Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 12: Orders or Honor? ( Chapter 12 )

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Chapter 12: Orders or Honor?

(Ten’ou / Kaiou Manor, Haruka and Michiru’s room the next morning)

Haruka stood in front of a tall mirror buttoning up her shirt, Michiru sat a short ways from her at the vanity brushing her hair. “Michi I want you to take Michiyo and leave the house for a while.” Haruka said looking over her shoulder at her wife and lover.

“Ruka, if Haruko and Kimi really are working for Katsumi they will attack you if you are alone.” Michiru said turning to face her lover.

“That’s what I am counting on. They will wait until I am alone then attack me.” Haruka said as she finished buttoning her shirt but didn’t turn around to fully face Michiru instead she looked back at her reflection seeing the image of her daughter not her own. She wondered how Haruko could be swayed even though both girls were young Haruka tried her best to teach them right from wrong. But while young Haruko was being held by Katsumi they had no idea what she was doing to her and Kimiko. “While you are still here they won’t so I need you to leave for a while.”

“I won’t leave you alone to fight them.” Michiru said standing and walking over to Haruka wrapping her arms around Haruka’s waist resting her cheek against Haruka’s back, “What if something happened to you?”

“Haruko won’t harm me.” Haruka said placing her hands on top of Michiru’s hands. “I’m sure of it. Whatever Katsumi as done to her I know our Haruko is still in there. I know she’s a good kid. I don’t care what they said in the future about Haruko being a trouble maker she’s a good kid.”

“I won’t go far and promise me you will use your communicator if anything happens.” Michiru said squeezing her arms around Haruka’s waist. She didn’t like the idea of leaving Haruka alone with them. Haruka was a strong Senshi and could handle her own in a fight against two but this was their daughter they were taking about and Ami’s daughter. Would Haruka be able to protect herself without hurting them?

“I will love and don’t worry if I am right she won’t be able to attack me.” Haruka said still looking at the mirror the reflection returning to her own showing a confident smile.

“I’m worried about if you are wrong it’s bad enough this has happened to Haruko I couldn’t bear losing you as well.” Michiru said.

(Downstairs in the kitchen a short while later)

Haruka sat at the table reading a newspaper, Michiru and Michiyo had left a short while before saying they were going to go see if Setsuna had more information. Haruka saw the two Senshi step into the kitchen out of the corner of her eye but didn’t make movement show she saw them. “Papa.” Neo Uranus said.

Haruka looked up setting the paper down on the table. “So it is true you have been converted to her side.”

“Converted to her side? I have always served the queen you could say I’ve just finally realized the truth.” Neo Uranus said. Her fuka seemed different then before around her yellow bow there was a black lacey trim and her tiara seemed to have black spikes on it. Her normal short boots weren’t dark blue anymore they were black with silver bolts on them. Around her waist was chain belt with an amber stone in it. A sword hung on her belt though it wasn’t the normal curved blade that the Space Blaster was it was long more like a broad sword.

“The truth?” Haruka asked still sitting at the table pushing the paper away and looking at her daughter then over to Kimiko. Her fuka was different as well like Neo Uranus it was accented with black and her boots and tiara had been changed as well. She also carried a long sword that hung on her belt but hers was different then Neo Uranus’ sword it seemed to be made of ice.

“Yes the truth about your princess how she stole this solar system from the queen and tricked her Senshi into serving her.” Neo Uranus said. “But that’s not important. What is important is I’m here to take you henshin stick and give it to its rightful owner.”

Haruka called her henshin stick and set it on the table across from her easily within Neo Uranus’ reach. “If this is what you are here for then take it.”

“You are just giving it to us? Just like that?” Neo Uranus asked a little confused.

“Yes just like that. If that is what you want so badly take it.” Haruka said reaching out and pushing it a little closer to Neo Uranus and pulling her arms back crossing them across her chest.

“Why? What’s the trick?” Neo Uranus asked her eyes darting from the henshi stick to Haruka wondering what would happen if she tried to take it. She knew Haruka was fast even in her human form but she was in her fuka and faster still she wondered what her father had planned Haruka hardly ever did anything without a plan.

“No trick. If there is anything I’ve learned from the princess it is that fighting isn’t always the answer.” Haruka said briefly closing her eyes thinking of her princess and all the mistakes they had made. Haruka’s response had always been to fight first no matter what the cost. She had been wrong and even though she fought with Usagi about it the Princess had been right. Haruka only regretted that she hadn’t learned that sooner before she and Michiru had done things that they both still regretted even after being forgiven by Setsuna and Hotaru.

