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Basic summary: Venus, Mars and Jupiter are betrayed by… the Ginzuishou? After Chaos, a revelation by the Ginzuishou tears the Inners apart. Under the orders of the soon-to-be Neo-Queen Serenity, Mercury and Saturn are sent to find the three reincarnated Elder Senshi. Along the way, memories are revived and past lovers, or in Mercury's case husband, are found.
Ryo/Luna (Sailor Mars)
Seiji/OC (Sailor Jupiter)
Shuu/OC (Sailor Venus)
Warning: Any OCC-ness is regretted.
Disclaimers: I own nothing, except my two OCs.
Chapter 1: Revelations
***************************************************************** *********************
It was almost three weeks after the final battle with Chaos and all of the Senshi had their sailor crystals returned to them.
As usual, the Inners were at Rei's shrine for their daily Senshi discussions and as always Usagi was late.
Ami was in a corner, reading her Quantum Physics textbook. On the surface, she was tuning out to what the other three were saying.
However, Mizuno Ami knew otherwise.
After the battle with Chaos, she had noticed that Tsukino Usagi was starting to behave like her former Princess self. As such, it will signify that Crystal Tokyo was about to come and her princess was to take her place as Neo-Queen.
Letting out an inaudible sigh, Ami continued to let her eyes skim through the words.
After her sailor crystal was returned, more of her past memories came back to her.
She knew that Rei, Makoto and Minako were not Princess Serenity's original guard. The three girls were in fact the second princesses of their planets.
At that point, Tsukino Usagi walked into the shrine.
“Odango atama, you're late!' Hino Rei chided.
Both Kino Makoto and Aino Minako nodded in agreement.
To the surprise and shock of the three girls, Usagi did not wail as before.
“Is this how you speak to your Princess, Hino Rei, second Princess of Mars?” she questioned.
“Nani?” Rei exclaimed, not believing her ears.
“The Ginzuishou has revealed to me about the truth.” Usagi added, willing out the crystal.
Before anyone knew anything, the gem activated itself, causing lost memories to be revived.
When the light died down, Usagi turned to the only Elder Senshi present.
“I assume you have your memories intact, Anhara-san.”
Ami blinked and nodded slowly as a brief flash of recognition went past her.
“Of course, Serenity-hime. I was one of the Elder Senshi.” Ami answered.
“Elder Senshi?' the other three chorused.
“Do any of you remember how you were chosen to be Senshi back then?” Artemis asked.
A series of `nos' answered his question.
"It was on the concept of apprenticeship. An older Senshi would find a young girl and teach them how to be Senshi. We had to have some magic in the area of the Senshi's power, but that was the only real requirement. And, of course, we had to be female." Ami answered.
Luna nodded and continued.
“The Elder Senshi were Princess Serenity's original guard in the past. They were the first born of every planet.”
“But something happened to the first princesses of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.” she added.
“I don't think I like the way you put it, Luna.” Makoto noted.
“You won't.” Luna confirmed.
“One of Queen Serenity's enemies wanted a peace pact and had arranged for the four Inner Senshi to meet at a certain spot. It was a setup. We were ambushed. Venus, Mars and Jupiter were killed outright. I barely escaped with my life.” Ami added, as bits of her past life flashed by.
“After that, I went before the Queen and told her point blank that I had to train the three of you to take your sisters' places.” She added.
“Wait a minute, so does that mean that the three of us are not Senshi?” Rei exclaimed.
“Technically you were Senshi, but you were not part of Serenity's guard.” Ami explained.
Minako nodded and willed out her henshinn pen.
“In this case, I give up my powers as a Senshi.” She announced.
Rei and Makoto nodded and did the same.
At that, Usagi shook her head.
“Iie, even though you were not my Senshi then, you're my guard now and there is no way I'm letting any of you resign.”
Finally turning to Ami, Usagi ordered, “The Ginzuishou had told me that the other three are reborn. Seek out Pluto, she will know where to send both you and Saturn. Hotaru is already at the Gates waiting.”
Ami nodded and stood up.
“Eternal Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!' she called forth her henshinn phase.
A board swirl of icy water emerged from her neck as the jewel she wore turned around rapidly.
A bright flash of light later, Eternal Sailor Mercury stood in place of the genius girl.
“I assure you hime-sama, Ren, Meskira and Mesuinu will be found.” She replied.
Usagi nodded and Eternal Sailor Mercury disappeared in a swirl of ice dust.
***************************************************************** *********************
Moments later at the Time Gates…
“Thou shall not pass.” Eternal Sailor Pluto warned.
“Upon request by Serenity-hime, Mercury and Saturn seek passage to where the remaining Elder Senshi are.” Eternal Sailor Mercury replied.
Eternal Sailor Pluto lowered her Time Staff at that statement as both Eternal Sailor Mercury and Eternal Sailor Saturn neared the Time Senshi.
“They are currently living in New York.” Eternal Sailor Pluto supplied.
“How are we to find them? Eternal Sailor Mercury pressed.
Three colored orbs appeared from her Garnet Orb and Eternal Sailor Pluto said, “These are their henshin globes. When one of them is near, the respective orb will glow, indicating which Senshi it is.” Eternal Sailor Pluto explained.
The two Senshi nodded and Eternal Sailor Mercury kept the three orbs. After that, they stepped through the portal, which Eternal Sailor Pluto opened.
***************************************************************** *********************
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