Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 4: Star Struck ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: Star Struck

(Back in the 21st century)

Haruko and Michiyo appeared in a small park in the Juban District of Tokyo. They looked around it was late afternoon and luckily for them there weren’t that many people in the park and their appearance went unnoticed. Michiyo looked around seeing several young couples wearing school uniforms. “Haruko I think we need to find some new clothes we kinda stand out.” She said pointing to the long toga like outfit she wore.

Haruko looked down at her outfit tugging on her tunic and looking around at the people walking around wearing various school uniforms. She reached into her neck pouch pulling out a small pen. “I knew this would come in hand someday.” Haruko said holding a pink pen with a red gem at the top of it.

“Haruko is that the disguise pen Luna has been looking for?” Michiyo asked as Haruko grabbed her hand and pull her into a group of trees where they couldn’t be seen.

“Yeah I borrowed it a couple of weeks ago. I needed it to get into the archives. I didn’t know the codes so I transformed into a guard so I would have the codes.” Haruko said, a bonus of the disguise pen was that it allowed anyone that used it to have the knowledge of whatever they disguised themselves as. Haruko had gone into the archives to look up information about her parents. She didn’t want anyone knowing she had been in there and the archives were run by Lady Mercury; Haruko hadn’t really wanted to ask her given their relationship.

“Uh, Ruko when you take something without the intent of returning it’s not borrowing. Haruko I swear if I didn’t know better I would think you were one of the bad guys.” Michiyo said to which Haruko just shrugged. “Ok how about those two over there that seems to be a common outfit.” Michiyo said pointing to a pair of girls wearing a dark blue skirt, a white blouse and a dark blue bow walking their books in hand.

“I’m not wearing that! Look at that skirt!” Haruko exclaimed pointing at the skirts that stopped just above their knees.

“Haruko look at you tunic the skirt on it is shorter than those girl's skirts.” Michiyo said shaking her head then reaching over and tugging on the hem of Haruko’s tunic which reached the middle of her thigh.

“It's not a skirt! It's a tunic they are different!" Haruko said batting Michiyo’s hand away and crossing her arms.

"If you say so," Michiyo said laughing while she looked at the crowd of people again to see if there was something that would suit her sister better maybe something with a longer skirt.

"I said I’m not wearing a skirt,” Haruko said seeming to read Michiyo’s mind, “There how about them over there?” Haruko said pointing to a young man walking with a young woman.

“Haruko that’s a guy!” Michiyo said turning and looking at her sister.

“Yeah I’ll just pretend to be a guy.” Haruko said thinking nothing of it. Sure ties were annoying but it was better then a skirt and she looked good in a tie.

"And here I thought you out grew that." Michiyo said shaking her head. When they were younger and attended public schools Haruko had always insisted on wearing the boy’s uniform rather then wearing a skirt. The principal hadn’t allowed it but Haruko insisted and refused to wear the skirt. Finally it had taken Setsuna talking with the principal and explaining that it was just easier to let her wear the boy’s uniform. She never did like them and it wasn’t often that anyone was able to get her into a skirt. Michiyo always found it hilarious that Haruko would wear a tunic but not a skirt even though they were practically the same thing.

“Shut up Chiyo and take my hand. Moon Power, make us into them!” Haruko said taking Michiyo’s hand as multi-colored light swirled out of the pen and several pink stars spun around them engulfing them in a white light. Their silhouettes appeared before a moon surrounded by stars then it disappeared leaving them wearing clothes like those of the young couple. Michiyo looked down at the dark blue plaid skirt she wore and the light blue button up shirt. She spun around watching the skirt rise up a bit as she did. “Why do you always do that with a new skirt?” Haruko asked straightening her tie; she wore a pair of dark blue plaid pants, a white button up shirt with a dark blue plaid tie and a light blue blazer.

“I don’t know it’s just fun.” Michiyo said coming to a stop in her spin and sticking her tongue out at Haruko. “Okay now that we blend in I think we should go to the zoo first and get an idea of the layout.”

“No, we should find mom and dad so we can keep an eye on them.” Haruko said her voice sharp and warning. She really didn’t want to go to the zoo until they had to.

“Ruko, we know nothing happens to them until they are at the zoo.” Michiyo said thinking it would be nice to see their parents again but it would be better to get a good idea of where they would be fighting; neither of them had been to the zoo since they were kids.

“They could have been followed before the attack maybe they were just waiting for the right time to attack.” Haruko said as she pulled a small computer only the size of her palm out of the pouch around her neck. “Besides while I was in the archives I got the blueprints to the zoo.”

“Fine I guess we should go to the house first then.” Michiyo said as they started walking towards the house they hadn’t lived in for many years not since crystal Tokyo came about. Like the other Senshi the girls one day just stopped growing. The inners and Hotaru stopped around the age twenty-three while for some odd reason Haruko and Michiyo stopped at sixteen.

“How long do we have until the youma attacks start?” Haruko asked looking around she wasn’t sure what time it was or even what day. She tried to find anything to give them a clue but didn’t.

Michiyo stopped next to a vendor selling meat rolls. “Excuse me sir what day is it?”

“It’s Tuesday miss.” He said then went back to cooking.

“Ano… the number date?” Michiyo said causing the man to give them a weird look.

“Ah, twenty-fifth.” He answered looking at Michiyo who looked a little frustrated.

“What month?” Michiyo asked a little embarrassed that didn’t even know what month it was. They had to be sure they had traveled back to the right time.

“Of May.” The vendor said then went back to work as the two of them walked off thinking the two kids were a little odd if they didn’t even know the day or what month it was.

