Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 2: A Day at the Park ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: A Day at the Park

Around ten in the morning the five of them had dressed eaten and climbed into their Escalade, Haruka had refused to own a mini van even though their family had grown and they didn’t fit into any of her sports cars. Michiru had finally been able to convince her to get an SUV instead of having to take two cars everywhere. The ride to the zoo was relatively short especially with how Haruka drove and they soon met Usagi, Mamoru and Chibi Usa out front of the zoo. The twins jumped out of the car and ran over to Usagi hugging her while Hotaru walked over and took the infant Chibi Usa from Mamoru. She still remembered her younger days playing with the Chibi Usa from the future and hoped to create the same bond with the Chibi Usa of the present.

“Konichwa Haruka-san, Michiru-san.” Mamoru said taking Haruka’s hand and shaking it.

“You two are getting so big!” Usagi exclaimed as she knelt down kissing them both on the cheek then took and one of their hands in hers. “Come on I want to see the monkeys!”

“Hang on Kitten we have to get the tickets first.” Haruka laughed. Usagi had grown up quite a bit but still had her moments. Haruka wondered if Usagi would ever fully grow up or if even when she became Neo Queen Serenity would she still be the same. She figured Usagi would always be as she is now and perhaps that was what would make her a good Queen.

“Mamo-chan!” Usagi said looking around for her husband as he walked up with their tickets he handed several to Michiru and then kissed Usagi. They had been married several years and had just had Chibi-Usa a couple of years ago.

“Don’t worry; I’ve got them right here now let’s go see those monkeys.” He said putting his arm around her gently squeezing her shoulder.

“It’s so great to be here all together.” Usagi said as they walked into the park her still holding each of the twins’ hands as the others walked a little behind them. “I feel like I hardly ever get to you guys.”

“Kitten you just saw us a couple of days ago.” Haruka said as Usagi started to disagree, “And we had lunch twice last week.”

“I just wanted to spend time with you.” Usagi said sniffling a few tears until Haruka came up next to her putting her hand on Usagi’s shoulder.

“We love spending time with you.” Haruka said becoming somber for a minute. “I can’t imagine where our lives would be without you.” She closed her eyes briefly thinking about her and Michiru’s lives before they had met Usagi and how they were determined to do whatever it took to complete their mission no matter the cost. It had been a mistake and it was only Usagi that had been able to show them their error.

“Haruka,” Michiru said taking Haruka’s hand having a good idea what the blonde what thinking about. She knew whenever Haruka got that look on her face she was thinking about their past mistakes. Though things had worked out in the end and they had been forgiven Haruka still had a hard time forgiving herself.

Once outside the monkey cage they stood around laughing at Usagi who was doing a pretty good job mimicking one of the monkeys. To anyone passing by they would have thought she was doing it just to entertain the children but sadly they were mistaken. The kids were torn between watching the monkeys and their Aunt Usagi. “Usako,” Mamoru said shaking his head at his wife when she merely glanced over and went back to acting like a monkey he looked over to Hotaru who giggled.

“At least they are enjoying it.” Hotaru said bouncing the child in her arms. The little girl had a smile on her face and was giggling at her mother.

Haruka stood off to the side watching her princess and children a smile on her face then without looking reached over taking Michiru’s hand. When the violinist didn’t respond she looked over seeing Michiru with a dazed look on her face and seemed rather distracted. “Is everything ok love?” Haruka asked raising her hand up and placing a kiss on her palm.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a little distracted.” Michiru said looking at Haruka for a second then seeming to look beyond Usagi spacing out again. “Something seems off but I can’t figure out what.”

“Relax a little, everything is fine.” Haruka said squeezing Michiru’s hand.

“The sea is getting restless.” Michiru said glancing around the feeling inside her growing stronger.

“I don’t feel anything. Are you sure it’s been nearly a year since the last youma attack?” Haruka said. Michiru had always been able to sense things better then Haruka and Rei was probably the only one that equaled her. Haruka closed her eyes clearing her mind and feeling around her. “Hotaru,” She said opening her eyes and looking at the teenager.

“I feel it papa.” Hotaru said having overheard the two of them talking then called her henshin stick holding it at her side.

“No.” Haruka said shaking her head and looking at the child and then Mamoru who had just picked up on the feeling. He looked over to Usagi, she hadn’t noticed yet and was still playing with the girls.

