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Chapter 28
M'Lord and Lady

They sat there in silence, their feet aching, their faces soar from smiling. It was almost bliss.

Kino chuckled as he placed his hand on Selenity's. She smiled at him, warmth radiating from her grin. They were happy, despite all the underlying problems around them, and they were content just sitting there on the sofa in their bedroom. They had been crowned as King and Queen of the Moon that day, and nothing could spoil their good mood. Well, to be more politically correct, almost nothing. Artemis had not yet entered the room with his news.

Selenity lay her head on Kino's shoulder. "I can't believe that Hera is pregnant again," she said. Everyone, except for Mars, had come to their coronation. Many people had been surprised when they had found out Kino and she were already married, but they had been told in advance of the coronation. The people of the Moon accepted the fact quite easily. It had come as no surprise for Helen, Paris, and Venus, since they had been at the wedding after all.

Kino smiled. "Who knows, maybe this time if won't be a son," he said.

Selenity giggled. "I managed to speak with Hera for a few moments, and she seems to think it will be a girl this time. She has two sons already, I think she deserves a daughter as well to keep her sane."

"Are you saying that sons will drive a woman insane?" he asked teasingly.

"Perhaps," Selenity said, just as teasingly. Kino smiled as he kissed her on the head.

It had been three months since their encounter with Mars, and they had not heard from him since. No news came from him, so they really didn't know what to do. They had sent messages to him, but had up to that point received no replies. Of course, once again, Artemis had not yet entered the room with his news.

Kino sighed as he pulled Selenity into his arms so that she was leaning on his chest. "So, when do you think we'll get started on our son or daughter?" he asked, quiet effectively causing Selenity to blush.

"Our son or daughter? You're already thinking about that?" she asked.

Kino loved how adorable she sounded when she was surprised. "Of course," he said, "aren't you?"

Selenity cuddled closer to his chest. "Well, yes, but I would have thought you would want to wait a while."

"Don't forget that I’m older than you, and I've had more time to think about this."

"True. We should probably wait a while though. Being rulers of a planet is going to take some getting used to, even though my mother kept things in order and everything is in place already."

Kino nodded as he reached up to stroke her hair. He loved how the silky strands slipped through is fingers. He wanted to scoop her up and carry her to their bed, but they were expecting Artemis to come at any moment. Kino started to think that Artemis could wait until the morning, that anything he had to say could wait. Of course, Artemis had not yet entered the room with his news.

Selenity gave a deep sigh. "I wish that mama could have been here to see this. Although I suppose if she was still here, there would have been no 'this' to see."

Kino pulled Selenity closer to him. "I'm sure that she would be happy for you. You miss her, don't you."

Selentiy nodded. "I miss her desperately. Did you feel this way when your father died?"

Kino nodded, feeling a familiar lump form in his throat. He was still feeling the pain, as was Selenity, of the Dark Queen's deeds. "Yes," he finally managed to say. "I still miss him deeply. At first I was in such shock that I was numb to the whole situation, but eventually the pain came." He heard Selenity sniffle a little.

"I miss her so much Kino. Sh-she shouldn't have had to die to save us. Aminiha is gone now, defeated, but so is my mother." The new Queen wasn't crying, but she was on a verge of tears.

A knock on the door made Selenity straighten up slowly. Kino stood and walked to the door. He opened it and Artemis bowed to his new King and Queen. "M'Lord and Lady," he said, "I have news of Mars."

Kino and Selenity were instantly alert. "Come in, Artemis," Kino said, gesturing for the newly appointed member of the royal court to enter. Artemis did, and came over to the table, at which Selenity was just sitting down. He waited for Kino to take a seat next to his wife before sitting down himself.

Selenity was curious what kind of news had come from Mars. "Has Mars sent any messages?" she asked anxiously. She hoped that they could talk to him soon so that they could re-establish their friendship and terms of peace.

Artemis gazed at his Queen. "Not from him directly, My Lady, but just of him. He has taken a wife just last week."

Selenity looked at Kino. Both of them looked shocked at the unexpected news. "A wife?" Kino asked, disbelief in his voice. "Already? Who is she?"

"A Princess named Nerio," Artemis said, "I believe she was present at the ball your father gave in honour of our guests when My Lady as well as all your other friends were visiting the last time."

