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203. The Three Lights Return; The Sailor Senshi in Yellow

Katie headed out of Raye’s shrine. She had just bought a new charm for her Uncle. Her uncle, the governer of Japan, always loves his niece’s gifts. Her aunt hates her.

Katie has been careful to stay away from her. She tries her best to spend time with her cousins Fiona and Scott. They both loved their cousin.

They think she is a great singer. Katie’s uncle is the older brother of her mother.

“Bye Miss Hino, Hope to see you again.”

Raye smiled at the idol. Katie has given her, her autograph and six free tickets to her Saturday’s concert.

Katie ran towards the steps but it was too dark to walk down. She slowly took a step but end up loosing her balance. As she fell some person caught her. Katie looked up and to see a silhouette of a man. She blushed.

“Sorry. I couldn’t see where I was going. It’s just too dark for me to see.”

“It’s okay. I’ll lead down the stairs.”

Katie nodded and blushed as the man lead her downstairs. As she can be able to see the sidewalks she was able to see the man.

The man was wearing a red suit with a navy green shirt and yellow tie. His hair is black with a long ponytail at the nape of his neck. He also has indigo eyes.

“Thanks for catching me while I was falling. I thought I would be injured that badly. Thanks anyway.” Katie said as she pulled the man’s hand and placed a charm in it.

The man, Seiya, blushed. This girl is cute. He thought at first that this is Mina Aino, but this is someone else.

“My name is Katie Takahashi, but you can call me Katie. What is your name?”

“Seiya Kou.”

“Nice to meet you, I have to be heading back to my apartment.”

“Let me walk you there?”


“Yeah, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“That’s right, There has been a lot of monsters coming out to scare people off. The last monster I saw took a lot of energy out of its victim.”

‘Looks like a new enemy is on the loose,’ Seiya thought as he listened to the girl beside him.

Katie stopped talking as she came in front of a tv store with some tv’s sharing the news of a mysterious sailor soldier in yellow.

“A sailor soldier in yellow. Last time I was here there were only nine soldiers.”

“I just saw a purple Sailor Scout last week. She calls herself Sailor Earth.”

The two continued walking until they reached to Katie’s apartment.

“Well, this is me. Thanks for walking me home.”

“No problem. We’ll meet again.”

Seiya went towards his apartment.

The next day-

The girls sat in the park enjoying the fresh air. The girls were excited to the three lights again. The Three Lights and the six girls enjoyed the fresh air.

Then they see a young girl of age twelve running past by. She stopped and went back to the group.

“Hi, have you seen my sister, that looks a lot like her but without the red bow?” the little girl said.

“What are you talking about Rachel, I’m right up here.”

The group and the little girl Rachel looks up to see a blond hair girl sitting on a branch. Katie jumps down and says to her sister. “ok you found me. But Rachel you need to head back to Maine.”

“Oh, I’ll go find Big Brother. Bye Big Sis.”


Katie waved and watched her sister go and went off with their brother. She turns back to the group.


“Nothing, I didn’t know you had siblings, Katie.” Raye said.

“They are just visiting. My parents are divorced. My father is a surgeon and my mother is an actress.”

“Oh,” said Terra.

“It’s you Grape head.” Katie said coldly.

Terra gulped. She just leaned back into Lita.

“What’s the deal with you two?” Taiki asked the young idol.

“We don’t get along. She broke my uncle’s vase. It also cost five hundred dollars to replace.”

“Sorry we didn’t introduce ourselves. We’re the three Lights. I’m Taiki, this is Yaten, and that is Seiya.”

“Hi, I’m Katie Takahashi.”

Katie sensed something nearby.

“I have to go. Bye.”

Katie left to the crosswalk.

Then the girls hears a scream. They transformed along with the Three Lights.


The Sailor Soldiers reached the to the jewelry store to see a woman and a man. The woman just attacked the customers.

“Stop right there, I am Sailor Moon, the champion of Justice. I will Right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you.”

“Don’t forget us, Sailor Venus,”

“Sailor Mars”

“Sailor Jupiter”

“Sailor Mercury”

“Sailor Earth”

“We are three shooting Stars, Sailor Star Fighter!”

“Sailor Star Maker”

“Sailor Star Healer”

The woman and the man laughed evily. The man threw a bomb at the Starlights. Somehow a yellow beam of light stopped it. The villains and the Scouts turned to the yellow Sailor Scout.

“It is finally about time you should find out who I really am. I am the guardian of Light and Destiny, Sailor Sun. In the name of the Solar Kingdom I’ll punish you.”


“Solar Flare Fury,” Sailor Sun said as her staff blasted some swirls of Solar Flares at the enemies. The man dodged the attack but the woman was hit square in the chest.

“you will pay for this Sailor Sun, and I, Thyme will attack you with my best attack.”

“I don’t think so, Witch. Sunlight Attractive Beam, SMASH!”

The man, Kulno came to Thyme and they both teleported away.

“Sailor Sun why are you here?” Mars asked.

“You can’t handle this fight could you.” Sun Replied.

“Hey we can handle this fight with you.” Healer said.

“Yeah, who’s to say. It’s not like an old lady in black pops up and keeps talking about her mama.”

“Hey I am not that old I was born with this hair color.”

“Oh, why didn’t she added food coloring to make it so you won’t look like an old woman.”

“Leave my mother out of this. She’s a saint.”

“Yeah a Saint Bernard. Your mama is old that she was buried as a mummy.”

“Your mama is so old that she is the Mummy’s Mummy.”

“Your Mama is so old that on her birth certificate, it said ‘EXPIRED’.”

Healer’s mouth was opened but nothing came out. How did this Sailor Soldier came up with something like that. She should have said that.

“You win.”

“I thought so. Have a nice fall.” Sailor Sun said as Venus used her love chain to restrain Healer’s legs. Sailor Sun walked off. Healer tried to go after her but fell to the hard ground.

“Next time when we meet Sailor Sun, she is going down.”

“Oh no, We have to go.” Maker said.


“There is a concert tonight. But since we are idols we get to in for free.”

“Who is the singer?”

“I don’t know cause our manager gave us the tickets.”

The idols and the girls went into the stadium later that day and waited for the concert to start. Then a group of five girls with Katie Takahashi in the middle started singing and dancing. Katie was the only one who is singing.

She was singing Romance (from PGSM or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Live Action.) Taiki and Yaten were enjoying themselves; Seiya one the other hand was shocked.

While in the middle in the song Katie started to feel dizzy. To her the sound was getting softer, slower and there were echoes. Her vision became blurry. She blacked out and fell in her place.

The dancers stooped dancing and looked at Katie with worry and concern. One of the ushers came up and checked on Katie and motioned for the other ushers.

Katie’s cousin and manager went up there and called for her name.

Katie couldn’t respond. She was still unconscious. The fans got worried. Seiya called out for her.


ET: My Will
Episode Preview

Serena: Katie is in the hospital already. She is ill. But how?
Luna: Im not sure if it was stagefright.
Seiya: I just saw her In the hospital her condition is okay. We gave her some gifts. I gave her a set of cds.
Mina: Did she liked it?
Seiya: I don’t know.

Next Time: Katie’s condition and Luna’s Investigation