Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 6: Just A Little Change ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6: Just A Little Change

“Ten’ou, Kaiou residence.” Hotaru groggily said after she reached across the bed to her nightstand and answered the phone. Her parents had just let her have one in her room a couple of months ago.

“Sorry to wake you up Hotaru-chan its Rei can I talk to your mom or dad?” Rei said a little surprised that Hotaru answered the phone she figured either Haruka or Michiru would have with the teenager in bed.

“Yeah sure, hang on a second.” Hotaru set the phone down on her nightstand climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to her parent’s room. At the door she could her muffled sounds and knew her parents were still awake. She knocked on the door waiting for a response.

“Be right there.” Haruka called. A minute later Haruka answered the door wearing her bath robe with a light flush across her face and her hair a little messed up. “What is it Hotaru? You should be in bed.”

“Rei-chan is on the phone, she wants to talk to you.” Hotaru said blushing as well having a good idea of what Haruka and Michiru were doing. She was sixteen and no longer naïve to what adults did especially two in love.

“Alright back to bed with you.” Haruka said shooing Hotaru back to bed then walking back into the room.

“Ruka what is it?” Michiru asked from the bed she was covered only by a sheet her face as red as Haruka’s face a light coat of sweat on her skin.

“Rei-chan is on the phone.” Haruka said walking over to the bed and sitting down.

“This late? It’s eleven thirty.” Michiru said sliding over and resting her head in Haruka’s lap.

Haruka reached over and picked up the phone looking to see that the ringer had been turned off. She wondered if it had been bumped or if maybe Michiru turned it off. She turned it back on then answered the phone while running her hands through Michiru's hair. “What’s up Rei-chan?” she said sounding a little more annoyed then she intended.

“Sorry to bother you Haruka-san I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Rei asked hoping she had merely just awoken them. Yuuichirou had said the call could wait until the morning but what she felt from those kids was so strong she should warn them right away.

“Michiru and I were just having a little sparring match.” Haruka said brushing her hand across Michiru’s neck causing her to giggle.

“Ah right… I… well I’ll make this quick. A couple of kids came to the shrine tonight asking for a place to stay the night. I sensed something odd coming from them so I went to read my fires. In the fire I kept seeing images of Haruko-chan and Michiyo-chan and feeling strong emotions of pain, fear, loss and hate. I think they are in danger.” Rei said starting off balance at Haruka’s mention of them sparring knowing Haruka didn’t mean what it sounded like.

“Did you sense it coming from those kids?” Haruka asked a worried look on her face as she paused in stroking Michiru’s hair.

“No that’s the odd thing I sense a great power in them but I’m not feeling threatened from them.” Rei said she truly felt the kids didn’t mean to hurt her yet she felt so much from them.

“Alright we’ll keep our eyes open then thanks and if anything happens with those kids call us ok? You know Usagi doesn’t want you fighting with how far along you are.” Haruka said hanging up the phone she slide Michiru off her lap and stood taking her robe off and sliding back into bed wrapping her arms around her wife.

“What did Rei-chan want?” Michiru asked as she leaned up kissing Haruka’s neck.

“She saw that the twins were in danger in one of her fire visions.” Haruka said instinctively tilting her head up giving Michiru more room.

“What did she see?” Michiru said as she stopped kissing and rested her head on Haruka’s chest hugging her tightly.

“Mostly images of the girls and some kids that are staying at her shrine. She feels they have some sort of power in them.” Haruka said wrapping her arms around Michiru holding her tightly.

“Is it ok for her to be there alone? You know she’s due next month.” Michiru said looking up a concerned look on her face worried for her children and for Rei. She knew the Fire Senshi could take care of herself even eight months pregnant.

“Rei-chan said she didn’t sense the danger from them. I told her to call us if anything happened.” Haruka said running her hand through Michiru’s hair again she love its soft feel. “Michi maybe we shouldn’t take the girls to the zoo tomorrow.”

“Haruka you’ve and Usagi have been promising all week to take them they would be heartbroken.” Michiru said. “Beside Hotaru, Usagi and Mamoru-san will be there with us if anything happens we should be able to handle it.”

