Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 15: End Game ( Chapter 15 )

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Chapter 15: End Game

(Katsumi’s palace)

Haruka laid on the bed her head resting in Katsumi’s lap as the queen idly ran her fingers through her short blond hair. Haruka’s eyes were closes as she enjoyed laying there this seemed so familiar to her but at the same time it felt odd like something wasn’t right. She tensed a little as the image of her lying in a bed like this came in her mind only it wasn’t Katsumi she saw but a woman with green hair once again her face was blurred. The person in her mind leaned down to kiss Haruka then whispered, “I love you Ruka.”

In her vision she returned the kiss and whispered back, “I love you too Mi-” stopping mid name was the image faded and she was pulled back to the real world. Haruka opened her eyes seeing Katsumi above her.

“Ruka are you ok?” Katsumi said pulling Haruka from the vision. Katsumi swore inwardly and worked the spell over again she must have been thinking about her real lover.

“Fine love,” Haruka said.

“Good you startled me a little spacing out like that.” Katsumi said as she leaned down and kissed Haruka then whispered, “I love you Ruka.”

Haruka paused for a few seconds then returned the kiss and whispered, “I love you too Sumi. Love I was thinking could I see Haruko today?”

“Of course love.” Katsumi said helping Haruka sit up then standing taking Haruka’s hand and pulling her up as well. They walked down the hallway to the room Haruko and Kimi were in. She had Haruka stand just outside the room as she went in. Haruko and Kimi sat playing chess once again and both looked up as she walked in.

“Good morning Katsumi-sama.” They both said.

“Morning girls, Haruko I have a surprise for you.” Katsumi said.

“What is it Katsumi-sama?” Haruko said jumping to her feet. Katsumi gestured to the door and Haruka stepped out. “Papa!” Haruko yelled then ran over to Haruka jumping in her arms. Haruka smiled and held the young girl close to her gently placing a kiss on her head. She closed her eyes again and saw an image of her standing in a hospital room. A woman with green hair lay in a bed with a new born child in her arms. The child had a thick head of green hair. She looked down to her own hands and saw she was holding a newborn with light blond hair. “Who is who papa?” Haruko asked causing Haruka to open her eyes not realizing she had spoken aloud.

“Nothing Ruko,” Haruka said setting her down.

“Papa come play chess with us. Kimi-chan keeps beating me” Haruko said grabbing Haruka’s hand and pulling her over to the table.

“Hime-chan you know I’m not very good at this game.” Haruka said but let the child pull her anyway.

(Chiba Residence)

All of the Senshi stood in Usagi’s backyard already transformed except for Ami and Mamoru who held Chibi-Usa. Pluto stood there explaining to them that in her time line this was when they sailors attacked Katsumi after capturing one of her minions using them to travel to the island. She explained that after Haruka and Michiru were killed the attacks had increased and were daily with sometimes there being a couple in one day. “Everyone focus your energy on me.” Pluto said. They stood in a circle holding hands closing their eyes. The air around them seemed to blow straight up from the ground then in an instant they were gone.

(Katsumi’s Palace)

Haruka sat on the couch with Haruko in her lap and Kimi next to her leaning against her as they watched a movie. To Haruka this felt so right yet at the same time it felt like something was missing. On the other side of her sat Katsumi who had her hand entwined in Haruka’s hand. Tetsuji walked over to them leaned down and whispered in Katsumi’s ear. She apologized to Haruka and stood to leave but Haruka wouldn’t let go of her hand. “It’s them isn’t it?” She said.

“Yes,” Katsumi answered.

Haruka set the child down on the couch where Katsumi had been sitting kissed her then stood. “I’m coming with you. I want to make them pay for what they’ve done to my family.”

Katsumi didn’t say anything else just nodded and started back down the hallway with Haruka right behind her. Katsumi had a large grin on her face the spell looked like it was taking hold. She never imagined it would work so well on a full grown subject. How interesting this would be. The princess would be destroyed by her own senshi but as icing on the cake Uranus would slay her own lover today. The reached the thrown room and entered through a back door that let them in behind Katsumi’s throne. The senshi stood in the room fighting several youma and Katsumi’s guards. Neo Mercury and Neo Uranus stood off to the side throwing attacks at the senshi waiting for the guards and Youma to wear them down. They saw Katsumi walk in and bowed lightly before heading back to attacking the senshi. Katsumi sat down at her throne and watched as Haruka stood behind it with her hand resting on Katsumi’s shoulder. Neptune saw them enter in through the door and upon seeing Haruka yelled, “Haruka!” Who spared only a seconds glance then looked away.

