Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal Stars ❯ 202: The Female Idol from America ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Beginning Theme: Kaidoku Funou
202: The Female Idol from America
Katie got up from bed and stretched. She is ready to start the morning. After taking a shower and getting dressed she went out to the studio.
“My name is Katie Takahashi, I am fifteen years old. I live alone here in Tokyo Japan. I have relatives here such as the governor of Japan.” Katie holds up a piece sign.
“He is my mother’s half brother. My cousins her are Scott and Fiona (they are twins), Martha, and Hitomi.” Katie goes into the studio and into her room
“My family is famous through-out the world. I am a famous singer, my older brother is a famous football player. My younger sister is a famous artist (she draws scenery), my mother is a famous actress who lives in Greenland, and my father is a famous surgeon in America.” Katie sets up her office with pictures of her family.
“I have been writing songs since when I was eight years old. I have recorded them at age twelve to start my singing career.” Katie sit down with a folder of her song lyrics.
“I one time played the piano when I was two. I have graduated from college at nine. My family was proud. They decided to let me travel by myself after I turned 12. Right now I am here in Japan enjoying the life. I wonder if only I can find my long lost love.”
Katie begins to get bored and went to her mini refrigerator and grabs a a can of root beer. Then she hears a knock on the door and went to answer it. She finds the mail man holding a stack of cards, fan mail and business letters. She thanked the mail man and closed the door. She looks through the important mail first.
There were letters saying meeting other idols, day jobs, and a month schedule with dates of concerts photo signing and pictures.
Katie putted down the mail and decided to take a little stroll in the park. She went to a dress barn and looked at the dresses. She didn’t notice Terra watching her. Right beside Terra was Mina, Serena, Raye, Lita, Amy, and Rini.