Kino nodded, but he could not put a face to the name. Selenity still had a shocked look on her face. "Does that mean that he feels better, that he does not feel as much animosity towards us?" she asked.

Artemis looked down at the table, then back up to Selenity. "I have heard reports, although nothing official, that he is still bitter. I fear that he will soon send delegates to completely sever any treaties that he has with the Moon, and perhaps even declare war. However, there is more. There are rumours that the new Lady of Mars is already expecting a child, which may be the reason Mars had to marry her so suddenly."

Selenit's eyes went wide. "With child already! My goodness, it's only been three months since we saw him!"

Kino nodded his head, completely surprised as well. "I honestly thought he had more sense in him."

Artemis looked at Kino apologetically. "I fear I know nothing more."

Kino rubbed his forehead. "I doubt that he would declare war. He risks losing since many of the other planets would stand behind us."

Artemis nodded. "As I said, they are only rumours my Lord. Although, I am pretty confident that the ones about severing ties with the Moon were true."

Selenity sighed. "I was hoping that it would not come to that. I don't like having Mars as an enemy. He was always been such a good friend."

"I'm sure that we can settle things with him," Kino said softly, trying to reassure Selenity. She nodded, but her face did not look too hopeful.

There was a soft knock on the door, and all heads turned to look at it. Artemis got to his feet and walked to the doors, opening them to see who was there. He was only a little surprised to find Luna standing there, a tray with tea in her hands. "I thought my Lord and Lady could use some evening tea after the long day," she said as Artemis allowed her to walk in.

Selenity smiled. "That would be wonderful, thank you Luna." Luna smiled, happy that her Queen was pleased. The tray had a pot of tea as well as a bowl with sugar and a pitcher with milk. Selenity walked over to one of the bookcases in the room. In it were teacups, since everyone knew that she was fond of tea. She always kept teacups on hand, as well as assorted teas.

She brought over four cups. "You will join us," Selenity said to Luna. Luna smiled shyly and followed her Queen to the table. Selenity waved Luna's hands away from the teapot and poured the steaming liquid herself.

Once they were all settled in, Kino looked at Artemis. "I want you to keep your ears open for any news of Mars. He is worrying me more and more, and his taking a wife so quickly puzzles me, although if the rumour that she is with child is true, it would not be so puzzling."

"We will have to wait for more information until we can make any conclusions," Selenity said gently.

Kino nodded, then he looked to Luna. "I should ask, how do you like it here so far?"

Luna smiled and glanced at Selenity. "I enjoy life here on the Moon. The people are all very kind, and I have heard that there are very just and gracious rulers."

Selenity chuckled. "That's nice to hear. "

Luna beamed. "I have found good friends here," she said.

"I would hope that you consider me as one of them," Selenity said.

Luna nodded a little. "Yes, my Lady," she said.

"Good," Selenity said. "Then no more of this 'My Lady,' business. Just Selenity. I want neither of you to be formal with me when we are in private. Granted, when we are in public is it expected, but here, you are free to be informal."

Kino smiled. "Likewise for me. You two are good friends. Although you, Artemis, already know this."

Artemis grinned. "Of course, we grew up together."

Kino turned his attention back to Luna. "I wanted to know when you want to go home. It has been a long time since you have seen your grandfather, and now that Aminiha is gone, you can go back if you wish, to stay or just to visit."

Luna looked a little forlorn. "I would like to go and see him, but I don't think I could just leave the Moon. I would like to return, but I don't know if that will be possible. My grandfather needs help, so I think I will have to stay with him once I return."

Selenity put her hand on Luna's. "If you don't want to leave here, then bring your grandfather to the Moon to live here with you."

Luna's eyes brightened. "Would that be possible?" she asked hopefully.

Selenity nodded. "I don't see why not."

Luna beamed as she nodded her head. "Thank you. That would be wonderful."

As hard as he tried to suppress it, a yawn escaped Kino's lips. He looked at everyone apologetically.

Artemis chuckled. "It looks like Kinotsu has had a rough first day as King. We should let him get some sleep."

Kino had an embarrassed smile on his face. "I apologize, your conversation really wasn't boring."

Artemis and Luna were already getting up. "It's late, we should be going anyway," Artemis said as he grabbed the tea tray before Luna could. "Please, allow me," he said gallantly.

