Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 8: Trading Places ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8: Trading Places

(Three days after Haruko and Michiyo were kidnapped)

Haruko sat on a large plush bed with the softest sheets she had ever felt as Queen Katsumi read her and Michiyo a book. Haruko really liked it here Queen Katsumi was so nice to her. She had been having so much fun the past few days. Queen Katsumi had even taught her a new song on her violin. Michiyo on the other hand wasn’t so happy. She sat on her bed looking over at her sister wondering what kind of spell Queen Katsumi had put on Haruko. Queen Katsumi stopped reading and looked over to Michiyo, “Princess are you sure you don’t want to join us?” Michiyo lay down then rolled her back to Queen Katsumi not answering her but allowing her movements to answer for her. Queen Katsumi shook her head and went back to the story. When she finished Haruko was already asleep she moved the child off her lap and into the bed pulling the covers over her and kissing her on the forehead. She then stood walked over to Michiyo and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead but Michiyo pulled the sheets over her head. “Don’t you want a kiss goodnight? I’m sure your mother kissed you good night.” Katsumi said a frown on her face.

“You aren’t my mama.” Michiyo said from under the sheet holding it tightly over her.

“I would like you to feel at home here Princess.” Katsumi said but only received a grunt from under the sheet. She stood and walked to the door shutting it and swearing under her breath. Her charms worked by her just being near the twins but it was stronger with contact. The older girl Haruko was completely under the charm but Michiyo was still resisting.

Queen Katsumi walked down the hall to a room with a long table in it and several men sitting around it eating. “My queen,” One man said as they all stood. She waved at them and they sat down her joining them at the head of the table. “How is it going with the children of the Outer Rim?”

“Uranus is taking to the charm I’ve got her wrapped around my finger though Neptune is still resisting.” Queen Katsumi said. “Tetsuji what news on the henshin sticks?”

“We have an attack planed for tomorrow.” The man called Tetsuji said. “We are going to try attacking them separately when none of the other Senshi are around.”

“Which of them are you attacking first?” Queen Katsumi asked as she nodded.

“Uranus is scheduled to race tomorrow she should be separated from Neptune during the race and after it is the prefect time to attack.” Tetsuji said.

“Good I will not be pleased with failure I want that henshin stick.” Queen Katsumi said.

(Back at the Ten’ou/Kaiou manor)

Haruka paced back and forth in her room as Michiru watched from the bed concerned about her wife. “Haruka? Come to bed you have a race tomorrow you need your rest.” She said, they both had agreed to try going about their normal lives Haruka still going to her races and Michiru still going to her concerts. Neither were happy about it but it had to be done the people after them were bound to attack soon.

Haruka stopped her pacing as she faced the wall but did not turn to Michiru. “Damint Michiru! How can you expect me to race as if nothing is wrong?” She said sharply as she punched the wall denting it and bloodying her hand then leaning her head against the wall her hand falling to her side and blood dripping on the floor.

Michiru was up out of the bed and at her lover’s side a towel in hand in mere seconds. She turned Haruka so she faced her gently wrapped her hand in the towel kissing the exposed part. “Don’t you’ll hurt those hands I love so much.” Michiru said holding Haruka close to her crying into her chest. “Haruka there is nothing we can do we have to wait.”

Haruka leaned into Michiru dropping her head onto Michiru’s shoulder, “I can’t take it anymore all this waiting!”

“I know love, I know it’s tearing me apart not know where our girls are.” Michiru said still holding Haruka tight still crying. “We’ll get them back.”

Haruka raised her head a bit stroking her good hand through Michiru’s hair. “I’ll find them and I swear I will make this Queen Katsumi pay.”

“No love we’ll find them and we’ll make her pay.” Michiru said taking Haruka’s hurt hand in hers. “Let me clean this up.” Michiru said leading them to the bathroom the dent in the wall and blood on the floor forgotten to be cleaned up some other time. Michiru knew even if she started cleaning the floor now the white carpet would be ruined. When this was over she would have to buy a rug to put there or have the carpet replaced.

