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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter thirty-eight. I didn't get near a computer all weekend, so that's why this chapter is really late. But you all knew it would be. Since I'm in a good mood, I'm going to give Rei a break. ^_^

In Japan, students have a half-day of school on Saturdays, but I didn't know what time it was held at. I assume it starts late enough to give Usagi a bit of a long lie.

For the action fans, don't worry. Patience is a virtue…

And I intended to write a Noir Mireille/Kirika fanfic after this one, once I think of a decent plot. To do the series any justice it will have to be long and action packed. Besides, it will be fun to write some crazy gunplay fight scenes.


- Kirika


Chapter 38 - Preludes

"…So, in conclusion, we have narrowed Kino's… associates, down to four individuals: Minako Aino, Ami Mizuno, and Usagi Tsukino. All of who, I might add, have been frequently absent from Juuban High School during the last two-week period, " reported Iason to Makareus, the youma occasionally glancing at the clipboard in his hands. "It is my opinion that the aforementioned humans are Sailor Senshi, or at the very least, affiliated with the group, and can be used for hostage or morale lowering purposes." The creature paused, and then looked expectantly at his master. "Your orders, my Lord…?"

Makareus leaned back in the leather chair behind his desk, contemplating the new information he had just received. He finally had them. The Sailors were in the palm of his hand; all he had to do was close his fingers. The demon smiled coldly. Close his fingers, and crush them without mercy. There could be no more mistakes; this operation had cost far too many resources already, even though Makareus had gained his late siblings entire empires in the process. The creature had the necessary components to open the largest interdimensional gateway into this world, and also the knowledge of how to actually preform the spell, which had been graciously given to him by Thrinakie's former followers. Once the gate was opened, the planet was doomed. The Sailor Senshi were too few; they would all be overwhelmed in moments, no matter how skilful the defenders were in battle; a handful of humans would never be able to stand against a legion of youma invaders.

However, the procedure to open the portal was tricky, and not at all subtle. Once Makareus began, it would draw the Sailor Senshi right to him and threaten to disrupt the spell. He couldn't allow that risk. The Sailors had to be dealt with before the demon attempted to open the gate. Even if only a few senshi were killed or crippled, it would be enough. The location of the gate was easily defendable if only two or three senshi were able to fight. Makareus nodded to himself. He could not afford any more fowl-ups.

"Kill them all. I want them all in their graves," the demon said to Iason. He angled his head slightly to one side. "Bring back their heads," he added as an afterthought. Makareus didn't want any of the Sailor Senshi supposedly vanquished coming 'back from the dead'. The demon frowned marginally at the thought. He still hadn't been able to completely stop all the rumours in his youma ranks about the lone warrior who slew Khairephon. And with what had happened at Thrinakie's headquarters, he didn't fancy his chances that he would be anymore successful in the future. Perhaps his followers' minds would be put at ease if he showed the severed heads of the enemy to them. "Attack them at their place of learning… let them learn pain…"

"Of course, my Lord," replied Iason crisply. "However, tomorrow, most of the agents will not be at Juuban High School. It is not a full school day; therefore a surprise attack will not be at its most effective level. I suggest we wait until the start of a new school week." The youma flicked through some pages on his clipboard. "That will be… Monday." Humans had such odd names for their planet's revolution cycles.

"Then Monday it is," Makareus responded. He stood up from his chair and looked at Iason sternly. "This mission cannot fail," the demon began, "I want all the senshi in the ground! Butcher the entire class if you have to, the whole school! Tell the youma to paint Juuban High School's walls red with human blood!" It would be a sloppy mission, not Makareus' usual elegant methods, and in broad daylight no less. But enough was enough. Perhaps the demon's deceased berserker brother had been on to something with the overkill approach. "And once the Sailor Senshi are dead…" Makareus went on, his fervour ebbing, "hunt down and execute their families and their friends. *Anybody* who has come into contact with them. I don't care how you do it, just do it!"

