Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 10: New Recruits ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10: New Recruits

(Kaiou/Ten’ou Manor)

Haruko sat on the couch with Kimi’s head resting in her lap. Hotaru had healed her wounds after Michiyo had explained who the girl was. Kimi’s wounds were healed but she still was sound asleep worn out from the battle she had fought in the future and traveling through time not to mention her wounds had been pretty severe. Haruko just sat there glancing down at the woman she loved her hand gently stroking her hair. “Kimiko,” She whispered she had hundreds of memories with this girl but each time she tried to think of them they became foggy and clouded. Still she couldn’t deny the feeling in her heart she loved this girl.

“Why do you think she is here?” Michiyo asked.

“I don’t know.” Michiru said as she and Haruka went through her belongings there mostly were medical supplies and some rations. “There is no time key here. Pluto must have let her through.”

“But why?” Haruka asked.

“Because we messed the time line up too much,” Haruko said looking up from the girl briefly then back down still stroking her hand through her soft blue locks.

“Why didn’t Setsuna-mama come herself?” Hotaru asked looking around. Setsuna still hadn’t come back from whatever business she had at the Time Gate. With Kimi coming from the future surely Setsuna would know about it and why.

“I did.” Setsuna said walking through the door with young Michiyo in her arms. The girl was asleep knowing she was safe in her Setsuna-mama’s arms but still her little fingers clutched at Setsuna’s shirt.

Michiru sprang to her feet running over to Setsuna and taking the sleeping child from her. “Kami-sama! Michiyo!” Michiru said holding the girl close to her and kissing her on her forehead. Michiyo didn’t wake up but seemed to know she was in her mother’s arms and cuddled close to her with her fingers clutching at Michiru’s shirt.

Haruka was at her side at the same time looking down at her daughter, “Setsuna how?” Haruka asked as she pulled a blanket off the back of the sofa wrapping it around Michiyo after seeing that she was shivering.

“Hotaru was right I did come from the future that’s how I knew where she was.” Setsuna said a smile on her face as she watched the parents take care of their missing child. Haruka and Michiru were always good parents to both the girls and Hotaru. Even with the mess that resulted from letting the twins travel back in time to save them she was glad she had obeyed the Queen and not the Laws of Time. Haruko and Michiru deserved to grow up knowing the love of their parents now if only she could fix this mess that had been created.

“Then you know where Haruko is.” Haruka said with a gleam of hope in her eyes as she glanced up from her daughter. Michiru had walked over to one of the chairs and sat down while Haruka sat on the arm of the chair her hand brushing softly against the young girl’s cheek, Michiyo still asleep but leaning into it.

“Not exactly,” Setsuna said a frown replacing her smile as she thought about why she had come back in time. In all the years she had been Guardian of Time she had never switched places with herself in time and couldn’t count how many laws she was breaking but doing it but she really saw no other way to fix the timeline.

“What do you mean not exactly?” Haruko said her voice sharp, she didn’t know why but since the attack at the race tracks she had been feeling different and for some strange reason felt like she couldn’t trust these people even if they were family.

“Katsumi’s castle is on an island only this island has no fixed location. It floats.” Setsuna told them. “I know where the island will be in a week from now.” Setsuna looked over to Haruko and Kimi, “Why is she here?”

“You don’t know?” Michiyo asked a confused look on her face. “We figured you sent her to help fix the timeline.”

Setsuna shook her head, “No I came myself to fix the timeline. When I let you two steal that key I never imagined you would cause this much trouble. My counterpart from this time must have sent her.”

“You knew?” Haruko asked a surprised look on her face, she had actually believed that their plan had worked and that Setsuna had been completely unaware that they had taken the key. Inside of her she wondered why Setsuna hadn’t of come after them to bring them back but with Setsuna’s confession it made sense.

“Kaiou Haruko, do you honestly think you could steal a Time Key without me knowing? Of course I knew.” Setsuna scolded using a firm voice that growing up both girls often referred to as her mommy voice though never in earshot of the Time Guardian.

“Why did you let us?” Michiyo asked, what they had done had been against the Laws of Time and she couldn’t fathom a reason why Setsuna would break them and allow them to travel back in time to change the past.

