Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Every Time I Love You ❯ Two ( Chapter 2 )

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Notes: Much like When My Heart Shatters, I am going to try to write three chapters and then publish them. I want to release this one because I know that many thought this story was a lost cause and they would probably never see another chapter ever to be posted, but I wanted to restart this one. My Muse was on a rewrite kick and this one was on her list. I hope three chapters soon.

Also, thank Madonna for these chapters. Oo Apparently my muse will write to her music especially her Take A Bow. No idea why but this song is often played over again just because of her.


Every Time I Love You

By Suseh

Chapter Two

The sun rose breathing life into the early morning, splashing colors of pink and blue. Hanging just above the rise is a tiny bright dot – Venus. Her home. Beautifully bright even against the colors of the morning sky. Minako put her hand on the window and found part of herself had become homesick. She wanted to visit the castle she grew up in, see the people preparing their stalls, and children ready to come out of their homes to play. All that was gone. None of them had managed to survive during the first Silver Millennium and she had been powerless to save them.

Minako’s heart constricted. She had failed then as a leader. She should have paid more mind to the writings on the wall instead of having to chase her princess down onto Earth.

But Minako could not blame Selenity for having fallen in love with the Terran Prince. She had seen the forbidden devotion between Endymion and Selenity. She never had the heart to separate them from each other.

Minako let her hand fall back down to her side. Her memory of anything further had become fuzzy. She knew she had fallen too with a Terran. One of Endymion’s guards. Kunzite. She had longed for him with every fiber of her being and she understood why Adonis had been unhappy. He had seen the relationship grow between them and it stirred jealousy.
So, why was her memory or events of the Silver Millennium either fuzzy or tiny flashes that offered no tangible clue to the past events? In her eyes, their repeated rebirths had caused much of the past events to become fuzzy, even nonexistent.

Minako had given up any hope of remembering most of the past. She pushed it aside and marched on with her duties. That was until that sword appeared. It pulled at the very strings of her soul, pushing her to recall events of the long past.

Tonight was the gala and Minako would hopefully be given more clues about the sword’s origin and owner. Maybe then they would have answers for Endymion.

Turning away from the window, Minako headed out of her room and toward the control room to find Artemis and Luna. She could only hope they had some information on the Crown Prince.

When Minako arrived at Central Control of the Crystal Palace, she found both Artemis and Luna hunched over a screen. She could see that both were consumed by whatever was on the screen as neither seemed aware of her arrival. Watching the two of them together made her smile. She could see the devotion between the two of them that she envied deep within her. She wanted something like Luna and Artemis as well as Selenity and Endymion had.

“Good morning,” Minako greeted making her way into the room and causing both of them to break apart. “Found anything that would be helpful?”

Luna shook her head. “We know very little, but what we do know is that the sword seems to have been in the family for generations. The lineage for the Crown Prince does go back to near the Silver Millennium but any information further back into the Silver Millennium seems to be lost. I even tried to locate an image of him, but it does not seem to be anything. The Middle East’s royal family is rarely seen and any information into their holdings and financial records are hard to come across.”

“This could mean that any records might be under an assumed name,” Artemis added. “Middle Eastern royals like to make sure their hands are cleaned should anything befall any of their holdings.”

Minako tapped her chin. “If this is true, then we will have a harder time finding who our Crown Prince might be. I won’t even know who he might look like without having an idea.”

“I will keep looking,” Luna promised. “Now off you go to get ready.”

Minako playfully glared but she let Luna push her out the door and into the hallway. It would be hours before the seamstress would be waiting for her. For now, she would grab something for breakfast and then head off to let out some steam.

Minako’s return to her quarters was met with Selenity’s seamstress, make-up artists, and maids ready to get her ready for the evening’s gala. Groaning, she knew all this had to be Selenity’s side. The girl was going to make sure that Minako was Aphrodite Incarnate tonight. She wanted all eyes on her Senshi Leader and hoped Venus would score numbers and dates to come.

Minako pressed her lips together. Although she knew Selenity meant well, she did not kindly take joy in being dressed up, shoved out the door, and coming back with an assortment of men’s phone numbers. She did not have the time to date or even think about it.