Luna rolled her eyes. "As you wish," she said, and held the door open for him. He smiled at Selenity and Kino before exiting. "Goodnight," Luna called back before she too left, closing the door soundlessly behind her.

Selenity stretched as Kino stood form his chair. "It's been a long day," she said as she pushed the chair back.

Kino chuckled as he walked over to the bed. He stretched out on it and patted the spot next to him. "Aren't you going to join me?" he asked slyly.

Selenity arched her eyebrows as she walked over to the bed. "I thought you said you were tired," she pointed out as she sat down beside him.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down. "I never said that. Artemis did. Besides, a yawn is usually the best way to get people to leave."

Selenity smiled as she turned onto her side to face him. "Ahh, so that was a fake yawn. Tsk tsk, your first day as king and you're already deceiving your subjects."

"Well, I wouldn't call it deceiving," he said as he began slipping her dress from her shoulders, kissing the soft skin in-between words. "It was more of a non-verbal dismissal."

"Oh sure, a non-verbal dismissal. Alright, if you want to call it that…" any further words she had to say were swallowed in his kiss. Not feeling in the mood to argue, she gave up, and allowed him to continue his sweet torture.


A full week passed before Kino and Selenity finally managed to relax for an evening with their visitors. Hera, Helen, Venus, Selenity, and Mercury's wife started chattering about babies as soon as the managed to detach themselves from their husbands. The room was cheerful. Hera and Jupiter's two sons played together with a set of blocks, the younger of the two always knocking down their structures.

Hera smiled at them lovingly as she caressed her stomach. Helen, who was sitting beside her and holding Endymion, chuckled. "So you think it will be a girl this time?" she asked teasingly. "What made you change your opinion that it will be a boy?"

Hera smiled. "I don't know. I'm just guessing on this."

Venus glowed with all the love she was feeling in the room. "When are you expecting the child?" she asked.

Hera shrugged her shoulders a little. "According to the doctor, I have about six more months."

Lady Mercury sighed a little to herself and smiled. "What kind of feeling do you get, the feeling where you think it's a boy or girl?" she asked timidly.

"I don't know. Honestly, I'm guessing. I base my guess on what Jupiter does not guess," Hera replied.

Lady Mercury blushed. "Oh. I was just wondering." The women laughed, which drew the attention of all the men.

"What, pray tell, are you ladies laughing about?" Paris asked.

Venus laughed. "We're talking about our husbands, but don't tell them that."

Mercury put on a mock look of shock. "My Lady, are you saying that you are gossiping about your spouses behind their backs?"

Selenity grinned. "Of course not. What makes you think that?"

Selenity's brother chuckled. "Oh, just a nagging feeling, that's all."

Everyone went back to their conversations after this. Jupiter leaned over to Kino. "Do you mind if I talk with you in private? Away form the ladies" he asked. Kino nodded his head, and the men stood and went to walk in the gardens.

"What did you want to talk about?" Kino asked as soon as they were strolling down the well manicured paths.

Paris sighed. "It's about Mars," he said.

They all waited until they reached a small seating area in the gardens before resuming their conversation. They sat on the chairs and benches below the roof of the spacious gazebo. "Tell me, what about Mars?" Kino asked once they were all comfortable.

Jupiter sighed. "It's actually about Mars and Selenity. Kino, we have received letters from Mars, and he has been asking us to side with him against an injustice, and he wants us to meet with him to discuss this problem. What troubles me is that he referred to that injustice as coming from the Moon, and he was not at your coronation. Do you think you could shed some light on this for us?"

Kino sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I think I can, although, some of you may not like what you hear. I know exactly what 'injustice' Mars was speaking of in the letters he sent you." All them men listened to hear what the King of the Moon had to say.

"It came as a surprise to most of you that Selenity and I were married in secret, except for you two," he began, nodding toward Selenity's brother and Paris.

Paris nodded his head and looked to the others. "We knew about the wedding, and I was present at it," he said.

Kino continued. "We did not tell anyone else about it because we were in an odd situation, one which is rather complex. You see, I started to fall in love with Selenity…" he went on to detail how he and his Lady had fallen in love, how they thought they could not marry due to the fact that Selenity thought Kino was infatuated with Aminiha, and that Selenity was betrothed to Mars. He told them what Diana had said to him, and finally how Venus had married them. He ended his tale by explaining the confrontation he and Selenity had with Mars three months before.