“The Queen asked me to. She cares so much for her senshi when Haruka and Michiru died it tore at her heart.” Setsuna told them as Kimi began stirring. Haruko’s attention was brought back to the girl in her arms and she leaned down stroking her hand through her hair again quietly whispering her name.

Kimi slowly opened her eyes to find herself staring into a pair of green eyes. Pair of green eyes that the last time she saw them were so full of hate and anger. “Haruko,” Kimi said pulling back away from Haruko but couldn’t get out of her arms. As she stared at her she was full of fear yet there was the conflicting emotion she had been having for months that there was something between the two of them. That she loved this woman that she was so afraid of. Kimi flinched as Haruko leaned down pressing a kiss to her lips but then gave into the kiss amazed at how right it felt.

(Urawa Apartment)

Ami walked through the door of the apartment she shared with her husband and daughter. She was exhausted having just worked a double shift at the hospital. “Mommy!” A young girl with blue hair that just barely fell past her shoulders said running up to her. Ami picked the girl hugging her kissing her. The girl handed her a test that had a 100 written across the top.

“Kimi, another 100? Good job sweety.” Ami said giving her a kiss then putting the girl down.

“She takes after her mother.” A man with dark brown hair said coming into the room. He walked over to Ami wrapped his arm around her and kissed her.

“Ryo,” Ami said with a blush as she returned the kiss. They had been married for eight years and still she at times could be shy around him. Ryo never seemed to mind and often told her it was one of the reasons he loved her, that he thought it was cute.

“Papa can I stay here with mommy? I don’t really want to go to the store.” Kimi said tugging on her father’s pant leg. They had been getting ready to go to the store. With the long hours that Ami sometimes put in at the hospital he always tried to help out and often did the shopping taking Kimi with him when she didn’t have cram school or was over playing with one of her friends. Though with Haruko and Michiyo being kidnapped all the other Senshi were keeping an eye on all the children. He knew his wife and her friends were Senshi and even if he didn’t have any powers he would protect his daughter. Not to mention if there were any problems Makoto lived just a few apartments down from them.

“Sure if you promise to let your mom relax.” Ryo said as he grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

“Do you want anything to eat Kimi?” Ami asked to which Kimi just shook her head no. Ami fixed herself a sandwich and a drink think walked into the living room. She sat down on the couch picking up a book. She was going to start reading it when the small child sat down next to her leaning into her mother. “Is everything ok Kimi?”

“Haruko hasn’t been to school in a while neither has Michiyo.” Kimi said as she rested her head on her mother’s side a worried look on her face. Even though Kimi was a year younger then Haruko and Michiyo they were in the same class since Kimi had been skipped ahead a grade.

Ami sat silently how do you explain to a seven year old that her friends were kidnapped by an evil queen? “Haruko and Michiyo had to go away for a while.”

“Where did they go?” Kimi asked looking up at Ami. It wasn’t often that the twins missed school, Michiru was always sure that they were there and only let Haruka take them out of school rarely to go do something like catch a race or go to an amusement park.

“I don’t know honey they just had to go away for a while.” Ami said a forced smile on her face as she set her book down on the table resting her hand on Kimi’s shoulder squeezing it lightly.

“When are they coming home?” Kimi said knowing there was something her mother wasn’t telling her.

“Soon I hope.” Ami said. Looking up as there was a knock on the door. She smiled at her daughter and stood walking over to the door. At the door Tetsuji stood with three men behind him all wearing business suits. “I’m sorry whatever you are selling we aren’t interested in.” Ami said as she started to close the door thinking they were sales men.

Tetsuji put his foot in the door stopping her from closing it. “We aren’t selling anything.” He said surprising Ami with his strength as he pushed against the door though she was able to keep him from opening it all the way. “But we are here for something Mercury.” He kicked the door open knocking Ami against the wall. Ami fell to the ground but was quickly on her feet again transforming.

“What do you want?” Mercury said as she pressed a button on her watch. Makoto lived several apartments down from her hopefully she was home.

“You dead,” Tetsuji said as he stepped through the broken door frame with the three men behind him.

“Sorry, I don’t think so. Bubble Spray!” Mercury said filling the room with mist.

From outside the door she heard, “Supreme Thunder” Jupiter yelled shocking the men.