Iason bowed deeply, unaffected by his master's tone. "As you wish, my Lord."

"One more thing," Makareus said as the youma turned to leave. "Makoto Kino… while the mission at Juuban High School is underway, I want *you* to put the Sailor to death. She has been left alone long enough."

Iason blinked once at the demon, the only sign of confusion that could be seen from the youma. "Me, my Lord?"

"Yes. I want you to personally dispose of her. If anyone else even so much as approaches you, kill them," Makareus ordered.

"Very well, my Lord," Iason said, bowing once more before leaving the office.

Makareus watched his right-hand youma exit, the creature shutting the door behind him. Iason would not fail. It was a simple job after all. Makareus turned around and walked over to the window, taking in the view of Tokyo at night. It would all be over soon. His black eyes moved over to the tall tower, which functioned as a human communication station. At night, the steel structure was illuminated by many floodlights, making it easy to spot in the Tokyo skyline. Yes, when the interdimensional portal started to open, it would not be subtle at all. Makareus usually tried to avoid direct confrontations, but he would definitely have to take a hand in things during the casting of the spell.

The grey-suited man's image shimmered for a second, like a mirage in a scorched desert, and was replaced by a tall humanoid figure shrouded in a jet black darker than darkness itself. Makareus touched his sword's pommel beneath his cloak. It had been eons since he had spilt blood with his own blade, and the weapon now madly craved the taste of flesh. He moved his black-gloved hand down to the scabbard, and using his thumb, pushed upwards on the hilt of the sword, revealing the slightly curved dark metal blade, sharp as ever. Despite the light from the fluorescent tubes on the ceiling, the blade did not shine, but instead seemed to absorb the light around it. Makareus smiled grimly as he saw countless faces swim inside the dark steel, the souls of those he had slain before trapped for eternity in the metal's evil embrace.

The grandmaster swordsman stroked the blade lovingly, watching the tormented visages flee from his touch. Those souls would soon have new companions…


Rei stared into the mirror on Usagi's dressing table, putting the finishing touches on her make-up. The table at the restaurant was booked for eight and it was almost time to leave. Rei and Usagi couldn't afford to miss getting their table; it had been sheer luck the miko had managed to reserve a table in the first place. The raven-haired girl hadn't told her princess what restaurant they were going to yet, but it was highly unlikely that anybody the girls knew would be eating there. Marche aux Vins Yamada was a very high-class French restaurant that would probably clean out Rei's bank account in one sitting… but it was only money.

Luna leapt onto the dressing table, the cat startling the Fire Senshi and almost making the girl stab her own eyeball with the eyeliner. Rei spared the feline an irritated glare before she resumed applying her make-up. She could still hear the shower outside Usagi's open bedroom door; the blonde still hadn't finished getting ready yet. Usagi had better hurry up or they were going to be late.

"Just for the record, I heartily object to this- this date!" Luna declared vehemently, raising her furry chin for added effect.

"Well thankfully no one cares," Rei said rudely, not breaking her gaze from the mirror as she put down the black pencil and picked up a dark red lipstick.

The black feline spluttered indignantly for a few seconds, and then visibly calmed herself. "I'm sure Mamoru would care if I told him…" she said carefully.

Rei finished applying her lipstick and smacked her lips together. She picked up a tissue and put it between her lips for blotting. She pressed down on the tissue, leaving dark red semi circles on both sides of the soft tissue paper. "You wouldn't do that," the Fire Senshi stated simply, balling up the tissue and throwing it in a wastebasket near the dressing table.

Luna lowered her head, muttering to herself. She knew the girl's words were true. Telling Mamoru would be a disaster. Rei bent down and kissed the air in front of the black cat's face, causing the feline to flinch backwards. "You should be happy for us," the miko said cheerfully.

Luna raised her head sharply. "'Happy'? How can I be happy?? You're threatening the Earth's entire future!" she cried, scandalised.