(The next day at the race track)

“I’m beginning to wonder what Ten’ou-san came here for because it certainly isn’t racing he’s spent most the race in ninth place.” An announcer said over the intercom. The people at the tracks and the public still saw Haruka as a man when she and first started racing there weren’t any women in Formula racing and still weren’t Haruka had been mistaking for a boy and had never corrected it only wanting to race as fast as the wind. Keeping the illusion of being a male helped with her relationship with Michiru as well. When she married Michiru the headlines read “Classical Violinist Kaiou Michiru finally manages to tame Playboy racer Ten’ou Haruka.” Haruka could imagine the controversy Michiru would go through if she was wrapped up in a lesbian scandal. Those who went to her concerts were so conservative she most likely would be black listed never able to perform again. It probably wouldn’t affect her racing but Haruka couldn’t stand seeing Michiru hurt like that. Michiru loved playing music too much to not be able to perform.

“Most definitely, guess it goes to show that even Ten’ou Haruka can have a bad day.” A second announcer said as Haruka got too close to the upper wall of a turn and scrapped against it causing her to be passed by two cars.

“Ten’ou what the hell are you doing? You are a better racer than this! Woman you should be wining this race!” Haruka’s manager called over her headset though she didn’t answer. Those on her team knew the truth about her gender and thankfully remained quiet about it. She really didn’t want to be here today wining a stupid race just wasn’t on the front of her mind. When she finally crossed the finish line she was in fourth place.

Haruka took the small ribbon she got for fourth place and headed to the locker rooms trying to avoid the press and her manager she really didn’t feel like talking. What would she say? I raced poorly today because I have other things on my mind like how my daughters have traveled from the future to save my life but ended up getting their younger selves kidnapped?

“Ten’ou-san a word with you?” A man said from just inside the locker room. Haruka didn’t look up at him just kept walking thinking he was just another fan or maybe a sponsor trying to get her to sell their product. “A word with you about your daughters?”

This got Haruka’s attention she spun around grabbing the man by the shirt and pressing him to the wall. “Where are they? God help me I swear I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me!”

“Now what good will killing me do? You still won’t know where they are and then you have a dead body to worry about. Trust me they are safe.” The man said looking down at Haruka’s hands not flinching. “For now.”

“What do you want?” Haruka said pushing him harder against the wall.

"What do I want? Well my queen wants you and the little misses dead and I want what my queen wants. It’s nothing personal just work.” The man said then with an unseen strength pushed Haruka back and through the wall behind her. He stood up straight and fixed his clothing straightening them out as he walked over to Haruka.

“Going to take more then that to kill me,” Haruka said standing up and her rage getting the better of her as she lunged at him with her fist rather then calling her henshin stick. She made contact with his face making him stagger back a few feet then return starting to punch at Haruka but instead grabbed by the shirt and threw her across the room. Haruka crashed into a mirror shattering it.

Tetsuji walked across the room looking down at Haruka and laughing. She lay on the ground pieces of glass all around her. “I never figured it would be this easy.” The man said holding his hand out and a rope appearing in it. He would take Haruka back to the Queen where she would be forced to give up her henshin stick.

“Deep Submerge!” Neo Neptune yelled throwing an energy ball at the man knocking him back and against the remaining wall. Neo Uranus was next to Neo Neptune her sword in hand ready to attack but unmoving while the man stood brushing rumble off him. Hotaru had healed her shoulder earlier that morning after Haruka decided her own wounds had healed enough and she wouldn't be too weak afterwards.

“You what an interesting surprise, well that would explain the extra Senshi at the zoo doesn’t it princess?” The man said staring at Neo Uranus.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Neo Uranus said charging forward her sword in hand she stopped inches from the man’s throat holding her blade there. “Where have you taken them?”

“You don’t want do this.” He said calmly looking down at the blade much like he had when Haruka held him to a wall.

“What do you know what I want to do? Where are they?” She asked pressing closer with her blade but not enough to cut him.

“You would have killed me already if that was what you wanted. As for where your younger self and your sister are you already know Princess look deep in your memories.” He said staring into her eyes. Neo Uranus stared back until her head began hurting. She dropped her sword and fell to the ground pressing her fingers to her temples. The man she was threatening disappeared as Neo Neptune ran to Neo Uranus. She knelt next to her sister holding her forcing Neo Uranus to look up.

