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Chapter 13: Perfect Aim

(In the Car on the way to Ami’s apartment)

Haruka drove much to Michiru’s displeasure she would have rather have Haruka stay at home without her henshin stick she was powerless though on the plus side Haruka was a fast driver hell she raced cars for a living. Michiyo and Hotaru sat in the back seat of the car the latter having just come home from school before they left. She had got in the car not really knowing what was going on until Michiyo brought her up to date. Michiru sat with her cell phone in hand dialing Ami’s phone number. “Damn it Ami pick up!” Michiru said tapping her fingers on the dash board.

“Hello you’ve reached the Urawa residence we aren’t here please leave a message at the tone.” The answering machine chirped.

“Ami-chan its Michiru pick up right now. Please Ami pick up. Haruko and Kimiko are on their way to you. They almost killed Haruka.” Michiru said hoping that Ami could at least hear her message on the machine and that they weren’t too late.

“They didn’t come close to killing me.” Haruka said taking her eyes briefly off the road glancing over to Michiru who pushed her cheek so she was focusing on the road.

“Haruka shut up. Anyway Ami-chan watch out.” Michiru said hanging up the phone. “Can’t you go any fast?”

“I’m going as fast as I can you know we wouldn’t have this problem if someone would have let me get the turbo charged model.” Haruka said having only bought this car a few months ago and after a long discussion about which car to get. Michiru really didn’t know the difference between the two cars except the price.

“Haruka have you any idea how much that car cost? I do want to have some money left to send our children to college. Oh why am I arguing about this? Just go!” Michiru said shaking her head unable to believe they were talking about this while Ami was in danger.

(Ami’s apartment)

Sailor Mercury stood her back pressed to the wall as she tried to take another step backwards but couldn’t, before her stood Neo Mercury and Neo Uranus both with swords in their hands and both laughing. Every time she attacked Neo Mercury would dispel it with ease. With them having the same powers they were pretty much useless against each other. Poor Ami had a hard of enough time just dodging Neo Uranus’ attacks. All three turned as they heard the phone ring and eventually switch over to voice mail. “Hello you’ve reached the Urawa residence we aren’t here please leave a message at the tone. Ami-chan its Michiru pick up right now. Please Ami pick up. Haruko and Kimiko are on their way to you. They almost killed Haruka. Haruka shut up. Anyway Ami-chan watch out.”

“Good advise too bad it’s too late.” Neo Uranus said holding her arm up and throwing a world shaking blast at Mercury with her just barely able to dodge it.

“I told you we should have killed her anyway let’s get this done quick.” Neo Mercury said casting a glance at Neo Uranus. Katsumi had been furious when she found out that they hadn’t killed Haruka. They were traitors to the Sun Empire and deserved to die a traitor’s death.

“Space Sword Blaster!” Neo Uranus yelled slashing her sword in the air before Mercury sending several blasts of energy at her knocking her through the wall and into the next room.

Both senshi walked through the hole in the wall to the fallen senshi. Mercury lay on the ground covered in rumble from the wall. Blood dripped down the side of her face. Neo Uranus stopped above her raising her sword to finish her off but Neo Mercury stopped her. “No this one is mine.” Neo Mercury said raising her sword holding it above her target for a minute then sinking it down into Mercury’s left shoulder. Mercury cried out in pain from the wound then her transformation wore off her henshin stick dropping to the ground beside her. Neo Mercury picked up the henshin stick and turned to Neo Uranus. “Let’s go.”

“Should we wait to make sure she dies? You heard what the queen said. We don’t want to disobey her again.” Neo Uranus said looking down at the older woman who was gasping on the ground. The wound looked pretty bad but she wasn’t a doctor.

“There is no way she can survive that wound.” Neo Mercury said glancing over to her partner a knowing glance on her face then the two disappeared.

