Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Sonic X Fan Fiction ❯ Cliche? I Don't Think So! ❯ Cliche? I Don't Think So! ( Prologue )

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I do not own Sailor Moon or Sonic, there rights go to all there correct owners. All I own is my creative thinking! xD How I thought of my title: Well, you know it’s hard to choose a title for your book, and I just kept wondering how many people had chosen this topic already, so I decided that the title should be based on that thought! Pretty darn smart of me, right? Serena: Hey Jules, you’re gonna be late for school if you keep that up on the computer. Sonic: Yeah! You know too much screen time will rot your brains! Me: I know, I know… I’m just writing a fanfic of you two! So be greatful! Sonic: Oh! Cool! Can I read it? Me: No! It’s private! Serena: Oooh! Is it Hentai? Me: OF COURSE NOT! I don’t write hentai! I normally don’t even write romance novels… only the playful everyday bickering between Amy and Sonic! Sonic: She’s right you know.*he reads through my story really fast, pointing out Amy’s annoying part in the prologue* Jules got Amy right on. Serena: I see… what a minute! I’m not in the prologue!! *she starts crying* Me: Okay, okay!! Calm down! You’re in the next chapter! Serena: *sniffles* Do you have any food? Me and Sonic: *facepalms* Prolouge   (In Green Hill Zone | Eggman’s New Base)             ;     Standing on the edge of a cliff, Sonic and Tails overlooked the vast expanse of land. They looked at each other with huge grins, and then took off, speeding down the cliff-face. Tails’ tails where whirring as fast as they could to keep up with the speedy blue hedgehog, the strain clearly showing on his face. “SONIC!” a whiney voice wailed. ‘Oh no!’ Sonic groaned inwardly as a pink figure bobbed up and down in his peripheral vision, clearly trying to catch up with him. “Why did you*huff* leave me back there?” the pink hedgehog whined between huffs, trying to regain her breath as they slowed to stop in front of a large, opaque building. “It took me forever to catch up!” she said, her voice renewed as her breath caught up with her. “Well I’m sorry Amy,” Sonic added a sarcastic twist when he said her name, “but you would only get in the way. Also, remember what happened last time, and we ended up using Chaos Control and went to Chris’s world. We don’t want that to happen again!” He sighed, as it was, it was already hard to talk to Amy without angering her, and her temper was nothing to underestimate. The gate to Eggman’s lair was slowly drawn open as some of his robots stepped out into the open space. “But I PROMISE not to get into the way!” Amy said as she smacked the robot directly on the head with her Piko Piko Hammer, destroying the circuits of the rust bucket. “Alright.” Sonic finally gave in. “But I don’t want to hear the words, ‘Amy, Sonic and Marry’,” he paused to bash through a robot, “or ‘Love’ in the same sentence for a week, you got that?” he said as he bashed through three more robots. ‘This is going to be one long day…’ Tails thought glumly as he watched Amy chase Sonic around the main entrance to the layer, and disappeared inside with Sonic and Amy following closely.       (Inside Eggman’s Lair)         &nb sp;         “HOO ho ho ho ho ho ho! My newest contraption will not fail! As I predicted, Chaos Control can be created by gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds, and instead of bringing me to a dimension that is lame, it will bring me to a cool dimension where I, Eggman, will be loved and adored by all the people. They will love me and demand I be their ruler!” the voice belonged to an older man with a rather rotund belly, and it jiggled up and down as he talked. (ew…XD right!? Eggman’s so much fun to make fun of) He let out another hideous fit of laughter before standing over his contraption, ready to activate it when a voice echoed from the hallway  just outside the door, “Oh come on Egghead! That’s your “big” introduction to your latest scheme? You’ve got to come up with something better than that or I’m just going to get bored!” Sonic stepped into the room, wearing his cocky grin with pride. “Can we get this over with?” Amy groaned. “I meant, let’s get him guys!” she added quickly after a look from Sonic. ‘Talk about a mood swing…’ Sonic thought, finding it odd that she was so eager to get going and fight, only to be bored the next minute.  “Oh contraire, my fuzzy furry friends!” Eggman said with a laugh. “This time, Chaos Control will be uninterrupted and we will be sent to a new dimension!” “You can’t get away with this Eggman!” Tails said angrily at the doctor. “You do realize that by creating Chaos Control with all seven Chaos Emeralds could cause a Time-Dimension rift. The warp hole could suck all of Mobius through the dimension rift, and our world would cease to exist!” “Tails, you know my brains! Of course I would know that!” Eggman said, not answering his question. “But why if you know the consequences?” Sonic asked him, clearly bored with all this sci-fi talk. “It could happen…” Eggman preceded, choosing his words carefully, until he broke into laughter. “but we’re just going to see!” and with that, he hit a big red button on the machine, making the trio take defensive positions. “Hey!” Amy said as she used her arms to cover her head. “Just what do you-?” her voice was cut off by a blinding flash of white light… and then… black. So… what did you think? R&R PLEASE! This is the first time I’ve actually gotten motivated to write a book so please no mean things! Special thanks to: Carrie King, for getting me hooked on Sailor Moon. My Dad, for thinking up the idea of Serena to clash heads with Amy(chapter 3) Sonic, for beating Mario in coolness Serena, for making me feel better about myself and my academic career =3 Serena: HEY! That’s not funny! Sonic: *snickers*   Oh! And the twist in the next chapter is…   I’m not going to tell you >:3