“I guess you are right but still think we should have some extra help.” Haruka said. She thought about all the Senshi that could help Ami was working at the hospital, Mina had a concert, she couldn’t ask Rei; Makoto said she couldn’t come because Iyona had a softball game but it wasn’t until later in the day if she remembered, “I’m going to call Makoto-chan and ask her to come.” Haruka said then reached for the phone but Michiru grab her arm stopping her.

“Call her in the morning I think you own me a rematch.” Michiru said rolling over so she sat on Haruka’s chest then leaned in and passionately kissed Haruka.

(The next day at the zoo)

Haruko and Michiyo stood in a tree at the entrance to the zoo both had already transformed into their Sailor Fuku. Haruko wore the yellow and blue Fuku of Sailor Uranus while Michiyo wore the green suit of Sailor Neptune. After there parents had died and they were old enough Pluto had given them their Henshin sticks and trained them to be Senshi. They watched as Usagi and Mamoru arrived and then later as their parents and Makoto arrived. “Something isn’t right here.” Neo Neptune whispered.

“What?” Neo Uranus said looking out at the zoo but seeming to be looking at nothing.

“Lady Jupiter isn’t supposed to be here.” Neo Neptune said turning to look at her sister then pointing over to Jupiter on the ground.

“So what just means there is one more to stop it from happening.” Neo Uranus said shrugging her shoulders.

“It doesn’t seem right something had to cause this change in history.” Neo Neptune said thinking it was good that her parents had extra help but something didn’t feel right about this.

“Yeah, so? We came here to change history didn’t we?” Neo Uranus said sounding agitated.

“We don’t want to change too much.” Neo Neptune said then started to speak again but Neo Uranus cut her off. “We could…”

“They are moving come on.” Neo Uranus said cutting her off. They jumped through the trees making no more sound than the wind does until they were in a tree near the monkey cages.

Usagi was once again was pretending to be a monkey causing Neo Neptune to laugh. “I forgot the Queen did that.” She looked over to Neo Uranus who had her eyes closed. “Ruko are you ok?”

“I hate this place.” She said opening her eyes.

“After today everything will be different.” Neo Neptune said, after their parents died they never came here even on the few times that the school had planned a field trip they had skipped school that day.

“Yes after today.” Neo Uranus said then silently went back to watching her parents. It seemed like forever until they noticed a monkey charging at the bars growing as it ran. Within seconds it was through the bars and the Sailor Senshi were making their speeches. “Lets get closer but stay in the trees if we can keep from being seen the better.” Neo Uranus said. They jumped to a tree closer still watching as the Senshi below fought.

“Submarine Reflection!” The Neptune on the ground shouted sending the blast towards the monster.

“No it’s going to reflect it!” The Neo Neptune said watching the attack flying at the Youma then it bounced back towards Neptune while Neo Neptune seemed frozen not sure what to do.

“World Shaking!” Neo Uranus said throwing an energy ball at the building next to Neptune. The shock of the blast hit Neptune just enough to throw her away from the returned attack. She hit the ground and lay there.

Moon ran over to her checking her pulse. “She’s ok just knocked out! Uranus you could have killed her with that blast!” Moon shouted looking at the blond Senshi shocked that Uranus would harm Neptune.

“I didn’t throw it!” Uranus shouted back then pointed at the tree the twins were in, “It came from up there.”

“A little help here!” Jupiter said as the monkey had her in a bear hug her face was turning red as the youma squeezed tighter.

“We have to do something or Lady Jupiter is gonna die!” Neo Neptune said jumping to the next tree then down on the youma knocking it and Jupiter to the ground. They came to save their parents and couldn’t do it at the cost of Iyona’s mother.

“Damnit” Neo Uranus said jumping from the tree her sword in hand running at the youma but her path was blocked by Uranus. “Out of my way!”

“Over my dead body!” Uranus said charging at Neo Uranus. “Who the hell are you?”

Their swords clashed sending the sound of metal hitting metal all across the zoo. “The youma is resistant to magic attacks!” Neo Uranus yelled.

“And I’m supposed to believe someone who attacked my partner?” Uranus countered both verbally and physically.

