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Chapter 3: Keys to the Past

(30th Century Crystal Tokyo)

“You wanted to see me your highness?” Pluto said as she walked in kneeling before Neo Queen Serenity. The queen sat on her throne looking over to her adviser a strange forced smile on her face. She knew that what she wanted Pluto to do was against the Laws of Time but she couldn’t think of any other way.

“Setsuna-san please stand up.” Serenity said as she stood then walked over to the time guardian holding her hand out for the Time Guardian. Serenity never liked all the formalities that were required now that she was queen. She hated whenever her Senshi knelt before her she much preferred a light bow if anything at all. Pluto was the only one that still insisted on doing it. “Yes, I wanted to talk to you about Neptune and Uranus.”

Pluto sighed as she stood with the help of the Queen then said, “What have they done this time?” She had already begun imagining the things the two girls could have done they were even more of a handful then their parents were. Just last week the two of them had convinced the others children to rearrange their classroom before Mercury got there and when she walked in the classroom was backwards and they all pretended like there was nothing wrong. Poor Michiyo and Haruko spent three hours after class first fixing the classroom then the remaining time writing out the Senshi Laws a thousand times each.

“Nothing yet, I want to talk to you about what they are going to do.” Serenity said a genuine smile coming to her face as she thought of the pair. They were a handful but she couldn’t imagine them being any different.

“Anou? Do?” Pluto asked she hadn’t noticed the girls plotting anything usually she was able to tell before they actually could pull off any of their plans. Haruko especially got a twisted smile on her face and was uncharacteristically well behaved leading up to the prank.

“Yes do, I’ve asked the other senshi to plant thoughts in the girls. At some point the twins are going to try to steal a Time Key from you.” Serenity said her smile disappearing, she had been dreading talking to Pluto about this all day not knowing if she would go along with her plan or if she would enforce the Laws of Time.

“What? Why would they…” Pluto exclaimed trailing off as she realized what her queen was asking. She knew what the Queen was suggesting broke the Laws of Time and if she were to do her job she couldn’t let them but if she did the past would be changed and most likely for the better.

“Setsuna-san, you know I can’t officially ask you to give them a key but if they were to get one…” Serenity said leaving the sentence unfinished. The weight she was putting on Pluto was more then she wanted to ask but the consequences if she didn’t were too much to bear. They had gone too long without them already.

“I understand my Queen.” Pluto said bowing and leaving the room to return to the Time Gate she sat down on a bench wondering how long it would be before the girls came. “I understand Usagi, but I can’t let them. I’m sworn to guard the gate. Yet I miss them as well. The twins shouldn’t have had to grow up like that. They’ve turned out well but I can’t imagine what they would be like if their parents had raised them. I don’t know what to do.” Pluto said dropping her head into her hands.

“Follow your heart.” A loud booming voice said echoing through the time gate.

Pluto quickly jumped to her feet looking around for the owner of the voice she knew so well. She didn’t find anything and merely respectfully bowed her head, “You taught me I am to follow my head not my heart.”

“Follow your heart, child.” The voice said again.

“Yes, father.” Pluto said feeling a warm feeling on her heart, she merely nodded before feeling the warmth leave her and that she was alone again.

(The next morning)

A girl with long blue hair pulled into a pony tail stood by the edge of a cliff looking out at the Crystal Lake before her. She didn’t seem to notice as a girl around the same age as her with short green hair walked up behind her. Neither did she flinch when the green haired girl placed her hands around her waist resting her chin on her shoulder. They both wore toga like clothes the blue haired girl wearing a long one that reached her ankles just above a pair of sandals that she wore. The girl with green hair had a shorter more masculine toga on it stopping at her thighs. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be alone in the woods like this.” The green haired girl said placing a kiss on the other’s cheek.

“I’m not exactly alone.” The blue haired girl said leaning back into her while resting her own hands on top of the ones around her waist. “Am I Haruko?”

“I suppose you aren’t.” Haruko said looking out at the Crystal Lake and beyond it to the castle. There was a comfortable silence between them for a while each of them just enjoying being with the other until Haruko said, “I hope I can always remember the times like this.”

The blue haired girl smiled then looked over her shoulder at Haruko seeing a sad look on her face and she turned around in Haruko’s arms placing her hands on her shoulders. “Haruko, what’s wrong?” She asked bringing a hand up to Haruko’s cheek lightly caressing it.

“Nothing is wrong I just want to cherish memories like this one. You know where it’s just the two of us and no one can take that from us.” Haruko said leaning forward and placing a kiss on her lips.

“I know you; something is bothering you, Haruko. You are acting like you’ll never see me again.” The girl said still holding Haruko’s cheek in her hand staring into her green eyes searching for some clue as to what was wrong.

“You are getting worried at nothing love.” Haruko said leaning the rest of the way kissing her deeply as she pulled them closer together.

They remained like that for a while kissing each other another while a third girl walked over to the cliff, clearing her throat as she got closer. “You know if you two don’t want to get caught you should find someplace more private. I could see you making out from the clearing.” The girl said. She wore a dress like the blue haired girl and her own hair was just a long only blonde and instead of straight her hair held a wave.