Rei shrugged her shoulders, completely unconcerned. "Yeah, I guess," she said absently while she sorted her long hair, looking into the mirror. She had idly considered doing something different with it, but had decided just to let it hang loose down her back like she always did.

"What?! Is that all you have to say??" Luna wailed in disbelief. The cat then sighed and shook her furry head. "What happened to you, Rei? You used to be so responsible, so level-headed…"

The Senshi of Fire turned away from the mirror and faced Luna. "All things change. You shouldn't be afraid of it."

"I am when it's for the worse!" the feline shouted.

Rei waved a hand at Luna, dismissing the cat from her mind. The Fire Senshi looked down at herself. She had picked a rather… daring, dress to wear for tonight. It was one she had bought quite a while ago on an impulse but had never had the courage to wear it in public. It was long, reaching down to the miko's ankles, and was silky smooth, clinging to her body delightfully and accentuating her curves. The dress was held up by two thin straps and showed off quite an ample display of cleavage. Up the right hand side was a long slit all the way to Rei's upper thigh, revealing a lot of skin. The raven-haired girl was thankful Sailor Senshi healed so fast or there would be no way she could have worn the outfit. The material was coloured a deep black but due to the satin fabric, it reflected the light in some places. Oddly, Rei's first instinct was to wear something black, rather than her favourite colour, red. Sure, black was also a favourite of hers, but it had always been second to red; it was the colour of Mars after all. Rei supposed it didn't really matter, as long as Usagi liked her appearance.

"Why are you all dressed up for?"

Rei looked to the bedroom's doorway and saw Chibi-Usa standing there. The young girl had come through her ordeal with the youma relatively unscathed and had returned to the Tsukino residence, the family none the wiser of where the child had really been. Usagi's parents and brother all believed Chibi-Usa had been staying over at Hotaru's house for the past few days.

Rei forced back the feelings of hopelessness that began to creep into her mind when she saw the reminder of Mamoru and Usagi's future. Nothing was going to stop her winning her princess's love, nothing! The Fire Senshi would crush fate beneath her heel at all costs. Rei nodded grimly to herself. All or nothing. She would win.

"Rei?" Chibi-Usa questioned, looking at the raven-haired girl as she stared into space, the senshi's features twisted into an intense expression.

Rei blinked a few times and refocused her attention on the pink-haired girl. "What?" she said, her mind coming back to reality.

"I said, why are you dressed like that?" Chibi-Usa repeated.

Rei glanced down at her dress, then back at the young girl. "Oh. Usagi and I are going out tonight," she said.

"Is Mamoru going too?" Chibi-Usa asked.

"Nope, it's just me and Usagi," Rei sighed dreamily, staring off into the distance.

"Are you going some place special? Is that why you're dressed up?" Chibi-Usa continued to question.

"Uh huh," the Senshi of Fire murmured absently, lost in thoughts about her princess. She really should have gotten her true love a gift or more flowers, but she couldn't afford it since they were going to such an expensive restaurant. There was always next time.

"Uh… have fun, I guess…" Chibi-Usa said, and then hurried away from Rei, her weird behaviour disturbing the young pink-haired girl somewhat.

"I will," Rei said, and then snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Chibi-Usa's feet clomp down the stairs. The miko should probably go downstairs to wait for Usagi.

The Senshi of Fire walked up to the chair beside the dressing table and reached out to pick up her long black coat, which was draped over it. Her hand froze halfway in motion as she realised what she was doing. Sure, it was night and no doubt chilly outside, but she didn't need the coat. That was for when she was heading into battle. But wasn't she constantly fighting a battle, right at this very moment? Fate was her perpetual adversary. Rei shook her head as she looked down at the black coat. She could almost smell the scent of dried blood on it. The raven-haired girl turned away from the chair and reached into the bag she was living out of while staying at Usagi's house. She pulled out a short jacket to wear instead. It was black, but she had to match her dress, didn't she?

