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The Superheroes of Sakura Wars: in The Name of The Moon
By Clint H Hoyt

Disclaimer: I do not own Sakura Wars nor Sailor Moon as they belong to there Owners.

Anyways, I decided to start my version of “Superwomen of EVA” but I am going to use The Characters from Sakura Wars, starting with Sumire Kanzaki as a Sailor Senshi.

Prologue: Fate’s hand

A Long Time ago, over 10,000 years ago, there are a Kingdom on the Moon, known as Silver Millennium. This Kingdom was ruled by the Wise and Good Queen Serenity. It was a Time of Peace and tranquility.

That was till The arrival of Beryl, Queen of The Dark Kingdom.

Wanting the power of The Ginzuisho (Silver Crystal), to bring The all powerful Queen Metalia into the Universe, Queen Beryl attacked The Moon with a Army of Earthmen and Youma Warriors. Her most powerful warriors, The Shitennou (Four Heavenly Kings), killed their own lovers, The Sailor Senshi.

Soon enough, in front of Serenity’s daughter, she killed Prince Endymion of Earth, who she loved. Sadden by his Death, Princess Serenity killed her self. This caused her mother to use The Silver Crystal to seal The Dark Kingdom and Metalia away for all time.

Seeing her Kingdom in ruins. Serenity used The Silver Crystal to send the sprits of the moon people to the far future and to be reborn, at the cost her own life. The Silver Crystal was also lost. Before that, Queen Serenity put her two trusted advisers, Luna and Artemis, to cryo-sleep, to find the Princess and The Sailor Scouts should The Dark Kingdom break free from being seal.

In any other universes, The cats would find Princess Serenity, reincarnated as Serena, who would become Sailor Moon and bring a new kingdom in the late 21st century. But Fate would soon deal and Blow to Destiny in the 1920s and this is were our story Begins

June 12 , 1923, Tokyo, Japan

Luna was lost and confused.

She knew she was on Earth, but where? It did not look like the place she had in a vision before being put into stasis on the Moon. Her Crystal Capsule had landed in what was to be Tokyo, but it looked wrong. The cars looked to be steam powered, along with everything else. This was not right. The Atomic clock on the Lunar Computer most have broken or she was sent to the wrong world.

Luna was also having Hibernation Sickness, her eyesight was burly, which meant she did not see the steam car till it was too late.

The passenger and driver both felt the bump and stopped. “What was that?” one Sumire Kanzaki, heiress to Kanzaki Heavy Industries asked. Her driver stopped and got out, along with Sumire. “It looks like we ran over a cat, Madame.” The Driver said. Sumire looked over and saw a black cat, not moving and by the look of things, Dead as a Doornail. While Sumire could be a cold hearted bitch and a snob at times, a dead cat was something she could not ignore. What was odd was two things on the corpse. One was that fact that The cat had a Yellow Crescent Moon on it’s forehead, the other thing was a small brooch on the ground next to The dead cat. “It looks like a stray.” Sumire said, seeing not collar nor tag. Sumire picked up The Brooch and looked at it. No address or anything on the brooch.

“I wonder who dropped this?” Sumire asked her self. “What was it miss?” The driver asked her. “Oh, nothing.” Sumire said. Just as she turn to get back into the Steam powered car a voice suddenly said “Keep it safe.” Both Sumire and the Driver turned and looked for the source of the voice and found nothing. ‘Must be my nerves’ Sumire thought.

The Car drove off later while laying there, Luna smiled, she may die, but she knew that The Brooch was in safe hands. She felt that the human had a good heart. ‘may the Power of the Moon Protect you.’ and with that, Luna of Mau died.

But unknowingly a Moon Star was about to be born.

Author’s note: Yes, in The Prologue I killed of Luna, so Sue me. Anyways, Yes, Sumire is going to end up a Sailor Senshi.

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