When their eyes met Neo Neptune gasped Neo Uranus’ eyes flashed red then turned back to their normal green. “Uranus your eyes.” She said.

Neo Uranus stood brushing her sister away and walking over to a broken mirror looking into it. “They look fine to me.”

“What happen?” Haruka said coming to and looking around the destroyed locker room feeling her body already start to ache.

“Papa!” Neo Neptune said running to Haruka’s side while Neo Uranus still stared at the mirror her eyes flashing red once again and a wicked grin on her face. They faded back to green and she walked over to her father.

(The time gate)

Pluto stepped out of a portal looking around something had summoned her here but she didn’t know what no one but her had the power to do summon someone here but her and then she saw it a tall figure standing by the gate. “Who are you?” She said holding her staff up defensively.

“You know who I am. I am the only one that can summon you.” A familiar voice called then a tall woman with long green hair stepped out of the mist a tall staff in her hand.

“You are the future me! You can’t be here we can’t exist in the same time!” Pluto said looking at herself. She seemed older and more worn, in the many years she had been alive she hadn’t aged past twenty-six yet before her this Pluto seemed much older.

“I full well know that and that is why I must be quick about what I am going to say.” Future Pluto said still walking towards her younger self stopping a few feet from her.

“No! I can’t listen you can’t change time!” Pluto yelled covering her ears. “You mustn’t be here! It’s against the Laws of Time!”

“I haven’t a choice I’ve already made one mistake by allowing the twins to travel in time.” Future Pluto said closing her eyes thinking about the twins. Trouble seemed to always find them but this was more then she could have imagined.

“You allowed them?” Pluto asked a confused look on her face recalling how the twins had told her they had stole the key from her. She had found it hard to believe but not impossible. "I thought they stole a key from you."

“Do you really think someone could steal a key from either of us without our knowing? I allowed them to take a key on unofficial orders from the Queen and that was a mistake and because I did it my past and your present changed too much. There have been far too many changes far more than I expected.” Future Pluto said shaking her head.

“I haven’t felt anything drastic.” Pluto said. "Haruka and Michiru living when they should have died couldn't have changed that much."

“You’ve been on the mortal plane too long the change has affected you as well you. No Haruka and Michiru living isn't what changed the timeline Haruko and Michiyo being kidnapped is what changed it but trust me this new future…” Future Pluto started to say but was cut off by herself.

“No! You can’t tell me I can’t know you can’t break this taboo!” Pluto yelled surprised that her Future self was willing to break so many laws.

“Listen to me! Because of these changes a civil war has been fought for millennia, millions are dead and more are going to die if we don’t do something!” Future Pluto shouted then forced Pluto to look at her.

“If the future has changed and we are at war how do I know you haven’t been affected and what side are you on?” Pluto said even though she knew herself and would never willingly betray the Moon Kingdom.

“I am on the same side we have always been on I serve the White Moon and the true Queen.” Future Pluto said.

"The true Queen?" Pluto asked a confused look on her face.

"Haruko and Michiyo no doubt have told you about Queen Katsumi. She means to rule the solar system Uranus and Neptune aren’t the only Senshi that have fallen. There is much more but we've not the time to talk." Future Pluto said knowing there was so much more that she should tell but the strain from being in the same time at twice over was starting to get to her. She looked over at Pluto seeing that it was affecting her as well.

“Alright what do you need me to do?” Pluto said bring her hand up to her head pinching the brow of her nose feeling a headache coming on no doubt from the strain on time.

“Like you said you and I can’t exist in the same time I need you to travel to the future and take my place while I take yours in the past.” Future Pluto said as the Pluto of the past nodded. “The future is not a pretty place now and those of the White Moon are not well liked we have a price on our head. Katsumi will try to convert you to her side or kill you if you refuse. I’ve managed to seal the time gate you will be safe there do not leave your post do you understand?”

“I do.” Pluto said walking over to the time gate as her future self opened the gate. She took one glance back at herself and stepped through.

To be continued…