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Chapter 47 - Quicksilver

Ranko did not succeed in catching up to Asuna as she chased the giggling girl all the way to the high school. On the other hand by the time they reach the school Ranko was feeling a lot better, and joined Asuna in laughing.

"So...feeling better then." Asuna asks while they both catch their breath, and Konoka, Negi, Kaede, and Setsuna finally catch up too them.

"I guess...I am." Ranko admits around a panting breath.

Konoka giggles at them and walks with Negi into the building, Setsuna trying to hide snickers as she follows. Kaede just grins as she walks on past.

"So you forgive me then?" Asuna asks with a grin.

"Maybe." Ranko says with a small grin.

Asuna squeaks as Ranko seemingly appears behind her and delivers a two finger backhand smack to her rear. "Now were even." Ranko calls as she dashes inside the school. Asuna in hot pursuit.

On a nearby roof a woman giggles as she looks at the LCD of her high speed camera. "Oh Ranko-sama if only you would play with me like that." Kosame nearly moans as she continues to giggle.

Asuna chases Ranko all the way to the classroom and into a corner. She turns to look at Asuna, seeing the murderous intent in the other girls eyes Ranko pulls out her ultimate defense. "But..." Ranko whimpers, puppy eyes of doom power factor ten. "That does make us even." Asuna sighs, even though she knows it is mostly an act she just can't stay mad.

"All right." Asuna groans. "We will call it even for now." Ranko hugs the carrot top and dashes for her desk.

Negi walks into the room and calls the class to order. "We have a new student transferring into our class. Please come in and introduce yourself Kanaka-san."
Ranko and the other Baka Rangers are surprised to see Miharu walk into the room and write her name on the board.

"I am Miharu Sena Kanaka." the pink haired girl says with a bow. "I hope we can get along well."

"Sensei the seat next to me is available." Ranko does a double take when Eva announces this.

Negi seems no less surprised, but quickly recovers. "Thank you Evangeline-san. Miharu-san if you would please take the open seat, we can continue with class."

'Okay Eva-chan is acting strange, but that does not mean much.' Ranko thought with a sigh. Her weird meter hit another high point as the class` truly mercenary girl, Mana, walked into class late, wearing a cute scarf, bowed and apologized to Negi for the interruption, and took her seat. All the while Mana was wearing a huge grin.

Ranko did her best to listen to the lesson in class. looking out the windows to see if the sky had suddenly changed colors did lead to a bit of distraction. When the first period ended peacefully she breathed a sigh of relief. 'Maybe disaster can hunt someone else for a while.'

Konoe Konoemon had seen a great many things in his life, but to have a black cat strut into his office and transform into a dark and exotically beautiful woman was a new one even for him. A pleasant view to be certain, but still very unusual. "May I help you miss?"

"I am Shihoin Yoruichi." The golden brown eyed woman replied with a smirk. "You contacted Tomoyo-san about a report for what happened to Mana last night. I am here to deliver it."

"Yes I understand her position as an observer was compromised." The headmaster replied mildly. "I was also concerned for her safety as well I assure you."

"She is safe and her health is good." Yoruichi replied.

The man nodded. "Will she be able to return to her duties so...." He was unable to complete the question, as he literally felt the temperature of the room plummet from the woman's aura of cold rage.

"She will not return there at all."

The headmaster decided his life was more important then trying to continue this discussion and simply nodded.

"Until further notice my daughter will not be taking any more contracts." The woman says with a much more pleasant smile, and a grin at saying daughter.

The headmaster waits until the woman changes back into a cat, and leaves through the window, before wiping the sweat from his brow. picking up the phone he calls his assistant. "Kaho-chan please send Sakurazaki-san a message to come by my office after she is finished with class. I need to assign her a new partner to take over the observation of Minato ward. Also send a message to miss Kuga to come as well."


Setsuna had been happy to see her roommate show up safe and sound after she had not been back at all the night before. The change in demeanor was a bit disconcerting though. When she had tried to talk with Mana between classes the other girl had only smiled pleasantly, and said she would talk with her later.

Setsuna thought she finally had her chance to talk to Mana at the end of the school day when Mao was dismissing the girls to clean up. She felt like screaming when the teacher called her over to speak with her.

"The headmaster needs to speak with you after you finish changing." That was all the teacher said and Setsuna fought down the urge to scream.

Whatever had happened Mana was at least true to her word and waited for Setsuna at the edge of the track. "I really am touched that you were this concerned for my safety Setsuna." The taller girl said with a grin.

