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Chapter 29
Mars Fire, Jupiter Thunder

"I need to get out of here!" Kino cried as he ran for the door, laughter coming from him as he ran.

Selenity rolled her eyes, but couldn't blame him for wanting to run. He had been alone in a room with four women, two of whom were pregnant, and they had just received news that Hera had given birth.

Helen beamed with excitement. "Oh, I'm so happy for Hera. She finally has a daughter! At least she won't be surrounded only by men now!"

Lady Mercury grinned. "I'm excited about seeing the little princess."

Selenity was still scanning the letter the messenger had just dropped off. "Jupiter writes that Hera and the baby are both doing fine, and that they named the girl Lita," she looked up from the letter. "Lita, that's a pretty name."

Venus sighed. "I hope that I can have a daughter on the first try, rather than having to wait for the third child to be born." She placed her hands on her swollen stomach as she spoke.

Lady Mercury smiled as she looked at Venus. "I wouldn't mind having a girl either, but Mercury is so hoping for a boy."

Selenity sighed. "I can't believe that you're both pregnant."

Venus laughed. "Yes, but I'll have this over and done with three months earlier than this poor woman," she said as she put her arm around Lady Mercury.

Selenity giggled as she looked back down to the letter she was still holding. "Jupiter says that the child already looks more like Hera than him," she sighed. "If that's the case, they are going to have one beautiful daughter.

Helen chuckled as she cradled Endymion. "If that's true, then perhaps I have already found a wife for Endymion," she said jokingly.

Venus nodded. "Yes, and so she'll come and take him away as soon as they are able to marry, right?"

Helen hugged the child defensively. "Are you insane? My baby isn't leaving me until he's at least thirty five!"

All the women laughed at Helen, and Selenity went back to reading the letter silently to herself. 'You will have to come and visit soon so that you can see her. She is so beautiful that I can't even describe her. Well, actually I can, I have every feature on her beautiful face memorized.' Selenity smiled to herself. Jupiter sounded absolutely taken with his daughter.

The door opened and Luna stepped in, bearing a tray of tea and teacups. "Am I in the right room?" she asked cheerfully, and she was greeted with warm smiles. Everyone eagerly took the tea that she had brought, and began drinking while they talked.

Luna stood beside Selenity. "I have news that you may not like," she quietly enough so only Selenity could hear.

"Oh?" Selenity asked, and motioned for Luna to follow her out onto the balcony. Once outside, she closed the door behind them so that they would have some privacy. They then went and stood in front of the railing and gazed at the setting sun. Selenity placed a hand on the cool stone of the railing and breathed in the fresh air.

Luna stood with her hands clasped before her, gazing at her mistress. "My Lady," she began, "I spoke with Artemis before I came with the tea, and we have received news of Mars."

Selenity kept her gaze fixed on the setting sun as it sank behind the earth. "What news?" she asked.

"Mars has just become a father. He has been blessed with a baby daughter," Luna replied. "Unfortunately, he no longer has a Queen."

Selenity's gaze didn't waver. "Lady Mars is….?" she asked, as her grip tightened on the railing, leaving the question unspoken.

Luna nodded solemnly. "Yes. During childbirth. The child is two months too early, and they are not sure if she will live. Her mother didn't last long after the little princess was born. This happened only a few days ago."

Selenity slowly turned her head to look at Luna. Tears glistened in her eyes. "Mars must be devastated," she said softly.

Luna nodded her head soberly. "He is apparently. We're trying to get as much information as we can, but that is all I have to tell you for now. The only other thing that is know is that he named the little girl Rei."

Selenity nodded and held back her tears. "She'll be his little ray of happiness," she said soberly. "Please, inform me as soon as you hear more." Having said this she turned her eyes back to the earth, behind which the sun had almost fully set already. Luna took this as her cue to leave, so after curtseying to her Queen, she left.

Selenity remained on the balcony a little while longer, lost in her thoughts. She was glad that Mars had a daughter, but she was saddened by the fact that his wife had died. From what she could recall, Nerio was a few years younger than Mars, so she died very young, too young. Selenity pitied the small princess, who would never know her mother. Selenity's thoughts drifted to her own mother, and a fresh wave of tears came to the new Queen's eyes.