It wasn’t long before the senshi stood in front of Katsumi all the youma and guards disabled. Neo Mercury and Neo Uranus stood between them blocking the path. “I don’t know who you are or where you came from but you’ve wreak havoc too long. We’ve come to take our children back and stop you. In the name of the moon we’ll punish you!” Sailor Moon said.

“Crescent Beam!” Sailor Venus shouted as she threw an attack at Katsumi. Venus was in shock as the attack bounced off a field and hit the wall.

“Cute speech and don’t even bother attacking it’s pointless, Princess allow me to introduce myself I am Queen Katsumi of the Golden Sun and I’ll be killing you today.” Katsumi said standing and stepping forward with Haruka right behind her. Haruka wore the customary uniform of the Golden Sun a pair of gold dress paints and golden tunic.

“Haruka!” Neptune yelled again her eyes pleading to her lover. “No not you too Haruka fight this fight the spell she put on you. I know you can see through this.”

“Who are you to speak to me like you know me?” Haruka said.

Neptune looked hurt then stood firmly, “Your wife!”

“Love, ignore the ranting of this lunatic.” Katsumi said wrapping her arm around Haruka’s waist and kissing her.

Haruka returned the kiss then turned back to the senshi, “Sumi, love give me my henshin stick and I will kill these fools for you.”

Katsumi smiled and called forth the henshin stick of Uranus handing it to Haruka. “Kill the foolish one who thinks she is your wife first.”

“Yes my love. Uranus Planet Power make up!” Haruka yelled transforming into Sailor Uranus and taking several steps towards the Senshi. “Now down to business Space Turbulence!” Uranus yelled as she raised her hand she was about to let loose the attack when she turned to Katsumi throwing the attack at her knocking her back across the room causing the field to disappear. Uranus glanced as both Neo Uranus and Neo Mercury dropped to the ground clutching their heads. She then drew her swords and walked over to the fallen queen.

“How? I had you under my spell just like those brats!” Katsumi said backing up against the wall.

“Do you honestly think any spell you place on me is stronger than the love I have for my wife and children?” Uranus said Katsumi was about to say something more but Uranus raised her sword ready to attack until someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

She turned to see Sailor Moon standing there shaking her head. Uranus slowly withdrew her sword but kept it at her side ready just in case. Sailor Moon called forth her scepter and held it in front of her saying, “Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!” A bright yellow light emanated from the scepter covering Katsumi, Neo Uranus and Neo Mercury.

All three stood up from their crouched positions and all three yelled, “Beautiful!” before falling back to the ground.

“She’s mortal know.” Sailor Moon said then walked over to Kimi and Haruko their transformations had faded after Sailor Moon’s attack.

Uranus looked down at Katsumi for a brief second then walked over to her daughter who sat on the ground crying her arms wrapped around Neptune. She looked up as Uranus knelt next to her, “Papa, I’m sorry.” The girl threw her arms around Uranus and cried even more.

“I know Ruko, I know.” Uranus said hugging her and stroking her short green hair holding her there for several minutes.

“Papa, my younger self is scared.” Haruko said recalling a new memory that her younger self was currently living.

Uranus kissed her then stood nodding Uranus looked over to Jupiter, “Come on I imagine Kimi-chan quite scared too.” The two walked to through the door Katsumi had come through earlier and Uranus lead them to the room letting her transformation drop along the way Jupiter doing the same. They entered the room seeing both Kimi and Haruko sitting on the couch crying. Haruka ran over and picked Haruko up with Makoto doing the same with Kimi. “Shhh Ruko it’s ok I’m here.” Haruka said soothing the child.

“Papa where am I? What am I doing here?” Haruko asked.

“You’re with me and we are going home.” Haruka said kissing the child.

(Kaiou / Ten’ou Manor that night)

Haruko said on a wall in the backyard some distance away from everyone else as they sat talking, cooking on the grill and just enjoying themselves celebrating their victory. The children had been brought back from Elysian. Haruko didn’t really feel like celebrating not when she was part of what they had been fighting. She didn’t notice as Haruka walked up next to her and sat down on the wall. “Penny for your thoughts?” Haruka asked. Haruko looked over at her father then looked away not saying anything. “You know I already know what you are thinking about.”

“What? How?” Haruko asked.

“I’ve been there. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of.” Haruka said.

“Like when you fought Galaxia?” Haruko said.

“Yeah, it ate at my heart for weeks that I was able to do something like that. My heart hurt so much even though Setsuna and Hotaru had forgiven me I hadn’t forgiven myself yet.” Haruka said.