"So what happened to you?" The hanyo said quietly. "Okaa-san said she heard you were fine, but Ojo-san and I were concerned. Negi-sensei and Asuna were as well."

Mana giggled...giggled! "I ran into some trouble, but I had someone there to help me."

"Who?" Setsuna said cautiously.

"A very frustrating, annoying, sarcastic woman." Mana continued in a whisper. "I guess I know where I get that from." Setsuna blinked as she saw Mana grin. "My 'kaa-san."

"Your Okaa-san?" Setsuna double blinked. In all the time she had known Mana the other girl had never talked much about her family. "I thought your family ran the shrine on campus."

"Kaho and Eriol are my aunt and uncle, my Okaa-san's younger brother and his wife." Mana said a bit wistfully. "They adopted and raised me, but I just recently found my actual parents."

"When did you find them?" Setsuna asked feeling a bit of understanding for her change of behavior now.

"I found my father several weeks ago, but I didn't realize it." Mana says with a grin. "He is a fairly odd bird like Kotaro said, but I can see why mother loves him."

"Odd bird?" Setsuna blinks as she remembers when she had heard that. "The shopkeeper whose store you checked out with Kotaro? Did he know you?"

"I think he knew more then he let on." Mana replied. "Okaa-san was not happy that he decided to come here."

Setsuna and Mana entered the locker room, the shorter girl glanced around to make sure no one else was around before trying to continue the conversation. "Why was she not happy that he wanted to see you."

Mana giggles "She had not told him about me, and she had not been ready for him to realize I was their child." Setsuna blinked at this. "It kinda sounds like a plot from a romance novel. The princess of a powerful clan surrenders everything to rescue the man she loves from imprisonment for crimes he did not commit. While she helped him make a new life in hiding things between them grew. When their child was born she never regretted it, but knew as fugitives they could not care for me."

"I found out a lot about my family last night." Mana says with a grin as they both start towards the showers. "I found out that my grandmother has a large number of children. Including both your mother and Aunt Tomoyo." The tall girl winks at Setsuna as she starts to untie her scarf. "I have a favor to ask of you and Konoka-san in exchange for revealing a secret about myself."

"Setsuna-nee-chan!!" Konoka blinks at the sound of a young girl's shout from the shower area. Rushing in she finds Setsuna standing with a cute younger Mana hugging her waist and grinning.

"Okaa-san won't let me work for Konoe-jii-san right now Konoka-nee-chan." Mana-chan says with a giggle. "Will you play with me instead?"

"Kawaii!!" Konoka squeals as she moves to hug both girls.


Setsuna was still giggling a bit herself over her new cousin, Mana-chan's antics with her and Konoka as they had walked with her here. Entering the waiting room adjacent to the headmaster's office she shivered at how cold the room felt.

Finding Natsuki in the room looking like she was ready to chew rocks came as a bit of a surprise. "Are you alright Natsuki-san?" She asked hesitantly. Discovering they had both just recently found their fathers had led to the two of them becoming at least friends very quickly during the race.

"I just came back from Eva's castle after some look alike to Ranma nearly succeeded in killing me." Natsuki growls

"Did he attack you?" Setsuna asked in surprise.

"Well I guess he did challenge me beforehand." Natsuki says while rubbing the back of her neck. "And he did make it a fair fight I guess, but it just didn't feel fair, he had a counter for everything I could do."

"Well then you need to practice more and think about something else for a while." Setsuna says with a grin. "Do you know why we were both called here?"

Before Natsuki could respond they were called into the office. "Good afternoon girls." The headmaster says politely as he hands them both a folder with mission details. "I have a first assignment for miss Kuga and I would like you to accompany her Setsuna. Due to an unforeseen mishap Miss Tatsumiya is unable to continue observing in Minato Ward. I do not believe there will be too much danger, but please exercise caution."

Natsuki salutes as she closes the folder. Setsuna bows, better to hide her rolling eyes, and both turn to walk out of the room.


"So Ranma-kun you say that the armor protected Natsuki from an attack that could have killed powerful demons?" Kari says excitedly as she goes over information on a holographic screen projected from her bracelet. "This is wonderful, now I have battle data to work with to improve the armor."

Ranma laughs a little. "Yeah I have to say it is a pretty good rider system in my opinion. Add to that that Natsuki herself is pretty good, she made me use six cards."

"Well I thank you for the compliment on my work, but how does the number of cards mater?" Kari looks up at the black haired young man in confusion.