“Bug off Chiyo.” Haruko said sharply turning to the blonde.

“I don’t think we have much to worry about Michiyo-chan we are at least a mile and half from the palace grounds.” The blue haired girl said stroking her hand down Haruko’s neck calming her. “And we trust those that know about this place and us that they won’t tell anyone.”

“I’m just teasing.” Michiyo said looking over to Haruko. “You know how much I love to tease my sister.”

“What do you want Chiyo?” Haruko growled still feeling the blue haired girl playing with the hair at the base of her neck. She was angry at Michiyo for interrupting them but she had to admit she enjoyed the feeling of her fingers.

“Did you forget? Pluto wanted to talk with us this morning.” Michiyo said looking at Haruko like she should know what she was talking about but Haruko seemed confused. “You know about that thing we were going to do.”

“Ah… right,” Haruko said then turned to the blue haired girl, “I’m sorry love I guess I did forget.” She leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. “Walk back with us?”

“I think I’ll just stay up here for a little while longer and think.” The girl said returning the kiss.

“Alright, I love you.” Haruko said lingering as she stared into the girl’s blue eyes seeming to be trying to memorize them.

“I love you too Haruko,” The girl said then as Haruko and Michiyo started walking she grabbed Haruko’s wrist pulling her back. “Whatever you two are planning please be careful.” She knew Haruko was planning something and whatever it was it was more then her usual pranks. It hurt that Haruko wouldn’t tell her about whatever it was but she trusted Haruko.

“I will.” Haruko said bringing her hand up and kissing the girl’s palm.

“We were supposed to meet at nine it’s almost eleven now. What have you been doing? Other then making out with your girlfriend,” Michiyo said looking at her sister as they walked down the trail.

“I lost track of time.” Haruko said as she stopped walking, “I just wanted to make sure I got a chance to say goodbye just in case.”

“Just incase of what?” Michiyo asked stopping as well.

“What we are doing will change everything. If we change the past our relationship may never come to be. I wanted something to remember.” Haruko said.

Haruko was surprised when she felt Michiyo slap across the cheek. “You don’t deserve her if you think like that. She deserves someone better then you.”

“You sound like Lady Mercury!” Haruko growled turning her back to Michiyo clinching her fists.

“The way you are acting maybe she is right!” Michiyo said even though Haruko kept her back to her but Michiyo grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. “If you don’t believe that what the two of you have is strong enough to make it through what we are doing then you don’t deserve her. Do you even love her?”

“Of course I love her!” Haruko nearly shouted. “I love her more then anything.”

“Then believe that and your love will survive.” Michiyo said as she started walking again.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Meiya you’re getting all poetic and sappy like those bad romance novels he likes to read.” Haruko said falling into step beside her sister.

“There is nothing wrong with being romantic and I happen to he is charming.” Michiyo said with a smile on her face as she thought about Meiya.

“Sappy is more like it.” Haruko said, “Are you sure you know what to do?”

“Course I do Ruko this was my part of the plan remember?” Michiyo said shaking her head.

“Chiyo don’t mess this up like you did last time when you tripped over Luna as I was drawing a mustache on Artemis.” Haruko said with a chuckle she had only got half the mustache drawn with a permanent marker so the cat walked around with it for nearly a week. Their punishment was well worth it.

“You said the path was clear it was dark how was I supposed to know Luna was there!” Michiyo said.

“Yeah, whatever lets just go over this one more time so we don’t have anymore mishaps.” Haruko said.

“Fine, I go in there tell Setsuna-mama that you’ve been picking on me again then get her talking about something from the past you know how she drones on and on, while you sneak in there and steal a key. Are you sure you can take it without her noticing?” Michiyo asked.

“Just leave that to me, now one last thing.” Haruko said turning to Michiyo and throwing a punch at her. Michiyo easily blocked it and the one that followed it but she missed as Haruko’s foot came out tripping her. She hit the ground hard and started rolling down the hill a short ways.

“Ow! What was that for?” Michiyo said standing up and trying uselessly to brush the dirt of her now stained dress.

“Just making it a little more believable, now go.” Haruko said pushing Michiyo towards the palace.

Michiyo nodded rubbing her backside and walked into the palace and down the hall towards the time gate. “Halt who goes there!” Pluto said as she got closer.

“Just me Setsuna-mama,” Michiyo said stepping into the light it showing that she had been in a fight with the stains on her dress and her messed up hair. Even though most everyone in Crystal Tokyo called her Pluto the twins were one of the few that still called her Setsuna. She had practically raised the two and was the closest thing to a parent that they had.

“What is it Michiyo?” Pluto asked knowing full well why Michiyo was here the true question now was where was Haruko?

“Haruko was picking on me again.” Michiyo said sniffling a little; she had rubbed her eyes on the way over making it look like she had been crying.

“I’ll talk to her later ok?” Pluto said laughing on the inside at how good of an actor Michiyo was then again she was sure Haruko had helped out with her ‘costume’. “Is there anything else I can do?” Pluto walked over to a small bench patting it next to her as she sat.