“We’ve got today to scout around then tomorrow we have to find them and stop it from happening.” Haruko said as they passed a small café named Crown. She remembered the café it was owned by Makoto and her husband Motoki they used to go to it all of the time when they were kids. Haruko briefly glanced in seeing two young women with blond hair sitting inside at a table. One had her hair pulled up into buns and a child with light pink hair done the same way on her lap. The other woman had her hair pulled back into a red ribbon. “Kami-sama!” Haruko said stopping.

“What?” Michiyo said following Haruko’s gaze. “It’s the Queen and Lady Venus.”

“And the Princess too,” Haruko said as she entered the café without really thinking about it.

“Haruko what are you doing?” Michiyo asked as she followed thinking that she hadn’t been in crown as years.

“A little recon and don’t call me Haruko.” She said sending a sharp glance back to Michiyo.

“Then what do you want me to call you?” Michiyo asked glaring right back at Haruko.

“I don’t know but we can’t go by our real names. How about Saito Kazushi?” Haruko said.

“But that’s a boy’s name.” Michiyo said forgetting that Haruko was wearing a boy’s uniform.

“Uh yeah dressed as a boy, remember?” Haruko said. “What about you?”

“Oh yeah, how about Saito Emiko?” Michiyo said after scratching her head and thinking.

“Sure whatever here lets sit down.” Haruko said sitting at the table on the opposite side of Usagi and Minako. A young girl walked over to them and Michiyo ordered some tea for both of them. “Hey how are we going to pay for that?” Haruko whispered.

“You aren’t the only one that planed ahead.” Michiyo said pulling out a stack of yen then putting it back in her pocket. She had snuck into the archives as well only she had waited until someone went in then grabbed the door before it had closed. She grabbed a little but of money left over from before Crystal Tokyo since they didn’t use money.

The girl came back a few minutes later with tea for the both of them. “That will be 960 yen.” Michiyo paid her then the girl left leaving the two to listen in on Usagi and Minako’s conversation.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow Mamo-chan and I are meeting Haruka-san and Michiru-san at the zoo we are going to take the children out for a little fun.” Usagi said bouncing Chibi-Usa on her lap. “Isn’t that right Chibi Usa?”

“Usagi I’m so jealous of you, Haruka-san and Michiru-san. I want children but it seems between my tours and Asai’s volleyball tournaments we never have the time.” Minako said.

“I’m sure they won’t mind if you came with us Mina-chan.” Usagi said balancing Chibi-Usa on her lap as she took a drink of her milkshake and the toddler tried to grab the drink managing to get a little whip cream on her finger.

“Oh, Usagi-chan I would love to but I have a show tomorrow night and my manager is being a pain and has me rehearsing all day.” Minako said picking up a napkin and wiping Chibi-Usa’s face off.

“Hmph, I wanted everyone to be able to come but everyone else seems to already have plans.” Usagi said setting her milkshake down out of the child’s reach and took the napkin from Minako finishing up cleaning Chibi-Usa’s face then getting a bottle out for her.

“Excuse me Miss are you Aino Minako?” A pair of young girls said walking up.

“Hai,” Minako said as she turned to see the two girls they were in middle school and looked really nervous.

“Could-could we have you autograph?” One of them stuttered. Minako nodded holding her hand out for their books.

“Aino-sama I love your music! I’m number three-forty-two of your fan club!” One of the girls said.

“And I’m number two-seventy-eight!” The other girl said bouncing up and down as she got her book back with a signature.

“That’s great girls.” Minako said with a smile as she noticed one of them was holding a camera. “Would you like to take a picture?”

“Really?” Both girls exclaimed at the same time nodding their heads.

Minako smiled again and took the camera handing it to Usagi, “Would you Usagi-chan?”

“Sure,” Usagi said. She often forgot that Minako was an idol, still thinking that she was just her long time friend.

As Usagi took the camera Minako stood up putting her arms around the girls posing for the photo holding both her hands out to make a ‘V’ shape as Usagi took the picture. The two girls thanked her then ran off giggling as Minako sat back down laughing at Chibi-Usa who had gotten into her mother’s milkshake again. “Maybe I need to take some time off. Don’t get me wrong I live being an idol but I want a family like you.” Minako said. “Oh my look at the time! I promised Ami-Chan I would sing at the hospital I’m twenty minutes late already!” Minako stood up kissed Usagi on the cheek then kissed Chibi-Usa on the forehead before running out of the café.

Usagi laughed a little and looked around the café as she drank her milkshake noticing the pair of teens sitting next to her looking at her and Minako as she ran out of the café. “Can I help you with something?” She asked them thinking that they seemed so familiar to her.

“Huh? Uh no nothing we were just…” Haruko said trying as hard as she could to think of something to say and not to call Usagi ‘your highness’.

“Was that really Aino Minako?” Michiyo asked remembering that Lady Venus had been an idol before Crystal Tokyo came about and quite famous.

“Yes, we’ve been friends since we were in junior high before she became famous. I’m Chiba Usagi and this here is Chibi-Usa. Are you fans of Mina-chan?” Usagi said shaking their hands.

“Kazushi-kun is a huge fan.” Michiyo said looking over to Haruko who raised her eyebrows at her an angry look on her face.

“Oh well I’m sorry she ran off before you could meet her.” Usagi said not noticing Haruko and Michiyo exchanging glares as she yet again cleaned Chibi-Usa’s face.

“Emiko-chan look at the time mom will kill us if we are late. Excuse us your…” Haruko said trailing off as she almost called Usagi ‘your highness’. She grabbed Michiyo’s hand and dragged her out of the café. “Why did you tell her I was a huge fan you know I can’t stand Lady Venus’ music!”

“I had to say something you were just stumbling like an idiot what better way to cover that then a star struck fan?” Michiyo said to which Haruko just glared.

To be continued…