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Chapter 1: Morning Routines

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(Sometime in the early 21st century)

Haruka lay in bed one arm wrapped tightly around Michiru who had her back pressed to her lover and wife. They both stirred as the alarm clock began ringing. Haruka reached up and hit the snooze button then settled back down nestling her face into Michiru’s hair finding her neck and gently kissing it. “Come on Ruka time to get up you promised the girls we would take them to the zoo.” Michiru said giggling a little at Haruka’s action. Haruka did this nearly every morning but still Michiru enjoyed more each day.

“It’s only seven the zoo doesn’t open until ten why do we have to get up so early?” Haruka grumbled looking over at the clock reading the time. Michiru had set it last night while she had been brushing her teeth and Haruka wasn’t expecting to get up this early.

“Because getting three girls ready to go out take three hours” Michiru said sliding from the bed causing Haruka to grumble more. As she stood she brushed her night gown down straightening it while she looked at her partner who was looking up at her.

“Dear, Hotaru is seventeen years old I don’t think she needs your help getting dressed.” Haruka said rolling back over in bed pulling the sheets over her intent on going back to sleep again.

“I wasn’t referring to Hotaru.” Michiru said pulling at the sheets starting a tug a war battle this was another of their daily routines fighting to get Haruka out of bed. The blonde wasn’t exactly a morning person. “Haruka I swear sometimes you are worse than the twins and they’re only eight!” Michiru threw the sheets down then stormed off to the hallway. “Fine I’ll just tell your daughters that their father would rather sleep then spend time with them.” Haruka just grumbled into her pillow not really paying attention to Michiru.

Michiru walked into a room several doors down from the one she shared with Haruka. She tapped on the door before entering. “Hotaru time to get up,” She said but was surprised to see the young woman already awake and setting at her vanity brushing her shoulder length hair. Hotaru had lived with the Outers since she had been reborn.

“Morning mom,” Hotaru said looking at Michiru in the mirror at first then she turned to face her, a smile on her face. She had stopped calling her Michiru-mama shortly after her two sisters had been born. In the years since then both Haruka and Michiru often forgot that Hotaru wasn’t really their daughter. She had lived with them so long they couldn’t remember a time without her. Setsuna had lived with them as well for a while but after things settled down she had gone back to the Time Gate to keep an eye on it even though Usagi insisted that it wasn’t needed. As a compromise Setsuna returned to Earth frequently to visit most often when Usagi complained that she missed her. Which was at least once a week but Setsuna would do anything for her princess.

Michiru walked over to Hotaru kissed her forehead then said, “Glad I don’t have to worry about you.”

“Is papa hiding under the sheets again?” Hotaru asked as Michiru idly stroked her hand through Hotaru’s hair first with her fingers then she picked the brush up running it through Hotaru’s hair.

“You know her if it’s not at least nine o clock she won’t get out of bed.” Michiru said with a shrug giving her hair one last stroke then handing the brush back. “Well since there is a least one woman beside myself in this house capable of getting dressed herself I’ll leave you to finish.”

Hotaru chuckled then leaned up pressing a kiss to Michiru’s cheek before she left the room and walked down to the next room. She opened the door and glanced in, the light shown through a window and a small night light on the night stand. There were two beds in this room not that they were short on space the house they lived in might as well of been a mansion with the income from Michiru’s concerts and Haruka’s races they lived quite nicely; when they first bought the house Setsuna was living with them and still did at times. The two girls that this room belonged to just preferred to share it, several times Haruka and Michiru had offered to let them have their own rooms but the young girls always said no they liked sharing. Michiru glanced at the first bed it was empty cocking her head she looked over to the other one and saw two girls curled up on it, a stuff bear in the arms of one and a doll in the others. The girl closest to her had light blond hair that when brushed it would fall down to her mid back, it was wavy and held a premed look even though it had never been premed. The other girl had green hair cropped short though there was a part of it that always fell in the girl’s face.

Michiru reached down and gently stroked the blond girl’s cheek a smile on her face. Silently she thanked Usagi if it wasn’t for her using the Silver Imperium Crystal Haruka and she never would have been able to have children of their own. As she stroked the girl’s cheek she stirred opening her teal eyes. “Michiyo what are you doing over here?” Michiru asked tucking a strained of hair behind Michiyo’s ear.

“I had a bad dream mama. I woke Haruko up with it and she said to sleep with her instead of waking you and papa up.” Michiyo said rubbing her eyes as she woke up her elbow bumping into her sister who groaned and rolled away from her.

“Well that was nice of her.” Michiru said as the green haired girl opened her eyes revealing a pair of bright green eyes that match her hair almost perfectly. “Good morning Haruko it was nice of you to let Michiyo sleep over here with you.”

“It just got her to stop crying.” Haruko said indignantly though the look on her face showed she really cared about her sister. “I swear she’s such a crybaby some times.”

“I am not!” Michiyo said gently pushing on Haruko’s shoulder.

“Are too!” Haruko said rolling over and pushing Michiyo back harder.

“Mama!” Michiyo cried rubbing her shoulder even though she hadn’t been pushed hard enough to really hurt.

“See!” Haruko said pointing at her sister.

“Enough girls or we won’t go to the zoo today.” Michiru said getting both girls to stop and apologize. “Not to me to each other.”

“Gomen sai Chiyo.” Haruko said.

“Gomen sai Ruko.” Michiyo said.

“There better now let’s get you two dressed.” Michiru said. A short time later she had Michiyo wearing a light blue sun dress and Haruko a pair of pants that didn’t have grass stains all over them and nice button down shirt.