“If I didn’t she would be dead!” Neo Uranus said moving to sweep Uranus but her opponent jumped leaving Neo Uranus just enough time to run under her towards the youma. She ran as fast as she could with Uranus on her heels. Ahead of her Venus and the others had arrived and the youma was trapped in a love me chain. The others threw attacks at it but the youma wasn’t phased and some of them were reflected while Neo Neptune helped Jupiter making sure she was alright.

“Use your swords!” Neo Neptune shouted looking up from Jupiter who seemed a little dazed but otherwise alright.

“She’s right it is resistant to all our magical attacks Uranus use your sword!” Mercury said looking up from her computer at both Uranus’ standing there. She had originally got her computer out to find what she could about the two strange Senshi.

Both Uranus’ leapt into the air soaring through until they landed on the youma their blades sinking into its flesh. Both of them grabbed on to it holding with one hand stabbing with the other as it thrashed around. Uranus was thrown from it hitting the ground hard. Neo Uranus somehow managed to hang on finally climbing to the back of its neck she raised her blade up and sank it down into the base of the youma’s neck.

Unfortunately for her the youma used it’s last dying breath to raise its sharp tail up piercing Neo Uranus’ right shoulder. The youma fell to the ground throwing Neo Uranus against what remained of the wall she had thrown a World Shaking blast at. Neo Neptune ran to her side holding her but was pushed away. “Get out of here!” Neo Uranus yelled.

“I’m not leaving you here!” Neo Neptune said pulling Neo Uranus into her lap pushing on her wounded shoulder.

“I’ll be fine!” Neo Uranus said using her good arm to push Neo Neptune away and wincing at the pain it caused in her chest. “Get out of here now! That’s an order!”

“Haruko,” Neo Neptune whispered quickly pressing a kiss to her cheek then reluctantly Neo Neptune stood and jumped into the trees disappearing.

Uranus and the others ran over to Neo Uranus as she tried to sit up but fell back down her transformation disappearing. Mars and Uranus reached her first. “I know this girl!” Mars said.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Uranus yelled at Mars seeing the Fire Senshi run into the exhibit.

“I’m pregnant not invalid!” Mars said she had heard the call on Sailor Moon’s communicator and had never been one to refuse a call.

“Enough!” Mercury said dropping next to Haruko. “She’s injured.”

Mercury placed her hand on the wound applying pressure as Haruko looked up at Ami reaching her hand to her cheek she leaned up whispering, “Kimiko” Before she kissed Mercury and fell back down passing out.

“Uranus, get me something to bandage the wound.” Mercury said shaking her head wondering what the kiss was about and why this girl had called her daughter's name.

“I don’t trust her not after she attacked Neptune.” Uranus said standing over Mercury and Haruko her sword still in her hand ready to attack if need be.

“She unconscious she can’t… oh never mind I’ll get it.” Mars said walking off and coming back with some cloth.

“I still haven’t forgotten that you are here.” Uranus said glaring at Mar, “If you think princess is gonna give you hell it’s nothing compared to what I’ll give you.” Mars simply glared back but neither said anything.

Mercury bandaged the wound then looked up. “That will hold for now but she needs stitches we should take her to the hospital, I want to take a few x-rays too she might have some cracked ribs.”

“No we’ll take her to my house we have everything you need there and it’s closer.” Uranus said. “I want to figure out who she is before we start treating her like anything other then an enemy. She attacked Neptune.”

“Saturn!” Moon shouted seeing the youngest Senshi stagger over one arm wrapped around Pluto and the other around Tuxedo Kamen.

“Their gone!” Neptune shouted as she walked up carrying Chibi Usa. After the Youma had been defeated she had gone off to the gates of the zoo to check that Hotaru, Mamoru and the children were safe.

Moon ran over to the Senshi of the seas taking her daughter. “What?”

“Haruko and Michiyo they took them.” Saturn said as Pluto helped her to the ground then helped Tuxedo Kamen to the ground as well. Mercury was over near in seconds checking her wounds. It looked like whatever attacked them was quite powerful both Saturn and Tuxedo Kamen were covered with wounds.

“There were more than Saturn and I could handle they took the girls and ran.” Tuxedo Kamen said. “Strange men gold suits. A new enemy perhaps?”