"So Mars is angry that you and Selenity were married when she was supposed to marry him, correct?" Mercury asked.

Kino nodded sullenly. "I'm afraid so. He refuses to look at the situation in any other way other than that he was cheated out of a wife and that she never even gave him a chance to show he could be a good husband."

"You realize that what you did was wrong," Jupiter said, his cool gaze resting on Kino.

Kino sighed. "I understand why Mars is upset, but I wish that he would see that what I did was for Selenity's happiness."

"How do you know that she would not have been happy with Mars?" Jupiter asked, his tone still cool.

"I know because of how she reacted to the thought that I was in love with Aminiha, the way she nearly died from the thought of not being with me, from what she has told me, and from the way she is. I'm not disputing that Mars can make her happy, as a friend, but as a husband…I don't know. She chose me though, and there was no way I was going to stand in the way of her getting what she wanted."

"I agree with Kino," the ruler of Venus said, "If Selenity chose him, and is happy, we should leave it at that, as should Mars."

Mercury looked like he was mulling over things in his head. "I don't know. We can't really say for sure if she would or would not have been happy with Mars, but there is no point in forcing her to marry him."

Jupiter was still staring at Kino. "You do of course realize that you have put all of us in a very, very awkward situation."

Kino nodded his head humbly. "I know, and I am very sorry for that. However, what was I supposed to do? Give up on the woman that I love and let her marry someone that she didn't not want to marry?"

"To prevent war, perhaps yes!" Jupiter snapped. All eyes turned to him. Jupiter, the wise one of the group who never lost his temper, looked angry. "Kino, just because you want something doesn’t mean you can just go and take it. Selenity was promised to Mars, and as such should have gone to him first, broken off the engagement, then gone to you. The way you went about this could very lead to another war, and I for one don’t want to see more bloodshed for a very long time."

Everyone was shocked at the outburst. Selenity's brother cleared his throat. "I know that I am her brother, but I think that she deserves to be happy. If being with Kino is what makes her happy, why should someone stand in the way of that."

Mercury looked at him with a pained look on his face, but no one noticed. "Sometimes it is better to part with something you love if it is for the greater good," he said quietly.

Kino sighed. "Jupiter, look at it this way. How do you know that Hera loves you?" Jupiter was silent. "If right now you had to fight a war for her, just to make her happy, would you?"

Jupiter gave a frustrated sigh. "Yes, but that is a different situation Kino, Hera is my wife. I would give my life for her."

"Right," said Kino, "and Selenity is my wife. I would fight a dozen wars for her if I had to."

"But Kino, it still isn't the same. She wasn’t your wife when the started, so you didn't have a right to fight wars for her," Jupiter said, as though he were pleading with Kino to understand.

Kino sighed. "Would you have not fought for Hera, if you knew she wanted to be with you?"

Jupiter stared at Kino. "I don't suppose I can argue that, but I still don't think you are in the right in this situation completely. I will stay out of this dispute. Therefore, if Mars comes up against you, I will not side with either you or him. You need not fear my armies, but don't expect their help either."

Kino nodded, feeling a little saddened that one of his best friends was reacting like this. "Very well, that is, after all, your decision to make."

The men fell silent. Eventually they all got up and strolled back to their wives who were still chattering away. When they reached the women, Helen put Endymion into his father’s arms right away. "It's your turn for a while," she said with a smile and planted a kiss on Paris' cheek. Paris rolled his eyes, but he held onto the child.

Kino smiled. "He's growing so fast," he said. Paris nodded, and suddenly, Kino found himself with the child in his arms.

Paris smiled cheekily. "Just for a few moments. I need to get some water."

Kino chuckled as Paris fled the scene in search of something to drink. He looked down that the small boy he was holding. "Well Endymion, I sure hope you don't have to go through such troubles to get your wife," he said to the tiny prince. Endymion stared up at Kino with his blue eyes, and gave a big yawn. Kino grinned. "I'm sure you'll find a good woman," he said quietly.

Endymion smiled and gave a squeal of joy. Kino picked him up and carried him to the grass, where he played with him until Paris returned.

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