“I can fight.” Hotaru said holding Chibi-Usa against her with one hand and her henshin stick in her other.

“I know you can but I need you to take the children to safety.” Haruka said calling her own henshin stick. She watched a minute as Hotaru took the children and ran towards the entrance to the zoo Mamoru right behind her. The children went along with their older sister knowing that there was something that their parents had to take care of. They knew that their mother and father were Sailor Senshi and kept their secret knowing that they did good things as Uranus and Neptune. Her attention was diverted as one of the monkeys suddenly jumped at the bars of the cage growing over ten times its size bending the bars as if they were made of rubber. “Uranus planet power make up!” She shouted her Sailor Suit forming around her.

“Neptune planet power make up!” Michiru said calling her own Sailor Suit.

“Moon Crisis make up!” Usagi said taking her brooch out.

The three of them ended their transformations and Sailor Moon struck her normal pose pointing at the mutated monkey before them, “How dare you ruin a child’s day at the zoo! For love and justice a pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I'll punish you!”

Behind Moon Uranus and Neptune appeared back to back with rose petals floating around them. “My guardian deity is a planet far up in the sky, the soldier of the sky... Sailor Uranus!”

“My guardian deity is a planet with the sea of sand, the soldier of embrace... Sailor Neptune!” Neptune said raising her hands in the air, “Deep Submerge!” She shouted then threw the ball of water energy she had created at the monkey youma. The youma staggered back a few steps but seems barely phased by the attack.

“Monkey! Monkey!” It shrieked still walking towards them.

“Let me give it a try.” Uranus said holding her hand above her, “World Shaking!” She slammed the energy ball into the ground causing it to go flying at the youma who once again brushed the attack off at it was nothing. “What? It resisted our attacks?”

“Sailor Moon, try attacking it!” Neptune said jumping between the Youma and several people that had ran into the monkey exhibit, “Run, now!” Neptune said to them.

“Mommy! It’s Sailor Neptune!” A small boy yelled excited as he saw Neptune. His mother was more focused on the Youma behind Neptune and grabbed him running away from the exhibit.

“Moon Tiara Action!” Sailor Moon said throwing her Tiara at the Youma. It flew towards the monkey and hit it across the chest bouncing back at her. She managed to catch it but the force of it knocked her back several steps.

“Moon get on the communicator and call the others!” Neptune said pulling out the Deep Aqua Mirror. “Submarine Reflection!” As the blast flew towards the youma it merely held its hands up somehow diverting attack back at Neptune she tried to dodge but by the time she realized what was happening it was too late and the blast hit her. Throwing her back into a wall she crumpled to the ground as her transformation disappeared.

“Michiru!” Uranus called running to her lover’s side scooping her up in her arms soaking her white uniform in blood. Uranus gasped as she realized Michiru had been impaled on a pole sticking out of the wall. “Kama-sama Michiru please hang on.”

Michiru reach up slowly placing her hand to Uranus’ cheek cupping it. “I’m sorry Haruka.”

“No, Michiru don’t.” Uranus said shaking her head.

“Tell the girls I love them.” Michiru said coughing a little bit of blood running down her chin.

“Stop, don’t talk like this. We’re going to get Hotaru she’s going to heal you.” Uranus said still holding Michiru in her arms not paying attention as the other Sailor Senshi came running into the exhibit.

“Aishiteru yo” Michiru said then her eyes then closed and her hand fell to her side.

“No! Damint No! Michiru! Come on wake up damnit wake up!” Uranus screamed shaking Michiru then started crying. “I need you! Please Michiru wake up! Michiru!”

“Mars Flame Sniper!” Sailor Mars yelled aiming her bow. She let the shot go it flying at the Youma but like Neptune’s attack it flew back at her though she was able to jump out of the way.

“Supreme Thunder!” Sailor Jupiter screamed shortly after Mars not having seen Mars’ attack reflected at her. The Youma puffed its chest out taking the lightening she shot at it and bouncing it right back at her. The lightening was too fast for Jupiter and it hit her dead on throwing her back into a tree. She slumped to the ground gasping knowing that had the attack hit anyone other then her they would be dead.