Neo Uranus started laughing then picked up the henshin stick, “You know there are a lot of things I always thought you were hell I even looked up to you. The magnificent Sailor Uranus a woman that would never backed down from a battle. You surprise me of all the things I thought you were I never thought you were a fucking coward. Makes me wonder how many of the stories you would sit and tell me were actually true. I should kill you where you sat.” Neo Uranus said drawing her sword out.

“Think what you will but I’ve never lied to you.” Haruka said still sitting there not flinching even with Neo Uranus’ sword pressed to her throat. “But let me say this the Haruko I know would never kill a unarmed opponent she would never kill in cold blood. The Haruko I know and raised has honor.”

Neo Uranus stood thinking then pulled her sword back pushing Haruka and knocking her down on the ground. Haruka knelt on the ground as Neo Uranus threw her henshin stick at her feet. “Transform.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Neo Mercury said drawing out her ice sword meaning to move towards Haruka but Neo Uranus held her back.

“No.” Haruka said standing and leaving the henshin on the ground she even took a step back from it.

“Transform and fight me!” Neo Uranus shouted as her free hand flipped the table over and threw it across the room.

“I won’t fight you if you are going to kill me you will have to do it in cold blood.” Haruka said crossing her arms across her chest again as a small smile crossed her face. She had learned from Usagi and thought that if the young woman saw her now she would be proud of her.

“What are you afraid of losing? You are a fucking coward!” Neo Uranus said. “Fight me! Prove me wrong.”

“I am no coward I just know which battles to fight and which not to fight. Our Princess has taught me that violence isn’t the only option and it’s not always the right one.” Haruka said emphasizing that Usagi was still Haruko’s Princess. “I will not fight you Ruko.”

“Don’t call me that!” Neo Uranus said lunging across the room tackling Haruka to the ground. She placed her blade firmly to Haruka’s neck hard enough to draw a small line of blood across throat.

“So this is it? With one flick of your wrist you throw away any honor you’ve ever had?” Haruka asked. “With one flick of your wrist you do something that will forever change who you are. With one flick of your wrist you prove that you were never worthy to have mantle of Sailor Uranus. Sailor Uranus is a honorable warrior not a barbarian.”

Neo Uranus growled then stood u walking away. “Let’s go.” Neo Mercury nodded grabbed the henshin stick from the ground and disappeared with Neo Uranus.

(Katsumi’s Palace)

Neo Uranus and Neo Mercury appeared in a room where at the end sat Katsumi as if she knew they were coming. Both moved closer then knelt when they were a short distance. “My queen” The both said.

“Uranus, Mercury stand.” Katsumi said. Both stood and Mercury stepped forward handing the henshin stick to Katsumi. “I assume Uranus is dead then?”

“Not quite.” Neo Uranus said clinching her fists she was still angry that Haruka wouldn’t fight her but even angrier at what she had said not to mention the fact that Haruka had been right. Sailor Uranus was a warrior not a ruthless killer. Why wouldn’t Haruka fight her?

“What do you mean not quite?” Katsumi said standing and taking several steps towards them her displeasure apparent.

“She still lives. She refused to fight and handed over her henshin stick.” Neo Mercury said bowing her head to the Queen she looked over to Neo Uranus and quickly tapped her side when Haruko didn’t bow her head.

“Your orders were to kill her.” Katsumi said moving even closer bring her hand up and pushing it against Haruko’s chest it started to glow and became warm but not enough to burn.

“She would not fight I will not shame my honor and kill in cold blood.” Neo Uranus said standing tall still not bowing her head to Katsumi ready to take whatever punishment her queen thought fair.

“My queen if I may?” Tetsuji said getting a glare from Katsumi but she motioned for him to continue. “Without her henshin stick Uranus no Ten’ou Haruka is nothing more than a mortal woman. She is of no threat to us.”

“I suppose you are right.” Katsumi said turning back to Neo Uranus and Neo Mercury. “I trust you will have more success with Mercury and follow all your orders?”

“Yes my queen.” Neo Mercury said before they both bowed and disappeared.

(Ten’ou / Kaiou manor)

Haruka sat on the ground still staring at the empty space Haruko and Kimi had occupied only minutes before. She began quietly chuckling completely unaware of the blood running down her neck. The door to the kitchen flew open with Neptune and Neo Neptune running in. Michiru looked around the table had been knocked over as well as several chairs. She couldn’t see Haruka but could hear a noise that she couldn’t quite make out. “Haruka?” Neptune called out worry on her face. She had sensed something and come back as soon as she could not really going far she and Michiyo had parked the car several blocks down from their home.