Kasumi giggles, answering for Ranma. "Because most of the time Ranma-Kun only uses two or three while fighting."

Ranma nods. "She also forced me to do four form changes"

"I take it you normally don't have to do that?" Kari asked with a wide grin. "So the system I worked out would be pretty flexible then."

Ranma smiles a little. "Yes I don't normally go through so many changes that fast, so yes your system is very well done."

"Well give me a few minutes to analyze the combat information and I can add the improvements to the equipment Kasumi-san asked me to make." Kari says almost bouncing in excitement.

Akiri walks over Ranma to hug his leg, and smiles in delight. Ranma Smiles a little and rubs Akiri's head.

"Thank you Ranma-san." Akiri whispers.

Ranma blinks and whispers back. "For what?"

"You made Kari-mama happy." Akiri looks up at him with near tear filled eyes.

Ranma still blinking. "Ok glad to help", still a little confused.

Akiri hugs his leg tightly and releasing him with a grin to go skipping off to the back of the workshop. "You have fun Kari-mama, I will go look in on our other guest." Akiri says with a grin, before turning and walking through a door Ranma had not noticed before.

Ranma blinks "Guest?"

"Just a firend I am trying to help. Nothing to worry about Ranma-kun." Kari says while waving her hand dismissively.

Ranma shrugs. "Ok if you say so."

Kari turns back to going over the details of what Kasumi wants for equipment. The young man tries to pay attention and offer suggestions. They thank him for his advice and make changes based on his suggestions, but in short order Ranma tires of watching Kasumi's long tail of hair going down her back with the girl's heads pressed so close together. He sighs a little and leans back.

"You seem bored Kadoya-san." A woman's voice says politely from behind him. "I am afraid I have trouble even trying to follow what my little sister says once she gets going like this. Perhaps we can talk instead."

Ranma turns to find a woman who looks like a younger version of his mother with bright red hair, dressed in a simple but attractive blouse and jeans.

Ranma blinks at the women and is on a little of edge around her. "I guess."

"You probably can already guess, but please allow me to introduce myself." The woman says with a warm smile. "I am Himura Nodoka, and I would love to be able to get to know you."

Ranma stares at her for a few seconds and slowly nods. "Ok then I am Kadoya Ranma."

"I don't recall meeting anyone with that family name here on this world." Nodoka says with a grin. "Will you tell me how it came to be yours?"

Ranma gets into a thinking pose. " last name used to be Saotome, but after a few ....problems I left the name, and the family that went with. As for Kadoya well it just sorta came to me one day, and since then I have been Kadoya Ranma."

"I am surprised that you were able to get the name registered." Nodoka's shoulders slump. "I am sorry to hear that my counterpart in your world did not do more to help you."

Ranma shakes his head, "You have nothing to be sorry for and as for the name well a friend helped me get it registered, he has a way with words."

"Did your mother try... No it no longer matters." Nodoka says hesitantly. "I don't know what she might have or could have tried." She looks up at the young man sadly. "I know you said I have nothing to be sorry for, but I.... If there is anything at all you would like to talk about I would love to listen."

Ranma closes his eyes for a few seconds and then opens them with a smile. "Well how about we talk about some of this place more, I will admit I would like to know more about Mahora."


Akiri giggled as she skipped onto the transport seal and moved to Kari's mountain valley diorama. Seeing Ryoga practicing kata in front of the cottage she waves happily. "Ryoga-san, I'm sorry but Kari-mama is working on another project so I came to practice with you."

Ryoga smiled weakly at the girl. He mumbled something that would be too quiet for a normal person to hear, but Akiri clearly heard him saying an oath about shameless unwed mothers. Akiri kept her smile on, but it had more in common with a predator bearing its fangs.

"I am not sure you can help me much Akiri-chan" Ryoga said politely as the small girl approached. "I would not want to hurt you."

"Oh you don't need to worry about that." Akiri said with a grin as the grass around him gained a coating of frost at her approach. "I will be sure to heal your injuries later."

Akiri held out her right hand revealing a silver bracelet with a blue gem stone. "Come out and play Hukiba"

Ryoga's eyes widened as the air seemed to condense around the the girl until she was surrounded by the coils of a 30 meter long blue scaled eastern dragon. "I think my pet should be able to keep up with you Ryoga-san." Ryoga shivered at the coldness of the girl's voice. The distraction almost proved his undoing as the creature flew forward to try and take a bite out of him.