"Wow, Rei, you look…"

Rei turned at the sound of Usagi's voice. The blonde was wearing only a pink towel, having just come from the bathroom. Rei smiled at her princess and spun around on the spot, giving the girl a complete view of her outfit.

"You like it?" Rei asked with a raised raven eyebrow.

Usagi swallowed nervously, seeming unable to pry her eyes away from her bodyguard's chest. "It's very… umm…" she started, and then blushed red. "Nice…"

The Senshi of Fire smirked at her princess. "Just 'nice'?" she teased.

"You're going to wear something over it… right?" Usagi asked tentatively.

Rei held up the jacket in her hand. "Don't worry, my princess, I'll take it off once we get to the restaurant… then you can stare all you want," she continued to tease her true love, giving the girl a wink before laughing at her expression and leaving the room.

"Don't be too long," Rei called over her shoulder in a singsong voice as she proceeded down the stairs. She heard Usagi's bedroom door click close behind her.

As Rei stepped down the stairs, she was greeted by a gasp from Ikuko. "Oh my, Rei," the woman exclaimed, clasping her hands together in front of her chest. "Look at what a beautiful young woman you've grown into!" Usagi's mother gushed.

The Fire Senshi stopped at the foot of the staircase and reddened at Ikuko's compliment. "I don't know about that…" she mumbled with her head down.

"Ohhh! The boys must be lining up to go out with you!" Ikuko went on, gazing at Rei with starry eyes. She angled her body towards the living room but kept her eyes on the miko. "Kenji! Come and see Rei!" she called to her husband. Rei heard a rustle of newspaper and a wordless cry of acknowledgement, but Usagi's father didn't come out.

Ikuko sighed and took the Fire Senshi's hand, leading her into the living room. Rei saw that Chibi-Usa and Shingo were lazing about on the carpet near the TV, while Kenji was sitting in an armchair reading the paper. Ikuko let go of Rei's hand and held the girl's upper arms from behind, keeping the embarrassed miko in place.

"Look at what a fine young woman Rei has matured into," Ikuko said again to her husband.

Kenji glanced over the top edge of his newspaper and then did a double take. "She's ah… very pretty," he said hastily, using the newspaper to hide his reddening face. If Rei had known she was going to be paraded around like this she might have chosen a different dress.

"Whoa, she's hot!" Shingo proclaimed as he took in Rei's appearance. "Do you wanna go on a date with me instead?" Okay, now it was getting really humiliating.

"Shingo!" Ikuko gently chastised her son. "I'm sure Rei has a lovely boy waiting for her."

"Ehh… yeah, something like that…" Rei chuckled nervously, freeing one arm from Ikuko's grip so she could rub the back of her head.

"It was a nice idea to double date with Usagi and Mamoru," Ikuko said, letting go of the Fire Senshi and moving in front of her.

Double date? Usagi must have said that to her mother. "Well, someone has to keep an eye on the odango atama," Rei said quickly, aware of the look she was getting from Chibi-Usa. Damn, she had slipped up.

Chibi-Usa looked ready to say something, but was cut off by Ikuko. "And here she comes now!"

Rei turned her head towards the stairs, and felt all thoughts leave her mind at the sight of her angel. Usagi had opted to where a pure white dress to offset her bodyguard's, but was far more modest in design. The dress was similar to Rei's except that the bottom half was pleated, causing it to sway about the blonde's ankles as she walked. And it also revealed substantially less skin. The entire outfit was decorated with something that sparkled silver in the light. Rei couldn't help but be enthralled by the vision of her divine princess.

"Oh… Kenji, come and look at our baby!" Ikuko sighed blissfully. It was as if the woman had never seen Usagi go out on a date before. Though it was her daughter's first date with her best friend. But of course Ikuko didn't know that.