The mist around them began to fade and Mercury stood in front of Jupiter there were three men lying on the ground.

“There were four of them, Kami-sama Kimi!” Mercury said running into the living room Jupiter right behind her.

They ran into the living room to find Tetsuji standing with Kimi in his arms the young girl struggling to get free but was no match for the grown man. “Least I got half of what I came here for.” He laughed then he disappeared.

(Katsumi’s Hideout)

Haruko sat on a couch watching the TV and eating a bowl of ice cream while Katsumi was sitting on the sofa going over her files. “Katsumi-sama where is Michiyo?”

Katsumi looked up from her folder to Haruko, “Michiyo-chan said she didn’t want to be here anymore she went home.”

“Do I have to go home too?” Haruko asked a worried look on her face. She had been scared when she first came here but the longer time she spent the more comfortable it became.

“Do you want to go home?” Katsumi asked setting the folder in her lap as she leaned over pushing Haruko’s bangs out of her eyes.

“No, I like it here.” Haruko said with a shiver feeling some sort of energy coarse through her though when it faded she couldn’t help but stare at Katsumi thinking that there wasn’t anyone she trusted more then Katsumi.

“I like having you here.” Katsumi said as Tetsuji walked up and whispered in her ear. She nodded and stood following after him but stopped by Haruko and ruffled her hair, “Haruko-kun you can stay here as long as you want.”

Tetsuji led her to the room where Michiyo and Haruko were first brought to when they were kidnapped. She looked through the window on the door seeing a young girl with medium length blue hair sitting on the bed crying. She gestured for Tetsuji to open the door then sat stepped in sitting on the bed, “Why are you crying Princess?”

“I miss my mommy a bad man took me away.” Kimi said bringing her hands up and wiping away her tears though more just took their place.

“Tetsuji? He’s not a bad man he just wanted to bring you here to me.” Katsumi said sliding closer to the girl noticing that Kimi slid away from her until her back hit the wall.

“Who are you?” Kimi asked looking around the room. If she ran she could probably get past the woman but the man called Tetsuji was blocking the door.

“I’m Queen Katsumi.” Katsumi said moving closer to Kimi holding her hand out before the girl.

“Why did you bring me here?” Kimi said finally looking up at Katsumi when her hand gently pushed her chin up making her look up.

“A friend of yours is here I thought she might be a little lonely.” Katsumi said her hand now cupping Kimi’s chin as her thumb traced circles on her cheek.

“Who is here?” Kimi asked trying to pull back again but hitting the wall. She felt strange when Katsumi touched her like there was something coming out of Katsumi and going into her.

“I believe she is a good friend of yours Kaiou Haruko.” Katsumi said with a smile on her face as Kimi’s jumped at hearing her friend’s name. She had been worried about both Haruko and Michiyo knowing there was something her parents weren’t telling her.

“Haruko-kun is here?” Kimi said her eyes growing wide, “Is Michiyo-chan here too?”

“No Michiyo-chan had to go home that’s why Haruko-kun is lonely would you like to see her?” Katsumi asked. Kimi nodded as Katsumi stood taking the child’s hand in hers and leading them down the hall to the room Haruko sat watching TV. “Haruko-kun there is someone here to see you.”

Haruko looked up from the TV set her ice cream on the table and ran over to Kimi hugging her, “Kimi-chan!”

(Kaiou/Ten’ou Manor)

Michiru stood with the phone next to her ear. “Kami-sama" she said causing the whole room to look at her. She finished up on the phone and hung up. “That was Ami-chan she says that she was attacked.”

“What?” Kimi said she was sitting next to Haruko who had her arm around her. Kimi felt right to be sitting here at least in her heart but her mind kept screaming at her telling her Haruko was her enemy the one that had killed many of the people of the white moon. She hadn’t said anything about Haruko’s betrayal she wanted to talk with Pluto alone for that. “Is my mother ok?”

“Ami-chan is fine luckily Mako-chan was home and helped her fight off the attackers but they were able to kidnap your younger self.” Michiru said.

“What would they want with Kimi-chan ?” Haruka said holding Michiyo in her arms, since the girl had come back with Setsuna she refused to leave the safety of her parents' lap.

