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Chapter Summary: The two Senshi arrive in New York, only to sense Shikaisen's presence. Shin's henshinn orb started reacting to Ami's presence and Ren's reincarnation is found.
Warning: Any OCC-ness is regretted.
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Chapter 1: Arrival In New York
***************************************************************** *********************
Once the portal closed behind the two Eternal Senshi dehenshinned.
A sharp surge of very familiar dark energy alerted them.
Ami turned to her companion.
The Death Senshi nodded.
“It's him alright.” She confirmed.
“Thought so.” Ami muttered.
The enemy that killed the three Inner Elder Senshi was Shikaisen. And apparently, he was here in New York.
“If Ren, Meskira and Mesuinu were here, they'll be so ticked off.” Ami remarked.
“No kidding.” Hotaru added, nodding in agreement.
Ren was Sailor Mars, had a temper that was worse than her younger sister.
Meskira was Sailor Venus, and like her younger sister, she was the leader of the Inners.
Mesuinu was Sailor Jupiter and she followed her `Fight first, talk later.' Motto very strictly.
“Always wondered how the boys dealt with them.” Ami muttered.
“And speaking of the boys, they're here, Ami-nee.” Hotaru remarked.
Ami let out a small smile, “So they are. Wonder if they remember us.”
Hotaru frowned, “Not if Kaous had anything to say about it.”
Ami nodded in agreement.
“Guess we'd better get going.” She advised, walking down the staircase that led to the rooftop they were standing on.
Hotaru nodded and went after her.
***************************************************************** *********************
Meanwhile, Mouri Shin was walking behind the arguing Ryo and Shuu, when his kanji orb glowed a soft blue.
His attention diverted, the brown-haired teen reached into his trousers pocket and retrieved the marble-sized orb.
Nande? He questioned mentally.
Lately, the orb had been acting strangely and he had been getting weird dreams that did not make any sense to him.
Night after night it had always the same. He was in some kind of dark place. There was another him who stood facing the back of a woman with short impish azure hair.
In a third person perspective, the dream continued.
Shin could only make out the words by lip scything.
“Anhara.” The other him had said.
The woman turned around, and Shin was rather taken aback by her gentle and soulful blue eyes.
The woman smiled and stood up from her sitting position.
“Koibito.” The woman answered, slipping easily into the other him's embrace.
“This war. It's been dragging for too long.” She commented.
“Quite true.” The other him agreed.
Kissing the girl briefly, he added, “I'll ask for your hand in marriage after this war has ended.”
The girl gave out a quick gasp in shock.
“Koi…” she started. However, her sentence was cut short when the other him swooped
down and captured her lips in a sweet kiss.
Then, their sweet moment was broken apart by a tremor that shook through the place.
Quickly breaking apart, the pair went on to call forth their henshinn phases.
“Millennial Selece Mercury, MAKE UP!”
“Busho Suiko!”
Two blinding blue lights later, the two warriors of water stood ready for battle.
“Frozen Icicle!” Millennial Sailor Selece tossed a huge icicle in a random direction.
“Missed me.” a deep voice mocked.
The other Suiko no Shin turned towards the sound when fired a `Cho Ryu Ha!' in the said direction.
“Ah, Crown Prince Shin of the Eta Piscium star. It's so nice to finally meet my rival.” Zoicite's voice mocked.
“Zoicite.” Millennial Sailor Selece hissed, her hand glowing an icy blue.
“Fret not, my love. Once I've gotten rid of this annoying pest, you and I will be together once more, as it should have been.” Zoicite sneered.
“Never!” the ice senshi hissed in distaste.
Zoicite frowned.
“You'll change your mind very soon, my dear. Very soon.” he scowled.
“You'd better take care of your precious little Princess, because the Silver Millennium will end!” he laughed, before disappearing.
The two warriors turned to each other and blinked.
“What was that all about?” the other him asked.
Millennial Sailor Selece's eyes widened in realization.
Summoning her communicator, she connected to rest of the Inner Elder Senshi to report on the occurrence.
Then the dream ended.
Shin always woke up in puzzlement after that.
***************************************************************** *********************
Back with Ami and Hotaru, the two girls were currently in Uncle Chin's restaurant. And coincidentally, the four Troopers were there too.
Just as the two girls were settling in comfortably, a scream from the kitchen alerted them and Ami pulled Hotaru out of the way.
The waitresses ran screaming from the kitchen as Luna ran out crying revenge and try to stab Touma with her knife.
Just as the girl passed by the two Senshi, Mars' henshinn orb floated out of Ami's pocket, pulsing a ruby red.
Startled by the sudden turn of event, Luna turned to see what the light was about.
Drawn in by the warm light, Luna's eyes went blank as the orb pulsed for the tenth time.
“Ren…” was all Ami could whisper before the light died down.
Scared, Luna dropped her dagger and took off without a warning.
“Ami-nee…” Hotaru whispered in concern as the red orb returned once more to Ami's pocket.
The older girl held up a hand.
“Daijoubo.” she replied. “Just an energy drain.”
“We found Mars.” Hotaru stated.
Ami nodded mutely as she sank in her seat.
“Go after her.” she added.
The Senshi of Death nodded and took off.
After resting for a few seconds, Ami placed some dollar bills on the table and went after the younger girl.
***************************************************************** *********************
Back on the Troopers side, the four boys were somewhat stunned by the sudden turn of events.
Here it was, a girl trying to kill Touma, when a bright red light turned the would-be assassin's attention away to the two Japanese girls a few tables before them.
An orb of red, almost the same shade as Ryo's yoroi, shone brightly through the hall.
Shin gasped in recognition at the older girl; she was the same one from his dream.
Then, the blue-haired girl muttered something to the younger girl when the whole light show was over.
The shorter girl ran off after that.
Even before Shin could question the blue-haired girl, she too had run off.
Back with Luna, she was running through the old subway, asking forgiveness from her older brother for not being able to avenge him.
In her room where she was brushing her hair, she picked up a photo of her and her brother and started to cry. The man in the picture was the same one who flicked out a knife to try and stop the possessed Korin yoroi.
***************************************************************** *********************
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