Haruko pulled at the shirt undoing the top two buttons and grabbing her ball cap from the dresser she was about to place it on her head when Michiru quickly swiped it from her grasp. “Mama!” She whined.

“I want you to look nice today. No complaining or I’ll have you in a dress.” Michiru said placing the hat back on the dresser.

“I don’t know what your problem is Ruko dresses are fun.” Michiyo said twirling around causing her dress to spin around with her and her sister to stick her tongue out. Haruka just shook her head and pushed her bangs out of her face messing up her hair that Michiru had just combed.

Michiru smiled and looked down at her twin daughters they reminded her of Usagi and Rei when they were younger always fighting but always the best of friends. But then again they were so much like there parents she swore Haruko was a mini Haruka who alone was a handful while Michiyo was more reserved and calm like her even though the child had her moments. She glanced to the hallway smelling breakfast being cooked and thought of her third daughter. True Hotaru wasn’t related to her by blood but the young woman was very much part of her family. “It smells like Hotaru has already started breakfast run down stairs and get some while I try to get your father out of bed.” Michiru said urging the girls into the hallway.

Michiru watched the two girls run into the hallway and down the stairs she was about to say something about running inside but before she could they were out of earshot, both of them inheriting their speed from their father. She walked back to her room finding Haruka still in bed with the sheets pulled over her head. “Alright Ruka that’s half an hour extra sleep get up!” Michiru said grabbing the sheet and on a rare occasion being faster than the senshi of the wind pulling the sheet all the way off the bed. She wasn’t quite quick enough because Haruka reached up and pulled her onto the bed with her cuddling closer.

“I’ll just use you to keep me warm since you took my blanket.” Haruka mumbled then closed her eyes again nestling her face into Michiru’s hair.

“Come on Ruka get up I’ve already gotten the girls dressed and Hotaru has started breakfast.” Michiru said struggling with Haruka who only held her tighter.

“What’s she making?” Haruka said holding Michiru even tighter without opening her eyes.

“French toast I think.” Michiru said spinning around to face Haruka and wrapping her arms around her lover placing her lips to her ear. “If you get up now I just might join you in the shower.”

Haruka grumbled something and before she could answer they both were pounced on by a pair of girls tickling them. “Hey what are you doing?!” Haruka said between laughs opening her eyes to find Haruko sitting on her chest tickling her.

“Hotaru said that an evil witch snuck into your room last night and placed spell on you so you wouldn’t wake up.” Haruko said still tickling her.

“She said the only way to break the spell was to tickle you.” Michiyo said causing Haruka to realize both girls were sitting on her.

She looked past both girls the best she could see Hotaru standing in the doorway laughing then to Michiru still lying next to her laughing as well. “Alright, alright I’m up call off your goons.”

“That’s enough girls I think the spell is broken.” Michiru said still laughing. Both girls stopped tickling then leaned forward as Haruka whispered something in their ears. They nodded jumped off the bed and ran after Hotaru who had started back down the hallway. “What did you tell them?”

“That I sensed something coming from Hotaru and they better tickle her just in case the evil witch bewitched her too.” Haruka said and as if on cue Hotaru screamed though it ended in laughter. Haruka sat up in bed and grabbed Michiru again pulling her close. “Now does that offer of a shower still stand?”

“I don’t know I think it might have been a one time offer.” Michiru teased.

Haruka leaned down and began kissing Michiru on the neck. “Are you sure? Because I really want to take a shower with you.”

“Oh do you now and why should I let you?” Michiru said pulling away but not out of Haruka’s arms.

“Because I always get what I want.” Haruka said.

“Oh really? You always?” Michiru said.

“I got you didn’t I?” Haruka said standing and taking Michiru in her arms with her as she walked to the bathroom.

(Half and hour later, Outer’s kitchen)

After getting showered and dressed Haruka and Michiru joined the others at the breakfast table. Hotaru had made quite a breakfast of French toast, eggs and bacon. Each of them sat with a plate before them. “Pass the syrup.” Haruko said looking over to Michiru who picked it up and started to hand it to her but stopped arching her eyebrow. “Please.” Haruko said causing Michiru to hand it the rest of the way.

The young girl then started to pour it on her French toast pouring way more then she needed until Haruka reached over and stopped her. “That’s enough. We don’t need you on a sugar rush.” Haruka said taking the syrup and putting quite a bit on her own breakfast making Michiru shake her head.

“Mama, it’s just Auntie Usagi and Uncle Mamoru coming isn’t it?” Michiyo said then took a bite of her breakfast.

“Hai, she invited us saying she doesn’t get to spend enough time with us.” Michiru said with a light laugh, they had just had a play date over at the Chiba household two days ago.

“Sometimes I think she misses going to school with us and seeing us every day.” Haruka said.

“Papa, did you ask if Kimi-chan could come too?” Haruko said shoving a mouthful of food in her mouth as she spoke.

“Haruko, it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.” Michiru said wiping Haruko’s chin off. “I asked Ami-chan but she said that Kimi-chan has cram school today but she can come over tomorrow to play.”

“What about, Iyona-chan and Reiko-chan?” Michiyo asked using her own napkin to clean her face as some syrup dripped off her fork.

“Iyona-chan has a softball game and Reiko-chan is helping out at the temple today.” Michiru said explaining where Makoto and Rei’s children were going to be. Usagi had originally wanted all the Senshi and their families to come but had decided last minute to ask everyone and the Outers were the only ones without plans.

“It’s just us then isn’t it?” Michiyo said then looked up at her mom. “Can we see if they can come over tomorrow then?”

“I’ll give them a call later and see.” Haruka said ruffling her fingers through Michiyo’s hair.

To be continued….