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TITLE: Crystal Dreams
AUTHOR: darkwoofe
DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon and Utena do not belong to me and I make no money from this story.
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PAIRING: Usagi/Rei Utena/Anthy
NOTES: I have a bad case of writer's block, but I came up this and decided it was better than nothing, so here goes. BTW if anyone has any good ideas on how to introduce Usagi to the other scouts in my other fic 'Senshi Destiny', please let me know. I'm stuck and I'd really like to get out another chapter asap. Any and All feedback is more than welcome.

Part I
A prince and a princess

The Great Ice moved to cover the Earth with a speed that was nothing less than magical. From the far reaches of the North it flowed, freezing everything in its path in ice so thick and cold that only a few thousand years of exposure to the constant heat of sunlight would even put a dent into it.

But there were two places where the ice failed to conquer the surface of the planet. Both places were on the main island of Japan. In one place the ice was being held at bay by a beautiful princess dressed in a white gown, with the long locks of her blonde hair quickly turning silver with the power that she alone was channeling through the powerful crystal she held aloft. With that power she was able to keep the majority of the main island of Japan safe from the encroaching ice. Already hailed as Neo Queen Serenity by those saved by her power, the rest of the world too would soon bow to her and call her Queen, when she used said power to free the Earth from the Ice. But for now she got her Senshi ready for battle. For the one who had Sent the Ice was still out there, watching. And she could sense that whoever or whatever it was, was not happy with her.

In a distant part of the main island there was another who held off the Ice, if to a lesser degree. Upon being found by one she had thought lost to her for all time a prince named Tenjou Utena was once again filled with the life and power she had lost along with her love and her faith in humanity. Reunited with Himemiya Anthy, Utena drew upon a power even greater than that of Dias. She drew upon the power of her own soul. This power manifested itself as a sword which was drawn from her chest by her lover and placed in Utena's hands. With a mighty cry of "Revolutionize The World!" Tenjou Utena's power rushed fourth to meet with the force driving the unnatural Ice trying to destroy the world. While her power was not enough to save the whole world or even so much as that save by Neo Queen Serenity, it did save a small section of the island of Japan from the encroaching Ice. The people she saved included a nearby private academy and all whole lived there. And it was from this academy that Utena was first hailed as prince.

And although neither knew it at the time, where the two powers met each other in different places around the world, the Ice could not take hold. These patches left room for many medium sized groups of people to survive the onslaught of the Ice. In other places parts of forests and groups of animals were also speared. And thus the seeds of humanity were saved to move forward and begin a new golden age for the Solar System.