Ami sat on the ground her chest bleeding yet she wasn’t coughing blood like she figured she would if Neo Mercury had punctured a lung if she had hit her heart she would already been dead. Had Neo Mercury missed? The room started turning black as she became dizzy from blood loss she almost didn’t see Sailor Neptune, Sailor Neo Neptune, Sailor Saturn and Haruka run in. “Saturn quick she’s hurt!” Ami heard someone say but couldn’t place who. She felt a pair of hands placed on her chest it felt warm and nice. Within a few minutes Ami could open her eyes again and see clearly. Saturn knelt above her. “She should be fine.” Saturn said her transformation fading then she fell into Haruka’s arms exhausted from healing Ami.

Haruka held Hotaru in her arms brushing her hand through her short black hair. “Sleep for now you’ve done your part.”

“Ami-chan!” Jupiter said running into the room. She had just come back from Crown when she saw the open door and the mess in the first room fearing the worst.

“Mako-chan I’m ok.” Ami said sitting up still a little weak. “They got my henshin stick.”

“That makes two.” Michiru said looking over at Haruka shaking her head. She must have just been lucky that Haruko hadn’t killed her because they had surely come here to kill Ami and nearly did.

“I should be dead. A blow like that should have killed me. It’s like she knew where to hit without fatally wounding me.” Ami said tracing her fingers over where they wound would have been if Hotaru hadn’t of healed it.

“Guess it was lucky shot.” Makoto said calling her own transformation off then helped Ami to her feet.

“Be one hell of a lucky shot the odds of missing any vital organs in that area are kami-sama I don’t even know but it’s not likely.” Ami said. “It was like she already knew where that spot was.”

“In my time line Kimi went to school to be a doctor. She wanted to be just like you. She ended up being a trauma surgeon.” Michiyo said even though her memories were fuzzy. .

“It’s possible she wasn’t tying to kill you just like Haruko couldn’t kill me.” Haruka said still holding Hotaru as she sat down on the sofa with the teenage in her arms.

“It could be but I think we should worry more about what they are going to do next.” Michiyo said scratching her head trying to think of what Katsumi was planning.

“I think I know.” Haruka said looking up as Hotaru started to wake up.

“Where? Who is their next target?” Makoto said now helping Ami sit in a chair.

“With every villain we’ve ever faced who has always been their final target?” Haruka said looking around the room.

“Usagi.” All of them said at the same time.

(Katsumi’s palace)

Neo Mercury and Neo Uranus appeared again before Katsumi. They knelt before her once again and were told to stand. “Well?” Katsumi said. Neo Mercury stepped forward handing her the henshin stick. “And Mercury?”

“Dead her blood stains my sword.” Neo Mercury said holding her sword up she hadn’t wiped it off yet. She clinched the grip of the sword thinking of what she had just done.

“Good. The two of you have done well there is only one more thing left you have to do.” Katsumi said as she stood and walked over to them.

“Anything for you my queen,” Neo Uranus said bowing.

“You will kill Sailor Moon, the false princess and once again this solar system will belong to its rightful owner.” Katsumi said. “But rest tonight. You’ve earned it. Tetsuji show the princesses to their room, see that they are fed and can relax.”

“Yes my queen.” Tetsuji said leading them back to the living area. He jumped out of the way as a green hair girl ran by followed by a girl with blue hair. Neo Uranus was able to dodge the first girl but not the blue haired girl. She knocked into Neo Uranus knocking her over. She looked up at the child on her chest then stood up holding her.

“Sorry.” The child said looking up at Neo Uranus thinking she looked familiar. “Who are you?”

“I’m….” Neo Uranus said trailing off not sure what to say she knew this girl was Kimiko’s younger self. She didn’t know how much Katsumi had told them about the war she was sure Katsumi was sheltering them from it. War wasn’t something a child should have to know about.

“Kimiko, we are friends of Queen Katsumi.” Neo Mercury said putting her hand on Neo Uranus’ shoulder and looking over at her.