“Who are you looking at Terra?” Raye asked her friend.
“Her, she called me Grape head last week.”
“I know who that is!” Mina yelledout.
“Who?” the all asked.
“She is an idol just like the Three Lights. She is the niece of the Governor of Japan and she graduated from college at age nine. That is Katie Takahashi.”
“Cool, Mina, are you in her fan club?” Amy asked.
“Her fan club hasn’t started yet. It is opening up next Saturday.”
“Compare to her and Seiya, they could make a good couple.” Lita wondered.
“I agree. I wish the Three Lights are here.”
“They will be. I received word from Kakyuu that they will come this Friday.” A familiar voice said. The girls turn to see Trista standing there with the outers.
“Received word?”
“Yes, Kakyuu is going to release them from their duties as guardians of Kinmoku and she has outer starlights that will protect her.”
“I can’t wait to meet them” Rini said.
“You know this is the best way for the Three Lights know Terra.”
“We are going to need their help with the new soldier from the other day at the crown parlor.”
“Oh, I forgot all about her. She is scary sometimes.”
“Can you guys stop talking cause Katie Takahashi is coming out of the store.” Lita informed.
The scouts stopped talking. Katie went out of the store and started to stare at the other. She went up to them and held out her right hand to the scouts.
“Hi, I am Katie. Nice to meet you. My uncle told me to meet as much people as possible so I can be able to make friends.”
“Oh, I am Serena Tsukino, this is my cousin Rini, my friends, Amy Mizuno, Raye Hino, Lita Kino, Mina Aino, Trista Meioh, Amara Tenoh, Michelle Kaioh, and Hotaru Tomoe. Oh I forgot, This is Terra Schaefer.”
“Oh, I have met her before. Oh, what cute cats. It’s cute but rare to see cats with crescent moons on their forhead. I have heard stories from my grandmother that if you find a animal with a strange and unusual mark in their foreheads your wishes will be granted.”
“This is Luna, Mina’s cat is Artemis, and Rini’s kitten is Diana.”
“They do have cute names. You know Mina and I look exactly alike. But I am guesing she is a year older than me.”
“You are smart.”
“If you want there is a concert coming up tonight. I am letting everyone in Tokyo in for free. NO tickets available. Im singing my new song ‘Romance’.”
“WE’ll be there.” Mina yelled.
“I’ll see you all there.”
Katie happily walked back to the studio to work on one of her new singles.
“She seems so nice.” Amara said
“Define ‘nice’” Terra demanded.
“What’s wrong?” Michelle asked
“She is so mean to me”
“Worry about that later” Lita suggested.
“Guess what guys.” Serena started.
“What?” Raye said with amusement.
“Darien is returning to town from America”
“That’s cool.”
“You know that Darien will be at the airport the same time as the Three Lights will arrive.” Trista chimed in.
“Who is Darien?” Terra asked with confusement.
“He is Serena’s boyfriend.” Rini said.
“Let’s head for the stadium that the concert is going to be held.”
The scouts walks ahead. Everything seams peaceful and quiet at the moment.
AT the gates they all went in and sat down in Row thirteen. AT the end is Mina, then LIta, Amy, Raye, Serena, Rini, Hotaru, Amara, Michelle, Terra, and then Trista. Most fans were holding posters that says, ‘We love you’, ‘Shining Star’, ‘You Rock’, and ‘Believe’.
After five minutes the lights dimmed a bit and Katie ran onto the stage in a good manner. She went to middle and grabbed the microphone.
“Hello Tokyo, I am so glad to be here tonight at my first concert of the year. For those who don’t know much about me, I am going to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I am Katie Takahashi from America. I am the niece of the Governor of Japan. I have been singing since when I was six. I played the minuet in G on the piano at age two. I graduated from college at age nine. For more information, go to my website to visit my gallery of places I have been to these past three years. I have a blog you can look on to find out the updates of upcoming events. Starting next week I will start opening up a fan club.”
The crowd starts cheering.
“Right now here is a song called Romance. The other three are Best of Both Worlds, Tell Me Something I don’t know and C’est La Vie. Enjoy this.”
The music started playing and Katie started to sing.
Romance (In Japanese)
(note; Katie sang the song in Japanese. Not the English. The English Lyrics are just the translations.)
I Love you Baby Baby
RAITO keshite
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance kizuite
HORA kakuretenaide
HORA hajimaru wa
Kyou wa otenki na no
Mado utsuru anata
Koi wo kizandeku DAIARII
Demo nanika sukoshi kyori kanjiteru wa
Anata watashi no mune ni
Kagi wo kakete shimau wa
Deaeta kiseki wa
Guuzen ja nai no ni
Dakiai hada ni shigekiteki
I Need you Baby Baby
RAITO keshite
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance kizuite
Baby Baby hoho wo yosete
Baby Baby kimagure ne
Baby Baby
Sore de mo tanoshii
HORA kibou ga mieru
HORA kagayaku ne!
Nee kikoeru desho
Haru iro no kaze ga
Koi wo ai ni kaeru toki ga
Yatte kita no
Mou jirettai no yo
Soko ga suki da kedo
Anata watashi no mune no naka de
Dakishimechau wa
BIKKURI na anata ni
Ufufu tokimeki to
Mou tomerarenai no yo
I love you Baby Baby
RAITO tsukete
Baby Baby Kiss wo shite
Baby Baby
Romance hajiketa
Baby Baby kizuita no ne
Baby Baby tawamure yo
Baby Baby
Anata ga soba ni iru
HORA kane ga kikoeru
DAARIN dakishimete
Sora RIBON iro
I Need you Baby Baby
Baby Baby kuchibiru ga
Baby Baby
Romance furueru
Baby Baby hoho wo yosete
Baby Baby kimagure ne
Baby Baby
Sore de mo shiawase
HORA kibou ga mieru
HORA kagayaku no
HORA hajimaru wa!

The song finally ended. The fans cheered. Serena was clapping as well.
After the other three songs it was time for them to go home.
“That was the best concert ever.” Hotaru said happily
“The Three Lights might have Katie as their new rival.” Mina said.
“Well, we’ll worry about that the four meet face to face.” Lita said.
“Well I bid you ‘Goodnight.’” Amara said as she and the outers head straight to their house.
Terra went back to the boarding school. Lita and Raye went over to Raye’s shrine. Amy went to her home and Mina went to her house across the street. Serena and Rini took a cab home.
Somewhere in the alleys are two figures. A man and a woman. They were both smiling evilly and the man whispered. “Soon the sun princess so called Katia will be the lord’s.”
Ending Theme: My Will

Episode preview

Lita: The Three Lights came back
Serena: Yeah, So did Darien.
Amy: Have you noticed the True Name of the soldier in yellow.
Serena: That’s right.
Mina: How could we forgotten. The soldier of the Sun.
Trista: She is suppose to be a urban legend.

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