Michiyo walked over and sat down next to her. “What were mom and dad like?” She asked.

“How much do you remember?” Pluto asked a smile on her face as she thought about Haruka and Michiru.

“I remember quite a bit but I want to know what they were like in the Silver Millennium did they love each other back then too?” Michiyo asked knowing that Pluto could talk about the Silver Millennium for hours.

“Ah, yes they did and it drove myself and Queen Serenity mad. You see back then love between two senshi was forbidden.” Pluto started into her tale. “It wasn’t like it is now there were Senshi Laws that don’t exist anymore. When the Queen made them she thought it was for the best but even a Queen can be wrong from time to time.”

Hiding in the shadows Haruko stood waiting for the right time she watched as Pluto and Michiyo sat down on a bench. Prefect the bench was close to the wall she could stay in the shadows. Could this be any easier she wondered? Slowly at first Haruko creep along the walls until she was right behind Pluto and Michiyo finally close enough to hear them clearly. “When the Queen found out about the two of them she ordered Uranus back to the Outer Rim and Neptune to stay on the Moon hoping that if she could keep the two apart they would forget about each other.”

Haruko dropped completely to the ground and crawled over to them seeing the keys hanging on Pluto’s belt she slowly reached up and began unhooking one surprised at how easily it came off. Pluto moved but made no moves that she noticed Haruko had taken the key. Haruko quickly slipped the key into a pouch around her neck and tapped Michiyo then crawled back to the entrance. “Uranus then made her way back to the Moon secretly without my knowing she found Neptune and took her to Venus where they were secretly married. The Queen’s hands were tied she couldn’t do anything the bond of marriage is an oath with the gods and something not even she could break. As punishment she ordered that four months out of the year they would be on Neptune then four more on Uranus and the last four of the year they had to remain on their own planets not able to see the other.” Pluto said wrapping up her tale knowing full well Haruko sat at the entrance to the cave listening. “Haruko,” She said not getting an answer. “Haruko I know you are there come here.”

Haruko slowly stepped out of the shadows sticking her hands into her pockets. “Yeah?” She asked.

“I hear you were fighting with Michiyo again.” Pluto said causing Haruko to slowly nod. “Haruko how many times do we have to go over this?”

“Sorry Setsuna-mama” Haruko said kicking at an imaginary rock on the ground.

“Come here.” She said patting the bench next to Michiyo, Haruko sat down next to her sister. “You two are sisters I know you are going to fight it’s only normal but you have to know where to draw the line ok?” Both girls nodded, “Alright hug and get out of here isn’t it about time for you lessons with Mercury?”

The two of them reluctantly hugged then stood up and ran out back towards the palace. They stopped in the courtyard to catch their breath. “That was close I swore I almost thought she caught us.” Haruko said.

“I know.” Michiyo said as a young man with light blonde hair came walking over to them. Haruko quickly tucked the pouch into her shirt and glared at Michiyo to get rid of him.

“Michiyo-chan…” He said nervously, “...Uh konichwa...”

“Hello, Meiya-kun.&rdquo ; Michiyo said a light blush coming to her face.

There was a pause between them where neither said anything just staring at the other until Haruko waved her hand in front of their faces. “Hi, Meiya-kun we were just leaving.” Haruko said starting to walk away when she notice Michiyo hadn’t moved and took her hand.

“Wait, Michiyo-chan…. I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner tonight…. You know with me.” Meiya asked scratching the back of his head.

“I would love to Meiya-kun.” Michiyo said leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek. “I really have to get going now though.” He just stood there in shock touching his cheek where she kissed him as the two of them walked off.

Haruko started heading back towards the woods while Michiyo walked across the courtyard towards the classrooms. “Hey where are you going?” Haruko asked.

“Class you know Mercury hates it when we are late.” Michiyo said.

Haruko grabbed her arm stopping her. “I think we should go to the past now before Setsuna-mama realizes we took the key. It will be harder for her to find us.”

“True but are you sure it's not just an excuse to avoid Mercury?” Michiyo said with a smirk on her face glad to be getting back at her sister for cutting her time with Meiya short. The two of them at been flirting back and forth for a while and he had finally worked up the courage to ask her out.

“Whatever lets just do it.” Haruko said as they walked a ways into the forest stopping at the edge of a clearing.

“Ok so how do we use it?” Michiyo asked.

“Chibi-Usa told me she called on Chronos when she used her key so lets give it a try take my hand.” Haruko said grasping hands with Michiyo. “O guardian of time. Rend the heavens and open the doorway of space and time to us. We call out thy true name. O almighty god of time, father of the guardian, Chronos! Guide us!” They both were surrounded by a flash of blinding light and when it faded they were gone.

A short distance from where they had been standing was the girl with long blue hair. She reached up and touched a necklace with a pendant of a turtle that Haruko had given her as she shook her head. “Whatever you are doing Haruko come back to me.” She said a tear running down her cheek. She stood there still feeling the energy put off from key wondering what sort of mission Pluto had sent them on. She knew Haruko was brash enough to steal a Time Key but didn’t think Pluto would ever let her guard down enough for her to take a key.

To be continued….