Neo Uranus glanced back at her partner then set the child down patting her on the head. “You better go catch up with Haruko.” She said then a strange memory appeared in her head. “She’s hiding in the toy box in the main room.”

“Really?” Kimko said as Neo Uranus nodded and she ran off down the hall. A few seconds later they heard Kimiko say, “Got you! You’re it now.”

“Hehe, I’d almost forgotten how cute you were at that age.” Neo Uranus said letting her transformation fade.

“How cute I was?” Neo Mercury said letting her own Fuka disappear. “Am I not cute anymore?”

Haruko smirked and pulled Kimi towards her. “You are more then just cute.” Haruko said taking her hand and following Tetsuji to a room.

“I can have some food brought up if you would like.” He said standing in the doorway.

“I’m not really hungry just want to rest.” Kimi said looking over to Haruko who nodded. Tetsuji nodded as well then left them alone. “Haruko, your memoires…. Are they…?”

“Jumbled? Yeah, it’s hard to figure out what really happened and what didn’t.” Haruko said sitting on the bed noticing that Tetsuji had shown them to a room with only one bed not that she minded, “Just a few minutes ago I remembered hiding in that toy box but I didn’t live that life how did I remember it?”

“Part of the time paradox I guess. I remember things I shouldn’t and the things I think should remember I don’t.” Kimi said sitting on the bed next to Haruko and laying her head down on Haruko’s shoulder. “Haruko, do you remember anything about us? I mean as a couple. Like how we started dating or what our first kiss was like?”

“I…. no I just remember that we’ve always been together.” Haruko said tucking her hand under Kimi’s chin. “Do you think we can make new memoires?”

“I think I would like that.” Kimi said leaning up and placing a kiss on Haruko’s lips. The green haired teen smiled then wrapped her arms around Kimi pushing her into the bed.

(Chiba Residence)

The six senshi arrived at Usagi and Mamoru’s house a short while later relieved that they weren’t too late. Usagi on the other hand started to freak out that they had been attacked again and that Ami and Haruka had almost been killed. Even though both tried to tell them that their children couldn’t actually kill them. After they finally got Usagi to calm down they sat in the living room Hotaru still asleep with her head resting in Haruka’s lap she had briefly woke up earlier but had fallen back asleep. Ami swore that Kimi wasn’t trying to kill her but healing he wounds had drained a lot from her. “What do you think they will do next?” Usagi asked taking Chibi-Usa from Mamoru and rocking her in her arms. In the short time they had the child they had never been away from her for long the most being several hours while they were at work. So Usagi had insisted that they get her from Elysian that they could protect her.

“That’s why we are here.” Makoto said leaning over the sofa and briefly touching her on the shoulder before she stroked her fingers through Chibi-Usa’s hair. She didn’t agree with bring the child home none of the Senshi did but Usagi was their princess and it was her choice.

“Which is?” Usagi asked a confused look on her face as she looked around the room at her Senshi almost all of them were here. Michiru had called Minako and Rei letting them know what was going on but told them they didn’t need to come over.

“Protecting our princess,” Michiru said a smile on her face.

“Huh? Me you think they are after me next?” Usagi said. “Do you think they will go after Chibi-Usa?”

“I don’t think they are going to use Chibi-usa she’s too young. Princess I think they aim to kill you. Haruko told me some tale about how you stole this solar system from Katsumi and that they were only trying to return it to her.” Haruka said. “Whatever spell she’s placed on Haruko and Kimi they really believe it. But I believe that her spell hasn’t fully corrupted them. Haruko is still in there if I could just-”

“Ruka you’ve no powers I don’t want you involved in this.” Michiru said cutting her off and placing her hand on Haruka’s shoulder.

“Michi you can’t expect me to stand back and do nothing.” Haruka said looking up at her wife a pleading look on her face. She couldn’t just stand back and watch while her family was in danger, powers or no powers she had to do something.

“Like you told Hotaru you’ve done you part let us handle it from here.” Michiru said.

To be continued…..