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Chapter 41

The afternoon was quiet and calm. Selenity had no meetings planned, no deligates to meet, no judicial issues to deal was a rare afternoon of relaxation for her and she was planning on taking full advantage of it by doing absolutely nothing.

That idea lasted about five minutes.

She needed to do something, it simply was not in her nature to do NOTHING. She needed something to keep her mind occupied, so she decided to take a stroll through the palace, going just about everywhere. She smiled as she left the room, closing the door soundlessly behind her. Light filtered in through the windows, giving the palace a warm feeling. Servants went about their daily duties all around her, smiling warmly when she passed them. She always smiled back and every so often stopped to speak with one of them.

Her stroll through the palace took up less time then she had anticipated. Not wanting to go back to doing nothing, she headed outside and went to the training grounds. Men were trainng everywhere, so focused on thier tasks that most of them didn't even notice her watching them. She spotted Master of the Sword almost right away and smiled as she watched him training her son. She walked over to them.

Master of the Sword noticed her first and swept her a deep bow. "My Lady, it is a pleasure to see you here," he said cheerfully.

"Mother, what brings you here?" Shingo asked.

"Can't a mother simply wish to watch her child?" she inquired, giving him a wink. Shingo flashed her a big smile.

"You are more than welcome to watch," Master of the Sword said, "but Shingo and I were just finishing off."

"Tha't all right," Selenity replied. "I was actually hoping to speak with you when you had some spare time."

"As your Majesty wishes," Master said, then turned to Shingo. "You did well. You need to work a bit more on your offense. You can keep yourself safe, but you need practise ending a fight as well. We'll work on that next time."

Shingo nodded. "I will see you tomorrow then. Master, mother," with a bow, he left.

Selenity smiled at her son's retreating form and then brought her attention to the Master of the Sword. "Would you join me for lunch? It is nearly noon and I would like to dicuss a few things with you.""It would be an honour, my Lady." The two walked towards the palace, exchanging idle conversation. Selenity led him to a small balcony overlooking the gardens where they were served lunch. They ate and chatted. Finally the servants came and whisked away the empty plates. Once left alone, Selenity brought up something that was worrying her; Serenity.

"How is her training going?" she asked.

"She's doing well. You know all the men have a hard time holding their ground against her with the sword. She may lack physical strength, but she makes up for it with speed."

"That's good to hear. The men are something I wished to ask you about though."

"You have my undivided attention."

"How is she dealing with them?""I beg your pardon, I don't think I quite follow..." he looked a little puzzled at Selenity's question.

Selenity smiled. "What I mean is, how does she behave around them?"

"She battles with them, my Lady. She shows no mercy as long as she is being safe."

"She isn't forever taunting them?"

"She is, but only in a jesting manner." He paused, then understanding dawned on him. "You want to know if she treats them the same way she treats the suitors that come to the palace, correct?"

Selentiy nodded. "Exactly."

Master leaned back in his chair. "No, she does not treat them the same way. She acts around them as she does around her Senshi. She's friendly, outgoing, loves to joke around with them...She is not uncomfortable or mean or childish around them."

"I don't understand why she is so different around the men who come to court. You've known her all of her life, Yokiro, why is she so...stubborn!"

Yokiro placed a comforting hand on Selenity's shoulder. "She's still young. Give her time. Usagi is smart, she'll know when the time is right."

Selentiy sighed. "I suppose I should be happy she isn't throwing herself at every man in sight."

Yokiro grinned. "Yes, you should be very grateful for that. You may have fallen in love at a young age, and back then your mother was going crazy because you had fallen in love with Kinotsu. Now, you're fretting about the fact she hasn't found someone." He couldn't help but chuckle.

Selenity laughed. "I suppose I am crazy. I just want her to find someone special too."

"She will. Just give her time."

The two smiled at one another. There was a knock on the balcony door, causing both of them to nearly jump from their seats.

"Yes?" Selentiy called out. The doors opened and out walked Artemis.

"My Lady, a visitor has just arrived and requests an informal audience with your at your earliest convenience."

Selenity glanced at Yokiro then back to Artemis. "I can see the visitor now."

Artemis bowed and opened the door to allow the visitor to step out onto the balcony. As soon as the sunlight hit the shimmering silver hair, Selenity smiled and rose from her seat.