'I may not be able to convince you to consider the feelings of others,' Akiri thought acidly. 'but I can punish you for being a self absorbed, superficial, hypocritical jerk!'


Setsuna could not help but laugh at Natsuki's repeated failed attempts to look through the file folder the headmaster had given them while ridding the subway to Minato Ward. Either there were too many people around or the ride was too short between stations and changing trains.

The final straw for Natsuki was Setsuna herself breaking out in laughter after talking with Tomoyo to find out how she and Konoka were doing looking after Mana-chan.

"Is there anywhere you can suggest we go to work on this in private?" Natsuki finally asks.

"Well we would need someplace isolated and preferably already set for sound dampening." Setsuna gets an evil grin. "We could go to a per hour hotel."

"A love hotel?" Natsuki squeaks, blushing to her roots and eyes like saucers.

"Oh you should see your face." Setsuna doubles over laughing. Natsuki fumes while waiting for the other girl to compose herself. "Perhaps a Karaoke booth then?" Setsuna gets out around giggles finally.

Natsuki finally sighs and joins in laughing a bit as they leave the subway station and start looking around for a place to serve their needs.

"Mana-chan mentioned that the new targets, the ones they are calling shadows, don't come out until night." Setsuna grinned. "The demons that had been acting before our mages have no difficulty tracking. So we have plenty of time. Let's find a place with decent food as well."

Setsuna finds a place that Mana had mentioned before and pulls a slightly reluctant Natsuki behind her. The blond haired young man working the counter smiled at the two girls. "Welcome to the Crown Entertainment Center."


Ranko woke up in her bedroom in the dormitory, feeling warm and comfortable and had no real desire to move. looking up she saw the edge of her bed, and giggled.

Finally deciding he needed to get up Ranma worked to gently extract himself from the rumpled sheets, pillows on the floor, his three ministra, and the group's two cabbits. Quietly making it to the door he turned back and smiled. "I know your awake Kaede, I am going to see about fixing breakfast for everyone. Could you see about waking the others and straightening the room up."

"Hai Ranma-dono." Kaede said quietly, before nuzzling Inhoshi to try and get the cabbit girl off her stomach.

Ranma set about starting a more traditional breakfast with miso soup and rice. Largely because that way he could use the largest pot for soup while the rice cooker worked over time.

"Good morning Ranchan." Kari said with a wink as she walked into the lounge area next to the kitchenette. "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept amazingly well." Ranma replied with a smirk. "The girls would not even let a bad dream stand a chance of getting near me."

"I am happy your enjoying yourself Ranchan, but do be considerate of everyone's feelings." Kari says seriously.

"I know." Ranma says quietly. "That is why I invited them over for no other reason but cuddling."

Kari just gives him a hug, and turns to help with preparing the big breakfast.

"Where is Akiri?" Ranma asks when she does not appear.

"Akiri said she had a personal project she wanted to work on before breakfast." Kari shrugs. "She will be back before it is time for you to go to school."


Covering a sneeze Akiri looks over the valley with a grin. "Should I prepare Bacon today cooked or flash frozen?"


Ranma grinned at leading the group from his suite to the practice field. Well leading minus one. Kazumi had barely woken up enough to eat anything and he was currently carrying her piggy back.

Setting her down he shakes his head as she yawns. Kazumi smirks at him in return. "We both know I have plenty of reason to the tired."

Ranma puffs up his chest. "We aim to please."

"Har Har." Kazumi mock laughs, before poking Ranma in the chest. "Get over there sensei in training."

Ranma chuckled as he walked over to join Happosai who was talking with two new additions to the group. "Good morning, You must be Ranko's new friends." He says with a grin to Kirie. "I am her brother Ranma." Looking to the shorter boy. "I hope we can be friends as well."

Yukinari bows. "I hope so too, do you think this can help me get stronger."

"Can I field this one Sensei?" Ranma says with a look at Happosai, who just nods. "Physical strength can be built with training and determination. We can provide the first. The second is a trait I hear you have in spades already."

"Chibi-Nari get stronger." A condescending voice announces. "I doubt it."

"I don't believe you were asked." Ranma says with all the warmth of liquid nitrogen. "If your opinion is so low then perhaps you should keep it to yourself."

"Why should I the great Fukuyama Kazaharu not offer my opinions." The lanky blond says with a smirk. "The world could benefit greatly from my wisdom."

"Really would you like to volunteer to assist me with todays class then." Happosai asks with a broad smile.

"I would be honored sensei." The boy says with a superior smirk.