Biting back her frustration at her sovereign, Minako allowed them to pull her in the direction of her quarter’s massive bathroom. There they stripped her of her workout clothes and pushed her into the heated water filled with a mixture of floral fragrances. They scrubbed her skin until it was pink and her long lemon-colored hair shone brightly like her home planet always did in the morning hours.

By the time they were finished washing and dressing her, she had to admit – even if was to herself – that she looked absolutely stunning. Her long lemon-blond hair had been placed in a croissant bun decorated with yellow diamonds and blue sapphires weaving through the strands.

Her eyes looked upward into the mirror and a gasp slipped past her lips. The gown was beautiful. A one-shoulder evening gown with a three-quarter-length sari-inspired midnight blue silk chiffon brightened with little sapphire blue sequins and beading, an asymmetrical neckline. Minako ran her hand down the sides of her gown adoring the feel of the silk chiffon felt against her hands. The texture was rich and sheer, with a delicate, excellent wrap and crepe-like surface. Even the eye makeup matched the color of the gown. Dark blue with tiny shimmers of glitter. Minako could not believe that the woman in the mirror was actually her. It had been a long time since she had last dressed herself up and gown to a gala. Most of her time had always been keeping to her leadership roles.

"Mina, you look amazing," Selenity breathed causing everyone within the room to turn suddenly to the doorway and cursty to their monarch.

"Thank you, Selenity," Minako replied as her best friend moved across the room and take a closer look.

"You are all dismissed," Selenity waved her hand dismissing the entourage of seamstresses and makeup artists.

The women scattered quickly out the door leaving in a flurry of fabric and colors. Selenity's attention drew once more to her friend.

"You are going to knock them dead," She teased.

Minako glared at her friend. "I would not be going if you and Endymion were not so interested in the sword."

Selenity sighed. "Mamo-chan believes the sword to belong to one of his Shitennou. I know he keeps looking for them even when he thinks I don't know. He misses them and I would feel the same if I were in his shoes."

"Do you think they are alive?" Minako probed, looking at Selenity.

"I don't know," Selenity said honestly. "I believe they just may be. Their memories are probably locked up after the battle with the Dark Kingdom. They may have been reborn shortly afterward."

"Didn't Endy say that he communicated with them through their stones?" Minako inquired.

"He did," Selenity acquiesced. "Unfortunately, the stones disappeared some time ago. I can only hap-half a guess that the stones have rebirthed the souls of the Shitennou."

"Luna and Artemis have been unable to find much information on the sword," Minako provided. "There are no images of the Crown Prince, but his lineage may go back as far as the first Silver Millennium."

Selenity's eyes widened. "This might be the right step in news we have heard."

"Usa," Minako said placing her hand on her friend's shoulder, "don't tell Endymion until we know for sure. I don't want us to get his hopes up."

"I promise," she said holding out her pinky.

Minako smiled wrapping her pinky around Selenity's.

"Now off you go," Selenity replied pushing her friend out of the room and out into the hall.

Minako chuckled softly as she headed out into the hall and toward the car bay. "See you in the morning."

As Artemis and Minako exited the limo, Minako had to steel herself from running her hands nervously down the sides of her gown. There were so many photographers outside the museum taking pictures of the celebrities exiting their own vehicles.

And when they saw that it was the Princess of Venus arriving, all the cameras zeroed in on her. There were excited murmurs as the camera’s flashes overlapped each other. Artemis offered his arm and Minako smiled, taking it and allowing her companion to lead her up the stairs and into the safety of the inside of the museum. Most of the guests had been alerted to their arrival and some had even given her respective curtsies and bows. Minako wanted to be treated as if she were no princess but just one of them, but she knew it would be impossible.

Artemis led her through the crowd stopping here and there to allow the guests to converse with Minako and her with them. He noted that once she started conversations, her posture relaxed and he knew she had found her element. She was laughing at something a guest had joked about and another set into heavy conversation over some political matter that would be decided soon.

Artemis’s own attention had been diverted to the conversations around him. Murmurs and whispers led him to believe that the Crown Prince was in attendance. That sent his green eyes to skim over the crowd with the hopes of narrowing down the face of the Crown Prince. But that was more said than done. The crowd was thick. Bodies collided with each other and the smell of heavy perfumes and sweat filled the sensitive nose of the moon cat. It had taken everything within him not to show a look of disgust.