Uranus felt a hand be placed on her shoulder trying to comfort her and she could hear the sounds of sobs from the person. Quickly jerking away Uranus stood nearly knocking Sailor Moon over. She drew her sword and stared coldly at the Youma as the Inner Senshi tried attacking it not having any luck with it either. “Haruka,” Moon said her voice coming out barely a whisper but Uranus didn’t hear her as she slowly walked towards the Youma pure hate in her eyes and a long growl coming from her throat. Her pace picked up as she began running towards the youma jumping at the last second her blade aimed downward ready to strike and kill the youma as it struggled with one of Venus’ Love Me Chains. The blade sank deep into the Youma’s flesh. It bucked wildly trying to throw Uranus off its back but wasn’t able to. She got a good hold on its fur and pulled the blade out then began plunging it into the Youma over and over again forcing it to the ground gasping at the wounds and finally laying still. Uranus pulled the bloody blade free from the Youma and slowly walked back to where her dead lover lay.

“Uranus!” She heard the others call out she turned quickly seeing the youma charging at her it’s tail posed as a blade with the tip aiming straight at her. Uranus only had time to raise her blade impaling the youma holding it back but not enough as the tail priced her left shoulder. Finding strength somewhere inside her Uranus kicked the youma sending it flying backwards then fell to her knees her uniform now stained with her own blood as well as Michiru’s blood. Venus and Mercury ran to her side Mercury trying to get her to lie down so she could examine the wound.

"Dead scream!" She heard Pluto call and vaguely saw the attack hit the monster only to be repeated several times ensuring the creature was in fact dead this time. Pluto looked up from the Youma to her two fallen friends a tear in her eye. She had seen this happen in a vision several nights ago and wanted to warn them but couldn’t because of the Laws of Time wouldn’t allow her.

Uranus pulled away from both of them much to the protest of Mercury somehow standing and staggering over to where Michiru lay. She made it tripping the last step falling she so lay next to her lover. As she reached out to Michiru as her own transformation disappeared. Her hand touched Michiru’s cheek as she whispered, “So unfair of you to go off into your own world. Don't leave me here alone. Aishiteru yo Michiru.” Haruka looked up at Sailor Moon, “I’m sorry kitten…. Our girls…”

“Haruka, they will be fine and so you.” Sailor moon said watching as Haruka’s eyes fell closed leaving the rest of the Senshi staring in shock.

(Several Days Later)

“Memorial services were held today for famous violinist Kaiou Michiru and her lover Formula One racer Ten’ou Haruka. The pair were fatally injured at the Tokyo Zoo when a crazed youma attacked. Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi defeated the youma but were too late to save the couple. A small private ceremony was held at the Juban memorial cemetery with only a few friends and Kaiou-san’s twin daughters and adopted daughter in attendance. In related news Pop Idol Aino Minako has cancelled the remaining six concerts in her tour to attend the services and morn for the loss of Kaiou and Tenou. Aino Minako has been a long time friend of the couple and had preformed several times with Kaiou Michiru. The girls Kaiou Haruko, Ten'ou Michiyo and Tomoe Hotaru were left in the care of close family friend Meiou Setsuna; while fans of both Tenou and Kaiou have created a memorial at the scene of the attack.” A news reporter said on the TV as pictures of Haruka and Michiru appeared on the screen the last one being a picture of them standing with the twins and Hotaru.

“Hotaru please turn that off.” Setsuna said walking into the room and sitting down next to the young woman.

“Setsuna-mama they’re gone,” She cried turning into Setsuna and hugging her.

“Shh. I know Hime-chan shh.” Setsuna said a small tear falling down her own cheek as she held the girl tighter. Haruka and Michiru had left her as the guardian of the three girls and she had already begun moving into their estate. Usagi had given her leave of the time gate to care for the children. Not that Usagi had been against it she always believed Setsuna spent too much time at that gate and should get out more. The two younger girls were upstairs already asleep. “Hotaru it’s getting late you should head up to bed.”

“Ok.” Hotaru sniffled then stood kissing Setsuna, “Good night Setsuna-mama”

“We’re going to get through this Hime-chan I promise.” Setsuna said watching the girl go up the stairs then grabbed a pillow hugging it as her own tears fell freely now. She couldn’t believe this had happened even though she foresaw it and over the few days since it happened she had been fighting with herself about screwing the Laws of Time and going back to save them but she knew she couldn’t a Time Guardian was to think with her head not her heart.

To be continued….