Happosai chuckles. "Excellent, Kirie-chan would you demonstrate that suplex technique you were telling me about."

Ranma is torn between chuckling and cringing at the sound of bones being forcibly realigned, and not in a manner Tofu-sensei would generally approve of.


Ranko smiled as she walked up to Ukyo's grill for lunch, Kaede grinning beside her. Konatsu bows to them both and smiles at the girls. "Ranko-sama would you be interested in another server challenge? For higher stakes this time."

"Well we did not really have a face off in challenge I came up with, but what do you mean by higher stakes?" Ranko asks a little suspiciously.

"There is something I need." Konatsu says quietly. "If I win I would like you to ask Kari-sama to help you make a set of the magical armor like she has been making." Pulling a tightly rolled scroll from his sleeve he continues. "I had heard you were exploring the more exotic side lately, so I will put up this scroll of special kunoichi techniques that were practiced by the women of my family."

"Not the fugly bunch?" Ranko asks while turning a little green.

Konatsu shakes his head and chuckles. "No these are from my grandmother's collection. I assure you they are quite useful."

"So you had techniques to share and didn't degozaru." Kaede says mildly.

"Well Kaede-sama they are not exactly techniques you would offer someone without knowing if they would be agreeable." Konatsu says with a hint of nervousness. "Ano would you like to join in the challenge for them?"

"My family style has some similar techniques for use by men." Kaede grins."I believe Ojii-sama could be convinced to share the knowledge with you in the interests of serving Ukyo-dono better."

Konatsu blushes deeply and coughs. "Well then same rules as last time then?"

Ranko nods her head. "Only complete orders count, and lets agree not to try and get in each other`s way it`s all in fun right."

Ukyo at overhearing enough to get the idea pulls out a bullhorn from under the counter. "Attention everyone for your entertainment today we present a three way acrobatic okonomiyaki server battle, come one come all."

"This should be so fun." Mitoto squeals, walking up with Ku Fei and Obiru.

"Obiru want help too." Ku Fei says pointing at her cabbit. The gold furred cabbit bounces over to give a high five to Inhoshi and Kitsune.

Ranko chuckles. "Well I guess she will help Konatsu then."

Ranko and Konatsu jump to pull on aprons and grab order slips. Kaede waits for the crowd to grow a little larger before standing on the counter and whistling to draw everyones attention. Grabbing up an apron she blurs, a moment later she is wearing the apron over a very seductively cut sleeveless, short skirted silk kimono. "Please Mina-sama allow Sessha to accept your order."

Ranko and Konatsu try their best, but quickly realize they had been upstaged from the start. By the end Kaede had a stack of orders twice as tall as either of theirs.

Kaede accepts her prize from Konatsu with a grin. "I believe I can still convince Ojii-sama if you are interested." The blush on the boy's face could have been from the question or that Kaede was leaned over and he could see down the neck of her outfit.

Ranko could not help but laugh. "So Konatsu-chan why did you need better protective equipment?"

"It is not for me Ranko-sama." Konatsu says quietly. "I worry about Ukyo-sama, and wanted to give her something to help protect her."

Konatsu's eyes go wide ask Ranko practically knocks him over with a hug. "All you had to do was ask Konatsu-chan. I would be happy to make some for both of you if Kari will teach me."


For a change of pace Ranma actually takes his time enjoying a nice long hot shower. It would not help him to go quick really, his ministra and cabbit were all caught up in playing with Mana-chan in the girl's shower.

Finishing and drying off Ranma makes his way out of the changing room to find Natsuki impatiently waiting. "Konitiwa Natsuki-chan."

The girl freezes at the sound of his voice, but her posture softens as she turns to look at him. "Ranchan sorry you startled me. I am waiting for Set-chan have you seen her?"

"I believe she is still inside." Ranma says with a puzzled frown.

Natsuki opens the door, and stomps in. A few moments later she is all but dragging a flustered Setsuna out, the smaller girl was still trying to straighten her clothes. Ranma was more confused when Natsuki met every verbal protest with a simple statement "Karaoke".

"Poor Setsuna has created a monster." Konoka giggled as she stepped out the door holding Mana-chan's hand. "She passed along some of the advice Okaa-san gave us about singing, and Natsuki-chan decided she really enjoyed Karaoke."

Ranma could only shake his head as Mana-chan hit him with her puppy eyes attack, hoping for a piggy back ride. He obligingly knelt with a grin and let the girl climb on, causing the other girls to giggle. "Shall we be off to library island then?"


Hukiba - Ice Fang

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