The man bowed. "My Lady, I thank you for seeing me so quickly. It has been too long since we last met."

Selentiy grinned happily, resisting the urge to drop all formality and hug him. "It has been too long, General. I am pleased to see you again."

Malachite straitened up and smiled at the Queen. He placed a kiss on her hand and then nodded at Yokiro. "It is a pleasure to see you as well, Yokiro"

Yokiro gave a nod in return. "Likewise, Malachite."

Selenity sat down and gestured to a chair. "Please, have a seat." Malachite bowed again and sat down. It was clear that Selenity was very pleased to see him. "I'm so happy to see you again. Tell me, what has brought on this unexpected visit? Are you on a dispatch from Helen and Paris?"

Malachite tilted his head slightly. "Yes and no. I am here more on Prince Endymion's insistance than on the King and Queen's, although they did give me leave to come."

Selenity gave him a curious look. "On Endymion's insistance?"

Malachite smirked. "Yes. I was rather surprised as well when he approached me."

"Well you certainly have my curiousity piqued," Yokiro exclaimed, leaning forward a little in his chair and resting his hands on the table.

"Yes, mine too. What is going on?" Selenity was radiating with anticipation. It had been years since an ambassador had come from the Earth and she desperatly wanted to hear if there was a possibility for peace.

"My prince asks for permission to come and visit the Moon, along with his parents. He asks for permission to seek your daughters hand in marraige."

The silence following Malachite's statment was almsot defeaning.

Selenity took in a shaky breath. "Endymion wishes to ask my daughter to marry him?"
"He wishes to come and court her, and if things work out then yes, he wishes to ask her to become his wife." Malachite struggled to keep the amusment he was feeling from showing on his face.

"But....but....why?" Selenity looked incredibly perplexed.

"Endymion is a man with a good head on his shoulders, and he, just like you, wishes to bring about peace between our two nations. He is more adamant about it than Paris, and over the past few years he has worked hard to get the King's permission for this. Paris finally gave in a few weeks ago, since he thinks that this would be a way that the two planets would become intertwined in such a way that there would be no more independant choices made by either planet." He paused when Selentiy frowned, clearly displeased by the commment. "I did not mean for it to sound like that. King Paris is not angry with your Majesty anymore, but he is stubborn and his pride won't allow him to admit he may have been mistaken in being so hard on the Moon and allowing this war to continue on for as long as it has."

Selenity relaxed a little."I know how damaging pride can be. I was too stubborn as well, with Beryl, but I do think that this has gone on long enough. If Serenity did marry Endymion I know that the Moon would be under Earth's power, more so than it was before, but...." She sighed. "But we need peace.""My lady, King Paris and Prince Endymion do not wish to dominate you. True, the Earth would influence he decisions made on the Moon, but do not forget that the Moon would influence the decisions made on Earth as well."

"What are the conditions if a marriage was to take place?" Yokiro asked.

"It would be a standard union, just like it would have been years ago before all of this started. It would be up to the Prince and Princess where they would live, having free access to both planets. Those things would be decided if the courting process was favourable."

"So no new conditions?" Selenity asekd.

"None," Malachite replied. "Just the standard negotiations of a dowary, territores, etcetera."

For the first time in years, Selenity felt hope.

"Let us enter negotiations then, General," she said with a smile.

"WIth pleasure," the white haired man replied, a smile mirroring Selenity's on his face.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

Selenity could not stop smiling the rest of the day. After dinner, she asked Serenity to accompany her to the library so that they could talk. Luna joined them as well. It was at that point that she had informed Serenity that she was expecting important visitors from Earth. At first, Serenity had been thrilled that they would finally be meeting with peace in mind, but then Selentiy had told her that Endymion was going to seek her hand in marriage.

Serenity took the new more lightly than the Queen liked. She didn't seem to take the situation seriosly at all, which troubled the Moon Queen, and when she tried reminding her daughter of her responsibilities, Serenity used the one weapon her mother detested; she reminded her that she had been given the promise that she could choose when and whom she would marry.

After that, Selenity had been in a much less happy mood and in no frame of mind to argue. Serenity had taken her opportunity to exit the room, in fear of recieving a lecture or her mother's wrath.

