

Wataru: Umm not to sound rude, but what happened to your Kiva

Den-O: (Dramatic sigh) He was taken from me.

Teturo: Ah yah sorry about that. I am pretty sure I can do something to get Decade back, but Haruna is not my character.

Den-O: Yeah I know I know damn I wonder what unspeakable things will be done to him.

Teturo: Are you sure you want to try imagining what goes on in the mind of a fifteen year old girl who encourages a ten year old boy to look at Yaoi?

Den-O: No no I do not, oh well laters.

(off in the distance) Kiva: HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Teturo: Anyway, because of this little impasse for Kamen Rider Ranma I am helping out with Anime Rider Worlds it started out as an RP chat, but I converted it into story form. I think it turned out rather well.

If you are interested in finding out how many stops Kari pulled out on *snicker* poor Ryoga, there is a new picture posted on my blog, again this is NSFW.