“Over here.” Haruka said holding her hand up waving at Neptune from the other side of the table.

“Kami-sama Haruka what happened?” Neptune said letting her transformation fade the knelt next to her lover finally finding her and seeing the blood. “You’re bleeding!” Haruka didn’t say anything just sat there laughing more as Michiru grabbed a towel pressing it to Haruka’s neck and told Michiyo to go get the first aid kit. “What’s so funny?”

“I was right.” Haruka said still laughing as Michiru held the towel to her throat giving her a disapproving look.

“Care to explain what about?” Michiru said taking the first aid kit from Michiyo then grabbing Haruka’s hand and pressing it on the towel. “Hold this.”

“About Haruko she’s still in there she couldn’t kill me.” Haruka said following Michiru’s instructions seeming to just now realize she had been cut.

Michiru laid out several bandages then cut several pieces of tape to hold them on She moved Haruka’s hand and dabbed at the wound before pressing the bandage to it and securing it with the tape. “That’s good to hear.”

“Bad news is she has my henshin stick.” Haruka said as Michiru helped her to her feet.

“What? How did she get it?” Michiyo said.

“I gave it to her.” Haruka said.

“You what?!” Michiru almost yelled.

“I gave it to her. We’ve taught both our girls honor and I knew Haruko wouldn’t kill me in cold blood. I refused to transform and gave her my henshin stick. She threw it back at me and tired to make me fight. When I still refused she attacked me but as you can see she couldn’t kill me. She and Kimiko left taking my henshin stick.” Haruka said. “On the bright side we don’t have to worry about them attacking me.”

“Haruka this isn’t something to joke about. We need to get to Ami-chan’s she will be next.” Michiru said.


Michiyo tossed in her bed still asleep in the throws of a nightmare. She clutched at her sheets and whimpered until she felt someone sit on the edge of the bed and place their hand on her forehead. There was a soft glow around the hand and Michiyo seemed to calm down. She opened her eyes looking up at the person sitting on her bed. “Helios?” She asked.

“Hai, you were having a bad dream.” He said then smiled at her, “Don’t worry its gone now.”

She scooted across the bed and curled into him, “But it was so scary.” She said. Since being rescued by Setsuna she had been having bad dreams. They were dreams about a war where she was fighting a large army. An army lead by Haruko, the dreams were always so vivid and seemed so real. She had never had a premonition before but knew this wasn’t just a dream. Her mother had them every so often and she knew it was part of being Sailor Neptune but what she saw scared her so much. In her dream she was fighting Haruko and had won the battle but in doing so she had killed Haruko.

“I know Michiyo but it was just a dream.” Helios said even though he knew that wasn’t true. He could see into people’s dreams and change them that was his role as the Guardian of Elysian but Michiyo’s dream he couldn’t change it because it wasn’t a dream it was a glimpse of a future that might be. All he was able to do was to stop it.

“Helios it wasn’t a dream.” Michiyo said looking up at him suddenly seeming much older then she was. “It was a premonition wasn’t it? Like mommy gets sometimes gets.”

“Hai, you are right Chiyo it wasn’t a dream. But premonitions don’t always come true the future isn’t written in stone. What you saw is one future that may be but it doesn’t have to be. Many things can happen to change it. When your parents rescue your sister that future will be erased.” Helios said stroking his hand through Michiyo’s hair. He closed his eyes hoping that Haruka and Michiru would be able to save his sister and that the horrible things in Michiyo’s premonitions would never happen.

“I won’t let it happen.” Michiyo said looking up at him as he opened his eyes. “I won’t let Haruko become bad and I won’t kill her. I’ll save her.”

“I know you would; now you need to get back to sleep its late.” Helios said smiling at his sister.

“Onii-san, stay with me.” Michiyo said looking up at him pleading with her eyes, “Please in case I have that bad dream again.”

“Hai.” He said then moved her out of his lap and slid into the bed next to her pulling the covers over both of them as Michiyo cuddled into him.


In the Live Action version of the series there is a scene where Ami becomes Dark Mercury and uses a sword made of ice. I modeled both her and Haruko off of this so if you are curious to see what they look like then Google Dark Mercury it should bring up some stuff from the Live Action show and if you haven’t seen it you should. It was never released in the US but it has been subbed. A few people liked the extended scene with Helios so I decided to add another I hope you like it.