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Chapter Summary: We find out why Ami's avoiding Shin. The evil Korin yoroi attacks, the four Troopers armor up, only to be beaten back. The two Senshi show up, revealing Shikaisen's presence in the yoroi.
Warning: Any OCC-ness is regretted.
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Chapter 2: Yoroi Senshi Futatabi! (Again The Yoroi Soldiers!)
***************************************************************** *********************
“Ami-nee, why are we avoiding them?” Hotaru asked.
The azure-haired girl sighed before replying.
“I just have this feeling that Suiko's remembering. We can't let them know we're
reincarnated until we find the other two.”
Hotaru nodded.
***************************************************************** *********************
Meanwhile, Seiji was having a nightmare.
Who is the man? Tell me, Korin no yoroi.

A deep voice entered the conversation.
Please help me. Seiji Date. I'm captured in the depth of this're the only one who I an depend on, only you can save me...Please take me out of the darkness, Date Seiji of Korin. Please hold the sword and show me your ability in Korin.
***************************************************************** *********************
Seiji's pain reached Ryo's mind and woke him up.
Ryo screamed, “Seiji!”
Pulling himself up, Shin asked the awoken Ryo, “What's the matter, Ryo? Are you half asleep?”
Ryo mumbled, “It was a dream, what a realistic dream.”
***************************************************************** *********************
Meanwhile, Nastui and Jun were shopping.
Jun asked the older woman, “Did Shuu-nii-chan really quarrel with Ryo-nii-chan again?”
Nastui laughed, “As I saw them just before, we couldn't handle them today. Well the hot-bloodedness is the cute part.”
Jun nodded, “I'm sure they'll make up later.”
***************************************************************** *********************
Touma and Shuu were at a fast food place eating hamburgers and Shuu had already eaten six of them.
Shuu complained, “Man, Ryo and Shin trouble me so much.”
Touma teased, “Don't get upset while eating. Stress makes the body acidic and becomes the cause of fat.”
Shuu protested, “But, they let the girl who messed up Uncle Chin's Restaurant run away and if our friend's yoroi did a bad thing it's a shame as Samurai Troopers. ...Give me two more big buglers,...what's the matter , Touma ?”
Looking out of the window, Touma replied, “We might be able to have an exercise after all.”
Shuu blinked, before grabbing his burger and ran out after Touma, “Hey wait”
Arriving at the scene, Shuu gasped, “That's ...Darn, it is Korin's yoroi after all.”
Touma nodded, “Good heavens, we can't leave it alone!”
Shuu agreed, “Let's capture him ourselves!”
Touma agreed, bringing out his henshinn orb, “Yosh!”
Touma cried out, “Busho, Tenku!”
Shuu shouted out, “Busho, Kongo!”
Insert transformation sequence.
Once transformed, Touma declared, “Hey Korin no Seiji, I don't know what kind of reason you have, but I won't forgive whoever abuse the yoroi.”
The Korin yoroi turned around.
Shuu blinked, “What? Isn't he Seiji?”
Touma gasped, “I can't believe he's controlling Korin yoroi.”
Shuu gritted his teeth, “I won't be defeated by your power.”
People were cheering in the background.
Shuu frowned, “They're in my way. I can't use my strongest attack.”
***************************************************************** *********************
Jun was looking at the news on the TV.
Jun exclaimed, “That's Shuu-nii-chan!”
Ryo turned to Shin, “Shin, let's have a run to Manhattan”
Shin nodded and the two took off.
Ryo and Shin ran so fast to Manhattan that no one could see them and made it to the battle field as Seiji's yoroi performed his strongest attack on Shuu and Touma.
***************************************************************** *********************
On top of a building, Eternal Sailor Saturn asked, “Can we join in?”
Eternal Sailor Mercury smiled and shook her head, “Not now, Saturn.”
The Senshi of Death pouted.
***************************************************************** *********************
The two new arrivals cried out, “Shuu!”
Shuu grimaced, “Ryo, Touma is injured badly. Take care of him.”
Ryo cried out, “Shuu!”
Shuu smiled weakly, “Ryo, it frustrating, but as you said, it was Korin's yoroi but not Seiji.”
Shin turned to Ryo, “Ryo, let's transform.”
Ryo nodded, “Okay”
Ryo cried out his transformation phase, “Busho, Rekka!”
Shin shouted out, “Busho, Suiko!”
Touma smiled in relief, “Ryo.”
Ryo asked his fallen comrade, “Are you alright, Touma?”
Touma nodded, “Yeah, Thanks to him I could confirm it's Korin yoroi.”
Ryo was fighting the Korin yoroi.
Swords clashed, as Rekka no Ryo rebuked, “Korin yoroi, did you forget the right spirit?”
***************************************************************** *********************
“Now?” Eternal Sailor Saturn asked after Suiko no Shin was pushed back.
Eternal Sailor Mercury nodded and the two Senshi jumped into action.
“We know you're in there, Shikaisen. Show yourself!” Eternal Sailor Mercury demanded, pointing her extended Caduceus at the empty yoroi.
Shikaisen appeared, chuckling at the two Senshi.
“I see the two of you are reincarnated.” he mocked.
Eternal Sailor Saturn scowled at the spirit.
“We should've gotten rid of you a long time ago.” she spat.
“Saturn Silence Glaive Surprise!” she shouted out her attack.
Shikaisen simply floated up to dodge the attack.
“Where's Mars when you need her?” Eternal Sailor Mercury muttered.
“Friend of yours?” Rekka no Ryo asked the two Senshi.
“Old enemy.” Eternal Sailor Mercury replied.
Shuu demanded, “Who're you?”
Shikaisen replied, “I saw your five armor gear with my own eyes. Your friend is in Shikaisen's hand.”
Ryo questioned, “What did you say?”
Shikaisen replied, “I'm taking good care of your friend, so don't worry. We'll meet again.”
“The next time we meet Shikaisen, I swear I'll take you down myself!” Eternal Sailor Mercury swore.
Ryo cried out, “Wait, Shikaisen!”
Shin grimaced as he draped an injured Shuu's arm on his shoulder, “As long as were wearing our yoroi in this town, well see the hell.”
Ryo suggested, “Let split up.”
“Mercury…” Eternal Sailor Saturn begun.
“Way ahead of you.” Eternal Sailor Mercury replied.
“Shabon Spray!”
A mist immediately covered up the Troopers' and the Senshi's escape.
Both Ryo and Touma escaped into an alley and saw Luna waiting for them.
Ryo frowned, “You are…”
Luna pointed to her back and replied curtly, “We'll talk later, follow me.”
***************************************************************** *********************
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