Rei didn't take her enraptured gaze off of her only love, totally mesmerised by the display of beauty. Usagi finished walking down the stairs and stood in front of her bodyguard.

"How do I look?" she asked brightly, glancing down at her dress and then back at Rei.

The raven-haired girl smiled somewhat dumbly at her true love. "Absolutely gorgeous… just like you always are," she said truthfully, and so only the girl could hear, while staring deeply into Usagi's blue eyes.

The blonde's cheeks turned a light shade of pink Rei's words. "Thanks. I know I don't have nearly as good a figure as yours, but…" She trailed off, lowering her head.

Rei smiled at her princess and raised her chin with two fingers. "You'll always be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen… and that includes me," she said, repeating the words Usagi had told her not long after the girl had declared she had more than friendly feelings for her best friend.

Usagi caught the reference and rolled her eyes. "Stealing my mushy lines now, are you?" she said playfully, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, they're just so good," Rei grinned.

At that moment, both girls turned their heads to see that Ikuko was staring at them. Rei hastily let go of Usagi's chin and was suddenly wracked with spontaneous coughing, feeling her face become hot. The blonde odango atama was in no better condition. Mercifully, Kenji walked over to them, breaking the tension.

"You're not going out like that with that man!" he stated, wagging a finger at his daughter. "I'll bet he just has one thing on his mind!"

"Daaaadd!" Usagi whined, her mother's look forgotten. "What's wrong with how I look? Rei thinks I look good."

"Yes, and just look what she's wearing!" Kenji cried, pointing at the girl in question. And then he quickly turned to Rei. "No offence," he added sheepishly.

"None taken," the Fire Senshi said without inflection.

"Daaad! Mamoru isn't like that anyway!" Usagi said, defending her boyfriend.

"All men are like that!" her father said. "I'm one aren't I? So I should know." He looked at Rei and then quickly returned his eyes to his daughter, closing them for a brief instant.

"Don't worry, Mr. Tsukino; I'll keep a close eye on her. Mamoru won't even so much as touch her while I'm around!" Rei declared emphatically to her princess's father, smirking at Usagi while she did so.

Kenji didn't look entirely convinced, but relented anyway. "Alright… but you better be back by twelve, young lady, and if I find out that man-"

"Oh, let them go, Kenji," Ikuko said in a long-suffering tone, coming back into the conversation. "They're both big girls now; they don't need your lectures." The woman then frowned at Rei and Usagi slightly. Rei thought it was definitely a good time to leave.

As if on cue, there was a meep of a car horn outside. That had to be the taxi Rei had arranged to take Usagi and herself to Marche aux Vins Yamada. The miko slipped on her jacket and pulled it closed.

"We have to go now!" Usagi said cheerfully, walking over to the coat rack and taking down a light blue jacket. She quickly put it on just as Rei joined her side. "Don't wait up!" the blonde called out before leaving the house in a hurry with her bodyguard, her last words meant to no doubt aggravate her father.

Rei looked at the taxi and then at Usagi. "Shall we?" she said with a smile, raising one elbow to her princess.

Usagi smiled back a little shyly at her raven-haired senshi, but linked her arm with the girl's. "We shall," she replied, nodding to Rei.

And with that, the pair strolled towards their transportation, the fiery bodyguard escorting the beautiful princess. Both were unaware of the two sets of eyes staring through separate windows after them.


to be continued…

Author's ramblings:

At the risk of giving away what will happen in the future, I need people's opinions. At the start of this fic, I said it would be shoujo-ai with nothing explicit. But now I'm really tempted to do a yuri scene. And it will be explicit. So the question is, do you people want that or will it make you too uncomfortable or something? Or is that what all of you have been holding out for? ^_^ Give me your thoughts… I already know what you're going to say Byakko Rei. ^_^

FYI: All the places that have names (and that aren't from the anime) actually do exist in Tokyo or Yokohama, wherever they were mentioned. Except for the fire works store.