I miss you mom. I wish so badly that you could be here, to see how Kino and I are happy together, so that you could share in that happiness. I wish you could share in the joy that we will soon have…Selenity placed her hands on her stomach and rubbed it gently. I still can't use the crystal very well, I need your help and guidance. You were still training me, and I can't use the crystal's power to protect out people yet. What am I to do?

The sound of the balcony door opening brought Selenity from her thoughts. She didn't turn to see who it was though.

"Tenshi?" asked Kino's gentle voice. Selenity quickly swallowed any tears that she had left and turned around, smiling at her husband. "Are you all right?" he asked.

Selenity nodded her head as he walked towards her. "I'm fine. Luna just told me about Mars."

Kino nodded. "Artemis informed me a few minutes ago as well," he said quietly as he enveloped Selenity in his strong arms and pulled her in tight to his chest.

She rested her cheek against his chest, and breathed in his fresh scent, savouring the closeness they had at that moment. "We need to find a way to make peace with Mars. There has to be some way!" Selenity's words were muffled, but Kino felt the passion with which they were spoken.

"I know, we've been trying our hardest. We'll keep trying though, and hopefully he will find a way to let the issue pass and allow us to be friends again," Kino murmured reassuringly as he stroked Selenity's hair.

Selenity nodded. "I hope you're right."

"Well, you two look awfully close!" exclaimed a voice from the direction of the balcony's doorway. Both Kino and Selenity turned their heads to see who it was. Venus stood there grinning, her hands resting on her swollen stomach. "I was almost afraid to disrupt the adorable scene," she said sweetly.

Selenity giggled as she took a step back away from Kino, who was blushing. "Don't worry Venus, we don't mind," Selenity said, and she could almost hear Kino's mental protest at the statement. Selenity gave him a quick wink, and then walked over to Venus. "So what did you want?"

Venus seemed a little hesitant, although Selenity didn't miss the mischievous look on her friends face. "Well, if you really don't mind…" Venus said.

Selenity shook her head. "No we don't."

"Well, I would min-" Kino tried to say, but was cut off by a look from Selenity. He swallowed the rest of his words and only smiled at the two women.

Venus laughed as she took Selenity by the arm and started to lead her inside again. "Well, I was wondering when you come visit, could you possibly…." The rest of what she said was lost to Kino as the two women melted into the room. Kino smiled a little to himself. It gave him a wonderful sensation to see his Tenshi happy and smiling. He was still unsure that she was really his wife, and had to remind himself each day that it was true. Two years…it would soon be two years since they had been married, although it didn't seem that long by any means.

Kino sighed as he thought back over everything that had happened over those two years. It had seemed to fly by so quickly that he had trouble keeping some events in order. His grief over his planets destruction, the death of his whole family and people, had weighed heavily upon him, but with his Tenshi the pain was bearable. He still seethed with anger when he thought of the Dark Queen who had caused so much pain and destruction, and he only hoped that Diana's sacrifice had stopped Aminiha once and for all.

The young King ran his hand through his wavy hair as he glanced out at the gardens, and then headed to the doors through which Selenity had entered the palace. He didn't like being alone.


On two separate planets, two fathers held their new baby daughters. One was sitting on a chair on his balcony as his wife slept peacefully inside, and the other paced the length of his library. The second's wife also slept, although it was a slumber from which she would not waken.

Mars stared down at the bundle in his arms. The girl's brown eyes gazed back up at him, and Mars felt his heart melt for the tiny being in his arms. Never did he believe that such a small girl could wrap him around her finger so easily. Yet, she had, and whether he knew it or not, he was ready to give her anything, no matter how hard he would have to fight for it.

The tine child gazed up at her father, oblivious to the pain in his heart, and to the way she was slowly easing that pain. Her eyes were like a balm to his wounds, but even her sweet gaze could not take away all of his anger. She could, however, make him forget, at least for a short while.