Thus, Selenity was left alone with Luna to simmer in her frusteration and irritation. "Why can't she have an open mind?" she finally asked after about ten minues of absolute silence. "Am I really asking so much of her to give the man a chance?"

"No, but you know how she is," Luna replied. "She's stubborn and carefree."

Selenity rubbed her temples. "I know, Luna. So much is at stake now though. This is potential peace! We have not had an opportunity like this since Beryl escaped. I need for her to understand that."

Luna sighed. "I wish that they would have come to this decision in a few more years. However, I think that Serenity would not be happy if you forced a marraige on her. You know what you promised her."

"I know I told her she could marry whomever she chose," Selenity declared, "and you know I will live up to that. I just wish she knew how much was at stake. I don't want her to marry without love, but I want her to at least try to love him. I don't want another war on my hands." There was a pause as Selenity sighed, "I just don't know what to do, Luna. That girl is still too much of a child to be married. She is completely oblivious to the harshness of life."
Luna nodded. "You know, she has a good head on her shoulders...."
"Yes, I do! I just wish it wasn't still lost in her childhood, but here in the present!" snapped the frustrated Queen.

There was a moment of silence.

"I want her to be happy,"Selenity finally murmured, "and I want her to be safe, always. I owe Paris an apology for being so stubborn, but that in itself will not be enough to subdue his pride."

"Things will work out somehow," Luna said gently. "They always do. Serenity is smart, she herself knows how important peace is. Trust her to be matrure when she needs to be and to make the right choices."

Selenity stared at her companion. "I'm sure you're right, Luna, or at least I hope so." The two women sat in the glow of the dying fire, both lost in their own thoughts. Eventually, Selenity stood. "I think I'm going to go for a stroll. I'll see you a bit later."

Luna nodded. "Very well, your Majesty."

Selenity left the room and allowed her feet to lead her, something she had not allowed them to do in years. She knew where they would take her and allowed herself to wander.

Finally, she came to a door. Using the crystal, she unlocked the door and enetered, closing it silently behind her. The room looked the same as it had all those years ago. The bed was made but the sheets were the same. The closet doors were closed but still contained all the garmnets that had been hung in them. On the table were two tea cups, empty, but still with fingerprints on them. The books which should have been covered in dust looked as though they had just been read the day before.

The soft carpet was still the same cream colour, the hearth still had ashes and wood in it.

She could still smell him in the room. Their room.

Making no sound she walked over to the balcony doors and opened them, stepping out into the cool night air. She wrapped her arms around herself as she stood in the center of the balcony and stared up at the night sky.

She could almost feel his arms around her.

This was where he had told her he loved her for the first time.

This was where she had promised to be his wife.

This was where he still was.

At that moment she was no longer the Queen of the Moon, but simply Selenity. Closing her eyes she imagined his warmth enveloping her. The room had been locked to the outside world since the day she had returned from Mars after he had been taken from her. She came back every couple of years when she felt hopless and alone.It gave her a sense of comfort, almost as if he was still there.


She could picture him in her mind, smiling and laughing. All her good memories of him flooded back to her mind and she gave a content sigh. She could hear him chuckling at her as she sat there in a very un-stately way. A smile played on her lips as she pictured the corners of his eyes crinkling with laughter, teasing her for being so un-lady like, huddled in the comfy seat.

Sighing, Selenity sat down in one of the chairs that was still on the balcony, undamaged and unchanged. This had been their balcony, and it still was. Here she felt at peace.

After a while she stood from the chair, reluctant to leave her small sanctuary. It was a luxury she didn't like leaving, but knew she had to. The emotions she had been supressing for too long were starting to rise to the surface, and she knew she had to keep them hidden away, otherwise she would have a break down, one which she could not afford. She slipped back into the room and out into the hallway, locking the door behind her once again. At that moment she was no longer Selenity, but Queen of the Moon.

A whisper of wind rushed through the hallway, causing her to shiver. Letting her hand slide slowly from the doorknob she let go of her peaceful state once again, ready to face to world around her.

Luna was right, things would work out somehow. She would survive. She would see that all things were made right again. She would do everything she needed to to protect her people, the people of the Earth, the people of the entire solar system, everyone.

And she knew she would be doing it all. All of it alone.

The wind died down and Selentiy walked away from the door, from her past. She now had to focus on the future, on her people, on her children. Her life depended on it.

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The End

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