“So what did you do?” Haruko asked.

“Eventually I forgave myself and a learned from my mistakes.” Haruka said. “I’m not saying it will be easy but it will happen. Come on lets go see the others.”

Haruko nodded and they both walked over to the rest of the group. Haruka saw Michiru laying on a lawn chair in her swim suit. Haruka leaned over putting her hands on top of the chair looking down at her wife. “Hey beautiful can I get a kiss?”

“Oh I’m beautiful now not a ranting lunatic?” Michiru said.

“Hey I never called you that.” Haruka said coming around to sit on the edge of the chair.

“You kissed her.” Michiru said.

“Michi are you jealous?” Haruka smiled.

“It doesn’t change the fact you kissed her.” Michiru said more seriously.

“Michi you can’t seriously be mad at me you know I was just pretending to be under her spell.” Haruka said but Michiru just turned away showing her back to Haruka. Haruka grabbed Michiru and pushed her back on the chair straddling her legs as she pressed a kiss to Michiru’s lips. “These lips are much nicer than hers.” Haruka said still kissing her. “Do you forgive me?”

“If I say yes will you stop?” Michiru asked.

“Do you want me to stop?” Haruka asked to which Michiru just shook her head no.

“Kami-sama will you two get a room?” Setsuna said. “Aany get up it’s about time to send your children back to the future.”

Haruka and Michiru both stood and walked over to where the others stood. Kimi stood next to her mom hugging her while Michiyo was hugging Hotaru. Haruko just stood there a blank look on her face until Michiru hugged her. “It will be alright Ruko.” She whispered then kissed her.

“I love you mom.” Haruko said.

They all said there goodbyes then the three from the future looked to Setsuna. “Setsuna-san I still don’t understand how you are going to send us back if our future selves are still there. The time line we came from doesn’t exist.” Kimi said.

Setsuna smiled then placed her hand on Kimi’s shoulder, “Try not to think about it. I would have to spend a century trying to explain it, best to just leave matters of time and space to me.”

“Setsuna-mama will we remember anything?” Haruko asked.

“You will remember whatever your younger selves remember but anything from the time line you came from or what you’ve done here you won’t.” Setsuna said. “Come on girls hold hands.” Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto then opened a portal to the future. She took their hands and stepped through the portal. It stayed open for a few minutes and out stepped Sailor Pluto her uniform torn and she looked pretty worn out.

“Pluto you look like hell.” Makoto said.

“I’ve been in hell.” Pluto said letting her transformation fade she turned to Haruka and Michiru. “Between the two lives you’ve lived I thought the two of you caused a lot of problems but you are nothing compared to your children.”

Michiru just giggled a little then Haruka said, “Oh come on Setsuna it couldn’t have been that bad.” Setsuna didn’t say anything just started walking away to get some fresh clothes but Haruka stopped her. “Setsuna wait you’ve got something in your hair.” Haruka reached up and grabbed one of Setsuna’s hairs pulling it out and looking at it.

“Ow what did you do that for?” Setsuna asked rubbing her head.

“Just as I thought Setsuna it’s a grey hair you’re getting old!” Haruka said then was on her feet running as Setsuna chased after her. Setsuna catch up with Haruka who ended up in the pool as Setsuna walked back and into the house.

(Sometime in the 30th Century)

Haruko stood across from Kimi she was wearing a white tux and had a smile on her face across from her Kimi wore a white gown and through her veil you could see a smile on her lips. Haruko took her hand and slid a ring on her finger, “With this ring I be wed.” She said then raised Kimi’s hand to her lips kissing it.

Kimi took Haruko’s hand and slid a ring on it then repeated, “With this ring I be wed.”

Standing between was Rei she smiled at the two of them then said, “By the powers invested in my by Crystal Tokyo I pronounce you wed. You can kiss the bride.” Haruko smiled and lifted Kimi’s veil pulling the younger girl closer and kissing her.

Off to the side Haruka stood with Michiru her arms as Michiru cried. She stroked her hand through her wife’s soft green hair holding her tight as a few tears escaped her own eyes. She quickly wiped them away when she saw Setsuna walking over. “Haruka are you crying?” Setsuna asked.

“No” Was all Haruka said. “Just got something in my eye.”

“Hold still I think you’ve got something in you hair.” Setsuna said grabbing a hair and pulling it out.

“Hey that hurt!” Haruka said.

“Just as I thought Haruka a grey hair you’re getting old.” Setsuna said then walked away over to Michiyo and a handsome young man with light blond hair.