He could feel Minako inconspicuously signaling for them to continue on with Minako making sure to end the conversation with promises of another time. He happily led her away and toward an area that was void of human contact to allow the Princess of Venus a momentary reprieve.

“They should have held this event at a larger revenue,” Minako remarked tiredly. “There is no room to move about and try to avoid many of those seeking my attention.”

“I think most of them are surprised to see you in attendance,” he stated truthfully. “But while you were busy entertaining those guests, I heard in passing conversation that the Crown Prince is in attendance.”

This caused Minako’s head to turn sharply to her companion. “Where did you hear this?”

“Just as I said: in passing conversations,” Artemis reinstated. “I looked about hoping to narrow a face within the crowd, but there are so many bodies in attendance that it was hard to come across.”

Minako chewed on the inside of her cheek as her blue eyes swept once again over the crowd. All the faces within were familiar and none of them stood out in any way to her.

Minako thought of heading once more out into the crowd hoping to come across the Crown Prince, but that notion was halted as she saw the Museum Curator heading toward them.

Malik Hussein nursed his drink watching the crowd. He had not wanted to be a part of this gala, but the others had insisted he attended. Theros believed that he would find his destiny there, at least that was what he had seen in the stars. Malik never took Theros at face value. He did not believe in astrology and he certainly did not believe in destiny. Tianyu and Zane could not shake the words from Theros. They knew that Theros had never been wrong when it came to seeking guidance in the stars.

So, why had the stars not led any of them to the women that haunted them?

Theros had told him that it was easier said than done. Although the stars could offer guidance for the future, it would be up to them to choose the path given to them to take.

Zane and Tianyu saw this as a sign that the women were out there waiting and Malik would be the best to test the stars at their guidance.

Malik's silver eyes narrowed. His so-called best friends then turned their attention toward him, tossed him in the shower, and forced him to prepare himself to be kicked out the door and attend this ghastly event.

But then something happened. A tug. A pull. A direction. His silver eyes swept over the faces and yet none of them pulled at him as this did. A hand went to his chest. A brief flash of an event crossed his eyes that nearly caused him to double over.

"Mr. Hussein, are you all right?" the curator inquired with worry and concern written in his eyes and face. He moved to give the Crown Prince the offered support needed to keep him from falling over completely onto the floor.

"I'm f-fine," Malik assured him brushing off the feeling. "I was suffering from a migraine earlier and it appears it has returned."

It was a lie but Malik had used it nevertheless to keep any further questions from rising.

"Maybe you might want to meet the Princess of Venus," the Curator offered. "She has been the one inquiring about information about the sword."

Malik's eyebrow rose up in question. "The Princess?"

"Yes, yes," the curator expressed. "She came to the museum a few days ago to see the piece and asked questions. You did not leave a lot for me to answer, but the Princess was hoping to meet you tonight."

Malik rose to full height and brushed off his tuxedo. This was an opportunity to meet one of the Princesses of the Earthern Court. He had heard rumors that Venus was a beautiful woman, the incarnate of Aphrodite herself and it had always made Malik curious. He had seen her images in magazines, but he doubted the pictures did not do her any justice.

"Tell her I would be willing to meet her," Malik replied.

The Curator looked over the Crown Prince. Seeing that he was once again well, he nodded his head and turned toward the crowd, heading into it to look for the Princess.

"Ah, my lady!" the Curator exclaimed happily to have caught her and her companion alone in a corner. He had been searching for nearly forty minutes among the crowd hoping to come across them. He almost contemplated the princess had departed without a word, but he knew the princess would not leave, not if she knew the sword's owner was within the vicinity. That had been the leverage he would be willing to bet that kept her here. He supposed the word of mouth from various guests had possibly drawn her curiosity long enough to remain here.

"Are you all right?" Minako rushed forward to grip the curator from the crowd and smiled seeing the relief on his face.

"I am fine, Princess," the curator promised with a wary smile, "but I have some good news - the Crown Prince is here and would very much like to meet you."

Venus turned her head toward the other side of the room and locked upon an alcove just off to the side. She did not know how or why, but something pulled her eyes toward it.

"Shall we, Princess? The Crown Prince is waiting."


Minako fought her nerves and swallowed. The funniest thing about this was the fact Minako had been waiting for him too. Perhaps….all her life.

Chapter End