Mars stroked the child’s black downy-like hair, and smiled as his daughter giggled. She brought her hands up and latched them onto his hand. Mars gazed at his daughter tenderly as she squeezed his finger. Tears nearly sprang into his eyes at her childish strength, the way she brought his finger to her mouth and started to suck on it.

The little princess was quite content in her father’s arms. It was the only world she knew, the safety of someone’s embrace. Mars knew as soon as he had seen his daughter that he could never let any harm come to her. From the way she had screamed when she had been born he knew that she would be a fighter. She had been born nearly two months too early, and there had been doubt that she would live. It had now been three weeks though, and she seemed fine. She was Rei, his Rei, and as he kissed her gently on the forehead, he knew she would be the one thing to always keep him going.

A few planets away, another new father sat with his baby girl on the balcony next to his and his wife’s bedroom. Two pairs of green eyes met as Jupiter stared down at his daughter. Hera slept soundly inside, and Jupiter felt completely at peace. Disregarding the usual ‘protocol,’ Hera always insisted on having a crib in their bedroom for when their children were small. She didn’t like the idea of her babies being in some other room with a nurse. She was their mother, and when they needed someone, she would be there.

In the early hours of the morning when Jupiter had been awakened by his first daughter’s crying, he had taken her out of her crib and went to sit in a chair on the balcony. Sometime during the night his two sons had snuck into the bedroom, and each had curled up on either side of their mother. They knew where to come to escape nightmare and fears.

Jupiter gave a content sigh as he thought of his family. His two sons, Tory and Crin, were growing up, now being eight and five years old respectively. They were both strong for their ages. Tory was skilled with his hands, he could pick up any weapon and use it, or pick up a quill and write with beautiful calligraphy, or take a small knife and chunk of wood and whittle a toy for his younger brother. Not what a prince was expected to do, but neither Jupiter nor Hera minded.

Crin on the other hand was quiet and shy, always hiding behind his mothers skirts. His thumb seemed to always be either in his mouth, or bent to seem as though it were there. His eyes shone with intelligence though, and Jupiter had no doubts that he would be an avid learner once he was old enough. Now that he thought about it, Jupiter realized that Crin could start joining in on his brother's lessons. The tutor could handle two boys. Jupiter decided he would have to go and arrange that soon, within that week.

Jupiter stood from his seat and walked back into the bedroom, his baby Lita having fallen asleep in his arms. He gazed lovingly at his family, laying in bed fast asleep. He felt a sense of pride well up in his heart. He had a gorgeous wife, two handsome sons, and a daughter who was already a little beauty. Of course, she could have had a beak-like nose and drooping eyelids and he would have still considered her beautiful.

Both fathers were happy and content at the moment.

Mars handed Rei to her wet nurse, since she was crying from hunger. He left the two alone and wandered into his War Hall. It was empty, and his footsteps echoed on the walls of the chamber. Maps and various documents littered the octagon-shaped table at the center of the room. He placed his rough hands on the table, and gazed out at all the campaigns and reports, the work which consumed his life. There were projects that his father had begun there, and Mars had been hesitant to touch them for a long time. Now, though, he looked and pursued them freely. He knew that he would have less time to devote to them now, his heart was telling him to take care of his child.

He his fingers through his short hair and sighed loudly as he bent over the table. He wanted the best life for his daughter. If he could not giver her a mother, then at least he would give her everything else she could ever possibly want. He would giver her peace, happiness, security, and a purpose. He wanted her to have friends, and he had heard that Jupiter's wife had also born a daughter. Mars considered he should contact Jupiter, perhaps invite him and his wife and children for a visit. The two princesses could become friends, since they were both the same age. Yes, he would do it, he would send a messenger to Jupiter and arrange for him to come and visit.

Jupiter slid into bed beside his younger son. In his arms he cradled Lita, his new angel. His gaze wandered over to his wife, who was next to Crin. Tory slept on the other side of his mother. Jupiter stroked Crin's hair, and sighed. This was his family, and he was going to do everything in his power to protect them. No one would ever hurt any of them, he would make sure of that.

Of course, even the strongest men with the best intentions are sometimes unable to stop pain and suffering.

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