Uranus turned to Haruko who was just starting to come to from passing out. She grabbed Haruko lifting her off the ground some. “Where did they take them?”

“Take who?” Haruko hissed her shoulder and side throbbing.

“Don’t mess with me where are they taking my daughters?” Uranus shouted as she shook Haruko.

“What? That wasn’t supposed to happen!” Haruko said gasping in pain from her shoulder.

“And just what the hell was?” Uranus said holding Haruko with both hands now her own face mere inches from the teenager.

“Uranus stop it you are hurting her!” Mercury said seeing Haruko in pain.

“Good!” Uranus said but the other Senshi got her to let go and Haruko fell back to the ground passing out again.

(Later that day)

Neo Neptune sat on the ledge of a window of her parents’ house looking down at her sister. The room had vaulted ceilings so the window was quite a ways off the ground. Ami had stitched up Haruko’s shoulder but she was still asleep while the others waited around for her to wake up. Hotaru was lying on the other sofa resting from her own wounds. Michiru and Haruka were sitting at the table with the small pouch Haruko wore around her neck. “Setsuna is this what I think it is?” Michiru said holding up a key.

Setsuna walked over taking the key. “A time key? Where did she get this?”

Usagi looking over Michiru’s shoulder picked up the disguise pen. “This looks just like my pen.”

“Haruka what do you have there?” Michiru asked looking over to her wife who was staring at something in her hand. Haruka had been quiet since she first went through the pouch staring at one item and ignoring the rest. Without saying a word she handed Michiru a picture of the two of them on their wedding day. “How did she get this?” Michiru asked then looked over to coffee table seeing the same photo. She looked back down at the one Haruka gave her it was older having faded quite a bit and was worn like someone had carried it with them for a very long time.

“She’s waking up.” Makoto said from over near the sofa. Most of the Senshi seemed to think this girl was harmless but like Haruka she felt they couldn’t take any changes so she had took up guard over the girl ready to act if anything happened. Still she was confused remembering that it was this girl’s partner that had saved her.

Haruka was up and next to Haruko in a flash with the others right behind her. “Who are you?”

“Saito Kazushi.” Haruko said wincing again as speaking made her side hurt. No doubt she had broken a couple of ribs when the Youma threw her against that wall. She hadn’t hurt this much since she had wrecked her bike during a rain storm. Setsuna had only allowed Hotaru to heal her major wounds saying that a little pain would teach Haruko not to ride that fast in the rain and that she wasn’t invincible.

“I know you are lying. Ami-chan ran a check records check there is no Saito or Emiko Kazushi from Sapporo. Who are you?” Haruka said but Haruko was silent. Haruka reached over to Haruko and pressed on her wound. “Who are you?”

Haruko cried out in pain turning her head away from Haruka as she cried. “Haruka stop it.” Michiru said causing Haruka to stop but not move back. Michiru stepped forward tilting Haruko’s head a little further revealing a birthmark that looked like a heart on the side of her neck. “It can’t be. Haruko?”

Haruko laid there for minute staring at Michiru stunned that Michiru knew who she was then she finally spoke, “H-How did you know?”

Michiru leaned down and hugged Haruko crying, “Do you really think I couldn’t recognize my own daughter? Where is Michiyo?” Michiru said stroking her hand across Haruko’s cheek as she put everything together; the Time Key, two Senshi that wore the Fuka of Uranus and Neptune plus Haruko’s birthmark.

Before Haruko could answer that she didn’t know Michiyo dropped down from the window still in her Sailor Fuku. “I’m right here.” Michiyo said then continued before Haruko could say anything, “I know you ordered me to leave but I couldn’t leave you.”

Setsuna was the first to speak holding up the key. “Where did you get this?”

“We stole it from you well the future you.” Michiyo said transforming out of her Sailor Fuku and walking over to Haruko she knelt down stroking her hand through Haruko’s hair. They seemed to fight all the time but in truth she was worried about her sister.

“Why?” Minako asked a confused look on her face. Whatever the reason they had to come back must be very important if they would risk stealing a time key.