“To replace me,” Michiyo said causing Haruka to startle a little she had thought the child was asleep as she hadn’t said more than a few words since returning.

“What hime-chan?” Haruka said holding her daughter tighter rocking her slightly as she saw that the girl was still very frightened even though she was home with her family.

“She’s trying to kill you and mama to get your henshin sticks so she can train Haruko and me to be senshi and serve her.” Michiyo said wrapping her arms around Haruka’s arm and resting her head on her shoulder. “Since I ran away she must want someone to take my spot.”

“But why me?” Kimi said leaning forward out of Haruko’s arm glad to have some distance between her and Haruko but at the same time she wanted to lean back into those arms.

“Because you are close to me, you might not trust Katsumi-sama but you would trust me.” Haruko said placing her hand on Kimi’s shoulder causing her to jump a little. Something didn’t seem right it was like Kimi was afraid of her. Every time she touched Kimi she would flinch or pull away. Earlier when Haruko had kissed her Kimi didn’t return it hesitating before she did and it just didn’t feel right. What had happened to Kimi?

Kimi stood and excused herself to the restroom this was all so strange, as she had hoped Setsuna followed behind her a minute or so later. Kimi stood in the hall outside the bathroom watching Setsuna walk to her, “So why are you really here? I got the feeling there was something you wanted to tell me but not the others.” Setsuna asked wondering why her other self would send Kimi back in time if she had come herself to fix the problem.

“Lady Pluto it’s about Haruko the Haruko from our timeline. It’s changed again since you left. Katsumi’s army is growing larger.” Kimi said.

“Kimi-chan call me Setsuna. I know her army is growing I sensed it before I left, you traveled through time possibly disrupting the timeline more to tell me that?” Setsuna said with a little more anger in her voice than she had intended.

“It’s not just that Setsuna-sensei Haruko is the head General in charge of her army. I don’t understand how Haruko can be in this timeline and the future one.” Kimi said.

“It’s part of the time paradox that has been created. The timeline where Haruko and Michiyo traveled back to save their parents doesn’t exist anymore so when this Haruko grew up she never had to travel back. It must seem that Haruko was never rescued from Katsumi.” Setsuna said. “What about Michiyo where is she in the future?”

“She fights for the true queen and she has such a hatred for Haruko it’s scary she’s vowed that she will kill Haruko. Every time the two of them fight the battle is horrible. That’s how I was injured. Haruko was attacking the palace and she was fighting Michiyo I was helping along with Moon, and Mars. When I was injured the princess ordered Mars to take me to the time gate I would be safe there. Mars returned to the palace to protect the Queen.” Kimi said. “Setsuna-sensei, I remember when I was a child my mother died around this time she was killed by a warrior of the golden sun she was killed by Haruko. She will betray us and when she does…” Kimi said trailing off.

(Katsumi’s hideout)

Kimi sat with Haruko she was wearing a dress like Michiyo had worn when she was here. The two sat playing a game of chess, Kimi had always loved chess she would sit for hours and play with her mother. Haruko was good at the game but really didn’t care much for it she only played because Kimi like it. She had wanted to go swimming but it was night and Katsumi had said it was too late they could swim tomorrow. “Check mate.” Kimi said as she moved a piece and taking Haruko’s queen.

Katsumi clapped and then put a hand on Kimi’s shoulder holding it there as she worked her charm on the young girl surprised that how quickly it was taking to the girl. “That’s enough games for today girls I think you should go to bed.”

Haruko stood hugged Katsumi then grabbed Kimi’s hand running down the hall to their room. Once they were in bed Katsumi came into the room. She sat on Kimi’s bed and ran her hand through the girl’s blue hair. “Good night Princess.”

“Why do you call me that?” Kimi asked shivering lightly at Katsumi’s touch even though it felt warm and comforting.

“Because we are princesses,” Haruko said.

“Yep you are my little Princesses.” Katsumi said. “Now get some sleep we are going to have a lot of fun tomorrow.”

“Good Night Katsumi-sama.” Kimi said. Katsumi kissed Kimi on the forehead the stood walking over to Haruko and kissed her on the forehead as well.

“Good night Katsumi-sama.” Haruko said.

To Be Continued…