“To change the future or rather their past I’m guessing.” Ami said as she looked over from the other sofa. She had been treating Hotaru and Mamoru’s wounds.

Haruka turned back to Michiyo and Haruko who was still lying on the sofa. “What was supposed to happen today that you two would steal a time key to change it?”

Both were quiet until Haruko spoke up, “You were supposed to die.”

“Both of you,” Michiyo said as her voice quivered. They had done it they had changed the past but from what she had heard it wasn’t without cost. Their younger selves had been kidnapped by whoever had killed their parents.

Haruka walked up behind Michiru wrapping her arms around her waist remembering the World Shaking blast that knocked Michiru out of the way of the Submarine Reflection attack. “That’s why you threw the blast to knock her out of the way isn’t it?”

Haruko nodded, “In our time line when mom was hit by her own attack she was thrown against a wall and impaled on a pole. You in a fit of rage attacked the youma and killed it but it also killed you. After that Setsuna-mama moved in and took care of us. When Crystal Tokyo was made we moved there and all the Senshi took care of us. Ow my shoulder.” Haruko sat up clutching her shoulder as a wave of pain came over her. Ami was at her side lifting up the bandages to check the wound until Haruko pulled away. “Don’t touch me.”

“Let me look at this I think one of the stitches broke.” Ami said still trying to looking at the wound.

“I said don’t touch me!” Haruko said then pushed Ami back who lost her balance and fell. “Get the hell away from me.”

“Haruko!” Haruka said as she helped Ami to her feet. “What the hell is this about?’ Haruko didn’t say anything just stared daggers at Ami. “Answer me!”

“In our time Haruko and Lady Mercury aren’t on good terms.” Michiyo said getting glared at by Haruko.

“Shut up Michiyo.” Haruko said still glaring at her sister, “Not another fucking word.”

“Haruko don’t talk to your sister like that!” Michiru said. “Why aren’t you on good terms?”

Once again it was Michiyo who spoke up while Haruko remained silent. “Tell them Ruko or I will.”

“Fine it’s because of Kimiko.” Haruko said looking away from the others and closing her eyes thinking of the blue haired girl she left in the future. None of this mattered anyway they had changed the past she and Kimiko might not be together anymore.

“What does my daughter have to do with any of this?” Ami asked thinking of her daughter who was just a year younger than the twins. Very few people ever called her Kimiko since she was a young girl they had always called her Kimi. It was a compromise between Ami and Ryo, he had wanted their daughter to have a name similar to Ami’s but she didn’t so they named the girl Kimiko and Ryo called her Kimi, it had caught on and even Ami called her by that. It was only during the rare times that she got in trouble that anyone called her Kimiko.

“We fell in love and you didn’t approve.” Haruko said as she opened her eyes briefly looking at Ami thinking that Kimiko looked almost exactly like her mother. She pulled her eyes away from Ami and looked at a bracelet on her wrist that Kimiko had given her.

“Why wouldn’t I approve?” Ami asked confused, Kimi and Haruko had always been really good friends and even if Haruko had a wild streak in her she thought she would be happy for her daughter.

“I’m not exactly a saint. You’ve always felt I was a bad influence on the next generation of inner Senshi especially Kimiko.” Haruko said.

“I’m sure how she found out about you and Kimi-chan didn’t help either.” Michiyo said looking at Haruko who was glaring again. Michiyo held her hands up and stopped to let Haruko continue.

“How did I find out?” Ami asked when Haruko didn’t say anything else.

Haruko sighed then started, “It was Kimiko’s sixteenth birthday Crystal Tokyo had only been around for a few years. Kimiko and I had been seeing each other for a while in secret I wanted to be the first to wish her a happy birthday so I snuck into her room at midnight and woke her up. We were lying in her bed cuddling and kissing each other before either of us realized what was happening her were making love. It was her first time and the first time we had been together. But I guess I wasn’t the only one that wanted to be the first to wish Kimiko a happy birthday you walked in on us while we were…” Haruko said trailing off.

“Oh my…” Ami said bringing her hand to her mouth.

“You forbid Kimi-chan from being with Haruko and the two of you haven’t gotten along ever since.” Michiyo said.

To be continued…